Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa...

Has launched witch-hunt after witch-hunt against the Obama administration since taking the gavel in 2011. But now, someone needs to be investigating him. The organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – or CREW – is accusing Issa of violating House Ethics rules. Days before the election, Issa used his committee resources to upload a YouTube video attacking the President over State Department dinner spending.

As CREW asserts, the ad had nothing to do with Issa’s work on the Oversight Committee and was a blatant attack ad against the President. According to Ethics rules, committee resources, which are funded by taxpayer dollars, cannot be used for political campaigns. Rather than addressing the allegations directly, a spokesperson for Issa attacked CREW as a partisan organization.

What’s the point of government oversight, when the guy in charge has his own fair share of unethical behavior?


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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

..hover through the fog and filthy air....time to bring about some enlightenment and turn the tide against the real evil doers! Wouldn't it be really fantastic to prosecute these witch hunters and red-baiters, these arrogant greedy and selfish parasites, for a change? Time to lock up these arrogant bastards before they do any more harm to the well being of the majority of Americans.

But wait who will prosecute them? AG Holder? Yeah, right! But wait! Holder is very likely to leave along with Hillary Clinton and Tim Geithner. Yay!!! I say!!! Now, will Obama appoint people that will actually be effective in fighting crime and corruption and making decisions for the country that will actually turn things around? I don't think Obama wants to be the President when massive rebellion against a corrupt system is about to happen...or does he? Watch and see who he appoints this time will be a good indication as to how the rest of his next 4 years will go. Will he appoint more useful idiots that will keep the entrenched, corrupt, status quo in power furthering it's noose around our necks, or someone who will actually fight for the American people...for a change?

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leighmf 11 years 32 weeks ago

"What’s the point of government oversight, when the guy in charge has his own fair share of unethical behavior?"

Why didn't anyone ask that question about Don Powell, Bush-Appointee head of the FDIC? The Amarillo bank he left failed after he removed to an Amarillo-Wells Fargo subsidiary from which he was appointed, and where his and everyone's stock then soared with a merger. Powell, never batting an eyelash through the mortgage crisis and WAMU, now has his own bank-setting up operation.

Why didn't anyone ask that question in 1849 when Thomas Ewing used his senatorial influence to purchase 510,000 acres of Virginia Land Scrip from "large dealers" out from under a federal land lottery which had been created for widows?

And actually, this shows an extension of the same associated gang, 1849-2002, known as The North American Company.

It's also what the song "I've Been Workin' On the Railroad" is about- WHISTLEBLOWING.

Quoting from that controversial book, Proverbs, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing."

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

Uh, oh! Here's an indication that Obama won't be any different in the next four years than he was in the first 4 years...Obama just got elected and already he is prosecuting yet another "whistleblower". About the only thing I liked about Obama was his apparent refusal to be Netanyahu's little puppet...maybe. But wait! Now we hear that "the Iranians shot at a drone flying over non-Iranian territory!" Oh, how wicked of those evil Iranians! Let's invade immediately! An unmanned drone? Gee, think of the grieving drone widows and little ones who lost their heroic drone "papa" in a patriotic battle against "evil incarnate"! I wonder if those "indians" were really "mormons" dressed like indians....oops, wrong story. How about neocon robots dressed as muslim hijacking terrorists? Oops, still wrong story. Oh, yeah, Daryl Issa...right story! Maybe when all those churches are prosecuted and have their tax-exempt status removed for having preached to elect Romney then maybe we can go after Darryl Issa. But nobody is going to go after anybody (except Obama will continue to go after real patriots doing their patriotic duty blowing the whistle on corruption) because Obama wouldn't even go after the biggest con men and war criminals in our history...Bush and his cohorts.

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leighmf 11 years 32 weeks ago

That is why it is said, "We cannot extricate ourselves from evil."

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

And yet another one bites the dust....CIA leader Patraeus, who led the surge in Iraq and led his own personal urge and surge in more delicate places is leaving. Maybe Obama will appoint Darryl Issa or someone from Fox Snooze to that position.

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historywriter 11 years 32 weeks ago


Could you repeat the names of the repub representatives and senators who met after the 2008 election and swore to do all they could to stop Obama from doing anything, including helping the economy, while millions of people suffered?

I'm sure Issa was one of them. DeMint, Ryan, Sessions, . . . who else? Which ones are up for re-election in 2014 (well, all the representatives are).

ScottFromOz 11 years 32 weeks ago

Issa's attack on CREW is right out of the "corrupt establishment vs whistleblower" playbook. When wrongdoers are caught out, they ALWAYS try to shoot the messenger.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

Original Republican conspirators to obstruct Obama:
House members:
Eric Cantor, VA, Dist 7
Jeb Hensarling, TX, Dist 5
Pete Hoekstra, MI, Dist 2, defeated by Debbie Stabinow, D
Dan Lungren, CA, Dist 7, defeated (?) by Ami Bera, D
Kevin McCarthy, CA, Dist 22, Kern, San Luis Obispo, LA
Paul Ryan, WI, Dist 1
Pete Sessions, TX, Dist 32
Senate members: (none are up for reelection in 2014)
Tom Coburn, OK
Bob Corker, TN
Jim DeMint, SC
John Ensign, NV, resigned on ethics problem, marital infid.
Jon Kyl, AZ
Newt Gringrich
Frank Luntz (organized the dinner and sent out invites)
From "The Conspiracy to Commit Legislative Constipation" article by James Wolcott at Vanity Fair.
But Robert Draper's book: "Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives" goes beyond naming names. Looks to be a pretty good read.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

These hot headed Republicans cannot be trusted...I wouldn't put it past them to have a plan B that none of us would like to see happen. I sincerely hope that Obama has plenty of protection from people he can really trust. Obama is obviously under a lot of stress and he may have a hint of what he may be in for and what he is up against. MLK knew... These right-wing crazies are capable of doing anything. We have to be vigilant and not let these crazies succeed in yet another disastrous, historical event. I predicted the Hinckley attack on Reagan the very day before it happened when I was living and working in Saudi Arabia. In fact, I was quite shocked that after I made the statements to coworkers that I did that it actually happened the very next day. And I don't have a very easy feeling about our current atmosphere either.

markincorsicana 11 years 32 weeks ago

Is it just a question of quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Or is it a question of Democrats bringing a knife to a gunfight? Until the Democrats assign people of unimpeachable integrity to lead positions in investigations/prosecutions and go for the jugular of the most corrupt republicans (how to choose?) and then shout the results of investigations and prosecutions to the high heavens; the republicons their unscrupulous tactics and their perpetual motion whining propaganda machine will win.

guy dashnea's picture
guy dashnea 11 years 32 weeks ago

The Patriot Act will take care of the massive rebellion. Sort of like Lincoln did to the Irish in New York who rebelled against conscription. ($300.00 and you didn't have to go shoot people who were fighting for states rights) I have a feeling that Obama is one of the "Good old Boy" by the way he's acting and who he has surrounded himself with. He definatly has NOT taken on any of the establishment. The "Robber Barons" are as free as birds with nothing stopping them from continueing on with their pilligeing and plunder.

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U.S. Citizen 11 years 32 weeks ago

I don't think what he did was especially egregious. However, I wonder with all his investigations whatever happened to "legislate, don't investigate". Not to mention the attacks on judicial activism and the calls for "an up or down vote".

StartingWithRea... 11 years 32 weeks ago

Republicans are better at "playing dirty". I have been disappointed for many years that the democrats have allowed them to get away with so much. Holding republicans accountable for ethics violations and treasonous behavior would be healthy for the country. It is a wholly different issue that the policy of "witch hunting" democrats to stir hatred amongst low information voters.

Holding our elected officials accountable should be a no brainer but, since the 40 year take over of the media, the loss of ethics in reporting, FOX, Rush, Hannity etc.... facts matter less to folk. If held accountable, how many republicans would be serving time now? Certainly Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, the whole crew from the last administration would be wearing stripes and making license plates instead of playing golf and shooting quail.

If there ever was a time the democrats had the wind in their sails to bring bring back ethics and accountability, this is it. I would be thrilled to see Issa censured or prosecuted. I find Issa, Mcconnell, Beohner, Ryan, the whole lot of them, to be disgusting. They flaunt a lack of respect for the office they hold and the good people of our country. The manipulative, lying, cheating, Machiavellian tactics they use have weakened our democracy nearly to the point of collapse.

Make it the norm that if you lie, you are outed, if you break rules, you are investigated, if you break laws, you are prosecuted. Please, please let's go after Issa.

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 11 years 31 weeks ago

Small tribute to our veterans with a twist.

Perhaps as a Renaissance Thinking party to consider a balance to the Grover Glenn Norquist approach have all Democrats and independents when speaking begin with a similar paraphrase with back ground music

With your permission StartingWithRea... We commence our Jubilee…key up the u tube video while reading your wonderful paragraph:

Whereas We the know that;

“Holding our elected officials accountable should be a no brainer but, since the 40 year take over of the media, the loss of ethics in reporting, FOX, Rush, Hannity etc.... facts matter less to folk. If held accountable, how many republicans would be serving time now? Certainly Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, the whole crew from the last administration would be wearing stripes and making license plates instead of playing golf and shooting quail.”

Happy Veterans day

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 11 years 31 weeks ago


"Whereas We the people know that"

so exciting

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BMetcalfe 11 years 31 weeks ago

Wasting tax dollars on ridiculous investigations isn't prudent. As a Californian, I'm insulted that he would use our tax dollars for anything other than helping our state and our country to get more people back to work, and getting good teachers into schools - where each child is well-fed and ready to learn what they need to know, to grow into a decent adult with a reasonable chance to live a life without poverty.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 31 weeks ago

And how do you do that when so many of those administrators, politicians, and other fiduciaries, charities are stealing behind our backs? Got to clean the toilets sometime or they start to stink! We need to clean up (ie: investigate, prosecute, and convict some of these scumbags) so that they don't continue stealing everything.

I just watched an expose of yet another so-called "charity" that was a scam pretending to supply our wounded veterans with various goods. Turned out that the people running that "charity" were taking in the donations, jacking up the claimed value, and getting millions of dollars from the government...with the veterans getting very little. There are plenty of maggots out there running scams that need to be cut off and prosecuted before we can hope to really make a difference to worthy projects. The US has become a relatively lawless and ruthless place to be...let alone trust that your donations or taxes will actually go to worthy causes. If we don't crack down of these criminals first, it would be like trying to fill a bucket with water when it had lots of holes in the bottom. We need to plug up the holes first!

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mmuoio 11 years 31 weeks ago

Issa is the richest person in the Chamber. I believe him to be a lout and fascist as he behaves in this manner.

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