The dirty secret behind right-wing austerity.

The motivation behind the world-wide economic con of austerity has been discovered. And, the source is none other than Pete Peterson – the debt-obsessed billionaire who stands to make billions off the privatization of our social safety net. Just days ago we told you how a 28-year-old grad student debunked the Reinhart-Rogoff study used to push austerity throughout the world. Well, now we know why Republican “fuzzy math” was used in the first place. Pete Peterson's organizations bankrolled that study.

Kenneth Rogoff, one of the study's leading authors, is a member of the Advisory Board at the Peterson Institute, which published the pro-austerity study. And, Carmen Reinhart is a regular participant of Peterson Institute functions, along with the likes of Paul Ryan and Alan Simpson. While the now-debunked study's math might have been written off as a mere error by the authors, the link to Peterson indicates that ideology, rather than incompetence, is the cause.

The austerity-induced human suffering and economic destruction should have been evidence enough for democrats to stop believing in budget-cut myths. But, the link to Peterson proves that “high debt causes slow growth” theory is nothing more than right-wing manufactured hysteria. Peterson and the corporatist machine have created this problem, and the so-called solution, to perpetuate the myth that government spending – not historically low tax revenue – is the real problem. And they have even gotten democrats to believe it.

It's time for President Obama and Democratic leaders to see the writing on the wall and take a formal stand against austerity. No nation, in the history of the world, has ever cut it's way to prosperity, and no fabricated economic study can change that.


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ken ware 9 years 47 weeks ago

DeAnne - I believe the Warren commission actually believed what they wrote. I doubt they were trying to hide anything, they were just duped into this theory, and very much the way you and Pain have been duped into believing this ridiculous conspiracy theory! Looked out, the government is probably listening in on this difference of opinion we are having. Wouldn't want to give them an excuse to come and lock us away for voicing our thoughts! Ha! After all, who knows what conspiracy they are up to today, especially on this left wing blog site!

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

I find it just a little disturbing, but not unexpected, that I had a very difficult time finding the same pre 911 papers on nano thermite that I had read many years ago. If I clicked on footnotes on post 911 papers on nano thermite I would find that those references to pre 911 papers were no longer available. I am getting the same kind of responses I get when I search for references to people who have committed crimes that get sensationalized in the any of the guys who have shot up lots of people in theaters and in schools. These people have all posted their ideas on blogs, or had web sites of their own, as reported by our news propagandists but you can never find those web sites or references. The authorities remove them...or try to remove them..sometimes they don't get them all.

In the case of nano thermite....I have found a pre 911 paper on it and have saved a copy. I know the names of the predominant scientists at Livermore National Labs and there is something very fishy about the Naval EOD (Explosives Ordinance Department) in Indian Head, Maryland...something about shutting down...destroying records...I will have to get back into checking that out. No time right now.

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DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

Ken Ware ~ You are suggesting I am as paranoid as Palindromedary. No I'm not. I'm also not as informed as Palindromedary. However, I do posses an abundance of common sense. I've studied that paper he submitted and I've been convinced that explosives were used in the WTC disaster. That's it! The facts stop at that! When I saw the Zapruder film I became convinced The President was hit from the right front side of the vehicle. When I heard the Warren Commission's theory about the "magic bullet" I became convinced that they were taking "magic mushrooms" or were completely full of (s)grits and lying they're collective ass off. The only other explanation is that they were feeble minded and incompetent beyond belief. A bullet pausing in mid air and changing direction? Give me a break!

It's most unfortunate indeed that you joke about your own conspiracy theory because it sounded quite feasible. Of course, to pull this deed off with the least amount of risk those involved had to be limited as much as possible. For instance, you could get a crew of maintenance workers to install the explosives for you without their knowledge quite simply. Provide them with the explosive paint and tell them to paint the support beams. Buildings like those needs constant maintenance anyway. They would coat the entire support structure without once suspecting that they are installing explosives. Anyone working on the inside of the paint supplier, the work crew, the building management, FBI, CIA, or even the night shift guard or janitor could have done it. This makes perfect sense to me because far too much of that explosive was used. How else did ample samples of it turn up all over Manhattan?

I doubt a finger can be pointed at any Federal agency, any branch of the Military, or any private group. That's too many people; and, only a few number of people are capable of a crime of this magnitude. There is also a lack of evidence to make any such connections. It would take only a handful of people to pull it off as well. What is needed here is an official transparent investigation. First, this professional paper needs to be scrutinized under a microscope publicly. If it stand up to that then it should then be used as a springing board for an investigation as to whom participated in this event. It should be scrutinized by a broad and expansive panel of experts in the field from all over the world. A panel of US Government appointed experts will not suffice. Without that, this matter will never be resolved and our Government will continue to be distrusted and despised. It's Authority will be diminished far beyond its ability to function effectively.

By the way, have you yet addressed Operation Northwood? You know if you start typing "Operation" in your browser seach engine "Northwood" pops up first like a Jack in the Box. What's your take on that little Gem of history?

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

"Terrorists" that could barely fly a small aircraft (according to their flight instructors)..managed to not only steer, operate all the controls necessary, and guide the large airliner to hit their targets at those speeds? Come on...who is jiving whom, here? Those airliners were electronically hijacked and guided electronically to their targets. And there is just no way someone who just trained on small aircraft is going to do a tight descending spiral to hit the Pentagon like that. Experienced airliner pilots, with many years experience, have said that even they would not have been able to do such a thing.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago
Quote ken ware #53:
The C.I.A. could have known the terrorists had begun a plot to train their people in the basics of flying large aircraft. It was shown that O.B.L. had financed some very intelligent terrorist agents to be trained in flying large aircraft at flight schools. They had been trained at several flight schools around the nation.

They flew airliners into and out of airports in Afghanistan and in why didn't the 911 terrorists (patsies) train on flying airplanes, even airliners, in those countries? Why train in flight schools in the United States...some right next to military bases? These "terrorists" could barely fly a small aircraft let alone an airliner. Whether or not they were interested in only flying airliners and not landing them all looks very much like this is part of the attention grabbing propaganda to make sure people believe that these were the guys who really did hijack and guide those planes to their targets. It also fits in with all of the other very visible spectacles these guys were making of themselves prior to 911. The whole thing was meant to bring attention to them...and in fact...they got attention from some FBI agents that were not in on the subterfuge of their higher ups. That's why they sent memos warning their bosses about these suspected terrorists...but the bosses ignored the memos. Now why is that?

If you go to the History Commons web site and type in the search box "wtc" you will get a lot of old news reports on the wtc going way back before the 1983 bombings about the very suspicious nature and actions of the FBI and other government agencies even way back then.

You'll get stories on how the CIA and Al Qaida were working together..and how our government back then let known terrorists freely come and go to and from our country.

Our government likes to give the impression that it isn't behind these terrorist attacks but that, perhaps, it is merely oversight...bungling...inability of agencies to communicate and cooperate with one another. That is all pure bunk...lies! Pure propaganda that they expect the people to believe rather than that they are, and have been, manipulating what people think and believe. They have engineered fear so that they can steer people into losing all their freedoms ...losing all their ability to think independently from the propaganda the government feeds us.

To enslave the people they have to enslave their minds...and it looks like they have done a pretty good job on those who do not question the glaringly obvious problems of the official conspiracy theories.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

Here's an interesting thing I came across concerning more recent than what happened in 2001. It refers to homegrown terrorism by extremist groups. After you go to this site, do a search on thermite or uranium, on that page, and it will take you down to a 2008 incident. (or go down to page 11 of the 15 page report)

If it had not been for the wife offing her white supremacist husband (for years of abuse) we would have been seeing a dirty bomb incident back in 2008. Of course thermite is not the same thing as nano-thermite but that and the uranium would have been pretty messy.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

Another interesting website to do a search on "WTC" is at:

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bobthebear 9 years 47 weeks ago

DAnneMarc, You're the most sensible anti gunner that I've come across. Kudos to you. Your reasoning, from where I stand, is perfect. Most people in the world will agree with you. I remember when I was a kid in the service. This Marine master sergeant was trying to teach us how to use a .45. He was standing 10 feet away and told us that not one of us could hit him at that range. He moved away and pulled targets to the point where he was standing (why take chances?). Not one of us even hit the target, which was bigger than he was, and we were young men and most had fired a rifle, but hand guns are different. Look at the Boston and Watertown police. They fired about 100 round and didn't kill anybody, the kid ran over his brother with an SUV, that did him in. The same thing goes on all over the country. Here in California, the police fired about 70 rounds at two innocent women in a truck. No damage done, except to their egos, and LA had to pay $40,000 for the truck and another $2,400,000 for mental damages. Giving guns to anyone is very expensive. England had the right idea, don't give the Bobbies guns. It doesn't help and it creates alot of hurt.

The problem you and I have is that no matter how rational our argument may be, the 2nd Amendment freaks won't hear a word we say. Their minds are made up and nothing but death will change them. To us they sound just this side of insane and they feel the same way about us. There is no argument that will satisfy them, as I haven't heard an argument from them that would satisfy me. That's what humans are all about. It's a wonder that we've survived this long. We are certainly doing our best to make the race extinct.

In the mean time hang by your thumbs. Oh, it's so good when they cut you down.

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bobthebear 9 years 47 weeks ago

Why don't you guys leave this conspiricy stuff for the science/fiction writers. As I said about the gun freaks, nothing is going to change anyone's mind. Unless you're going to write a book and get paid for your thought, why not leave the subject alone? In this blog alone there are plenty of other subjects to discuss and they may have some currency.

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ken ware 9 years 47 weeks ago

Palin - We both can get a little nasty when things get to a point of combustion, and that is not a pun concerning the towers. I will just add that your theory could have taken place, I just do not agree. My theory concerning the C.I.A. and the Pentagon using Nano-thermite devises to bring down the towers was at first just a joke, but somehow it even seems plausible to me. Especially since it may have been proven that there were microscopic traces of elements that could have been part of a Nano-thermite device. This is not to say that they were correct in their hypothesis that these particles actually existed in the dust collected from the site. I would like to take a stance where we agree to disagree in a friendly manner. As far as the terrorists learning to fly large aircraft, if you Google the question of terrorist learning to fly in the U.S. you will find several articles and statements from people who run flight schools who state they trained some of these men. Why they chose to train here instead of in schools in the Middle East is a good question. One of the school instructors was troubled by a comment by one of the men he trained that he only was concerned with taking off and flying the aircraft and landing was not important. Again this could be attributed to hear say and not real evidence concerning the training of these individuals. I agree the government has a history of lying to us; we just disagree on how far they would go to get what they want and the rationale behind destroying buildings and killing thousands of people to go to war.

It is apparent they, the President and Congress, are more concerned with people having to wait because of delays in their flights then in the crushing affects Sequestration will have on the lower middleclass and the poor in our country. I am sure that the delays affect the Senators and Congressmen and women on their weekly flights home and that played a large part in passing legislation that exempts the F.A.A. from the budgetary cuts! I, like yourself, am not a fan of those politicians in Washington and do not trust them at all. We just have a difference of opinion on how far they will go to accomplish what they want. Have a good Sunday.

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ken ware 9 years 47 weeks ago

bobthebear & DeAnne - I do not question your experience while in the Marines. But, I assure you I can stop an intruder whether he is three feet in front of me or at a distance of up to twenty yards with my .357 Magnum. I suppose it would depend on one's training and familiarity with a weapon. And the Magnum carries a great deal more of kicking power then a standard 1911 .45. that the military once used. They have switched over to the 9 M.M. from the .45 ACP. The Torrance Police all carry 9 M.M. Automatics and they have great fire power against an individual, but are not as effective against the thick windshield of a car. And in the excitement they thought the driver was a well-trained ex-seal and police officer their fire power may have been off, thankfully .I live in the South Bay and I am familiar with the Torrance Police Department, they are usually not so quick to draw and fire, could have been rookie's! If everyone gave up their firearms, I think it would be great if everyone was unarmed. But, unfortunately the bad guys will never give up their fire power, especially when committing a crime against other people, especially if they have already served two terms and would be facing life without Parole here in California. Semi-automatic assault rifles should not be sold to the PUBLIC, there is no logical reason to own that type of fire power, handguns and shot guns are a different story all together.

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t-bird 9 years 47 weeks ago

It may be of interest that Rogoff is a Bilderberger.

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ken ware 9 years 47 weeks ago

Palin - You almost had me considering a black ops covert group may have used thermite devices, but electronically controlled aircraft! You really are spaced out if you actually believe your own rhetoric. Now, who is jiving whom here? Of course, the technology has been around for half a century or more, but does that mean someone rigged these aircraft to fly by remote control! Checks out the websites using Google, terrorists learn to fly in U.S. Of course, you will just add these reports to your list of duped people or they were part of the conspiracy. Come on let us at least stay in the real world for a while, Palin! Bear get use to this type of dialogue between Palin and I!

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

The 911 landing gear that was recently in the news found between two this the one? It keeps showing up periodically...back in 2010...and just recently..go down to figure 9-122.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

Mohammed Atta had "closed-mindedness and intensely introverted personality". He pretty much kept to himself and did not socialize. After going to the school in Germany, and having been laid off from the job he was most suited architecture, and after 5 years of relative unemployment...wanted to go to Chechnya to fight Russians, but instead was persuaded to go to Afghanistan instead. The Al Qaida leader, Al Hafs recognized Atta as very well qualified for their "planes operation". So, after Atta and the other 18 go to the US under the guise of wanting to train as pilots Atta becomes very talkative.

On June 6, 2002, ABC's "World News Tonight" broadcast an interview with Johnelle Bryant, former loan officer at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in South Florida, who told about her encounter with Mohamed Atta. This encounter took place “around the third week of April to the third week of May of 2000”, before Atta’s official entry date into the United States (see below). According to Bryant, Atta wanted to finance the purchase of a crop-duster. "He wanted to finance a twin-engine, six-passenger aircraft and remove the seats," Bryant told ABC's "World News Tonight". He insisted that she write his name as ATTA, that he originally was from Egypt but had moved to Afghanistan, that he was an engineer and that his dream was to go to a flight school. He asked about the Pentagon and the White House. He said he wanted to visit the World Trade Center and asked Bryant about the security there. He mentioned Al Qaeda and said the organization “could use memberships from Americans”. He mentioned Osama bin Laden and said “this man would someday be known as the world's greatest leader.” Bryant said “the picture that came out in the newspaper, that's exactly what that man looked like.”[59][60] Bryant contacted the authorities after recognizing Atta in news reports.[61] Law-enforcement officials said Bryant passed a lie-detector exam.

So, why would Atta say all those things if it was his mission to pull off a very big covert operation in the US? A formerly secretive person like this, on a mission to crash airliners into buildings, lives in various places around the US, near military bases, even next door to the NSA complex between Baltimore and Washngton DC, yet he is blabbing and bragging and making overt threats...why? to be remembered? so that the US authorities who planned and engineered the whole 911 false flag could say...see there! see how guilty they were! see, there's the proof that THEY did it to us!

I believe that Atta and the other "terrorists" were being used as patsies. I beieve that OBL and the terrorist organizations are being manipulated through their masters in the US...all covertly of course and people like OBL and Al Hafs are working for these people. They can get patsies who may hate the US and fill their heads full of their religious non-sense and make them think they are going to die in a Jihad against a great evil for which they will go to Muslim heaven, shake Muhammed's hand, get blessed by Allah, and get awarded 72 virgins. But they have been played for useful idiot dummies by rich and powerful men in the US who are manipulating us all to be very scared.

I believe that Atta and the others all believed they were on a mission against the US but none of them had the skills to fly those airliners enough to get them to their targets. I believe those aircraft were rigged to be electronically hijacked and were remotely guided to hit their targets.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

Benevolence was originally founded overseas by two wealthy Saudis, Sheikh Adel Abdul Jalil Batterjee (related story) and Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, a brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden and a top al Qaeda financier.

al Qaeda terrorist operatives opened an office of the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF) in Plantation in February 1992. Both McVeigh and Moore were in the Fort Lauderdale area throughout February.

Led by Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, members of the NYC cell helped recruit U.S. military veterans as terrorists

Nichols accused Moore of being an FBI informant, according to a prison informant's report released last month (related story). The FBI did not confirm to the LA Times whether Moore's fingerprints were on the material taken from Nichols' basement.

Rumours have swirled for years that Moore (or his girlfriend, Karen Anderson) might have been FBI informants. Nichols may very well believe Moore was an informant, regardless of whether that belief has any merit.


Moore, who also used the alias Bob Miller, worked the gun show circuit and ran an ammunition business called The American Assault Co., sometimes referred to as "The Candy Store." Moore also owned a home and a boat-repair business in Fort Lauderdale, where he purportedly first met Timothy McVeigh.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

ken: don't worry, man, I know you by least I think I do..and I don't get upset at all...even when you call me names like paranoid. I realize that some people, when they are losing an argument, will lose their cool and resort to hurling epithets. ;-} Or maybe, you are not really losing your cool but just having fun..and name-calling is just part of getting your jollies. Great! I'm actually having fun myself! I don't get mad at you. I can understand why you would not, or could not, believe some of these things. Yes, they are pretty incredible..if true. I don't absolutely believe any of the things I say. The key word here is "absolutely".

But I do believe that there is an awful lot that is rotten in Denmark (I mean the US) here. It seems to me that if you believe that they weren't truthful with the American people during the the JFK assassination that they could also not be telling us the truth about 911. That they didn't tell us the truth about OKC bombing or any of the other bad things that have happened like this.

The more I read about people like Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols and Mohammed Atta I think "holy sh1t!..I have many of the same beliefs as they had...not all, of course. I am an atheist and I don't have any weird religion or prejudice against other racism. But then the next thing I read I think "holy sh1t! that sounds like Ken Ware...McVeigh and Nichols were both very pro military...until, in McVeigh's case he actually blew someone's head off in Iraq...he got a medal for that but he soon went batty thinking about it. In fact, both guys, came to realize that they were lied to about these people they were killing over there and came to resent the US for sending them over there to kill these people under false pretenses.

Mohammed Atta was very religious and he, needless to say..but I will anyway, hated the US for what they were doing in the Middle East. Hell, I don't blame him, I hate the US for what they have done and are doing in the Middle East! But I have my guard up against any recruiter or infiltrator that may want to use me as some patsy in their plot. Of course, one never knows when they will plant evidence like they probably did in Nichol's house basement in Kansas. Roger Moore? I think the FBI watched too many 007 movies.

I would never even dream of doing anything violent against anyone. And I hope to live a long and relatively free life until I die of natural causes...what little there may be left. I am not as young or idealistic as some of these other people have been.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

Electronically Hijacking the WTC Attack Aircraft
Global Hawk Makes Historic First Unmanned Flight To Australia--April 24, 2001
Army's School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS):
On September 10, 2001, The Washington Times ran a front page story which quoted SAMS officers:

"Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: 'Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.'" ("US troops would enforce peace under Army study," Washington Times, Sept.. 10, 2001, pg. A1, 9.)

Just 24 hours after this story appeared, the Pentagon was hit and the Arabs were being blamed.
Since 1959, NORAD personnel have been installing remote control units in a variety of aircraft and remotely controlling those aircraft in sophisticated aeronautical maneuvers, including combat practice.
Thwarting skyjackings from the ground

By Alan Staats
Posted to FACSNET Oct. 2, 2001
Published in Quill magazine {February 1998}

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chuckle8 9 years 47 weeks ago

Palin - Are these the symbols of your secret society?

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megalomaniac 9 years 47 weeks ago

re·pres·sion [ ri présh'n ]

1.being kept down by force: the process of suppressing a population, or the condition of having political, social, or cultural freedom controlled by force or military means

2.psychological protective mechanism: in Freudian psychology, a mechanism by which people protect themselves from threatening thoughts by blocking them out of the conscious mind

Or by a “debatable method” that Thomas Herndon, Michael Ash, and Robert Pollin of the University of Massachusetts found in Reinhart and Rogoff selectively cherry picking for a data base.

In a PDF file Thom maybe interested in, written by Reinhart describes A subtle type of debt restructuring takes the form of “financial repression.”

financed by of course, Peterson Institute for International Economics, no shame here for warp ten of blowing up the American economy.

Yikes. My point is the basic financial name for the algorithm was not published. Such algorithms use prominent mathematicians as reference. Here, there is no reference begging the notion their algorithm is a some Patch Adams blend mucked up to hope for the right look to succeed. When in fact it is financial martial arts in deception that is not the mask of Zorro it was intended to perpetrate. Again another Republican illusion.

What is troubling is that America has decades and decades of this stuff drifting through the system ready to blow up anytime. It was interesting to read Abbots list of off shore companies that have a little mail box in the Cayman Islands for corporations yet many have multibillion dollar brick and mortar buildings here in America. Heck if there was ever a pipeline of money laundering that has to be the key to America’s new one percent fund economy. The real keystone of money pipelines. Incredible a multibillon dollar building on one side and a dinky mail box on the other side.

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chuckle8 9 years 47 weeks ago

☕NMAS ☤ ♋?

Why did my last reply say to #4 when it was this message I replied to?

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago
Quote chuckle8:
Why did my last reply say to #4 when it was this message I replied to?

Because "Drupal" is French for "Drop all"!
Just kidding.
Actually, my original reply to you was dropped and now I have to retype it.
In answer to your question about those symbols:
Max Gerson believed that there is a far better place to put your coffee, as many as 5 times a day, than drinking it. But don't try it with hot coffee...very bad. But you also had to drink something like 11 glasses of green juice everyday. He believed that it cured cancer (and a lot of other ailments)...hence the Caduceus symbol and the lazy 69 Cancer symbol. The moons and stars are just for decoration and mean nothing. I'll let you figure out what NMAS means.

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chuckle8 9 years 47 weeks ago

Mark_Pash -- Isn't cutting taxes on the rich part of a monetary-Financial system?

The main reason I ask is that I keep saying bring back the tax structrue of the 1950's (tax rates corp and personal, the loop holes, the tariffs, the death taxes and probably some others). Would that be considered a monetary-finacial system?

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DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

bobthebear ~ Thank you sincerely! What a compliment!

The sad fact of the matter is that people don't realize that the truly victimized person in most armed robberies is the person with the arms. The chances are that he is simply a person down on his luck who needs a capital infusion and knows no better way to obtain it.

This person needs to be treated with understanding and respect; and not, with a confrontation that no one can win. Thank you for recognizing the value of life my friend. World peace to us all!

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DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ You squirt coffee up your "Panama Canal"? To cure Cancer? Seems like that's a good way to get Cancer. So, assuming this isn't a joke, do you take your coffee black or with cream? One lump or two?

Would that green juice that goes with it be made out of Napaletos--a Mexican cactus? If so, did you learn about this treatment in Mexico? It sounds like a treatment administered to me once while there. I thought it was a joke but went along with it anyway just to be respectful and nice. At the time, I figured it must be a strange customary way of greeting strangers. In retrospect, since I've never been diagnosed with Cancer, maybe the treatment works!

It's amazing how much more advanced some primitive areas of the world are in medicine. I wonder if the original Hills Brothers ever heard about this breakthrough; or, for that matter Joe Dimaggio--the original Mr. Coffee. "He one Mojo filter."

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DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

Palindromedary and Ken Ware ~ I must say it has been fun discussing this topic with you both. I feel I've learned a lot in a short time. I thank you both for that.

Ken Ware ~ There is nothing wrong with disagreeing about an issue like this. I respect your opinion. It's like when the nozzle on my garden hose disappeared one day about a year ago. I looked everywhere for it unsuccessfully. The next day an identical nozzle magically appeared on my neighbor's garden hose. I convinced myself that it was merely a coincidence and bought a new nozzle. However, I now store my new nozzle in the garage and only take it out when I need it. I still believe I can trust my neighbor; but, I find I can't trust my nozzle anymore! Life goes on and we all get along. Therefore, if I am capable of rationalizing my view of reality to suit my needs, who am I to judge you. We all do the same thing to one extent or another. Let's just get over it and move on. Concerning home guns and my suggestion of buying yourself flowers to remember me by sounding a little too feminine for you, Ken, then I suggest this: If I'm found dead from a gun shot wound in my home, and you want to do something appropriate, comb this Blog's archives and copy every one of my posts and use them to compose a book. Consider this post to be written permission to do so after my death. Publish the book on line for me, take all the proceeds and open up a low risk, high yield trust account for you little grandchild. When she turns 18 give it to her and say its a present from Uncle DAnneMarc. Earmarked to be used to help pay for her college.

Palindromedary ~ Again, thanks for that education. I still find it hard to believe that paper was published in 2009 and I didn't hear about it till last week. It should have been on the front page of every newspaper in the world. I can see why Ken Ware has his doubts. I too tend to secretly wish it is bogus myself; however, the study was so meticulously documented it would take an equally disciplined counter study to debunk it--IMHO. Keep up the good work my friend, and keep sharing that research.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Viva la Revolucion!

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MontanaMuleGal 9 years 47 weeks ago

PalinD and others:

Have you heard Peter B. Collins latest two interviews with the "NSA 4," prosecuted whistleblowers (truth tellers)? About the privatization of the NSA.

Also, Peter's interview with Richard Scrushy shows how innocent men (Scrushy and Don Siegelman) can be charged with crimes they didn't commit and spend 6+ years in prison.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

DAnnemarc: No, man, just something I read and thought rather amusing. I don't have cancer...yet...hopefully never. But if I ever do get it...who is a lot cheaper than radiation treatments. But, I wonder how Steve Jobs tried to treat whatever it was that he had..didn't work, obviously.

Actually, I enjoy eating Napolitos (cactus) with scrambled eggs (and doused with a large amount of hot sauce) when I go to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

That is interesting about using Napolitos in the other way that you describe. But, I once got some advice from someone to rub a dead chicken on my bare chest for curing a cough. I passed. My cough disappeared a few days later anyway. Had I used the chicken, I'm sure my adviser would have said "see there, it works, doesn't it?"

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

MontanaMuleGal: No, but thanks for that information..I will certainly check it out. I have known about a couple of other people who have had a very bad time with their former government employers. Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator and whistle blower, and Susan Lindauer, a former CIA Intelligence Asset, also a whistleblower, have both been very active in telling us about the corruption and lies that their employers used to deceive the American people about 911. The way they treated Susan Lindauer was just criminal...and done in nearly the same fashion as the KGB would have done it. They even tried to chemically lobotomize her but she was lucky a Judge Mukasey was protecting her. The main stream media tried to make Susan look like she was crazy (that funny laugh she has sometimes doesn't help her any there). But, after all she went through, I'm surprised she can laugh at all. Sibel Edmonds has her own podcast called Boiling Frogs. I can't remember much about the Sibel Edmond's's been a while...I'll have to check up on it again...she had to keep a lot of stuff quiet because she was still under oath of secrecy. I remember the Susan Lindauer case because I just watched one of her video lectures.

Susan Lindauer was told by her CIA boss to meet the Iraqi representatives in NYC, prior to 911, and give them a message that the CIA wanted Iraq to provide them with any actionable information on a planned aircraft hijacking and plans to crash into buildings. Susan said that the Saddam hated jihadis because he was afraid that they would try to cause trouble in Iraq so he was very interested in cooperating fully with the US. But they said that they didn't have any more info than they had already given. Susan's boss, after he found out that Susan didn't use a very demanding tone, sent her back to make stern threats (which originated from the very top level of our government...Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld). Her second meeting in NYC still didn't produce any new info. Susan said that it was very well known all throughout the agency and in other agencies that attacks were imminent...they all believed...within a matter of weeks. She was told to call AG Ashcroft to warn him that they just received info that the attacks were imminent..within a few weeks. Ashcroft was furious that she told him because, Susan believes, he and the Bush administration no long had plausible deniability. They could not effectively say that they had no idea that we would be attacked. But, I guess they did anyway...didn't they..but then they put Susan into a Texas prison for a year, with no visitors, and they tried to chemically lobotomize her. So the Bush administration went on and claimed they had no idea...blah, blah, blah until we all learned of the memo warning of the attacks.

Susan said that prior to 911...the Iraqis were falling all over themselves to be friendly to the US promising all kinds of trade deals...telecom..medicine...all kinds of stuff....except those things that would make our military industrial complex rich. But, Bush had a petty vendetta against Saddam and he wasn't going to listen to anything the Iraqis had to say. The plans were already laid to invade Iraq...all they needed was an excuse...911 gave them that excuse. The Iraqis even invited our FBI over to Iraq to have a completely hands off investigation of any suspected jihadis. There weren't any in Iraq...they were in Afghanistan.

Susan believes that hijackings did occur but she believes that the WTC buildings were rigged with explosives and demolished. She has a friend and confidant, high up in an agency, that told her that there were several unmarked vans that came and went in the early hours, from about 3am to 5am every day for 10 or 11 days. These vans were tailed and the agency knows where the vans originated from. There are other vans that are marked for building janitorial that were the normal vans that left before 3am then the other vans would show up.

But I had heard testimony from survivors who told of lots of noise and vibrations from an on-going construction on various floors for a number of weeks prior to 911. They were even told to stay home for a couple of days while construction took place.

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Palindromedary 9 years 47 weeks ago

DAnnemarc: That's right! It is that time again! The 5th of May! Bring on the Mariachis, chips, and Guacamole!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Viva la Revolucion!

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nora 9 years 46 weeks ago


I really dislike their word games.

Do they think calling it "sequestration" would fool us?

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David Abbot 9 years 33 weeks ago

Palindromedary, thank you for the history lesson. Very interesting. I'm going to find that book. "A century of war: Anglo-American oil politics and the new world order" by William Engdahl.

And you know, I have wondered the same thing: is Obama just another stuff-shirt fascist hypocrite who happens to be black, or is he doing the best he can with his extremely limited courage which is rooted in his deep fear of anyone thinking that he's an uppity black man, when in fact he SHOULD be an uppity black- we voted for him because he promised that he would be an uppity black. We haven't had much luck finding any uppity white politicians, other than a very few such as Bernie Sanders.

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David Abbot 9 years 33 weeks ago

Nora, the dictionary definition of the word "sequester," is:

To hide, separate, confiscate, appropriate, commandeer.

So actually, it's kind of an appropriate word, because it is the rich people hiding their wealth, separating the poor from what little money they have left, appropriating what little property the middle class has left, and commandeering all government programs and resources for the sole benefit of the wealthy.

I think what the republicans are counting on is that now that they have dumbed down our education system horrifically for so many years, very few average citizens know what the word sequester means, and so the republicans think that that big word will impress at least some people enough so they won't notice the republicans stealing their last penny.

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