It doesn't take $50 million to make a point.

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have made their point – they hate Obamacare. And, just in case anyone didn't get the message the first 36 times they made that point, they're about to waste even more taxpayer time and money on one more attempt to repeal the healthcare law.

According to the Think Progress Blog, since 2011, House Republicans have spent 15 percent of their time – about 90 hours and over $50 million dollars – on the 36 attempts to repeal Obamacare. All of which were doomed to failure because they'd never make it through the Senate, and they'd be subject to a presidential veto. And this latest attempt – which adds another $1.5 million to the tab – isn't any more likely to succeed.

While our nation is struggling to deal with massive Republican austerity, a sluggish economy, and numerous other pressing issues, GOP House members are wasting yet another day on a meaningless vote. This is not service to out country. This is not leadership. This is pure partisan nonsense will not do a damn thing to help the Americans they're supposed to represent.

Perhaps the first time House Republicans held this vote, they could claim they were fighting for the will of their small but loud base. And maybe even the second time, or the third. But this is the 37th time they're wasting our tax money on another meaningless vote. It's time for the House Republicans to knock it off, and get to work.

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