Daily Topics - Friday March 29th, 2013

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golden's picture
golden 7 years 6 days ago

For the guy who want guns to defend a tyranical government, you should ask how he defines tyrany. Is torture tyrany? Is extra-judicial executive approved assassination of US citzens tyrany? Drones?

mblockhart's picture
mblockhart 7 years 6 days ago

Caller made the claim that 2nd Amendment was created for the purpose of people protecting themselves from a tyrannical government. That was never the purpose of the 2nd Amendment! In fact, taking up arms against the US government is treason! Those who arm themselves against their fear of the government are not patriots loyal to their country. They ignore the fact that the government IS the country. Thom pointed out how stupid doing this was and he's correct. These gun hoarders would be no match for the US government or their state governments. But they also would be committing treason. They're traitors. Call them what they are.

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 7 years 6 days ago

To the argument that having an armed citizenry will stop a tyrannical government. I have one response: Belgium 1914. Though they tried, the citizen snipers of Belgium did more to inflame the problems incurred by a military marching across the countryside.

debert's picture
debert 7 years 5 days ago


My husband told me about Friday's conversation. Might I suggest that organization be called Big packers Tiny peckers!

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