Paul Ryan's Medicare voucher plan is back!

You need to know this. House Republicans won't give up on their efforts to voucher-ize Medicare – and now Representative Paul Ryan wants even more people approaching retirement, to be forced into his voucher scam. In a change from Ryan's prior budgets, which set the Medicare cutoff to age 55, the GOP's newest budget proposal will only allow those 56 and older, to stay in the current Medicare system.

Republicans want to provide seniors with a healthcare voucher, which could be used to purchase a private insurance plan, or Medicare. But that so-called choice is a sly attempt to destroy senior's guaranteed health coverage. For many seniors, private insurance plans would be far too expensive, and vouchers would not cover the entire cost of traditional Medicare – leaving seniors to foot the rest of the bill.

Healthier, wealthier seniors who could afford the additional costs would have insurance, but many wouldn't be able to afford health care at all. The voucher plan destroys senior's right to guaranteed healthcare coverage, and that's exactly what Paul Ryan and House Republicans want. Last time Ryan proposed this voucher plan, poll-after-poll showed Americans didn't approve, but that isn't stopping him from pushing his privatization efforts again.

We must make sure he doesn't succeed. Call Congress now and tell them to stop Paul Ryan from destroying Medicare.

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