"Radical Islam" isn't our biggest threat.

While many on the Right fear monger about so-called “radical Islam,” and it's threat to our nation, a new poll shows that Muslims aren't the ones we should worry about. According to a survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University, 44 percent of self-described Republicans believe “an armed revolution might be necessary to protect our liberties.” You heard that right – nearly half believe it may be time to overthrow the government. And, if that wasn't concerning enough, only 31 percent of Republicans disagree about an upcoming revolution.

It's not immigrants or Muslims we need to worry about – it's the anti-government extreme right that are currently espousing conspiracy theories and stockpiling weapons. They are the real threat to our nation and to our democracy. Considering that Republicans have actively worked to fight against liberty in the areas of voting rights, women's reproductive health, and economic security, it appears the only so-called liberty they worry about is the Second Amendment.

This poll essentially says that 44 percent of Republicans are willing to mount an armed insurgency against our government to protect the gun-show loophole, which allows criminals and terrorists to buy guns. This shows how conspiracy theories, like FEMA camps and the gun confiscation, really do have dangerous results. Responsible leaders in the Republican party must start working to change this, and quiet the anti-government rhetoric in their party. And right-wing talking heads need to be held accountable for the dangerous conspiracy theories they spout.

It's one thing to protest, and to call for your elected leaders to represent your views...it's another to advocate armed revolution. You can't wave a flag in one hand, point a gun at your government in the other, and still call yourself patriotic.

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