There's no such thing as a safe tar sands pipeline.

Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. As expected, both supporters and opponents of the toxic tar sands project stood their ground in testimony about the effects of completing the pipeline. Environmentalist groups, like the Natural Resources Defense Council, warned of dangers presented by Keystone XL, and cited the recent spill in Arkansas as a prime example of what could go wrong. An executive from TransCanada Inc. described the so-called safety features of Keystone, and it's potential role in North American energy independence.

The main purpose of the hearing was to consider implementing legislation, which would force the federal government to approve the final construction of the pipeline. And, it appears that Republicans have teamed up with the premier of Canada to lobby Washington to okay the plan. Representative Lee Terry of Nebraska said, “we need to cement our relationship with our best trading partner and friend in Canada, and secure our national security interests and energy interests by approving this pipeline.”

But, our relationship with Canada shouldn't hinge on the Obama Administration allowing toxic tar sands to be pumped through our communities. The recent Arkansas spill shows exactly what can happen to a community when this toxic sludge gets unleashed on the environment. We must stand together to prevent the contamination of even more communities. We must fight to protect our homes, and our environment. Join the fight at

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