Privatize the profits. Socialize the pollution.

You don't have the right to know you're being poisoned. At least, not in Wyoming. Yesterday, County District Judge Catherine Wilking ruled against environmental groups fighting to make public the list of toxic ingredients used in hydraulic fracking fluid. According to Judge Wilking, Wyoming's state oil and gas supervisor was authorized to withhold the information, because the list of chemicals is considered a trade secret.

Halliburton, one of the companies involved in the 2010 BP Gulf Disaster, argued that if they disclosed the makeup of their fracking fluids, competing companies would be able to reverse engineer the toxic sludge. So, not only does Halliburton get to control the controversial hydraulic fracturing industry in Wyoming, but this ruling allows them to socialize all external costs.

Without knowing what chemicals are used in the process, people can't blame Halliburton when they get sick, or when their groundwater becomes contaminated. And it will be John Q Taxpayer picking up the tab when people can't cover healthcare or clean up related costs. Corporate power in our nation is out of control. It's even worse that Judges like Catherine Wilking are making that power even stronger.


jasonpcoe2003's picture
jasonpcoe2003 11 years 13 weeks ago

right wingers have been calling other shows with the same bogus statistics about suicide, depression, etc

fodge's picture
fodge 11 years 13 weeks ago

It's even worse than it seems. Fracking is being done on public as well as private lands and public health and environmantal damage is equally at risk in both cases. Instead of protecting trade secrets (disingenuous I know) we should demand that no trade secrets apply to this endeavor. I understand trade secrets when it comes to manufacturing widgets, but firms engaged in fracking should be required to compare methods and share costs of developing best practices methods. If energy indepedence is a matter of national security (and even if it isn't) the energy we develop should be done in the best way so that we get the most energy at the least environmental and public health cost.

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 13 weeks ago

You all watch to much TV. Fracking is done so far below any ground water that you would drink it has no effect. This whole fracking thing is just one more way for environmentalists to get you to send your hard earned money to them. Hundreds of billions we have spent on this crap and it hasn't changed a thing. Oh ya but we have reduced green house gases by ah ah ah oh ya zero. Take you enviro money and feed or house someone that needs help.

lukebates's picture
lukebates 11 years 13 weeks ago

Isn't Halibertun's toxic sludge protected by Patent Law? Do they not want to make additional money from lawsuits. Lawsuits so punitive it bankrupts competition giving them more of a monopoly? There is only one reason not to follow protecting their "invention" with the enrire U.S. court system behind them! To follow secrecy; there is something to hide! Otherwise they leave their invention to accidental discovery, then being patented and being sued! High risk, and I hope someone follows this; thus taking them down!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 12 weeks ago

If a driver does a hit and run, killing a pedestrian with a vehicle, and if the driver is ever you think the driver has a good defense if the driver were to claim his/her driving that day, including whether or not he/she was inebriated or not, was a 'trade secret'. Corporations get away with mass murder, using their 'trade secret' alibi, and the crooked legal/political system protects the criminals.

Kend, I suppose you never watched that movie where this gas fracking victim was able to light his tap water with a cigarette lighter. Your claim that fracking is so deep that it wouldn't affect drinking water is just not very credible to me.

The thing is that the pollution by fracking is a fact and it is well known and undisputed by most major authorities.

douglas m 11 years 12 weeks ago

Would you rather have terrorist or Haliburton live next door.

At least one is honest and you know what to expect?

Outback 11 years 12 weeks ago

Hmmm....What do Wyoming, Dick Cheney and Halliburton have in common? Anybody making any book on the political pressure that judge was subjected to? (Or maybe she's been on the payroll all along...)

HalFonts's picture
HalFonts 11 years 12 weeks ago

Kend makes a valid point. Fracturing a well for development is not new or in-and-of-itself good or bad. There are other critical factors totally ignored in the hysterical debate (if it can even be called "debate"). Some wells are shallow, other wells are deep -- Duhhhh. Some well-pipes are sealed properly; others are not. Some ground water can be contaminated; other groundwater (and basements) can not.

But No, in the word-games of tribal politics, "frack-ing" is the new nasty -- the new chant in the streets. Rather than deal with the complexities of writing regulations that require best-practices for different types of wells and geology, backed up by quality independent inspection and severe certain penalties for violations, including strict liability for damage -- we get know-nothing political chants "No More Frack-ing" -- mostly much noise, signifying nothing. Meanwhile the Perps continue on, without adequate regulation, inspection or liability.



Outback 11 years 12 weeks ago

Halfonts: EXACTLY! As you state, " Meanwhile the Perps continue on, without adequate regulation, inspection or liability." So what's the solution? Trust Halliburton to exercise due dilligence? Doesn't the disaster in the Gulf suggest that these people need to show cause as to why they should be allowed to play with our groundwater responsibly? I mean, all we're talking about here is a dwindling supply of potable drinking water. In other words, survival of the species on the North American Continent!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 12 weeks ago

Could it be possible that the so called cocktail used in hydro-fracking is really very expensive to get rid of toxic waste being inexpensively gotten rid of by injecting it into our planet via hydro-fracking? In other words what if hydro-fracking really only requires water for the hydro energy part of the fracking? It seems to me a ton of money could be secretly made by getting rid of toxic waste, without proper legislation this way. Any number of industries could be involved.

Remember we're talking about Halliburton here.....could it be?

George Reiter's picture
George Reiter 11 years 12 weeks ago

I recommend the book “Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress--and a Plan to Stop It” by Lawrence Lessig. Read how corporations externalize costs at the expense of the general welfare.

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 12 weeks ago

Yes Palin I saw Gasland what a load of crap. I can't believe you fell for that poop. Gas is very often found at the surface and in the water supply and has been for hundreds of years. The a safest thing to do is extract the gas and heat your house, cook diner or BBQ a steak.

Douglas that might be the stupidest thing I have ever heard here. I live in a oil town full of Oil Company Employees there are great people doing a great job providing energy for you to have every day luxuries Unlike a terrorist who is trying to kill me.

Thanks Hal

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 12 weeks ago

Another documentary that shows just how bad fracking is, that is currently playing on LINK TV, is called: "Fracking Hell: the Big Story". On YouTube, it is called Fracking Hell: the Untold Story. One of the things that they talk about is that there is a real danger that even radioactive materials could be released into our drinking water.

But aside from the potential radioactive pollution there is real evidence that lots of other very deadly forms of pollution from fracking is occurring. They also showed several scenes where they were able to ignite their drinking water. This is just the tip of the iceberg...because in a few years there won't be just a few thousand fracking operations in any one state...they have plans to have as many as 60,000 in some states. They are currently completing about 4 fracking wells per day in the US. And this is expected to explode in the next few years unless something is done about it.

I wouldn't doubt that some of you people that "poo-poo" these films, and the facts, are so financially vested with the criminal fracking polluters that you are part of their attempted cover-up. Do they pay you or do you have stock in their companies? After watching these documentaries who is going to believe you, anyway, the oil connected apologists for the oil companies?

Outback 11 years 12 weeks ago

You know, PD, one has to wonder where these obtuse, money grubbing oil company executives and their lackeys think they're going to escape to when they've poisoned the water supply and unleashed unimaginable weather events through their single minded pursuit of "wealth". The good news is that I probably won't be around to see the worst of it. The bad news is that I believe in reincarnation :-(

Outback 11 years 12 weeks ago

George Reiter - I checked out the book on amazon and it looked so interesting and well written I downloaded it. Thank you for the recommendation!

douglas m 11 years 12 weeks ago


Ask everyone that got sick and are still sick and dying around the gulf how happy they are with the oil companies ,they love yguy that follow a blind tradition.

Not to mention all the dead dolphins,birds,plankton fish,etc,etc.

Maybe truth hurts and renewable energy is useless,who knew.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 12 weeks ago

"The meek shall inherit the Earth"...what's left of it anyway. The wealthy polluters will board their starship and find somewhere else in the Universe to exploit and pollute. After the Earth is turned into a wreaking, pestilential, cesspool by these arrogant snits, if there is any life left on it, they will all hope to Zarathustra that they were all merely flies and cockroaches with no ability to hope, or think, or plan and work for a future. In reality, that is what many have already become, mentally, in this 'dog-eat-dog', 'I've got mine' world. Maybe, before that happens, we'll all be lucky and a giant meteor will smash into the earth killing all, including the arrogant, selfish bloodsuckers that rule it.

atchelka's picture
atchelka 11 years 12 weeks ago

Isn't it amazing how Halliburton's name always comes up when there are problems, e.g. the BP explosion that incinerated 11 workers and made the worst mess in the Gulf of Mexico. Companies like Halliburton are always trying to cut corners at the expense of workers, even with the US space shuttle that exploded; people knew tiles were missing but management was more concerned about deadlines than the valuable people they lost. This is what it means to have corporate idiots running things. Also have you noticed it's often women who blow the whistle like Brooksley Born when she said the derivatives market needed to be regulated? But then she was shot down by Larry Summers and all those banking executives--they got their bonuses and the American people got the shaft. And still the GOP is trying to prevent the Consumer Protection Agency from having any teeth and protecting the rights of individuals.

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 11 years 12 weeks ago

It is not funny but it is; the judicial branch of the right wing has been fracking America for the longest time. One thing is for sure, putting hazmat material by or through public land has to be the perfect Wahhabi fundamental device to eliminate the infidel.

That includes the so called keystone pipeline. Sheesh, hazmat being piped through American heart land fresh water supply only could be gotten from a desert extremist, the Lawrence of Arabia our very own Picasso Bush. It’s called nonintrusive infidel elimination Allah Halliburton secret Dubai Carlyle partnered emeritus government death squads. Former president Bush is painting the fresh water picture for us right now.

From my view all of the judicial judges should be fitted for brinks money bags. Since free speech is money America should hang money bags on all the judicial branch judges as they speak so we could collect all the money we can as they barf out free speech money.

Isn’t it a wonderful life to think of a wonderful way to collect enough money to pay off the deficit? To collect the free speech money they spew out. Our Supreme Court has to be loaded with free speech money, let’s line up for their fitting as soon as possible in the next telecast their honors judge Roberts, Alito, and Scalia they have to be loaded with free speech money.

Sound crazy? They are.

sound n light's picture
sound n light 11 years 12 weeks ago

The air we need and must have to live is being polluted daily without our permission

The water we need daily is now full of poison, toxicins, waste without our permission

The contracts signed to allow this were legally binding yet not valid, since the people who own the air and water and land were never included, just the ones who hold the property title. Which makes all waste management contract not valid and should be subject to legal action in favor of the people.

Millions if not billions of dollars are spent getting rid of waste materials, all within the fda or whatever guide lines, but still the real owners were not included in the contracts, and those same people have no real way of appealing due to corruption within our justice system geared towards money.

Timothy Gilmore's picture
Timothy Gilmore 11 years 12 weeks ago

By their actions and statements, Republicans are sociopathic and psychopathic fascists.
1. They have attempted to foment societal fear and hatred of minorities, gays, unions, workers, women and educators for political gain;
2. They wish to emulate Nazi Germany’s barbed wire concentration camps for law-abiding patriotic homosexuals, protesters, union members and/or destitute Americans;
3. They wish to impose mandatory instruction in Christianity for all Americans, at gunpoint, and the suppression of religious freedom and expression of other faiths;
4. They wish to corrupt public education in America by insinuating Christianity and a Biblical presence in all schools, and by denying empirical scientific teachings;
5. They actively engage in voter suppression, intimidation, fraud and misinformation;
6. They wish to replace the Constitution with the Bible, and to repeal all laws dealing with civil rights and corporate, financial and political accountability;
7. They deny bipartisan representation to citizens by gerrymandering political districts in their favor;
8. They engage in racist political obstructionism, resulting in loss of jobs and incomes;
9. They engage in egregious deceit and character assassination in order to keep citizens from making intelligent political choices affecting them and the nation;
10.They are pro-war, pro-torture and anti-veterans’ benefits and services;
11.They favor fascist governments such as China, North Korea, Uganda and Israel;
12.They favor defunding all social services benefiting the unemployed and poor;
13.They deny health care to all uninsured persons, and those with pre-existing conditions;
14.They oppose public safety by deregulating assault weapons and defunding public services such as firefighters, infrastructure repair and construction, EMT agencies, teachers, schools, police and by refusing disaster relief to communities;
15.Economically, they favor the wealthiest citizens over the less fortunate, demand Constitutional personhood for inanimate objects such as corporations, and are opposed to a living minimum wage, hoping to create national financial chaos;
16.They favor rape and violence against women legislatively, are anti-reproductive rights and encourage the murder of those who provide such services;
17.They are pro-environmental destruction by pandering to energy companies & others;
18.They favor international policies based on fictional “prophesies” in the Christian Bible.
Unless and until we repudiate their flagitious* behavior and presence in Government, America will be a nation enslaved.
*flagitious: utterly corrupt, thoroughly villainous

Hankk MI's picture
Hankk MI 11 years 12 weeks ago

Your way off base Kend, Halliburton has just damaged the ground water in Northern MI. so bad that a families water caught on fire. Halliburton says they have the leak fixed, but they are not to be trusted to tell the truth. The State of Michigan has underground rivers and springs criss crossing the entire state, along with thousands of lakes, plus the Great Lakes. It would only take one bad accident to poison the fresh water all the way down the St. Lawence Sea Way. They need tp take the concealed chemicals and other material used by Halliburton and others away. Make them accountable for all accidents, mistakes, pipe line breaks, ETC. You write about Fracking like it is just a joke, however we have also tracked the dumping of fracking slug all along Kalkaska County roads this winter. You should take the time and efford to find out about fracking for yourself. Those boys and girls on FOX News do not tell you nor me the truth about it's dangers.

rickg's picture
rickg 11 years 12 weeks ago

So let me get this straight, Halliburton doesn't want a competitor to find out which toxins its using so the competitor can poison us as well. Hmmmm.. That Dick Cheney, what a joker...

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