This is why we needed REAL filibuster reform!

The Obama administration is considering its next move, after a panel of three Republican-appointed judges on a DC Circuit Court ruled last week, that President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were unconstitutional. The court ruled that the president can only make a recess appointment when the Senate is officially in recess – which only happens once a year – after the Senate finishes the first half of its session.

That decision directly contradicted a 2004 federal appeals court ruling – and 190 years of recess appointments by both Republican, and Democratic, presidents. But Corporate America is applauding the decision – and arguing that decisions made by the National Labor Relations Board, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, since the recess appointments, should be null and void.

According to court rules, the Obama Justice Department still has 45 days to appeal the ruling to a larger court of appeals – plus another 90 days to appeal to the Supreme Court. Of course – none of this would have been an issue had Senate Republicans not filibustered the President’s nominees – forcing him to make recess appointments in the first place.


Kend's picture
Kend 10 years 18 weeks ago

I can't believe how many times President Obama's decisions are challenged in court. Is it normal down there for that to happen?

I coached and played hockey for 30 years and one of the best lessons that I received from it is you could never win championships without great leadership, and great Leadership is NEVER challenged. I think you might have picked the wrong captain. I really hope I am wrong though.

Arrgy's picture
Arrgy 10 years 18 weeks ago

Obama and us are playing a team of cheaters that have had the refs bought off.

PhilipHenderson's picture
PhilipHenderson 10 years 18 weeks ago

The leaders of the Republican Party are behaving as though they are bought and paid for by leaders of large corporations. The Republicans are not serving the interests of the American people. Even though more than 80 percent of Republicans in America are in favor of restrictions of guns, their elected representatives do not. The National Rifle Association is a lobby organization for manufacturers of firearms. The NRA pretends that they are representing their gun owning members, they are not! The NRA does not care about the rights of its gun owning members, they only care about the profits of the manufacturers of guns. The NRA is hiding behind the 2nd Amendment. They are only interested in increasing gun sales.

Kend's picture
Kend 10 years 18 weeks ago

Arrgy, My first rule as a coach was "no excuses" they don't do anybody any good. Excuses never change the end result and are a sign of weakness. Winners find a way, and they never blame anyone else for their failures. Great leaders also take full resonsibility for their whole team when it falls short. Does any of that sound like your President right now. I personally think he has it in him. Where is it though.

HalFonts's picture
HalFonts 10 years 18 weeks ago

This is the most obstructionist fiasco I've seen in my lifetime, and to continue blaming it on lack of leadership totally misreads the situation. Truth is not always found by splitting the difference between opposing arguments. Both-sides in a dispute are not always equally at fault.

Indeed our President is faulted by the fringe of The Left for trying too hard, compromising too much -- politics today is a no-win game. Meanwhile to those funded by Mega-money, it IS a game, a richly successful no-holds-barred game of self-interest -- and The People be damned. It's the old-old "Colonial" game of Divide and Conquer: while the local tribes battle each other, run off with the loot.

The country is dysfunctional, while we have huge difficult issues we must attend to. Unfortunately, after several decades of demagoguery, our population is divided into tribes, literally living in different realities, unable to even share a common language. President Obama inherited an impossible national and global economic collapse, coupled with political unrest and wars around the world. (No accident for those, with conspitatoral-leanings).

With consistent unprecedented opposition, this Administration has to a very large degree turned the collapse around and put the economy well back on track. The numbers pro and con are there -- along with a barrage of lies and misinformation from the opposition party.

Fortunately it may be that a critical mass of citizenry are figuring it out. This last election may have been a turning point. The disloyal Opposition simply fooled itself -- the rest of the country didn't buy their empty fantasies. If that continues they may become less and less relevant -- -- even while the hired professionals of Mega-money, continue their political shenanigans.

We're by no means out of the swamp. However, As I look back on the first four-years (and the eight-years preceding that), I have renewed respect for the quiet measured attempts to lead a country (and deal with global issues) despite fierce obstructionism, who's stated goals were to use dysfunction to prevent any successes much less progress towards the future.

I'm tired of constantly hearing The President blamed for what by any rational analysis is unprecidented obstructionism. Let responsibility be assigned where it belongs, and the obstructionists be held accountable.

Mike-C's picture
Mike-C 10 years 18 weeks ago

Coaching a team is hardly a comparison to the office of President. How rediculous to even make such a statement.

Hey, I'm an ant and no one has ever complained about the size of my turds. That elephant over there shouldn't be allowed to live.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 18 weeks ago

Hey Kend...Save your queer coach pep talk for the rink! What we have here in the U.S. is a wee bit more complicated than some jock itch sport on ice!
You don't like excusses???Well neither do I, but my so called fellow Americans keep allowing themselves to be fooled, as well as some Canook.
In "this" sport the "owners" (not the puppet president) hedge their bets on both sides. In this sport it's "how you play the game"...and the powers that be - the corporations, aka Wall St. - own the System. Get It!?!?

Now lets get out there and win this thing!!!

PJ Parker's picture
PJ Parker 10 years 18 weeks ago

Hear hear!

I will drink to that!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 10 years 18 weeks ago

Three Republican-appointed Circuit Court Judges against recess appointments and a handful of Democratic Senators against filibuster reform, isn't it amazing how much economic and social damage can be caused by a handful of self-serving public servants. This is the result of flat out RULE by a very small and greedy MINORITY....the billionaires win again!

How about we declare all money owed to Corp. America null and void. If the Corp. bastards don't want to play by any of our rules, then why should we play by any of theirs?

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 10 years 18 weeks ago

All presidents' actions are challenged in court. A somewhat recent phenomenon of the pre 2007 Republican Congress is that many vacant federal judgeships of the Clinton era went unfilled because the Congress persons used a procedural method called a "blue slip(?)" - or such - to block an appointment almost EVERY TIME that Clinton tried to fill a vacancy. The "blue slip" - or whatever it's called - allows - if it's still in practice - a senator or representative who is from a state that is under the jurisdiction of the federal court of the appointee to file the "blue slip" whichh blocks the appointment indefinitely. Then when Bush was elected those vacancies were filled by Republican judges. In this way the federal courts became very partial to the Republican cause.

That's more the real story. Wild, conjectural platitudes - "great leaders are never questioned", "no excuses in hockey" are so absurdly impertinent they are much more than irrelevant. They are willfully disingenuous, but we ain't buyin' it.

Collect your $20 anyway.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 10 years 18 weeks ago

The willfull sabotage of our country and economy to benefit the investor class is something common Americans must become aware of and mobilize against. Only our dormancy allows them to do it. That's why the shills are deployed against our waking up.

SukiRainbowPup's picture
SukiRainbowPup 10 years 18 weeks ago

Hi Thom,

Can you talk about this onerous bill that was introduced to the Senate by both Dems (Amy Klobuchar why have you forsaken us?) that will send the death nell to high tech workers (especially older techie's) in the US. Orrin Hatch has introduced a bill that will expand the current H1B visa program from 110,000 visa's per year to 300,000 AND for the first time, include the ability of spouses to work as well. The tech industry still hasn't recovered fully since 2008, wages haven't kept pace with inflation, and now congress is going to flood the market with EVEN more foreign guest workers. Why is Congress screwing its own people?

Senate’s H-1B visa proposal goes far beyond Microsoft’s

A group of Senate Democrats and Republicans on Tuesday proposed a significant expansion of the controversial H-1B visa program. The bill would lift the cap on high-skilled foreign workers far beyond what Microsoft and other high-tech employers had hoped for.

meanwhile companies have set up ways to learn how to avoid hiring American's so they can get a guest workers.

Can we outsource Congresses jobs to Denmark, or Iceland, or Canada?

Can you ask Bernie about this bill in the Senate on Friday.


David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 10 years 18 weeks ago

Well, Obama could just cut to the chase like Bush did, and declare himself absolute dictator for 4 years, and do whatever he wants to do.

But in order to really copy Bush, Obama would have to start taking a lot more vacation time...

Global's picture
Global 10 years 18 weeks ago

Great idea, I wish he would take a four year vacation, he deserves it. After all it has to be hard work redistributing the wealth and spending other people's money so generously.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 10 years 18 weeks ago

He'd need a crisis, a 9/11 or burning of the Reichstag so he could do what Bush tried to do and Hitler did, gain dictatorship by getting emergency powers to the excecutive branch.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 10 years 18 weeks ago

That's OUR money. You don't actually think that state defined property rights are handed down by God or unquestionably legitimate do you?

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 18 weeks ago

Well well, Mr Global...Why do you think government spending is soooo difficult???Bush had no problem running up America's credit card on an illegal and unnecessary war.
Since the Industrial era and WWI the real names who run this country (and the World for that matter) are on constant summer vacation; while we the pawns to the Machine keep hitting the feeder bar; suffering by our refusal to acknowledge our psycotic behaivour...Holding on and hoping that God or an American President will make it all better.
Of course when the P.O.T.U.S. is a Democrat, conservatives get upset, (especially when he's...B-L-A-C-K!!!YIKES!!! And of course when we have a Republican as president everyone on the left is upset. So no matter who's in office and spending money the other side is upset.

Listen to Dead Kennedy's "Kinky Sex Is What Makes The World Go Round"

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 10 years 18 weeks ago

Too many times I get too Philosophical but,

This thing called a filibuster seems to waste time not talking about anything. I didn’t know that Congress persons could do that, as I watched c-span, the Congressional channel, viewing an empty room while listening to classical music. Perhaps that is the way the old world government really worked. It didn’t work whenever it felt like. So, not too much has changed, America still is the old European style with a cable television twist, now we all get to see the empty room, do nothing room.

One of the reasons I am so cynical and bitter at times is when I found out not only this filibuster stuff but after five years a Congress person can get a pension. Thinking about it, seems they have the capability to do their own collective bargaining whenever they want to, or raise their own pay whenever. Isn’t that funny. All the while America is an “at will” working country where an employer can fire anyone who might want a collective bargaining situation. A very extraordinary miserly situation that falls under the category of extravagance that represents the excess power that exceeds the ordinary electorate that placed them there. Like me or you.

This whole scene falls under that what is evident where all men are equal are not equal. After working better than twenty years or for different companies, because of treaties, corporate decisions, greed economy to cut jobs, or downsizing I have to retire into poverty. Early in my career paid my allegiance to my country to volunteer to fight in Vietnam for this miserable ending to my American dream, for everyones freedom. Please let it be known that I shall endure but dam the lot of those who believe they are good leaders, for I went through the mill of American political damnation. I can easily fathom who is good.

For a time span I had to exhaust my retirement. One employment period the company I worked for went into bankruptcy and my pension with it. This happened because of Senate and Congressional decisions at the time. I became accountable for this and my credit rating collapsed. My personal life collapsed too, almost lost my home, and my wife. From my view whenever a recession is called what is evident is the Congress and the Senate should be held accountable for malfeasance in periods like that.

Especially after war profiteering where many Congressional and Senate and with presidents that expand their bank accounts in what the electorate should identify as “Extravagate”. This whole scene that we witness is an obnoxious crime, previously characterized by Hal Fonts said it very well, and has my sentiments. Now is the moment not only for a president to fix the economy, immigration , or jobs, ending war, etc., and besides pardoning a really good new style president one who could and should start to issue indictments rather than just pardons at the end of a term.

This America is really looking for that balance of power that a president is capable of. Just as President Obama can issue a bill about immigration or better such as jobs. What is expected from a new and young America is looking for that leadership, with a directive such as investigations that lead towards indictments. Any and all that could clean up our government. No, Obama is not a messiah, but I keep hearing he has courage.

From my view, The American government and the industry is so unbalanced and corrupt it will never have a golden era, a golden age of peace and prosperity that can be newly recorded with the greatest consumer society ever recorded in history. For those who believe in God it would be something proud to give that notion, that pease prosperity, happyness, and tranqility back to him the God that knows it can happen for the many of us that believe in God. For if you only believe in random order into and out of chaos that is why we are where we are.

Global's picture
Global 10 years 18 weeks ago

Ever the collective. You mean my labor is your property? Thought you believed in the sovereignty of the individual? That perspective sounds like whatever a person earns through his labor is actually the government collective first and they the masterminds decide how much you can keep. you must be wanting the Zietgiest society.

miksilvr 10 years 18 weeks ago
Quote Mark Saulys:

He'd need a crisis, a 9/11 or burning of the Reichstag so he could do what Bush tried to do and Hitler did, gain dictatorship by getting emergency powers to the excecutive branch.

Oh, you mean like president Darth Cheney did? Would not be surprised to see a story about competing book titles or movie titles about his story titled something like "The Imperial Vice Presidency".

Talk about a dictator ... while W was either riding his bicycle or on vacation at the "ranch" in Crawford Texas, Cheney was attempting to re-write the constitution in order to fill the pockets of his fat cat buddies back at Halliburton. Cheney somehow had people scared into not challenging his redefinition of the powers of the office of vice president.

Both of those SOB's should have been arrested for war crimes for their torture regime, among other crimes. Lawyer shopping until they found some Justice underling that would write them a "get out of jail free card" that authorized torture techniques banned at least since Nuremberg?

Any "dictator" charges leveled at the current president are far outweighed by the actual offenses of the previous administration that have resulted in them, since they left office 4 years ago, being afraid they will be arrested if they leave the country.

The current administration has also not exercised that "signing statement" techniques W and Cheney loved to use to ignore portions of laws they did not like. You may not think the current president's use of executive orders is legal and constitutional, but it is, and so was the b.s. the previous administration pulled with the signing statements.

Someone has been consuming too much RW radio or TV or some other media that may be delivered with a touch of an Australian accent. The Hitler references again? Please!

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 18 weeks ago

Global...I'm not picking up what you are laying down...Not sure if you even know what you are saying.
Zeitgeist is a German word that means the "general" intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. Therefore "zeitgeist" isn't any one specific society as much as it is a collective of philosophies and beliefs created/adopted/interpreted by a socoety to create A Cultural System, i.e. America's religious and political philosophies and beliefs as a collective and the climate it creates (era).

Global's picture
Global 10 years 18 weeks ago

No argument here Nachos, but I don't think black has anything to do with it. No doubt this country is stuck in the left- right paradigm. They have all us drones watching a stupid game and taking sides like it matters While the massive defecit spending on special interest group voters AND corporations demands (military industrial complex) continues. Spending is the tool for re- election and more centralized power. If you don't have inflation protected assets in this storm you will never build wealth or financial security as this irresponsible fiscal policy relies on the accommodating monetary policy of the federal reserve to create the fiat money. Inflation is the monster that is and will be eating the so called middle class that both parties say they want to help. We have to break the cycle, reduce the spending reduce the tax burden, take some pain and push through it.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 18 weeks ago

YEP...I do have more to add, GLOBAL, but I must get out there and work my precious job; got alot of hands reaching in my pocket. If those hands took that money and put it towards Single Payer Health Care For All, I wouldn't mind, but...
In the mean time do listen to that song I told you about; "Kinky Sex (Makes the World Go Round)" Dead Kennedy's

RaleighMom's picture
RaleighMom 10 years 18 weeks ago

If Harry Reid had done REAL filibuster reform, we would be in the process of filling 700 federal court vacancies. Please notice that this court decision did not "appear" until AFTER Mr. Reid gave away all his power to influence the future course of the American judiciary. Had Mr. Reid enacted REAL filibuster reform, these judges would have been worried about angering Mr. Reid.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 18 weeks ago
Quote megalomaniac:No, Obama is not a messiah, but I keep hearing he has courage.

If he has so much courage then why did/does he consistently give in to the Republicans? Why did he appoint all of those right wing crazies, some of whom created the financial mess we're Rubin and Geithner. Obama is a politician that has proven himself to be full of hot air and empty promises. Why didn't they go after the corporate criminals instead of the whistleblowers? Why are they increasing domestic surveillance and trying to disarm Americans? No, Obama is part of the problem right along with a Congress that is also part of the problem. I agree with almost everything else you said except.....
Quote megalomaniac: For if you only believe in random order into and out of chaos that is why we are where we are.
Maybe what America needs right now is a lot more randomness and chaos. It is the 'order' of such systems that allows some people to amass such fortunes and power that leads to tyranny. And history has shown that when such things happen, that only 'chaos' shakes a little of that amassed wealth and power from the trees of tyranny.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 10 years 17 weeks ago


labor, by far, isn't always justly compensated. As Woody Guthrie said, "The gambling man is rich, the working man is poor". What may be legal isn't always ethical, by any means. Everything shouldn't be organized to serve the investor class.

The masterminds who decide how much of your income you should keep or how much it should be subsidized are you and I - and everyone else - deciding collectively and democratically.

There is nothing handed down by God saying which or how much that has to be. We just gotta decide.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 10 years 17 weeks ago

You should read John Nichols' The Man Who Would be President. He says that.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 10 years 17 weeks ago

I still think Obama's biggest mistake was not declaring a national emergency when he first took office in his first term and using that power to clean house, restore the Constitution, and prosecute the Bush Administration for it's plethora of war crimes and unconstitutional acts including the one he's forced to take advantage of to do so.

He would have been able to completely remove or eliminate all radical corporate influences from the government including those who pose as his biggest obstacles in the past 4 years.

If one were to draw a parallel between his Administration and the plot of the movie Blazing Saddles, this Sharif Bart is doing a poor job of ridding the City of Rockridge of the corporate influences and hired goons sponsored by the Office of the Governor.

Of course, even in the movie, Sharif Bart had insurmountable opposition, even from the citizenry he was sworn to protect. In the end however, through unorthodox means and pure intent, he managed to thwart the evil influences and save the town. I do hope that movie is a foreshadow of things to come.

JC Miller's picture
JC Miller 10 years 17 weeks ago

Hey Thom.

Please don't let the story of Harry Reids capitulation to the Teapublicans die just because it's not in the current "news cycle" . This is a complete reversal of the election results. We can't get sixty votes on anything. Nothing will get done on anything, guns, background checks, assault weapons, immigration, global climate disruption, ANYTHING.

Please keep this story front and center. Harry Reid has absolutely betrayed the voice of the people.

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