The NRA is not a political party.

It may comes as a surprise to Wayne LaPierre, but the NRA is not a political party. Apparently no one's informed him of that, as he'll be delivering the gun-group's official response to the State of The Union tonight, on Talking Points Memo is reporting that LaPierre will respond to the President's Tuesday night speech from the annual convention of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The news of LaPierre's speech was released in conjunction with an op-ed he published on The Daily Caller. The op-ed, which the Think Progress Blog called a “bizarre, paranoid screed,” outlines some strange, unlikely reasons why LaPierre thinks every American should own a gun. The fear-mongering gun advocate listed reasons ranging from violent Latino gangs - to the end of police protection - to the complete collapse of civilization. Apparently, Wayne LaPierre is very afraid, and he wants you to be to.

In his column, he wrote, “Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Riots. Terrorists. Gangs. Lone criminals. These are the perils we are sure to face – not just maybe. It's not paranoia to buy a gun. It's survival.” Thankfully, the NRA has lost the power it once knew, and voters are now less inclined to support a candidate because they're backed by the organization.

In his address Tuesday night, Obama said gun violence victims deserve a vote. Wayne LaPierre and the NRA deserve to fade into obscurity, where they belong.


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Kend 11 years 17 weeks ago

"but the NRA is not a political party. Apparently no one's informed him of that,"

No they are not but union leaders do the same, all the time, and they are not a political party . Although unions do own a political party. Thats whats great about America you all have the right to your opinion.

I am a Canadian but if I lived down there I think I would buy a gun. Lapierre has a point .

PJ Parker's picture
PJ Parker 11 years 17 weeks ago

The Tea Party is not a real political party either, but they have a voice for corporations equal to the Republican Party.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

Police protection? there's an oxymoron! Sorry, but I just watched "Breaking the Set" where they played the recordings of the police getting ready to torch a guy alive. Dorner may have warranted being dead for what he did but the evidence, the recordings, show that the very vindictive gestapo pigs went above the law and burned a guy alive. The police deny it of course, just like the police tried to deny what the feds did in Waco when that fire burned all those men, women, and children. And before that in Philadelphia when the police firebombed the row home of the Move group and managed to burn something like 75 other units.

We live in a police state! And it is getting very obvious that we need our guns more than ever. If we all had guns, the corrupt police and our corrupt fascist government would/couldn't be so brazen. Even our main stream media won't broadcast real news. Have you heard any coverage on main stream media...playing those audio communications from the police around that cabin in Big Bear planning to torch the cabin?

Another subject on "Breaking the Set" that they talked about was the huge story about how our government was in cahoots with a drug them free passage to ship massive amounts of drugs into the US in exchange for information about a competing drug cartel. US banks were in on the money laundering. They also talked about the "Fast and Furious" fiasco where the US government shipped thousands of high tech weapons to the drug lords in Mexico.

Outback 11 years 17 weeks ago

I have to second Pd's comments and add that LaPierre has some valid points. He's being demonized by the liberal media as a "nut" but I have not yet witnessed the guy losing his composure or uttering anything that isn't reasonably plausible. By contrast, the "freaked left", not excluding our esteemed host on this blog, are resorting to name calling and jeering epithets like "gun nut". Palindromidary's observation regarding the recent disposition of Dorner, the LA cop run amok, is absolute evidence that we do, in fact, live in a police state. There is no better reason to prepare for the worst.'s picture 11 years 17 weeks ago

"Apparently, Wayne LaPierre is very afraid, and he wants you to be to."

No, Mr. LaPierre is not afraid. He DOES want you and me to be afraid, but he is simply in the business of selling more guns. I knew there'd be a sales pitch in there somewhere.

nigle77's picture
nigle77 11 years 17 weeks ago

The NRA is for the 1%, They do not care bout the 98 % but their Money !

Susie Elzabeth Littler of Truckee, California 96161 Kill her Mother (June Ann Fischer)

Why ?

Susie & Ralph D.Littler of Truckee, Californai 96161 Wanted her Mother to buy her a New Home in Truckee, and a New SUV.

When her Mother say NO, Susie Kill her

But the EMT & the Cathedral City, Police did not do one thing to Susie.

Why ?

Susie told the Police that her Mother (June Ann Fischer) was comeing down with Alzheimer, also Susie has her Mother in a LOCK - ROOM for (2) Two years !

When Susie took her Mother Social mSeccurty Checks !!

God Bless the Womens & Mens who have Alzheimer

Thank you,

June Ann Fischer

her Son,


Would you Kill your Mother for her Will, and Kill youe Mother for a New Home in Trckee, California 96161, also Would you Kill your Mother for a New SUV ?

Also Would you Kill your Mother if she have Alzheim ?

twistedgenes's picture
twistedgenes 11 years 17 weeks ago

The NRA and LaPierre are scared doomsdayers who run around screaming the sky is falling. Obama will be lucky to get background checks in every state. No one is coming for your guns (and yes I own guns and am a former hunter) nor are they going to turn us into a Police State that's ridiculous. If some nut who just shot two Police in my area was on the run I sure as hell would want the Police and Sheriff's deputies out hunting him down. My cousin was shot and killed in the sniper shooting at a Texas Uninversity back in the 60s 50 yrs later the same thing continues.If Obama was the big bad ass dictator that some of you here are so afraid of don't you think all of your misguided fears would have come true by now?

Turn off FOX SNOOZE and follow the politicians their records their words not some highly paid commentators who revel in scaring you silly.

Outback 11 years 17 weeks ago

Twistedgenes - Yes, I remember the Texas bell tower shootings. I also remember Kent State, Waco, Ruby Ridge and now, what shall we call it, Big Bear? You want to talk fear mongering? What could be more insidious than what our own government has done to us in the name of 911? There's more than enough fear to go around, twistedgenes, and it's not all coming from the NRA or those of us legitimately concerned with the direction our "leaders" are taking us.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

I consider myself to be a progressive liberal who voted for Obama the first time because I believed in what he had to say in his campaign rhetoric. I certainly did not vote for the turncoat the 2nd time around. Obama is not a progressive liberal or even close. He calls himself a Democrat but that's just the sheep's clothing on a wolf that will promise you anything and then stab you in the back.

I haven't, and have refused to watch Fox Snooze for most of the years it has been on...considering them to be traitors and propagandists that supports the top 2% and feeds hogwash lies to the 98% in order to control them for the top 2%. So no one can claim that I listen or watch Fox News. I don't even watch any movies or programs or anything on that channel.

But, I am saying that we are fast becoming a country with no freedoms or liberty...where the oppressive forces will force everyone of us into poverty and will herd us to our deathbeds. After all that has happened already, how can anyone be dumb enough not to recognize what is happening to them? Don't be fooled by some of those public personalities or institutions that have liberal sounding names and sometimes say a few liberal things once in a while. They are there to control those of us who really are progressive liberals. They are the "infiltrators" that will use psychology on us and leverage us into eventual serfdom. They are there to steer the conversation and our attention away from the really important things.

My contention is that if everyone in America had weapons then those insidious and corrupt forces, that now controls our government, would realize that they would stand no chance of surviving the defensive forces of a well armed citizenry. That very knowledge, alone, would stave off some of the criminal things these people are getting away with. Our constitution says that we citizens have a right to defend ourselves against tyranny and to overthrow a tyrannous government. That's not a "right-wing tea party" thing to's what our Constitution says. I'm not right-wing, or tea party..and I believe the tea party members are controlled by ultra wealthy right wing forces.

If progressive liberals continue in their current wimpy ways, soon there won't be any progressive liberals...they'll all be in concentration camps. Keep listening to those fake liberals, the ones that want to take away any means of protection or bargaining-from-strength ability and you may as well just learn to salute your Furor...seig heil!

Chucster's picture
Chucster 11 years 17 weeks ago

What I find interesting is that all the State run media outlets of China, Russia and, yes, the U.S.(CNN, etc.) are calling for the disarming of the American people and revocation of the 2nd amendment. Such unanimity of purpose gives me pause. Perhaps, if anything, such unanimity is reason enough to arm oneself in America. When you have across the board agreement from all major totalitarian governments be afraid, very afraid.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

Excerpts of the audio of police communications before starting the fire that burned Dorner alive.

“@#!ing burn this mother@#!er,”
“burn that @#!ing house down.”
"We're gonna go forward with the plan...with the burn."
"Got it!"
"Want us ta...what we talked about?"
“The burners are deployed, and we have a fire”

The police lie, lie, lie! And I wouldn't be surprised if Dorner was right about his wrongful firing from the LAPD. Dorner's "manifesto" about the rampant racial slurs and hatreds in the LAPD may very well be correct. That doesn't excuse him from murdering those people though. He may deserve what he got but not to be burned to death like that. That's just plain chicken sh!t...bunch of cowards. And look what they did to those innocent civilians who just happened to be driving the same kind of vehicle. There needs to be a big investigation into the LAPD and not by their own. They'll whitewash the whole thing.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

That's right, Chucster! And right on, Outback! All good points, indeed! It is hard to have a totalitarian control of the people when they all have guns.

Outback 11 years 17 weeks ago

Hey P, Is that really you in the picture? ;-) I'm gonna send you some Brylcreme (sp?)

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

The first sign of the formation of a totalitarian state is that they take away all the guns. The anti-gun psychology is to go for the more powerful weapons, the one's you don't use for hunting, then they'll go for all the others. What use is it of having little pea shooters against totalitarian forces armed with the latest, greatest weapons? We would want the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg staring at us in chains, would we?

By the way, Julian Assange is running for Australian senate as a member of the newly formed WikiLeaks party.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

Outback: Yup, that's me, alright. I'm trying out the Max Keiser look.

Outback 11 years 17 weeks ago

You know, I watched the video of the "burn at the cabin" today and had to think "this whole institution, the police state, is totally out of control". There were cops firing on trucks that didn't even resemble Dorner's vehicle in residential areas. I'm wondering if some of these guys aren't refugees from Iraq or Afghanistan suffering from PTSD. What otherwise sane individual wouldn't want to protect him/herself and family from such insanity? I'm not saying that "guns are the answer", but what in the hell else do we have at our disposal to fend off this madness? Somebody please suggest something....(reasonable)

Frank_for_peace's picture
Frank_for_peace 11 years 17 weeks ago

Thom I agree about the NRA. We need to give the vote to every victim whose life was stole by the bullet from a gun. Thanks for being a strong voice for us Thom!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

Frank_for_peace: And maybe we can extend that vote to all those innocent Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis, and all those other innocent victims around the world of American military imperialism! If we can get them all to remove the weapons out of the hands of the US military war criminals and the crooked police then we can all hold hands and sing Kumbaya! But, until then, those with the guns (the crooked police, the corrupt totalitarian government, etc) will all treat us all in any way they see fit. ♫ It's springtime, for Hitler, in Germany. ♬ ..and maybe in the US too!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago
Quote Outback: I'm wondering if some of these guys aren't refugees from Iraq or Afghanistan suffering from PTSD.

Well, once a killer, always a killer! Our military trains them well. Many of these trained killers do gravitate to positions of in the police forces. Not that it is necessarily the fault of the soldier returning from such duty. They are brainwashed and trained that way by a murderous criminal system. Many, never heal from that brainwashing and urge to kill. If they were actually DEFENDING the US against attacking forces that would be one thing but they are just being used as cannon fodder to force other countries to be controlled by the will of the blood sucking murderers in the top few percentage points of our greedy and corrupt economic system....the Crapitolists!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 17 weeks ago

It seems to me like mass insanity that every thinks that the best solution to this problem is taking guns away. Yet somehow, seriously mentally ill people walking around on the streets without being cared for is perfectly acceptable. Even Thom only briefly ever touches upon this issue. Nobody has the guts to say that the policies of Ronald Reagan, in particularly defunding of Mental Hospitals, is destroying this Nation.

When I was a kid it was irresponsible to let children play with matches; but insane to give them to a seriously mentally ill patient. These people had 24 hour care. Some of them were placed in padded cells to protect themselves and other patients. There were also things called Straight Jackets to minimize the danger.

Ronald Reagan decided that it was a great idea to open the doors of these asylums and let these dangerous individuals roam free amongst us were they could have access to anything we do including assault weapons. Now we wonder why innocent people are being killed by these would be patients. Instead of addressing the mental health care issue we're considering banning assault weapons? What do we ban next? The patients that used to be confined to padded cells had nothing. Is that the ultimate goal of this solution? To turn our society into a padded cell and strip our citizenry of everything? Thats the only logical conclusion for this course of action!

Come on Thom! For crying out loud, USE YOUR MICROPHONE TO POINT OUT THE FUTILITY OF THIS SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM! Put the blame where it belongs--The Reagan Administration policies.

Leave LaPierre and the NRA alone. They are right for once!

Outback 11 years 17 weeks ago

Palindromedary, I know the movie you reference: The Producers. Ja! Ist dies eine gute parallel ;-) Sometimes I feel like Klaus (or whoever the unfortunate writer of the play was, can't recall ;-) Good night.

Outback 11 years 17 weeks ago

And AMEN, DAnneMarc!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago
Quote article:

Through the five-year-old “Department of Defense Excess Property Program,” the US military has provided police departments across the country with billions of dollars worth of military equipment, from amphibious tanks to AR-15 assault rifles, allowing the military to circumvent Posse Comitatus regulations by outsourcing their firepower to local cops.

“Burners,” or military grade incendiary grenades, are very likely among the items passed down from the US army to local police outfits like the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. The “burner” of choice for the modern American soldier is the AN-M14 TH3. It is a hand held grenade comprised of a thermite mixture that rapidly converts to molten iron when it is thrown, burning at a temperature of 4000 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to burn through a half inch steel plate or bring an engine block to a boil. It can also produce enough heat to set off unloaded ammunition, which would explain why the ammo inside Dorner’s hideout was popping.

So, if they use the excuse of "excessive property", to circumvent Posse Comitatus regulations, then why are we spending so much money on the military? We need to drastically cut military spending so they can't have "excessive property" to begin with. With all that firepower, they are just itching to try it out whenever they can. We need to investigate the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department for this and hold their feet to the fire!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

Very good points, DAnneMarc! I don't think most people are born crazy...some, maybe. People are usually driven crazy and driven to do crazy things. Like Dorner.

The LAPD believed he had PTSD and they just brushed him off. I read somewhere that the LAPD was making claims that they were trying to avoid hiring cops who were suspected of having PTSD. That would mean, most likely, that many of the returning soldiers from the Middle East would likely have an even harder time finding a job. They have the skills necessary to be in a fire fight, and even a "fire" fight now ;-\ it seems but, perhaps, not the skills to control their temper when under ridicule. Dorner was under a lot of ridicule and racial antagonism by fellow cops and felt he was constantly being treated unfairly by his bosses. Many of the people who shot up schools were also ridiculed and antagonized and made to feel different. The root of the problem is that those in positions of authority let this all go unchecked....they let the antagonism by fellow classmates, or workers, go uncorrected...which would fester over time and lead to outbursts that we all regret. Then everybody asks...why? Let's blame it on some inanimate objects, that's it! It was the ease with which someone was able to obtain a gun. That's it! Now, let's make everyone suffer for what one neglected individual has done. Take away everyone's guns! But, then they'll use other methods.

I agree with you DAnneMarc, Reagan just screwed us when he did all the things he did. Everything went down hill from there. Our wages. Our benefits. Our security.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 17 weeks ago

Yes, The Producers was a good movie that showed how people can be hoodwinked out of their investments. Get lots of people to invest and sell more than 100% and then rig the production to fail giving a palpable excuse for why everyone lost their money. They tried to make such a bad play that it was good and they were then stuck with the situation that the now successful play would have to pay off the investors. They had not yet invented the $700 billion government bailout back in 1968!
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Ulla: Well, Ulla wake up every morning at five AM. From five to seven, Ulla excercise. From seven to eight Ulla take long shower. From eight to nine Ulla eat big Swedish breakfast. Many different herrings. From nine to eleven, Ulla practice her singing und her dancing. And at eleven, Ulla like to have sex. So, what time should Ulla get here?
Leo Bloom, Max Bialystock: ...Eleven.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 17 weeks ago

Thanks for reminding me Palindromedary! PTSD Oh, yeah! WAR! I got a little solution for your Stupid Wars and PTSD too:


DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 17 weeks ago

Talking about mental illness. I heard Thom talking about Ted Nugent's remarks about President Obama and how he implied that Ted wasn't completely insane as much as insipidly stupid. I so wanted to call the show and suggest to Thom that Ted suffered from a unique mental condition called, "Cat Scratch Fever."

But then I thought, yeah, that might sound funny to me; but, legitimately mentally sick people might consider being compared to Ted Nugent as an insult.

After all he is the self-proclaimed, "Motor City Madman."

So much for the effects of an all meat diet on the brain.

Idaglia's picture
Idaglia 11 years 17 weeks ago

Well, now, I'm beginning to see a silver lining in all the assault crap.

The GOP's Primary campaign forced shoved their own moderates to fart to the extreme right that it became impossible for their nominee (doesn't dignify mention) to soften his rhetoric when it was truly needed to even have a running chance with right-wing moderates or culture sensitive undecideds. Why? Because of too many schisms within their party . . .

The tea tokers, the religious right, the neo-commies, the neo-fascists, the hillbillies, Carl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, and the fear-mongering survivalists.

I say, touche for the media! Keep pouncing on the gun issue, its like an unscripted SNL performance 24/7/365. LOL. We have to continue positioning the GOP to the extreme right again so that they will fail to select a winning presidential candidate.

Whiners like Rubio and Cantor are not leadership material. And, as a latina, I find Rubio's deception and whining rhetoric disgraceful . . . not my snake of choice.

rs allen 11 years 17 weeks ago

Oh my god, am I scared! They're coming to disarm America!

Get real. Every gun in pivate hands are pea shooters if you're going to stand off a modern army, might as well have mussle loaded arms as what we have in the private sector. If you are really worried about a military sweep of the US, then work at getting rid of the mercenary forces we now keep. Work at taking back the authority given to the police to do as they please and stand as witness next time you see some cop bullying someone around.

Disarm America. What laugh, all 300 plus million of them. Don't worry you can always buy some back from the drug cartels.

Bounty hunter's picture
Bounty hunter 11 years 17 weeks ago

You, sir, are the "FEAR MONGER"more than any gun owner and shooter! Your ignorant, really stupid responses are so far out that the reason I watch is to laugh! Laugh and watch your expressions when you are called on your euphoric, idiotic statements. Totally wrong assessments and ramblings', using incorrect history as your reasons! You are the fear monger spewing out the horrors, the terrible massacres, weapons that shoot 300 rounds per minute, and forgetting just a few CRAZY, everyone that's been involved in these terrible, horrendous massacres were certainly, certifiable mental patients that were not confronted, reported, but coddled by your librad

Bounty hunter's picture
Bounty hunter 11 years 17 weeks ago

Fear Monger? The NRA is the fear monger? They have tried to infirm people on how to protect your loved ones from the real menace out there. Simply stated, the CRAZY PEOPLE that you have effectively released because the country felt sorry because they were locked away...... Parents that don't care, to lazy, to stoned to care that their sons bought thousands if dollars worth of bomb making material, get busted, buy weapons, again thousands of dollars worth. Doctors that are to afraid to try to get police involved, police that are to afraid of being sued by holding someone that is mental....uh...CRAZY. Pollution of our minds, preying on emotions about those poor children gunned down by a CRAZY person, more children, people, parents attending a movie, massacred by a CRAZY person. Oh, one that left many computerized bombs that could have killed many if the first responders in his apt. Is there ANYONE anyone catching the real pathogen here? Let me remind you, THEY WERE, ARE, ALL CRAZY!! Thom Hartman, you are the fear monger! Your hate, stupid non facts about whos responsible for the children killed, remember your thoughts about the government being responsible for "all the people being locked away because the gvmt is trying to control our people"? Don't you remember your, as usual wong assessments about how mentally challenged people have been locked away without representation? Now that they are on the streets are you happy? How many people would have been alive if we'd let the hospitals remain? We, the USA has the highest kill rate in the world, why? Because we are the only country that isn't allowed to control our mental heath patients, we've turned them out on the streets, to kill our daughters, sons, wives, mothers........ If those people are allowed to run loose, we will soon learn that we are still being murdered, but this time by bombs and garden sprayers filed with gasoline, and the same people just waiting to FLIC THEIR BIC!! Oh, more people are being killed by knifes and baseball bats than other weapons that discharge projectiles! HARTMAN, PLEASE WALK AWAY, OUT THE DOOR, OR STAY IN RUSSIA!

Tara T's picture
Tara T 11 years 17 weeks ago

@Palindromedary I snoozed out through most of your message but, most of Americans do have guns. There's no doubt about that. Therefore, your theory is null.

Tara T's picture
Tara T 11 years 17 weeks ago

@Bounty Hunter

Those crazy people would be a whole lot less effecient if they didn't have 100 round drums attached to their semi-automatic weapons making it so easy to shoot down for instance 70 odd people in the aurora shooting. You won't see that happen with a pistol -- which is all we need for home protection. That's the point of gun CONTROL. You are hard pressed to find a person in this country that wants to get rid of our guns but it's something rediculous like 80% of people that want more gun CONTROL. Hence most of those people are gun owners. And most of the control wanted has nothing to do with the actual gun but with the accessories and prevention.

You obviously can't be taken seriously with your gun nut propoganda. You can't even be bothered to fact check yourself with basic access information like knife/baseball bat to gun death ratios. What an outstanding lie. All you have to do is check the fbi website for those ease of access facts. You wouldn't know a fact if it slapped you in the face.

And if you want preventative mental health then you better get ready to pay for it. Typical conservative with his want want want but not willing to pay the taxes to deal with it. Or would rather push it all into offensive, ostentatious "terrorist" wars.

Get your head out of the leading,entertainment news channel otherwise known as fox news. It makes the brain fog up.

And, for those of you that think civilan weaponry is any match for our military forces: HAHAHAHAH Stop watching so much's not real life oh bright ones.

rs allen 11 years 17 weeks ago

Don't you know Tara we're going to be over run by the zombies! Hoard the guns!

Meanwhile the same henny pennys are willingly driving around cars with black box tracking devices in them. Aah, just for the insurance rates don't you know.

And Bounty Hunter, brush up on whom threw the wacko's into the street. Hint hint, it wasn't the liberals. So go back to school, and while you're there brush up on your spelling will ya please it's hard enough to read through that clap trap without having to figure out what word you mean to use as well.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 17 weeks ago

UM, Tara said: "Those crazy people would be a whole lot less efficient if they didn't have 100 round drums attached to their semi-automatic weapons making it so easy to shoot down for instance 70 odd people in the aurora shooting."

With all due respect, Tara, are you saying you feel safer around a violently mentally ill person with a 6 round pistol than one with a 100 round machine gun? I think that's what I heard? If so, Tara, would you like to get into an elevator with a certified homicidal maniac with a 6 round pistol in his pocket? You seem to feel safe doing so.

Of course, if now Tara, you realize how ridiculous that sounds, may I ask if you would be willing to get into an elevator--ALONE WITH--a certified, violently mentally ill individual armed only with a sharpened pencil? Ticonderoga #2, to be exact. Or perhaps just a roll of dental floss? Oh, wait, how about something really innocent, how about just a three stooges tie--one that says "Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe, attorneys at law?" Hilarious! Oh, wait now, let's get really innocent, how about a cup of steaming hot coffee?

You see, my dear, dear friend, Tara, as long as metal illness goes untreated in our society, you can never go anywhere and feel safe--ever. The solution--taxpayer funded mental institutions. For that matter lets make it a central part of single payer health and make all Americans eligible to obtain care for any health care need they have for free. Would you agree with that Tara? I would be happy to help you pay for it myself.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 17 weeks ago


dialindicator's picture
dialindicator 11 years 17 weeks ago

A knee jerk emotion first, is now an agenda. Thom Hartman is too intelligent to belive his own hyperbole with repect to firearms, once upon a time he was firearms neutral, I remember because I am a fan. Ed Schultz one day hunter next day anti gun.... Maybe nothing is up, but you guys among many others are beginning to smell like an agenda you once claimed you were against.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 11 years 17 weeks ago

Another Soldier...Another Sucker.

WWII was truely the last war were a man could "genuinely feel" that he was "serving his country". [And I know that you and a few others understand the underlining "false flags" involved.]
The men from that generation suffered from "Battle Fatigue Syndrome", (in WWI it was called "Shell Shock"), but it seems that many returning from WWII didn't suffer from the mental ills that we see today. Hmm? Could it be the type of trainning???Could it be the brainwashing that goes against nature and EVERYTHING good about humans and our ability resolve conflict without hostility or violence???

Do todays men and women truely sign up for the Military Industrial Complex and think "I am doing this to ensure the freedom and safety of Americans"? What a sham!!!

Tara T's picture
Tara T 11 years 17 weeks ago


Obviously we need mental health reform. I never said we didn't, so you can keep silly straw man argument to yourself. I was talking about events that actually took place while you were over in lala land with your what ifs.

It's not a one hit solution. My point was we have to be willing to pay for prevention. Prevention requires life time care from birth. In other countries they call it national mental/health care. It's one of the major reasons why Canada owns almost as many guns as we do but has so much little gun crime. That and their regulations. Imagine that...a gun toting country with so little crime.

Hephaestus's picture
Hephaestus 11 years 12 weeks ago

Why do Americans need guns?

Must feel insecure and have some emotional issue inside there as a nation

Called constitutional and nobody understands that

You all want to look like so many men from western asia region firing their guns in the air... why? For what? Is this their joy?

To the outside world American gun obsession looks childlike because kids always want to play with guns, usually because daddy said. And he thinks its normal. And because it makes him feel big. And he likes that feeling because he knows no other feeling

And he watches the movie

And he plays the computer game

Killing! Killing is okay

And sadly, when they go off and kill you wonder how and why. Then you need therapy and human contact to discover yourself and make excuses to make yourself feel better

Then you make a gun worship movie and give it to the world so we can all get your stuff

Sorry mothers!

You all seem to believe in western movies whilst ignoring those morals


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