Compromise... with a side of stimulus.

Today Senate Democrats will introduce a plan to replace the sequester, and the propose $100 billion in stimulus spending. Senate Budget Committee Chairperson Patty Murray will present the plan, which reduces the deficit by $1.85 trillion with a balanced approach of 50-50 spending cuts and new revenues.

The Democratic budget includes $275 billion in healthcare savings, $240 billion in defense cuts, $242 billion in reduced interest rates, and an additional $200 billion reduction in non-defense spending. The Senate plan balances those cuts with $975 billion in revenues, which would be raised by closing tax loopholes and cutting wasteful spending. And, most importantly, the bill includes $100 billion dollar stimulus spending, which could be a huge investment in our nation.

Already, Republicans have attacked Patty Murray and the Senate Democratic plan, calling it a $1 trillion tax increase. But, it's certainly a more balanced approach than the Ryan Budget, which slashes vital programs and destroys healthcare for as many as 35 million people. One hundred billion dollars would be a great start towards getting people back to work, rebuilding our infrastructure, and stimulating our economy.

Let's help make this plan a reality. Call your Senators today and tell them to support the Democratic plan to replace the sequester

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