The poor should not be political pawns.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is using poor people in his state as pawns in his political game. Scott is one of a number of Republican Governors, who are using their grudge against President Obama to deny millions of low-income Americans health insurance coverage. As part of Obamacare – states are expected to expand their Medicaid coverage to cover more low-income Americans. And for the first few years – the federal government will pay for all the costs of this expansion – and after that will continue to pay for the vast majority of the coverage indefinitely.

All the states have to do is say, “Yes.” But Governor Scott, whose state has one of the highest uninsured rates in the nation, is saying, “No.” Not only is he saying, “No,” but he’s lying, too, claiming that Medicaid expansion will cost his state $26 billion over the next ten years. In reality – it will cost his state one billion – so he’s inflated the cost by 2,500%, just to justify his decision to screw poor, sick people in his state.

Several Republicans have a personal grudge against President Obama, and they want to do everything in their power to see that he fails. But condemning poor people in their states to untimely death due to lack of health insurance, as Rick Scott is doing, is downright appalling.


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johngutta 11 years 23 weeks ago

Because of free trade and flat taxes, the inflation adjusted after-tax incomes of the richest 1% have soared, while those of most Americans have been stagnant or falling for decades. As a result, the poor have turned on the very poor. This is why men like Rick Scott get elected, and help for our poorest is unpopular.

Until more Americans realize that the 1% with 20 trillion dollars are the problem, and those with nothing are not, our economic and societal problems will continue.

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ken ware 11 years 23 weeks ago

I agree with what you are saying. But I really think those who understand what is happening to their wages are not aware of the reason why. Many people do not even understand what the Free Trade Agreements have done to diminish their standard of living. And as we have seen from the elections, half of the nation seems okay with what is happening and have bought into the lies that have emanated from Washington.With a President that the people are just now starting to realize is in it for himself and his legacy and not the American people who put him there and, with the House swinging further to the right for the sake of their masters on Wall St., I do not think anyone is too optimistic about the future of the middle class and the poorer Americans. If we could have had a primary to determine whether the Democrats wanted to retain Obama things would look different today. But, alas the whole system is rigged against the American People. Now we see that the health care act that was pushed through is full of loop holes for the Insurance Industry to make more profits than ever. Can anyone really believe these loop holes were not intentional? I believe Obama is a tool of the elitist in America. After all he also agreed to decrease his taxes on the millions he has made and the multiple millions he will make after leaving office. The politicians knew that the Free Trade Agreement(s)- (N.A.F.T.A,)- would hurt the American worker and that is why they included in the agreement that displaced workers could opt for retraining for six months and not just unemployment benefits from losing their jobs. Does anyone out there know of a six month course that would take the place of a tech professional job? They have known all along that these trade agreements would cost many Americans their jobs. We were sold out and will continue to be sold out as long as we lay dormant. JG, I do agree with what you have commented today on this blog. I am just not sure if enough people will actually step up and march or do whatever is necessary to scare these crooks in Washington, starting with the White House. I really think the nation will end up with riots all across this nation of ours if the politicians and wealthy think they can continue this type of behavior against the people of our country. Let’s hope there are marches and not riots. But as we have seen in the past it only takes one critical event to send this country and its people into a violent demonstration, and that is a very scary scenario to contemplate with a nation of angry people well-armed for combat and ready to use them. I watched the rightwing nut on CNN the other night about what would happen if anyone tried to take away his weapons, too bad he didn't mention taking away his other rights that are being stripped away by Washington and the Governors of several states!

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Kend 11 years 23 weeks ago

Hum, so the Feds lure you in by keeping your payments low at the begining but then after you have Obama care your costs go way up, FOREVER. Kind of sounds like the sub prime mortages that got the US in so much trouble in the first place doesn't it?

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Palindromedary 11 years 23 weeks ago

No kidding...Kend..I agree with you. and you ken ware...and you Johngutta!

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Palindromedary 11 years 23 weeks ago

I think that the more people who speak out against the injustices and speak out very expressively (I didn't say violently) the more these blockhead rulers get the message. They are certainly monitoring what we say and getting, at least, the general drift of our feelings. Just hope they don't start sending the feds out to knock on our doors. With enough of us ranting...maybe they won't have enough manpower to visit us all. At first, they'll try to fight us with very low intensity and covert tactics...with propaganda and blogger shills and sock puppets.

They'll fight back with scare propaganda tactics like ... "Homeland Security ordering a zillion hollow point bullets" ... trying to scare us back into our reticence but just maybe they will decide to relent some...enough, perhaps, to at least agree to a decent universal healthcare system and hands off of social security and medicare... but, I doubt it.

No one wants to see violence break out but it seems that that is the only thing that will ever change things. It wasn't the innate benevolence of FDR that compelled him to do the New Deal. There was a lot of poverty and suffering...but most important of all..lots of violence and active rebellion against the crooked system.

Remember, that FDR, when he first took office, didn't even want to pay the WW1 vets what the government had promised them to get them to go to war in the first place. Even congress approved paying them but FDR wouldn't go for it. Those vets and their families, during the height of the depression desperately needed those bonds/certificates to be made good. Perhaps it was Douglas MacArthur who led bayonet wielding troops with tanks and horse against those vets and their families camped out in front of the Capitol, burning what little belongings the vets had, that shamed FDR into relenting...don't know.

It is becoming more and more obvious that staying the present course will only put the majority of us all into our graves a lot earlier. And I am beginning to wonder if that is not what they planned all along.

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turk3y5h007 11 years 23 weeks ago

I used to consider myself an independent voter after the last four years i dont even look on the republican ticket. philibuster after philibuster after philibuster. I get it. It's used so the minority has a little power but, when thats your only tactic for 4 years coupled with an unwillingness to even compromise. then add that since "we lost fewer seats then exspected" is their "mandate". what kinda mandate is that? losing the ball game is still losing the ball game doesn't matter if you beat the spread. Worst part about it AMERICA ISNT A GAME. If they would have picked up seats i might understand the unwillingness to budge on issues but, they didnt. I wish that democrates could figure out how to commuincate with brickwalls so the sons and daughters can comehome from afghanistan, so we can figure out a plan to keep healthcare costs affordable so america's debt raiting dosent get lowerd again. When all your enemy wants is the moon its hard to negotiate with apple pie.

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Palindromedary 11 years 23 weeks ago

When it looks like a country is about to disintegrate from within, even the rich get worried (isn't that right...International Center For Non-Violent Conflict?). And when they get worried they will either consider mass murder and/or police state repression or they will have to stop their hatefulness and give back some of what they stole from us to begin with.

The ICNC(International Center For Non-Violent Conflict) knows how to go into other countries, foment unrest amongst the natives and get them to overthrow their governments from within....all without the US having to invade...sort of what the CIA had been doing all these years but now can use front groups (like ICNC) to take the heat. The CIA has earned a very shady reputation...but ICNC sounds so...well, so "peace" could you think of them is any other light?

You see, it's ok for the US to do this to other countries but so so bad when citizens within the US feel the need to OWS...where the police use physical violence and intimidation on the demonstrators.

And yes, what Gov. Rick Scott is doing to Floridians is Obamanible, or is that Abominable, but then what the US does to other people in other countries is even worse.

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David Abbot 11 years 23 weeks ago

Well really, I think Obama is going to have to accept a certain amount of blame for Rick Scott harming poor people. In fact, I think Obama should accept all of the blame. After all, it's not Rick Scott who is black, it is Obama. And it is not Rick Scott who is at least sort of liberal some of the time, it is Obama. And finally, it is not Rick Scott who thinks that poor people are human, it is Obama. Ergot cogito summa what laude, ex postit facto, and ex cathedral, Obama should blame himself for what Rick Scott is doing.

But don't get me wrong, because even if Obama resigned the presidency, admitted that the republicans are right about everything, and moved into a sharecropper's shack on a cotton plantation in Texas, everything that Rick Scott does to poor people would still be Obama's fault.

Why is that, you ask? And the answer is: well now, if you have to ask a question like that, you're not from around here.

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Global 11 years 23 weeks ago

Yes kend, it is pretty much a bait and switch, a good example is our social security act of 1935, quote from the act: " beginning 1949 , 12 years from now, you and your employer will each pay 3 cents on each dollar you earn up to $3000 a year. THAT IS THE MOST YOU WILL EVER PAY." We now pay 6.2 percent up to 112,000 dollars. I guess their crystal ball was a little foggy. Why we allow these temporary politicians to enact these massive government programs is beyond me. Look for Obamacare to become a black hole for continued increased taxation.

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klentz 11 years 23 weeks ago

What's really ironic is that Rick Scott himself would be relatively poor were it not for Medicare and Medicaid being there for him to rip off.

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago


Here I am. As a Fl resident for all of my childhood and most of my adult life, I know my state is a mixed bag of Republican and Democratic Corporate Opportunist. Through out the years we have had idiots and morons as Govenor. Maybe one or two half-wits that did try to represent the People, Protect our Enviroment, and help our economy flurish...Gov Bob Grahm to be specific. But that's about it. But again I blame the People for continuing to be neive and allow themselves to be fooled over and over and over...

First DICK Scott is a theiving scum bag. During his campaign his slogan was "Lets put Florida Back To Work". he wasn't even in office for more than a minute and declined to accept federal funding to build a passange rail system conecting major cities like Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and eventually Jacksonville. Studies showed that doing so would create over 10k good paying jobs as well as create a multi billion dollar surplus over the next ten years. But that didn't set well with DICKS cronnies. Now he wants to deny ALL Floridians healthcare...There is one thing that DICK don't get...He only eeked his way into Govenorship by 1%. DICK YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. I suggest you get out of dodge before dodge gets you.

On a side note I personally do not support Obamacare...It isn't a single payer medicare for all healthcare system. More so it forces small buisnesses to pay for overpriced healthcare coverage, which only benifits the Insurance companies. There are some in the medical field that support Obamacare but none have had a good enough argument to change my opinion.

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Kend 11 years 23 weeks ago

Scott turned down the rail system for the same reason. They lose money And tax payers can't afford what they have already. Isn't Florida billions in debt.

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Mike-C 11 years 23 weeks ago

Isn't it quite obvious that the Republicans represent the wealthy?

Isn't it obvious that the Republicans have done and will do anything to obstruct President Obama and his party in their attempts to improve life for lower and middle income Americans?

Isn't it quite possible that the fanatic right wing of the Republican Party, in their goal to demolish Obama and the Democrats, would destroy this country in the same manner that the fanatics Hitler and Tojo did to their countries?

All we can hope for is that all of this right wing fanaticism will pass into history, as it did after the Social Security enactment, Medicare bill, Affirmative Action, Equal Rights, Women's Suffrage, labor protection laws, the anti-slavery ammendment and all of the other great laws that has made the USA an example of modern decency to humanity.

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historywriter 11 years 23 weeks ago

A little paranoia here? That isn't what the program does.

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago

You are framiliar with M.Gandhi? He would say; "First they ignor you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win".
As discouraging and unjust as this protocal is, it's true. The squeeky wheel eventually gets the grease. Unfortunatly more often than not it gets whacked with a hammer first.

There is a very scary truth to ALL that has been and is taking place...It is no secret that this country is coming to a head...Like a zit, some want to peacefully (nonviolently) workout our issues, unfortunatly the U.S. Government has a loooooooong and violent history, not that there were never any victories through nonviolent resistance, they just aren't as sexy to record and publicly exploit. HISTORY HAS TOUGHT US NOTHING!!!
Wealthy Americans - in general - (NOT ALL), are spoiled rotten and are a greedy violent lot. A bunch of rich white men who take, take, take, and take some more; all the while claiming to be patriotic do gooder job creating christians...Paying back only a teensy wheensy fraction to those who do ALL the work...So little that the companies actually create poverty. And when labor workers try to organize and rationally request better wages, and bennefits...People are harrassed, threatened, even killed. Good example; the Ludlow Masacre of 1913, where the govenor of Colorado at the request of J.D. Rockefeller, sent in the National Guard to break up the tent encampment of striking coal miners and their families, who were hard workers, and wanted better wages and improved living conditions. When the smoke settled several hundred men women and children were slautered by Gatling guns. Many who "Ducked and Covered were later found burned to death.

Hurray for the Red, White, and Blue...Why the f did so many want to come here???
Wait that's right to live the American dream; a life better than where you came from. All those huddled masses, tired and poor urning to be free, seeking the EQUAL RIGHT to LIFE LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

The late great George Carlin, my favorite social, political comedian, one said; "The reason they call it the American Dream???
Cause you have to be asleep to believe it!


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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago


You have absolutly no clue as to what you are talking about.
Two years before DICK even got into the Govenors Mansion a detailed study and plain had be completed. By all accounts a rail system in Florida would work, the demand was there...Still is. It would create jobs and boost revenue. The Majority of buisness class workers who traveled the state as well as the tourism industry all supported the plan and wanted the State to accept the Federal Grant.

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago

Pay no attention to KEND or Global for that matter...They are NUUUUUUTS!

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2950-10K 11 years 23 weeks ago

So I guess in Rick Scott's criminal little mind, Medicare/Medicaid are only useful if one can defraud them. The thought of these progams helping those in need is of no use in his greedy and pathetic little world, it doesn't even register to him.

$1.7 billion fine for defrauding the Federal Medicare and Medicaid Programs!

Instead of jailtime the Rickster got a $10 million severance package and stock options worth $350 million and a one million a year consulting contract.

Congratulations Florida, you have an undocumented felon as your Governor.

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Kend 11 years 23 weeks ago

If there was money in it those greedy rich people would build it. Public transit is subsidized almost always.

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
In regards to Dick Scott...Good things happen to bad people.

He makes me want to vomit!!!

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2950-10K 11 years 23 weeks ago

Palindromedary: In answer to yesterday #47....TeaBillies, which I'm sure descibes many members of the Tea Party, sounds good to me, although I bet there are many angry and misinformed suburban members as well. Anyway, my objective with the Teabillionaire Party label is directed at the moderately wealthy house members who are only in office as a result of their billionaire benefactors. In other words they're a micro party for the billionaires and it's their job to do the dirty work of obstruction for these billionaires. Their mandate is to maintain the status quo of economic terrorism which as we all too painfully know has worked out really well for this handful of ultra rich bastards stealing our entire country. They get a lot of help from corp. media also, which is why...... what you refer to as the TeaBillies.....even exist.

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago

You're right...."those greedy rich bastards WOULDN'T make money...The state would along with about 10k working middle class people. As well it would go nicely with our multi-billion dollar a year tourist industry.

Another thing you don't get KEND...There is a small portion of my generation - small but growing as it expands to younger generation - that has a long term vision; one that isn't selfish with a "what's in it for me NOW" mentality. We are realizing that we need to look to applying what works for EVERYONE and not just a group of takers. We are Leavers, much like those discussed in Daniel Quinns novel Ishmahl. We also realize that it will take time and patience much like how a new Orange grove takes 5 years to mature and produce a good quality yeild. Along the way we must tend to our crop, occasionally pruning off that which posses a threat to a good crop, as well as watering and amending the soil as needed. Oh the times they are a chang'in

One thing you may not know about me...I am fair and honest. I believe - to a point - people get out what they put in. However there are two simmilar but seperate classes of people that constantly get more than they put in...The Uber wealthy who rob their employees of fair wages and healthy bennefits; so that they may put more money in their p[ockets, and Wellfare scammers. That being said I don't have anything against a person who has gained finacle success. Nor do I want to cut funding for social services, because some multi Billionare dosen't want to pony up a few extra tax dollars and a few scammers.

KEND I am NOT interested in furthering this discussion with you...least not until you pull your head out of your! Don't you have your own issues to deal with in Canada?

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2950-10K 11 years 23 weeks ago

Reply to # 21, No Fraud: Unfortunately, in time, these same souls keep coming back, it's happened all through history, only the names change!

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ken ware 11 years 23 weeks ago

Unfortunately the issue is not about Scott, it is about poor adults and CHILDREN who are going to suffer because their governor will stop at nothing to try to make Obama look like a fool to his Republinut constituency. Why is it we have funds for weapons and no funds for sick poor children who in many cases will suffer and die without State and Federal help! We can point out the faults in the Not so Affordable Health Care Act, but a Governor is supposed to look out for all the citizens of his or her state. What Scott is doing is trying to slam "Obama Care", at the cost to children who have no other avenue to get health care. They can be brought into the emergency room on the brink of death from severe asthma or any of multitude of diseases that kill our children each year OR they can receive help through federally funded programs that will help stop the disease before it becomes life threatening! I am sick and tired of you guys on the right saying we cannot afford health care for the poor, when in reality what you’re saying is you simply do not give a damn what happens to these PEOPLE! After all they are not your problem and why should you help pay for it with your taxes. WHY? Because they are human beings and are suffering because the richest nation in the World wants bombs more than healthy babies. We spend an ungodly amount of resources to destroy other nations and their children and apparently you have no problem with destroying our kids too through medical neglect. Any of you on the Right should be ashamed of yourselves, especially if you have kids or grandkids at home! If there is a God he must be confused and angry at how we could destroy young lives to save a few dollars, but are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep America safe and our Defense Industry bulging with funds to kill others. I am ashamed to be an American when I hear that it is just too expensive to help suffering children. How many of you that say we can't afford the Presidents Insurance and help to the poor in the form of Medicaid, but would do anything to make sure your kids and grandkids are covered with the best medical help available? I do not care about some damn rail system or Scott. I just cannot believe how evil and worthless someone like Scott is and actually has people believing in his B.S.! We as a nation will reap what we have sown. If there is a God out there, I hope he strikes down the black souls of the people who think it is just too expensive to save children from suffering and dying because they are poor and cannot afford medical care. Especially those who think and believe the dogma that people like Scott spew out of their cold and worthless hearts. They would allow children to suffer and die because they hate the President of the United States and would do whatever it takes to stop anything he proposes to help the poor. My comment may not seem to be about what this Blog is about today, but I am just sick and tired of people acting like poor children are just casualties of the political war we see raging around us and in Washington. Politics is about how people believe we should act to solve problems we face and if you do not think poor, sick and dying children is a real problem we need to deal with, then you have a real problem with your soul...

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Kend 11 years 23 weeks ago

No fraud ok I should mind my own business I guess but it is so boring up here. It is sad though if children are going without, that would be hard to take. It's hard to under stand I just read other day the US spent 53 billion on aid for other countries. are children really dying because they are not getting medical attention?

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago

I hear ya KEN...LIFE IS CHEAP!!!

At least it seems so to the Theiving Flag Waving Jingo Corporate Oportunist; who doesn't mind sending your kid off to die in some trumpted up illegal war, or cut medicade, or deni uninsured sick people treatment...Just to turn a profit.

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago


It's nice to hear you have a heart and care somewhat for human needs over your portfolio...Or am I assuming too much and giving you too many points? Ha!

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ken ware 11 years 23 weeks ago

Kend -Without elaborating on the subject the answer is yes, it is true. Without Medicare the parents are forced to take their children to the emergency room at their local hospital. After being seen by a doctor there, they are directed to seek help at the Public Hospital for further medical care. Without Medicare these kids do not have a primary or family doctor to see when they get sick, so they end up suffering more than needed So many parents wait until the last minute before going to the public hospital. Picture a very over crowded hospital where you wait 8 or more hours to be seen by an over worked doctor and that is what our Public Hospitals are like in California. People have died in wheel chairs waiting to see a doctor as they sat in the hallway! And I have had personal experience with the Public Hospital system, when my uninsured father was diagnosed with lung cancer. I brought him to see his treating oncologist and it was a nightmare and he received substandard care there. I have seen children and babies waiting in the arms of their parents trying to breathe with asthmatic lungs, not a pretty picture. And it costs the state even more when untreated illnesses get worst and need more care to recover, than it would if they had seen a primary care doctor to start with. Sad my friend, but true.

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johngutta 11 years 23 weeks ago

Woe are we ad nauseum . . Labor provides health care, and money pays for it. We have the labor, where's the money? - see the last sentence of comment #2

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bobcox 11 years 23 weeks ago

Right on!

Do you have an update on the number of fraudulent attempts to vote in the recent election??

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No Fraud 11 years 23 weeks ago

More info on Dick.

After being elected Fl. Govenor, Dick Scott signed into law Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's bill that would further restrict/limit fellons from having their civil rights reenstated; specificly the right to vote and obtaining state licenses required for skilled trade jobs, i.e plumbing, electrition, etc. for a minimum of 5 years AFTER completeing their sentince. Minimum meaning even after waiting five years a person convicted of a felony can still be denied the right to vote and practice a trade that requires a state license.
I know two men that did time in the Fl State Penal System; while in they obtained their GED and upon release went on to complete vocational trainning in Plumbing, but unknowing to them when they applied to take a state licensing exam were denied.
One man went on to work as a plumbers assistant, while the other took a job in a local window manufacturing company. I applaude both of them for not allowing the system to continue to beat them down, but can't help but ask; "Why do conservatives hate everyday people"?

The day the bill was passed into law Pam Bondi was asked why she felt the need to further punish those who had completed their said sentence and payed their debt to society. Here reply was - and I am paraphrasing here - "We are sending a messege that the State of Florida means buisness when it comes to punishing those who commit a crime."
The truth of the matter is we don't need to be more and more and more tough on crime, all these additional laws and punishments do is further create problems that often stem from economic woes and lack of education. Extended punishments that block people from trying to better themselves only exacerbates crime in our communities. Both prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, police officers, and correctional officers agree that anytime you deny a convicted felon access to education and opportunity for a better job - a career - the chances of them reoffending increases by more than 30%.

Lets also not leave out that to deny a person who has completed their sentence, the right to vote yet still require by law that they pay taxes...That is taxation without representation.

The gig is up...It is obvious what these neonazi conservatives like Dick and Pam are up to. In order for their party to fulfill their agenda they first must divide and dismantle in order to conquer.

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Kend 11 years 23 weeks ago

Things are not much better here when it comes to emergency rooms it is very busy 8 hours waits as well. It is hard to find a family doctor. Most of them are down there our government doesn't pay as well a US insurance companies But the goods news for Canadians is I hear that is changing. I can only speak for the province (state) of Alberta. Canada doesn't have a national health care System as most Americans think. It is done province by province. but I am pretty sure children are always looked after here.

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 23 weeks ago

no you are right I have a heart had a MRI a couple years ago and I saw it. I could email a you a copy if you need proof.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 23 weeks ago

Kend - I must have not made myself clear when referring to the 8 hour wait. When you go to a Private Hospital Emergency Room you are seen reasonable soon. But when you end up in the Public Hospital System you have an 8 hour wait to see someone and that is not counting the wait to check into the system. I really think it is hard to grasp the problems facing children when they are sick and uninsured. Why do you think so little of your health care system, I am sure poor children would give their life to get the medical care you are afforded, and sometimes they do give up their lives waiting in the Public Hospital system down here! You seem to think anything the government does to help its people it does poorly. I know or I should I think the medical care for the average Canadian is much, much better than what the poor uninsured have here. Are you aware of the fact the life expectancy of the poor and uninsured here in the 50 states in, what you call down there, is less than many African citizens or lower than what the Russian Citizen experienced when their system began to crumble? They closed down one major Public Hospital in the Southwest L.A. ( the poorer section of L.A. ) because the State could not afford to keep it running, causing a massive back log for poor uninsured patients at other hospitals. And there are only a few Public Hospitals that are actually up and running here in California. Your right wingers will bitch about anything the Government does, as if the Private Hospitals and doctors aren’t causing the cost of healthcare to soar out of control! I really wish people who complain about healthcare for the poor being to expensive would have to experience it first hand when they become very ill or one of their loved ones falls prey to disease! I have really tried to address the CONservatives with respect and an open mind to your point of view, but you guys are really making it difficult especially when it comes to healthcare for the poor and middleclass that cannot afford insurance! Have a good day. P.S. I really wish you would have had to experience what poor and uninsured Americans must go through to get heart care in our Public System.( I actually would not want you or any person to experience what goes on in the Public System for the uninsured and poor). Many die waiting for their turn down here. I think you would have a different point of view on healthcare...And I believe your waiting time for illnesses that are at the critical point are taken care of relatively soon compared to non-critical elective procedures. And just for the record, here the children are not seen any sooner than the adults when seeking care in the Public Hospital System, unless they are bleeding out from a gunshot wound, and children being shot or stabbed happens more often than we would like to speak of. The United States has an extremely big problem with children and young adults being shot from being in the crossfire of some lunatic or gang member that acquired a gun or assault weapon illegally! I am pro-gun ownership of handguns and shot guns not assault weapons. And if all weapons were banned here in the U.S. that would be even a better solution for our country. But it is too late to get the “tooth paste back into the tube”, since there are already 300,000,000 weapons in the U.S. today.

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ken ware 11 years 23 weeks ago

computer error - this system really stinks at times!

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DAnneMarc 11 years 23 weeks ago


Marches on Washington? Violent Riots? Sounds like the US all right. Before we do anything rash I suggest you take a few deep breaths and listen to my plan. Just because Civil Unrest has proven to be historically effective doesn't mean its the only solution. There are more than one way to scare the 'cooperation' out of a Senator

DOV! Democracy Onine Voting is my idea! After hearing it I'm sure you will Love DOV. DOV involves the creation of a Federal website that enables citizens to purpose, formulate, petition and enact law on their own; in effect, completely circumnavigating both houses of congress and the Executive branches of government. It can also be used to immediately halt any military aggression, remove any civil servant from office, Amend the Constitution, or seek redress for any official action including those of the Judiciary by a simple majority vote of the online constituency.

It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, by dividing the power of the Federal Government into the hands of its citizens we take a situation where the FEW easily coerced or bribed members of our government are easily manipulated and spread that number out to several hundred million citizens making coercion and bribery still possible but quite impractical. This augmentation of our political structure in my view would completely eliminate corruption in our Government.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 23 weeks ago

HOW DOES IT WORKThe main problem as many of know with the diebold voting machines is the integrity of the code that controles the machine. The same problem exists in my plan. However, my plan takes on open approach to maintaining the integrity of the code. To explain this I need to educate many of our readers.
A BRIEF COURSE IN DIGITAL ELECTRONICSCODE a program or LIST OF COMMANDS that tell an electrical device how to work.Example: A Mechanical Arm - used to pick up a ball. The "List of Commands" might look like this:1. Start2. Open fingers.3. Lower Hand over ball.4. Close fingers around ball.5. Apply X amount of pressure to circumferance of ball (where X = lbs/square inch--here X = 2).6. Raise hand.7. End
This is an elementary example of a very simple code used to execute a task. It's an excellent example in simplicity because the code used in a voting service is equally simple. As you can imagine, even the slightest alteration of the code sequence would drastically affect the result of the task. For instance if I were to simply erase line #4, the hand would pat the ball but fail to grab it. In addition, if I were to change the value of X in line #5 to say infinity, the ball would explode. If I were to change the value of X to 0, the ball would be dropped. How then do we insure the integrity of this idea so that we don't "drop the ball" Pardon my pun!
ADDITIONAL TERMS TO BE FAMILIAR WITH:RAM vs ROM memory (Random Access Memory) (Read Only Memory) These are the media that code can be written to.
RAM memory includes Hard Drives, Magnetic Tape, USB Jigs and any media that can be erased, rewritten or in any way altered without being destroyed.
ROM memory includes CD's, DVD's, and even vinyl LP's from yesteryear. Once written on this type of media the information cannot be changed, erased or altered in anyway without destroying the media. You might remember how a scratch in your old records altered the recording and ruined the integrity of the music.
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) This is a code written to a media that has a magnetic field that can be received an read wirelessly. It has been touted to be the future mark of the beast if and when implanted into people. I assure you that any mark of the beast has already been distributed to us all in the way of Social Security numbers. Any chip implants aren't going to do any more harm. We already carry with us positive identification markers in our retina, finger prints, teeth and DNA An implant is not part of my plan and I am firmly against any such efforts. It would be an affront to human dignity and dehumanizing. However, the technology is ideal for marking pets, live stock, and for researching animal behavior in the wild. The first legislation I might propose is a permanent ban on ever using this technology on free, law abiding human beings.
HANDSHAKE Like when people meet social protocol calls for a handshake, "How do you do," "My name is Bob," "I'm pleased to meet you.;" to take place before any communication can occur. The same term applies to when two digital devices attempt to connect and establish communication.

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DAnneMarc 11 years 23 weeks ago

Diebold machines security is so secure and complicated only the employees of diebold have access to it. By localizing the security personnel you create another small group that can be manipulated in order to effect the code controlling the voting. It is this security approach that makes their machines so unreliable. JFK once said, "The very work secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society." He was spot on. Therefore, I dedicate this idea to him.
In my proposal, secrecy will be banned. The very code sequence that controls the Governments Main Server will be written on ROM mounted in the Server's main mother boards. All home computers will be mounted with ROM containing the same code as the Government Server. All citizens who are legally registered to vote will be assigned a voter registration card when they register. On the card will be written in RFID the same code of the Main Government Server, their own computer, as well as their own voter register information.
A simplified version of the connection of a voter to the Main Government Server will involve a digital Handshake that compares and validates the integrity of the code that controls the entire system. It will begin by placing your voter registration card on top of your home computer. This as well as you password enables you to log into the Government software. The information then reaches out to the Government Main Server and does an identicle Handshake that identifies you as you and gives you access to the DOV Democracy Online Voting service.
It is my intent to preserve the integrity of my voting code by distributing master copies of it--Keys if you will--to all American Citizens, permanently burned into their voting cards. It's integrity will be verified automatically whenever anyone logs on to the service. The final step I would envision would be the publishing of the results of all voting. Voting will take place in districts to simplify review by citizens. All will be able to verify their vote as well as see the other votes in their district as well as other districts across the country. We will truly have an free and open society. There will be no encryption, no volatile memory, no secret codes used at all. The security of this system will sit in the hands of all voters and not a select few. Their will be no representatives to bribe and no elected officials to assassinate to gain advantage or favor. Corruption as we know it will cease to exist.
Thank you for considering my proposal

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johngutta 11 years 23 weeks ago

Reply to DAnneMarc #37,38, and 39:

A terrific series of comments !!

I have had a great fear of voting on-line because of what I read about the security of Diebold machines; - and, although I don't understand computer jargon, your explanation of the solution to the security problem in human terms was excellent and, for me, convincing. However, I still believe that voting on-line is a risk we should not take because voting on-line is unnecessary.

But I never considered the possibility of lawmaking on-line; - that is a GREAT idea !!!

I alse believe that it is necessary. Why? Because the overwhelming support of low top marginal estate and capital gains rates by both Democrat and Republican lawmakers, against the wishes of most Americans as measured by polling, is conclusive proof that the money of the ultra-rich controls our Congress; - and that sustaining oligarchy in America is their goal.

Maybe we can reform our existing representative plutocracy by using on-line lawmaking to mandate entirely public financing of lawmakers' campaigns and retirements.

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