Spain has had enough of bankster-assisted suicide

In the last month – two homeowners facing eviction in Spain have committed suicide prompting the Spanish banking association to freeze all eviction orders in cases of “extreme hardship” for the next two months. As one judge said, “This cannot be allowed to go on. It’s a problem which has been talked about for some time. The time for talk is over and steps must be taken for something to happen.” Protesters reacted to the suicide by taking to the streets and placing stickers on ATM machines that read “murderers.” The police union has promised to stand by its members to who refuse to carry out an eviction.

This same compassion is lacking in the United States where numerous Americans have turned to suicide instead of foreclosure. According to a recent study from the Center for Disease Control – there’s a direct correlation between rising suicide rates and economic crises. And another study out of Princeton University found that for every increase of 100 foreclosures in states like Arizona, California, New Jersey, and Florida, attempted suicides increased 39%.

This is a moral crisis, which deserves a moral response from our government. Yet the Republican Party and elements of the Democratic Party are committed to more austerity for working people rather than relief for working people. It’s time to stop the insanity and violence of austerity. It’s time to bailout the homeowners.


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ckrob 10 years 19 weeks ago

Regarding 'secession,' propose the following:

List the federal programs such as border protection, coverage by U. S. military, military basing, highway funding, Medicare, Medicaid, social security disability insurance, etc. along with the federal dollars funding them. Then propose an orderly phase-out over five years of the programs which would be terminated in the order that the State Legislatures approve. Since the red states receive more from Washington than they send, it won't take long to estimate how much in additional taxes would be required to maintain services and decide what will be discontinued altogether. Five years allows two election cycles for the citizenry to decide whether they might want new reps. That might bring an end to the crazies' influence within the Republican Party forever. (Except for the billionaires, of course.)

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leighmf 10 years 19 weeks ago

Bailing out the renters who have already lost their homes would be nice too. We are all just 30 days from eviction- one payment standing between shelter and having the sheriff tear up your place and leave you and your belongings on the side of the road.

In olden times, it used to be the bankers who committed suicide knowing what they'd done to families, widows and orphans.

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macscottcu 10 years 19 weeks ago

You might check your stats. 39% can represent a lot more that 100 people

" And another study out of Princeton University found that for every increase of 100 foreclosures in states like Arizona, California, New Jersey, and Florida, attempted suicides increased 39%."

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dowdotica 10 years 19 weeks ago

all i want? just let my wife and i tap a 200k of the retirement account without penalty or taxes so we can undo the bank chains that bind us! watch how fast we get back to stimulating the economy now that we have a few extra C notes a month to squander! Boy! maybe i could even put some construction folks back to work (jopb creator) doing all the junk on my house, that while liveable, could be a whole lot nicer with some modern upgrades? maybe a kitchen remo? hot-tub and dry sauna? an addition or like a solarium? hhmmm, maybe i'd even buy me a sporty new car. WOW i totally forgot, i could pay the tuition raping that we now pay for my kids educa at berkely!!!uh, what was it? like 300% increase inside of 10 years!!!America the land of the free home of the brave? What a sham that turned out to be huh?lolol

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Kend 10 years 19 weeks ago

So my neighbor bought a ski boat, RV, and a new Hummer and lived way beyond his means and when things went bad he lost everthing and you want my tax dollars to bail him out.

Peolpe don't use birth control and have a unwanted pregancy and you what my tax dollars to pay for a abortion.

My freinds son failed class after class and was in university for 3 more years then he should of and you want my tax dollars to cover his education.

You are kidding right.

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dowdotica 10 years 19 weeks ago

my wife and i have been responsible home owners for 20+ years i have only been late on mortgage 2 times and that was only like days. i tow a share of credit debt as well. i do not want my taxes to go for helping the irresponsible who used equity to try to live better then us rather then being responsible. i do not want another jive ass tax credit like the "refundable" first time buyers deal that "we" the responsible paid for a couple years ago to help stim the wasted housing market. I do not want even a first time buyers credit that gets paid back!! If Washington wants to turn the economy around then they need to let folks like my wife and i be tax exempt for a few years like the rich who can manage to weasel out of paying anything all because of the way the code is written. Let them pay the tab for a few years!!! Hell they made the money off folksl ike me anyway!! without us working shlubs? without the gadget gobbers and gluts? without the average working class consumer consuming? think about it, just where would the market be. sure its not in the cards at this very moment but...

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ken ware 10 years 19 weeks ago

Kend- I just have to wonder to myself why does an obvious conservative Repub use this blog as a forum to rant on about nothing relevant to the discussion or topic, just to complain about where, in his own wisdom, his taxes should be spent? You remind me of another special commenter, Palindromedary and his ranting. I guess in the real world people probably just walk away when you start in! And now you and your wisdom know why all women have abortions. Really must be hard on you carrying the weight of the nation and not being able to change every problem you see in your world. Or could it be you like most other conservatives just like to bitch and moan about how awful the people around you are and only if they were more like you the world would be a great place to live in! Well, I have a great idea, why don't you move to a country like Mexico where the government does very little for its citizens and you will not be so upset about the free loaders you see the government giving your money too! I would guess the people around you would help you move....Give my regards to Romney if you meet him down south!

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historywriter 10 years 19 weeks ago

Sorry, no, there is no evidence bankers committed suicide out of guilt. Some wealthy men who went broke during the Great Depression, seeing nothing in their lives but money, committed suicide, but I don't remember hearing of a single one who after seeing what he'd done to human beings, took their lives.

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ken ware 10 years 19 weeks ago

dowdotica my friend, it seems life has really dealt you a hard life. And you are so angry over where your taxes have been spent because you like Kend know where the money should be spent and not the idiot you voted for! You were able to pay your house mortgage and actually owe some money for the things you and your wife have bought, man that must be tough being able to pay for your home. And why should that mean old government help out another citizen because you have been lucky enough to make it so should they, regardless of the reason! After all you weren't the one cheated by Wall St. on your home, who cares if someone else was! Right on brother don't let that commie government spend any money on its citizens who are in need. Your sound like my kind of good ole' boy red neck republican American, good for you goober!

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David Abbot 10 years 19 weeks ago

One of the two things that banks and other sociopathic corporations fear- and should fear- is people from whom the corporations have stolen jobs, houses, retirement, health care, education, and everything else. Because people who have nothing, have nothing to lose, and people who have nothing to lose can be extremely dangerous to corporations.

So I don't get it: why would corporations continue to steal everything from billions of people around the world, when it is against the corporations' best interests and will lead to corporations losing their money and losing their power?

No, wait. I know why they do it. They do it because they are sociopaths. They are literally incapable of thinking or acting in anyone's best interests; they can't even act in their own best interests. Frozen at the lizard-brain stage of emotional development, they are incapable of controlling their destructive impulses. I don't know, maybe when they were fetuses, their moms were exposed to toxic chemical pollutants that were put into the air, water, and food by corporations. They need to be controlled by government, because when they are not controlled by the government, they steal so much that many people feel their only option is to either kill themselves. And when people are abused so badly that they kill themselves, other people notice. And they get... irritated.

We need government. We need BIG GOVERNMENT, with lots of different agencies- EPA, FDA, FTC, and other very complicated agencies to keep corporations from committing their thousads and thousands of very complicated crimes. And I do mean complicated. Why, even Elizabeth Warren, who was a law professor at Harvard, said that she can't understand all of the tiny little print that the credit card companies send her about her credit cards.

Why do the corporate-owned media and the corporate-owned republicans and the tea party that the corporations lead around by the nose, scream so hysterically about big government? They do it because corporations know that big government can control corporations and force them to stop committing crimes against us.

Which brings me to my advice for Mitt Romney: DUDE, if you really want to be president, you need to have your wife get up on the podium and yell, "We love BIG GOVERNMENT!!! Elect Mitt, and he will give you a HUGE GOVERNMENT that will force Bain Vulture Capital to return the retirement money that they stole, even if it means that I don't get that car elevator for my house!!!"

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historywriter 10 years 19 weeks ago

Ken Ware I wonder the same thing, and I wonder also about Dowdotica, who seems to know exactly what all these people are about, what their lives are like, and how they should live them. I wonder if he knows about mortgage lenders' practices like robo signing, or persuading gullible (not necessarily stupid, evil, or greedy) people into buying houses that they really couldn't afford, or selling a house and then changing the terms, or . . . any number of a dozen illegal and unethical methods used to sell people houses. Oh, wait, they were all just trying to buy another cadillac or something, or so Dowd says. And all those women who have abortions--just taking their pleasure and refusing to face the consequences, something like that. Another form of birth control, perhaps, and refusal to take responsibility. And, Dowd, I wonder why you are so judgmental and why you think you are right, since I don't imagine you know, personally, any of these people in foreclosure or any of the women who get abortions since you surely don't consort with those types. May we remind you, you are not god.

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ken ware 10 years 19 weeks ago

David Abbot - The wealthy and the corporations have nothing to fear because they know, as does the government that the Dept. of Home Land Security just bought 350,000,000 rounds of jacketed ammunition and it isn't for target practice! And, since our only borders are with Mexico and Canada it is obvious it is not for use against them. It is for the Millions of Americans that might get the silly idea they can actually do anything about the injustice and crimes against our citizens. We might have weapons, they have a lot more and many empty jails that need filling with bodies to make a profit for those corporations that own them! May I repeat a phrase from a movie I watched long ago; "Badges? Badges, we don't need no stinking badges!" Point being they have the badges and the ammo to back them up. They are not afraid of us; it is we who should be afraid of them. Step out of line and the man will take you away! And that my friend is the reality of today.....

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Kend 10 years 19 weeks ago

Ken W I am on topic. Thom was talking about bailing out home owners. I don't think the Govnment should. Of course people don't like to here logic. If you live beyond your means you loose your house. That's it. It is none of my business why women have abortions I just don't want to pay for them. Ken are you suggesting I should have no say in where my taxes go. Oh and by the way Mexico has government health care and education.

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nora 10 years 19 weeks ago

Thanks for this report. It is tragic that a similar response has NEVER taken place in the USA.

When people commit suicide in the USA, the major corporate media just doesn't report it much.

Like the War on Terror Vets who commit suicide, mentioned once and then the media is silent, where are major networds treating this as an UNACCEPTABLE and URGENT situation? Even suicides in the USA resulting from the Wall Street and WashingtonDC policies which continue to make desperate families without hope and bleak prospects are not enough to move the cold hearts of the neo-fascist globalists.

It is happening here, but no network is reporting on it. Is that by orders from the "Overlords"?

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2950-10K 10 years 19 weeks ago

I keep hearing a lot of Fox-crap talk about individual freedoms under attack due to an ever increasing welfare state. Individual freedoms are under attack alright, they're under attack due to an austerity economy created by the richman's lie that if he aint taxed everyone benefits.

Choking off revenue and crashing the economy has worked out well for the wealthy business owner looking to take advantage of a desperate workforce being terrorized by either joblessness or the very real prospect of it. Let's see, work your ass off, and still not have anywhere near enough to raise a family and pay the mortgage, and then retire tired, broken, and in poverty, without any of those welfare state entitlements that place such a tax burden on the rich guy that made a fortune off your misfortune, that he created to begin with...... Yeah right PAUL BUDGET MAN, nice try!

Lack of Govt. intervention is why we have lost individual freedom. Govt. is, "We the People," and a few piggish elites have successfully blocked this thing called DEMOCRACY.

Legislate against greed and control those who are unable to control themselves.

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ken ware 10 years 19 weeks ago

Kend- You have the right to voice your opinion on any subject you would like to. The point I was making and continue to state is that you seem to find these imaginary people who have failed and expect you to bail them out with your personal taxes! Your taxes are collected and combined with the rest of the taxes we all pay on our homes, businesses and salaries we work for. And for you to verbally blast anyone who is having problems with their home payments, and to automatically imply they took out loans they could not pay back or women who have an abortion is solely based on the fact they did not use birth control or young people who have been saddled with crippling debt by the universities and colleges across our country are at fault because they failed as you have emphatically implied is damn wrong and insulting to me. And, as you have stated you do have a right to comment on anything concerning you and likewise I have the right to reply to your comments that I find vile and obnoxious as I read them. I am open to verbally boxing with you on any subject. But let it be known your point of view is not the only view that will be filled an emotional response. I personally know of women who have had abortions because it was medically necessary and if it wasn't it would still be none of my business or yours. Likewise I have known people who were screwed by the banksters because they were not as apt as I or you in understanding the bullshit the banksters were handing them. As far as young people going to a university or college and the debt they have incurred is so great they will not be able to pay it off for decades. Yes the government should step in and help these people. The home buyers who got screwed and weren't able to enter the housing market when we did and when houses were priced at about 80% less then today and with reasonable interest rates. Or the single mother who cannot support another child and ended up pregnant unintentionally. Yes we should help the young people trying to get an education that will help not only them. But also our nation with another well educated person for our work force. So it is my desire that my taxes go to help people in situations you look upon with disdain. Sorry they were not as lucky or educated as we are and need help as my brother or sister in my society of humans. As far as debt goes my friend look around you and show me a person in any crowd in our society that is not burdened by debt. I prefer my taxes go to fellow Americans that need a hand up to continue and not to fund some banksters third vacation home or a C.E.O.'s next yacht. I do believe in social welfare for those who need it and those that can pay more should pay higher taxes than the guy working on an assembly line. I am an American who believes in social welfare and redistribution of wealth from those who have too much to those who have too little. WE the people means just that, WE THE PEOPLE. Am I my brother’s keeper? Damn straight I am. So if you ever fall and need a helping hand back up to live your life, I truly hope there is a hand to help. This ad has been brought to you by a liberal Independent and an American that believes the government is there to help those in need, not there just to take taxes and buy weapons to support the wealthy industrial war complex that seems to be the largest recipient of federal welfare.....P.S. I guess you won't be going to Mexico after all, they would probably hang you down there.

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William J. DeShawn 10 years 19 weeks ago

Social Security payroll taxes like what I have paid for 47 working years are what give me the right to collect my social security pension. Social Security is not a handout. But SOME politicians want to take that money and pay for weapons of war and then wage war on other countries with that money. They're nuts! Don't let them do it!

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No Fraud 10 years 19 weeks ago

Oh these crazy times...

Wall St. made off.
D.C. got paid off.
Main St. got laid off.

Sooooo...What's the solution? This isn't the first time our artificial system has collapsed do to corrupt manipulation by the greedy robber barrons.

It seems to me that WE THE PEOPLE are doing NOTHING to change our way of thinking.
Wheither you voted Obama,or Romney, you voted to continue playing with the same deck of cards. Both the Democrate and the Republican parties work for BIG CORPORATE MONEY...They do not represent the strength of the majority (middle class workers).
I agree with the "idea" that we are all accountable for our own actions...BUT, and it's a big but, Wall St. & Washington should also be held accountable for commiting fraud by knowingly selling and hedging bad loans.

Obama doesn't support prosecuting Wall St. (Nor does Mitt). WHY???Both are Corporate Opportunist with deep pockets lined by Wall St. and Special Intrest groups. For Obama to go after the Wall St. Criminals would be destructive of his own charector as well as his cronnies.
If "We the People" truely want to resolve this economic crisis...Then it's 100% accountability...Not 99% vs. 1%.
I make 268K per year...I don't mind paying more in income tax than someone who makes less. I support solutions that raise income taxes by 10% on those who make over 250K per year. Increase Capital Gains Taxes, and abolish the Regain tax breakes for the rich.
Corporate tax breaks should only go to companies that support American Jobs, as well as consciously pay a wage that is double that of the national income poverty level with inflation.
Just as important...What do my taxes pay for? If it's more of what the last 3 decades have been (wasting trillions on our Millitary Industrial Complex; Billions on the dimwitted War on Drugs, etc) than I support a income tax boycott on a National level. I want my taxes to go towards improving our public schools, roads & bridges, building/improving our commuter rail system, single payer healthcare, increasing jobs in Solar & Wind Energy, improving organic farming, clean water and air, etc.

Most important though is that We the People overturning Citizens United...Corporations are NOT People, and Money is not a voice.

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David Abbot 10 years 19 weeks ago

All governments that have standing armies buy lots of ammunition. They always have. And of course ammunition is designed to kill people, that's what military guns are for. And 350 million rounds of ammo isn't very much. If you have seen action in a war, you know that guys start pulling their triggers and ammo goes out as fast as lies go out of a republican's mouth. And that's not counting target practice, which some of them really get into. Why, 350 million rounds is only 3,500 rounds per soldier for a 100,000-man army. Do you know how many American troops have seen action in the Middle East in the last ten years? I mean, by your logic, if our government has nuclear weapons, they must be planning to bomb our own cities.

In 1969 an old woman told me, "You listen to me: when there is war in the Middle East, you head for the hills and don't look back, because it won't be safe to be anywhere around cities or suburbs." And yet here it is, decades after war started in the Middle East, and here I am, still alive and well, living in a city. In every way except for that one conspiracy theory, she was a perfectly regular person, owned a successful business, and was one of the most generous and nice people I ever met, and she was a great help to me at a time when I desperately needed help. Salt of the earth. She simply had a misunderstanding about that one issue, is all.

A guy I knew told me he had figured out the Bible's secret code and he told me when the world was going to end. That date came and went, and I called him and said, "What happened?" He said, "I miscalculated, here is the actual date the world will end." And that date came and went. Then he said, "Maybe I better quit second-guessing God." He is one of the more intelligent people I have met, and again, owns his own profitable business, and he'd give you his shoes and the shirt off his back.

There's a police firing range near my house, and I hear them shooting thousands of rounds from handguns, shotguns, and streetsweepers. For practice. And they're not firing blanks. You know, these are just guys who like shooting guns. It's a hobby.

So I really wouldn't worry too much about that ammo issue.

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 10 years 19 weeks ago

I am very much against having a standing army, because army officers tend to want war to justify their jobs and their budgets. And many of them enjoy war, which is much worse. But we do have a standing army, and part of it is Homeland Security, and unfortunately Homeland Security's job is to be rather paranoid. The only way to get the job of head of Homeland Security, is to be rather paranoid. So of course they would have a lot of ammo. And setting aside the issue of their mental illness, if another country seriously invaded America, Homeland Security would need a lot more than 350 million rounds to defend America.

I think there are things to worry about, but Homeland Security having a very small amount of ammunition is not one of them. And you know, after this last election, where we got a lot of sane people elected in spite of the republicans' cheating, I'm feeling pretty good about America's chances of returning to a government that controls the corporations and forces them to pay their fair share.

I am particularly happy that Elizabeth Warren is now a senator. I think we can expect wonderful things from her, and from a number of other statespeople we have elected. And I've been watching Thom's tv show, which is getting more polished and interesting every day. I look forward to seeing that show broadcast on the tv chanels that most people watch.

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leighmf 10 years 19 weeks ago

oops-sorry #10, comment was for #9

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leighmf 10 years 19 weeks ago

Comment to Historywriter who refutes historical facts:

Sorry, but Love means never having to say you're sorry. Unless you have read every cause of death roll since 1895 there is no way to make such a statement. Just because you don't remember hearing of something doesn't mean it didn't happen, even if you do call yourself a history writer.

Newspaper archives do furnish such information:

12/10/1886 Suicide Death of Oscar Simons, President of First National Bank and Jenny Electric In Fort Wayne (in the presence of his brother-in-law),...through personal knowledge, this had a lot to do with Jenny Electric being sold to GE.

Robert H. Plant, sole director and owner of failed I.C. Plant's Son and president of failed First National Bank shot himself in Macon, Georgia 5/21/1904

Officer of failed Lincoln Trust Company, Philadelphia, Harry B. Weymer of Landsdowne found dead at a park table, committed suicide by poisoning 8/07/1907

Herman P. Jahn former president of First National Bank, Ironwood, Michigan, under indictment, shot himself at home 9/06/1909

Vice-president and director of National City Bank in Indianapolis James M. M'Intosh shot himself around 12/11/1922- he was accused of trying to bomb the bank.

BTW- for those historians who can't remember, First National was always a veiled subsidiary of National City Bank.

J.P. Biggs, Arrow Rock, Missouri, committed suicide and left a note saying he was only one that knew his bank had been failing for five years 9/20/1927

Sherman Mills, cashier of The First National Bank at West Alexandria, near Dayton, Ohio, shot himself when according to police his plan for a cover-up robbery did not materialize 4/01/1929

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ragingdemo 10 years 19 weeks ago

Dear Mr & Mrs Lone ranger .. You can't know how terribly sorry we all are that you have been so burdened by all the slackers sucking off your tax dollars ..We should boot all those home owners & Family's with children out in the street for having the outrageous nerve to try and own a home .. Just who did those people think they were anyway taking on mortgages that had sneaky hiden teaser rates in them anyway ? How dare those people assume the cost of closing and all the many fee's involved with home ownership just to have it foreclosed on .. And to think they want help from our Tax dollars ...NO WAY when we can fork out hundreds of billions to the Defense industry the Wall street Cartel the Bankster's the Car Manufacturers the Mega Petroleum cabal Halliburton OH MY GOD I'm so glad I finally met a Real True Humanitarian like you two ... Your soooo right Let's Vote Neo-Con republican and ALL just sit back and watch the rest of Our America get sold off and out from under us while NAFTA and all the Rest of those "Free Market" ideals trickle down to the rest of us ..Do you think I can tell My grand daughter she can start looking for the Trickle down anytime after her 20th B-day 20 more yrs from now My god fella do you actually use your skull for anything more than a fancy hat rack . Or what ?

ragingdemo's picture
ragingdemo 10 years 19 weeks ago

Dear Friend.. I hate to be the one to let you in on this little secret But WAR just didn't start in the middle east ..Our beloved Government employees at the CIA and State Dept did that as a matter of foreign policy , if you would be so kind as to check you will note that in every instance there was Major Corporate influence involved . it's always been 100% about the Natural Resources of said country ANY country Every country in fact the only country's that have little if anything to worry about are those with NO Natural Resources wealth ..It's NEVER EVER Been about saving poor people or some great honorable Humanitarian reason . Are you kidding Me just exactly who do you think we have in Government ? It's Not Mother Teresa ..but rather some of the worst most corrupt foul vulgar human beings ever crapped out ...Just exactly where do you think all these Mega killer freak super storms Earthquakes Tsunamis and the like are coming from anyway .. HAARP .. Do the Research just like I did then you to can know the facts .. now please try and have a nice day ...If you can...

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dowdotica 10 years 19 weeks ago

hey champ i voted for obama twice! I am neither left or right just one stuck in the middle. i work in income tax. i see the numbers i see the disparity. When i was plannig college for my kids back in 95 i was not intending to be paying 300% more then what was nor was about ready to hock up when everybody else was using thier homes for ATMs. I took a big enough gamble just buying a home and to be honest? with exception to 12% into the retirement account my ilk and i are pay check to pay check just liek all the other working class earners. I think the Great American Travesty should be shifted to some other peoples shoulder for a few years, yes i am fed up. perhaps you missed my post about the 100k taxable that only paid $2,800 in tax verses the taxable $84K that paid $13,000. its not about rates its about taxing each $ equally! simple, its not rocket science. But in the meantime? As long as i know w-2 earners across the country are carrying the weight of the country on thier backs i have every intention to rant until someone in Washington actually does somethign for us!!! and i'm not talking about a stupid 2% reduction in my FICA withholding. Boy that really put some more mac and cheese on the table!!! Sure allowed me to stim the economy!!!so remember, I'm just a working stiff that wants equality on how dollars are taxed!!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 19 weeks ago

Nothing will happen unless the majority of the people rant and rave and show that they are so ticked off that they are not going to take it anymore. Some people have even committed suicide when their homes were foreclosed on. What a waste but it shows how desperate people are! Others have been a lot more violent against those who were directly responsible for their problems..I don't advocate either of those ideas...but one thing for sure...unless we are scaring the crap out of those criminals who have been screwing us..they will continue to screw us.

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