Daily Topics - Thursday May 30th, 2013

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Hour One: Why do conservatives hate the poor? Chris Edwards, Cato Institute

Hour Two: Can democracy survive Republican lies? / Plus Geeky Science - How yogurt makes your brain work

Hour Three: Christian radio host upset by female breadwinners - Bryan Fischer, American Family Association


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ckrob 7 years 5 weeks ago

A word for self-taught is autodidact.

Whether the economy is doing well is, in my opinion, not well correlated with the stock market. Yes, it does require disposable income but as the middle class has less and less income because the wealth has been concentrated in an enormous pile at the top; it's mostly the wealthy that can contribute in stock purchases. When the wealthy can drop a million or two and not miss it, there will be a tendency toward more risk and therefore higher probability of crashes.

In sum, useful objects and the knowledge that goes with their use has considerably more value than the pieces of paper some hoard whose only intrinsic value is in the heat calories they release when burned.

Intrinsic value is not to be found in the stock market. There may be a case to be made that dividends bleed value from the general society because the corp. could have used the money to develop/ produce goods and technology with actual intrinsic value.

Question: Why should a stock be rewarded in perpetuity?

Will America Recover from the Rightwing Billionaire's War Against Us?

Thom plus logo This morning on CNN a physician in Texas talked about having 10 young people with COVID-19 who needed immediate hospitalization and only having three beds left. He had to decide who is going to get treatment and who was going to be turned away from the hospital.
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