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How a man who’s been lying to the American people for over a year – has offshore bank accounts – and pays a lower tax rate on his hundreds of millions of dollars than most working Americans – is somehow neck and neck in the polls to be President of the United States? The answer…a lot of corporate money. If Mitt Romney wins the presidency next week – he’ll have a lot of investors to thank for it. New data from the Federal Elections Commission shows that massive amounts of SuperPAC money, made possible by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, is flowing into the Romney campaign.

More than $840 million has been spent so far on this election by SuperPACs and other political creatures – and the vast majority of that spending has benefited Republicans. About $577 million has been spent by Conservatives – which is 69% of the total outside money spent. With spending expected to accelerate in this final week – total outside spending will top a billion dollars for the first time in our nation’s history.

What’s worse is we have no idea who these secret oligarchs are that are investing huge amounts of money in helping Mitt Romney get elected. While SuperPACs do have to disclose their donors, many non-profit groups don’t. And those non-profits that favor Republicans have outspent Democratic nonprofits 8-to-1 this election. If it all pays off for the oligarchs, then they’ll have one of their own in the White House – a pirate equity guy who has made his living devouring the American economy for his own personal gain.

This is a freak show election – and should wake us all up to the dangers of too much money in politics. Go to

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