Massive labor protests are expected in Michigan today...

As Republicans lawmakers and Republican Governor Rick Snyder give their final approval to the state’s new right to work for less law. Michigan will join 23 other states in the nation that have gone right to work for less – but it is by far the most unionized state to suffer this fate, which should be very troubling to the organized labor community. In response, as many as 10,000 union workers are expected to march on the Michigan Capitol building today, and kick off a brand new labor struggle in America’s rust belt. Schools across the state are closed due to staff shortages, as teachers are expected to join the struggle in front of the capitol today, too.

President Obama made an appearance in Michigan on Monday, where he slammed the new right to work for less law calling it strictly “political.” Working people have done a remarkable job pushing back against anti-union laws in Wisconsin and Ohio, but the President’s leadership on this issue is vitally important to the success of the labor movement.

President Obama must understand that he was re-elected to a second term because of organized labor. It’s time for him to fight for working people, against these right to work for less laws, and eventually get a card check bill passed through Congress.

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