Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa...

Has launched witch-hunt after witch-hunt against the Obama administration since taking the gavel in 2011. But now, someone needs to be investigating him. The organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – or CREW – is accusing Issa of violating House Ethics rules. Days before the election, Issa used his committee resources to upload a YouTube video attacking the President over State Department dinner spending.

As CREW asserts, the ad had nothing to do with Issa’s work on the Oversight Committee and was a blatant attack ad against the President. According to Ethics rules, committee resources, which are funded by taxpayer dollars, cannot be used for political campaigns. Rather than addressing the allegations directly, a spokesperson for Issa attacked CREW as a partisan organization.

What’s the point of government oversight, when the guy in charge has his own fair share of unethical behavior?

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