According to Republicans, the sequester will be no big deal.

With the sequester deadline only a week away and Congress no closer to reaching a deal to prevent austerity, Republicans are changing tactics. They've spent the last month blaming President Obama for the looming cuts, but Americans didn't buy it, so now they're saying the sequester is really no big deal. A recent Pew Research poll shows that far more Americans blame Republicans for their failure to prevent impending austerity – despite the GOP's best efforts to shift the blame for this Congressionally-manufactured disaster to the President.

So now Senators, like Rand Paul of Kentucky, are saying the sequester is a mere “pittance” and “will be in some ways a yawn.” And Fox so-called News host Sean Hannity is there to help spread the propaganda. On a recent show, Hannity said the Republican austerity won't leave the country in dire straits, and that “the president's out there, he's using scare tactics and he's scaring seniors and teachers and first responders.” Well, Sean, people are worried, and they should be.

The Republican austerity debacle that begins March 1st means that 600,000 women and children will lose WIC nutrition aid. The cuts also mean 4 million fewer meals on wheels to seniors, and 30,000 kids will be denied affordable child care. And these cuts mean over 1 million Americans will lose their job. These are real people, who will face real pain, because Republicans refuse to end tax breaks for big corporations and billionaires.

We won't fall for this ridiculous Republican spin blaming President Obama for the sequester. And when sequester cuts effect our daily lives in real and substantial ways, all the empty rhetoric in the world won't save Republicans or the billionaires they're trying to protect. Sooner or later, the rich and the corporate elite will have to pay their fair share in our nation.

We can start by making it a crime to hoard huge sums of cash... outlaw the billionaires. Go to

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