"Radical Islam" isn't our biggest threat.

While many on the Right fear monger about so-called “radical Islam,” and it's threat to our nation, a new poll shows that Muslims aren't the ones we should worry about. According to a survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University, 44 percent of self-described Republicans believe “an armed revolution might be necessary to protect our liberties.” You heard that right – nearly half believe it may be time to overthrow the government. And, if that wasn't concerning enough, only 31 percent of Republicans disagree about an upcoming revolution.

It's not immigrants or Muslims we need to worry about – it's the anti-government extreme right that are currently espousing conspiracy theories and stockpiling weapons. They are the real threat to our nation and to our democracy. Considering that Republicans have actively worked to fight against liberty in the areas of voting rights, women's reproductive health, and economic security, it appears the only so-called liberty they worry about is the Second Amendment.

This poll essentially says that 44 percent of Republicans are willing to mount an armed insurgency against our government to protect the gun-show loophole, which allows criminals and terrorists to buy guns. This shows how conspiracy theories, like FEMA camps and the gun confiscation, really do have dangerous results. Responsible leaders in the Republican party must start working to change this, and quiet the anti-government rhetoric in their party. And right-wing talking heads need to be held accountable for the dangerous conspiracy theories they spout.

It's one thing to protest, and to call for your elected leaders to represent your views...it's another to advocate armed revolution. You can't wave a flag in one hand, point a gun at your government in the other, and still call yourself patriotic.


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Tara T 11 years 7 weeks ago

"It's one thing to protest, and to call for your elected leaders to represent your views...it's another to advocate armed revolution. You can't wave a flag in one hand, point a gun at your government in the other, and still call yourself patriotic."

Sure they can. They figure if they say it enough times, that'll make it true. As if what makes up a fact is willed thought.

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Global 11 years 7 weeks ago

Just when I thought you could not come up with a dumber blog idea post you totally redeem yourself.

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Kend 11 years 7 weeks ago

holly crap, are you kidding me. Last time looked it was brown Muslim guys blowing shit up. Now I am supposed to fear old white guys. Where can I hide. I am with Global here this is insane. Wow

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

Someone asked if I watched Thom Hartmann. The answer to your question is yes I have watched his entertainment program for a while now. But, in the last several weeks I have lost interest in his program because it is like watching the same old movie over and over and over again! I once found him interesting, but lately it is like watching MSNBC, the favorite channel for the left wingers. He has a tendency to slant the facts in his program and blog when it comes to blaming the Republicans for everything that is wrong and he also has a habit of making the Democrats look better than they actually are. He stated there are eleven million illegal aliens in our country. I have seen where the estimate is closer to twenty million illegal residents here in the U.S... And he harps on the same issue, just with a different cover, over and over again. I am a moderate Independent (voter) and on the surface the Democrats tend to seem as if they give a damn about us, but in reality the Dem.'s are no different than the Repub.'s when it comes right down to the finish line. Hartmann would have you believe if the Senate and the House were run by the Democrats; America would be a paradise to live in. Obama has been the greatest disappointment in recent years when it comes down to his ability to lead this nation. He is directly responsible for the Sequestration being put into the Budget Act and he plays it off as if he had no part of it. The President, Democrats and Republicans are all playing the same game in Washington, and the only difference is one group's name starts with a D and the other with an R. Yet, because Hartmann makes his living as a left wing progressive, he is biased in my humble opinion. I realize he is seen as a mini-god by many who watch him on a daily basis; I am not one of them. Hope that answers the question asked of me.

Hartmann's blog today is typical of him, and I noticed he did not include the fact that many Democrats believe we need to systemically change this government if we are to remain a free nation. He state's that we have more to worry about from the radical's in the G.O.P. then we do from Muslim radicals who have called for the destruction of America and the West. Again, he takes the views of some right-wingers and states we have more to fear from the Republicans than we do from the Terrorists. With the exception of my friend Palindromedary and DeAnneMarc, it appears to most people we have more to worry about from those who are Muslims and embrace the jihad stance against the West. This is not to say that the majority of Muslims hate us and what we stand for, but is does appear most of the terrorist acts against us originated in the Middle East or the ideology began there. I think we need to fear Washington as a whole as well as understanding the radicalized Muslims brought down the Towers (I realize I just opened the door for Palin and DAM to slam me concerning 9-11 and their theory!), and have stated this is a war to the end as far as they are concerned. They believe they are sanctioned from their god to destroy us. Whereas the radical Republicans are generally disgruntled Americans who cannot stand the idea that a black man is running and ruining our country. (I believe Obama is just inept at doing his job as president).The Republican radicals are more bark than bite, whereas the radical Muslim's have shown they will bite us like a mad dog, every chance they get. Hartmann is a non-violent radical left wing Progressive and he too is more bark than actually doing anything to change America in a positive manner, with the exception that he has a tendency to bring out the worst in people on the left and the right of the political scale. I do realize we have had our own home grown terrorists like T. Mc Veigh and the Oklahoma bombing of innocent people, but I do not think these hot airbag Republicans are in the same category. If these guys were to actually start a violent revolution against our government, they would not last long. I believe that at some point in the future the government may push the people of this nation to react in a violent manner. And, that would be the worst possible action to take. A disfunctional government is far better for the people, then a nation in chaotic violence, with an outcome far worse then we have ever seen in our history as a nation. A violent uprising could only end with tragic consequences for the people of our nation. We would not survive a second civil war. K.W.

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stonesphear 11 years 7 weeks ago

The end game is winner take all. If you are a Demturd you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun in the first place , it you are a Repuke ? Go figure. Who stands to lose the most $$$$$$ and personnel security and why ?

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awake108 11 years 7 weeks ago

Thom have you seen the study that found people who believed in an angry punishing god were more likely to be mentally ill than those that belive in a loving God. Just saw this this week.

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

Stonesphear - I am not use what your point is, but I think your ignorance is showing. Winner takes all of what? A ruined nation with chaos everywhere cannot be worth much to anyone! Take a good look at the Middle-East and see what is left after a civil war has destroyed everything. Perhaps you need to visit Iraq and see what the civil war we left them with has accomplished! Sounds like you hate anything that breathes...K.W.

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stonesphear 11 years 7 weeks ago

Beneficent God or brutality of nature ? Unbridled greed is to much for Civil Society to bare. Overcoming unbridled greed comes at costs of blood and treasure shared by the oppressed and the oppressors alike. Look around you , you are in the midst both domestically and globally. Reformation is real and eminent and there is a price to pay for the outcome on all sides.

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stonesphear 11 years 7 weeks ago

My reference here is solely based on advocates of a blood revolution and the one sided effect that would have should such a circumstance take place regardless of which ideology wins the day. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Basically A struggle between labor and management, up set that balance, too far in either direction, and there is hell to pay and tyranny to deal with.

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

I meant to write - I am not sure, "not use". I need to spell check.

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

Stonesphear - Good Point! Thanks for the explanation. K.W.

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

awake 108 - What does it say about those of us who do not believe in your God(s)? Are we perceived as being lesser of greater in the mentally ill category, than those who believe in some (their) God? How about we just try to be the best we can be and let God take of his or her business and we take care of our own without the interference of a deity! Seems like people might just try to live a better life if this is the only one we get versus believing someone is taking care of us and we will live forever when we return to dust....K.W.

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

stonesphear - Somewhat dramatic to say the least! The greedy have always been here and will always be here. There will be changes and they will be slow and perhaps painful for the masses. Reformation through policy change will be far more beneficial to the nation and world then through violent means. I once thought it would take a violent uprising to change the state we are presently in. But the end results would not outweigh the destruction a violent revolution would inflict physically and economically on us all. So hopefully the American voters will get up off their asses and vote in the next election. The politicians and wealthy fear the vote more than they fear the gun. But, it will take more than a mere 50% of the population voting as has been the fact in the last election, to make changes that benefit us all. The sad thing is that we may never enact change because most Americans believe what they hear on the tube instead of researching and trying to find the truth in matters for themselves. And if that ends up being the situation in the future, we may just see violence run rampant across America, by the masses that are being trotted upon by the politicians, corporations and the very wealthy, here in American and around the World...K.W.

Outback 11 years 7 weeks ago

Thom's point regarding the "real threat" being the militant right wing of the Republican Party is moot. I don't believe for a minute that the power brokers in this country subscribe to any ideology but money - and more of it (for themselves)! They play us against each other. It's to the advantage of the corporate heads, the Wall Street moguls and the elites in the political class (all three branches) to keep the masses at each other's throats. Don't listen to the media (including Mr. Hartmann on this point). It's a distraction. While with the one hand they rile you up and get you sweating about Jihad and violent domestic revolt, they pick your pocket with the other. The real threat to this country is that it's being gutted by a very wealthy minority.

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stonesphear 11 years 7 weeks ago

Ken Ware. Kudo's and Ditto. Time will tell.

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ken ware 11 years 7 weeks ago

Outback - You are right on the point when it comes to Hartmann's blog today. I would like to know how many Republicans were polled and where are these people located that were polled?

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stonesphear 11 years 7 weeks ago

Ken Ware,

God ? Nature ? External super natural sentience ? I have no clue and in that I have no clue I don't rule anything out. However oddly enough there always seems to be another mystery behind every mystery solved , why is that, what is that ? Again I have no clue other than it's there , remains there and persists to be so. Incredible ! Awesome ! Worthy of moments of reverence regardless of how you fathom the mechanics and seemingly limitless scope of it all . I am a product of and in participation with the precondition of my existence. My recognition of that circumstance is as close to a "Religion" as I ever hope to achieve.

Outback 11 years 7 weeks ago

Ken Ware - Thom's piece said that "According to a survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University" nearly half of the Republican Party is ready to see blood running in the streets. Hmmm. FDU is a small independent school in New Jersey. He used the word "survey". I wonder if that's different than a "poll". Is it more regional? I'm not placing a lot of weight on this "survey", and even though I'm the furthest thing from a Republican, I give them more credit than that. Mr. H does tend to sensationalize at times. Your point about "who were these republicans?" is a good one.

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ptg0 11 years 7 weeks ago

The way I see it, everyone in washington is a terrorist.

grantellsworth 11 years 7 weeks ago

Hello Ken Ware ... You[ve made several good points. Your last point >> A violent uprising could only end with tragic consequences for the people of our nation. We would not survive a second civil war. << is the best.

grantellsworth 11 years 7 weeks ago

Hello Ken Ware ... You've made several good points. Your last point >> A violent uprising could only end with tragic consequences for the people of our nation. We would not survive a second civil war. << is the best.

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historywriter 11 years 7 weeks ago

Of course Thom is right, although I think the results of the survey of republicans is stretching the point a bit--a lot, actually. The conservatives who deny global warming, who think that if you register your gun it's going to be snatched away from you, the ones who believe greed is good are the dangerous ones. The damage that the conservatives are doing to our economy and our society is severe. How can this country survive when the top 1 or 2% owns so much of the wealth and the rest of us own so little (don't remember the exact figures right now)? Tthat's not sustainable. Our capitalist economy is based on consumerism and if people do not have the money to consume--to buy houses or cars or food or appliances or whatever--what happens to the economy?It keeps plummeting. There is no such thing as a "trickle-down" (successful) economy. We can only survive if we start redoing things like taxes and raising minimum wages and stop destroying unions so that the middle class and the poor have half a chance. More and more, opportunity is lost for those who are not wealthy, who cannot afford college or any advanced education, who are shut out of the economy. There is virtually no "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" anymore. The children of the poor are also poor; the children of the rich are also rich.

I come from a lower middle class family and it was only because land-grant colleges were supposed to (and did then) have manageable tuition and fees so that I could put myself through school that I could boost myself into the middle class and make decent money--and pay taxes and contribute to the economy. We know--statistics prove it--that education is THE key to greater prosperity in a state or country.

When you buy into this nonsense, you perpetuate the system and the inevitable death of the economy.

grantellsworth 11 years 7 weeks ago

Although I'm a senior citizen on Social Security, with little else, and can see the black hole at the end of my tunnel, I would be strongly inclined to take up arms again (I was a good sharpshooter with rifles from the shoulder and the hip as a youngster) if the right wing theocrat nuts who want to return to the 17th century took charge. I hope we can find the leadership somewhere to defang these snakes. The current President is an incompetent inept nincompoop who has let the wingnuts paint him into a corner where he can't do much of anything but whine. We need another LBJ who could get results despite a a crazy recacitrant opposition.

bendigger0 11 years 7 weeks ago

Unfortunately, it's not just Republicans who feel disenfranchised to the point of armed revolt. When our government is actively engaged in criminal doings worldwide... what are we as citizens to do?

bendigger0 11 years 7 weeks ago

you are SO right about the 'land-grant' colleges having reneged on their promise.

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Kend 11 years 7 weeks ago

As a person on the right I think we are just getting tried of paying more and more of the "fair share". Year after year taxes just keep climbing. People on the right don't want Socialism. We believe we have the right to be unequal. If you want to work your 7 1/4 hours a day with your six weeks of government holidays I have no problem with that but I believe that if I took huge risks and worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week why should my fair Share share be bigger than yours. I would stand up and fight for our way of life if I wanted Socialism I would join the Omish.

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Mored 11 years 7 weeks ago

I have to agree with kend. I try hard and work hard to get ahead and work long hours. I fully support paying my fair share but I also fully support keeping the fair share that I alone earned. I support charities when I can and pay my tax bill each month. Any more than that is unreasonable and I might as well move to Russia.

As for the Republicans supporting violence, that is a desperate gimmick for ratings!!

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DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

Ken Ware wrote ~ (Concerning The Thom Hartmann show) "He has a tendency to slant the facts in his program and blog when it comes to blaming the Republicans for everything that is wrong and he also has a habit of making the Democrats look better than they actually are. "

"Tendency?" "Habit?" If you ask me Thom's entire show is a Democratic cheerleading dance. Probably written into his contract by his syndicators and promoters. Other than that little under exaggeration Ken, your on fire with accurate observation. We need to drop these stupid labels we've attached to ourselves. They sow discord and are self defeating. What is a Democrat? What is a Liberal? What is a Conservative? Really!! These words mean nothing to everyone, and something different to anyone. The only purpose they serve is to divide, and weaken the electorate. We share more simularities and are more alike than we realize. We are first and foremost Americans! Until we stop playing these stupid word games we will continue to allow our meaningless differences and personal expectations to do what the small wealthy minority that run everything can't do--prevent ourselves from coming together and solving our problems; namely, the wealthy minority.

Palindromedary ~ I strongly suggest that you and everyone else who is fed up with the current paradigm take the time to check out those music links I posted yesterday about The Grateful Dead--Especially the "Throwing Stones" video. The lyrics are available on line but that video goes way beyond lyrics. It uses masterful musicianship and spectacular imagery to get its meaning across. I've never seen anything like it before or since. It was done with 1987 technology. Nothing I've seen since comes close to this. Perhaps you have seen something and can share? Anyone else? Here's the "Throwing Stones" link again for anyone who missed it:


Enjoy all! Don't forget to share!

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DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ BTW I'd just like to thank you for your sincere efforts to "help me" out of my seemingly brainwashed "faith". You are very kind and considerate to be concerned and I deeply appreciate the thought. But remember, I'm a very deep thinking and practical person. Believe me when I say I had a deeply spiritual experience in my life that changed my opinion of the supernatural. I wish I could have shared that experience; but, that isn't possible. The Bible has played a minor role in that process--nothing more.

I resorted to the Bible because I was outraged by pamphlets left on my car when I was in college about anti-abortionists. They quoted the Bible all over the pamphlets. I decided that the Bible was so vague that two could play at that game. I looked up the verses that were in the pamphlet and was shocked to find them quoted out of context to the point that the original meanings had nothing to do with abortion. I then read the Bible. You see, I'm quite gifted with the ability to interpret literature on deep metaphorical and sociological levels. I decided to use my gift to write a paper denouncing the anti-abortion activists using their own source. I was shocked to realize how easy that was going to be. The truth of the matter is that the Bible--or at least many parts of it--actually supports a much more practical way of life than we are led to believe by the members of the 'fundamentalist' movement in this country. You might say every con has a bit of truth to it. (I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the same is true of 'fundamental' Islam and the Koran in the Muslim world.) All of our Institutionalized Religious problems--in my opinion-- are the result of the same cause.

I consider the Bible to be a tool, not evidence of anything real. I don't doubt it has been used and misused by those with hidden agendas to mislead and control people for private desires. Please understand that when I cite the Bible I only cite parts that I believe are wise and universally true. Because I cite a verse doesn't mean I believe the whole book. I tend to only wish to appeal to those who believe the whole book to help them think; much like you have tried to achieve with me.

Don't worry about me my friend. I'm not like anyone you've ever met. If you knew me better you would know that. Regardless, I understand and appreciate your concerns ;-)

That video I suggested you watch I find much more spiritually arousing than the vast majority of the Bible. Do Enjoy!!

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Palindromedary 11 years 7 weeks ago

Seems to me that the ruling elite uses both the Republican and the Democrat parties, and their propagandists, to scare the people into accepting the futility of rebelling against the ruling elite. The Republicans try to make the Democrats look evil and manipulative...and the Democrats try to make the Republicans evil and manipulative. By both parties pointing fingers at the other party, they manage to divide and conquer.

It is funny how some people can rail against gun owners while ignoring the fact that this country was founded on armed rebellions to begin with. They ignore the fact that our founding fathers...Presidents like TJ has said that citizens have a duty to take up armed rebellion against a tyrannous government. Would we not agree that it would have been nice to see an armed German citizen's rebellion against Hitler? Just how far are we going to let our tyrannous ruling elite control our government that works against the majority of people in this country?

I am certainly not Republican. I consider myself Democrat..or rather, of late, Independent (Green Party). And I think there are a lot of others, who are not Republican, who believe that we are running out of options..because there aren't any anymore. The game's up..it's already becoming a life-or-death situation for many who can no longer afford to live in this criminal empire....more and more people are starting to realize that the two party system is a scam and anti democratic.

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Palindromedary 11 years 7 weeks ago

DAnnemarc: I am not, of course, targeting you, personally, about religion. I am addressing a wider audience (if they even bother to actually read what I have said..and I am not foolish enough to think that they are). ;-}

I am going to try to find the lyrics of the songs you mentioned. If I can read the lyrics while listening to the songs it might make some sense to me. Thanks for your recommendations. Have you ever heard the one about playing the Beatles "I am the Walrus" backwards? And did you ever listen to the Art Bell "Frantic Caller episode"?

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2950-10K 11 years 7 weeks ago

So 44% of Republicans say they are willing to mount an armed insurgency against their own government. First they've got to be willing to put down the box of donuts, turn off Fox television, and dismount from their easy chairs. If this 44% is in the same shape as 90% of the folks I've seen at places like Walmart, then good luck taking on the United States military.

If anything I think the survey shows the degree to which right-wing hate talk screws with vulnerable heads. It's no small matter that as the results show, almost half of the Teapublican Party is totally foxmerized. The real danger here lies in the question of just how many Timothy McVeighs guys like Limpbaugh and Beck are fomenting towards violence.

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2950-10K 11 years 7 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: I realize I'm a Little late with this comment, but I agree, "Throwing Stones," by the Dead is all you say it is. I love playing their music on road trips. Hey, for another great war protest song, check out, " Fortunate Son," by Creedence. That was a cover we did a lot in the first band I played in.

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dialindicator 11 years 7 weeks ago

If you ask a self-identified republican citizen, old and seasoned or young and ambitious. If you create a hypotetical threat to his or her liberty/ freedom( fought and died for in everybodys family history). It is the nature of them to fight and not flight. They love to say they are ready to take up arms to defend what they perceive is theirs. I belive from a posture of defence they mean what they say. From a posture of offence they have proven to be "wait and see".

On the other hand there is radical Islam (this is not Islam). This is not a faction that say's it might resort to violence if X;Y,or Z. This is a faction that blows other people up with bombs and yes "GUNS" all over the world.... While the actions of our government may help to empower them, they have no excuse for their acts!

I have been a fan of Thoms books and his philosphy for at least twenty years, but here he is way over the line and I am offended by the comparision between my republican friends and family members and "Radical Islam".

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nora 11 years 7 weeks ago

I don't want to touch that word "radical" with a ten-foot pole.

"Radical" is one of those favorite words of the Police State. They get to put it in front of any other word and demonize whomever they choose.

This also goes for the word "extremists", too, which they trotted out for a little while when they considered changing "The Global War on Terror" to "The Global War on Extremists".

"Radical" and "extremist" are words which are FUZZY and very subjective, and come in handy when repressive bullies decide it is time for a purge of their political opponents.

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DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

2950-10K ~ I hear what you're saying. "Fortunate Son," "Centerfield", and my personal favorite, "Bad Moon Rising" are my own personal "cover songs" from CCR--yet another band who gives Satan the fits! LOL You and I are definitely cut from the same branch of the same spiritual tree. Keep the faith my brother and thanks for the vote of confidence! For providence lets just leave it at that for now! OK?

markincorsicana 11 years 7 weeks ago

The repugs are right about one thing, there is an extremist religious cult seeking power and money in virtually every country in the world and they will use horrific violence to control the masses. Read Jeff Sharlet's "The Family" and you will realize the threat to the well being of the poor and middle class in this country and around the world. As for a bunch of trigger happy, socialist shooting teabrains, they are just tools of the ones who really have power in this country and internationally. If they cause more trouble than they are worth to the powers that be, they will be obliterated by a military experienced in modern day warfare and controlled by the powers who pull the strings of the teabrain's idols. On the other hand if the powers that be want useful brown shirted fools to act in a faux revolution, the teabrains will serve nicely for that too. Either way the ones with the power will remain the ones with the power, the teabrains will never understand who punches their buttons and controls their behaviour, and the masses will continue to be ground to the dust from which we were made only dimly aware that we have been tricked out of our patrimony.

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Kend 11 years 7 weeks ago

Thanks Mored I can use all the help I can get. Be careful though with Russia, since the fall of the Soviet Union. Things have changed there a lot. I played hockey there in the 80's in Lenigrad now St Petersburg when it Communist what a experience. I know I am the way I am because I have always Remembered that way of life or lack of life I saw there and felt blessed to be in a country with the opperatunities we have. I promised myself I would do my best to take advantage of the freedoms we have. In Russia they are going through some growing pains it is very shady there. Some Russians are becoming very wealthy. They are buying up New York right now like its free. I think it will slowly stabilize and become a merging market like India soon. I have some friends that work in the oil business there. They have some great stories.

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DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

markincorsecana ~ Thanks for that insight. I read a synopsis of "The Family." Finally a better look at the Secret Society Kennedy was talking about. Fundamentalism, huh? How that word when placed in front of the name of any religion seems to attract crowds of violent nitwits. Any insight on whether or not these teabrains are comprised of some of the mental patients Reagan set free? I always suspected such myself. Of course there is a fine line between super stupid and mental illness. However, I think one crosses that line when they believe they can take down the US Government with anything they can buy at a gun show. Give me a break! ROFLMAO!!

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Bounty hunter 11 years 7 weeks ago

Thank you Ken.....THANK YOU! The addition I can think of are the "POLLS" thom uses.... Really, Fairleigh Dickinson University? ?? With a scalding 33% graduation, take a look at the makeup of the students..... God Bless those students for hanging in and graduating!!! But thom, find real pollsters, real polls to use, but they won't come close to supporting his crazy ideals! I also used to watch, but there's something about people being embarrassed in public that makes me turn away, and thom is constantly being made a fool on screen, and shrugs his shoulders and changes the subject! Hes not even entertaining, his stupidity, I'm not saying he is stupid, is constantly in the forefront! Maybe its his staff? Maybe because he choose to change the spelling of Tom? I don't know, but anyone stating that Republicans are wanting overthrow our gvmt, and armed war needs help! You know the strange thing, that with all of the people like you and me that throw facts back in his face, he, thom has NEVER replied to anyone, that I've read, and for sure he has never addressed any of my scathing comments!
Oh, yeah, I can't wait to hear his report on the mother being turned down by her Colorado Senators when she tries to speak tip then about voting against the last attack on the Constitution.... Thank you again Ken!!

Bounty hunter's picture
Bounty hunter 11 years 7 weeks ago

Well you created enough interest for me to watch the Rolling Stones...(I have never been a fan for some reason) This was one of the best songs-videos they have done!

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DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Thanks for the kind words. I haven't heard "I am the Walrus" backwards, LOL, but I've heard it forwards, including, "Get Back," "Here Comes the Sun", "Come Together," "Here Comes The Sun King," "The Ballad of John and Yoko," "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," "The Fool On the Hill," "NoWhere Man," and, "Imagine." Thanks for the question. The answer is yes I read a lot of meaning into these songs. My personal musical phylosophy concerning song lyrics is, if you didn't get the message from listening to the song forward the way it was intended to be heard... Let it go! I think this backwards message thing was intended to distract peoples attention from the real meaning of lyrics. It's success is obvious. I did, however, google "I am the Walrus" backwards and there it was--a Youtube video that translated it. "Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha He He He!" I can't believe someone took the time to do that video! The song made about as much sense backwards as it did forwards.LOL (So did the speech by George Bush when they played it backwards on Youtube. I think he should only talk backwards from now on. I think he would make more sense backwards. He sure could catapult a lot more of the propaganda that way.)

As far as Area 51 is concerned... Not enough evidence to say one way or the other. Can you provide some juicy, rock solid evidence like you did for the WTC on 9/11? If so, I'm listening. As far as that mysterious phone call to Art Bell is concerned... Yeah, I've heard it before. I used to listen to his show, "Over the Edge," and "Puzzling Evidence and the Church of the Subgenius." Well done entertainment. ROFLMAO. I listened to it again twice at your request. Anonymous voices of people in trouble who choose to call a radio station instead of a police station do not impress me. I wouldn't take it too seriously. It sounds like either the ravings of a poor paranoid schizophrenic or a very elaborate Government sponsored hoax. He might have even been somewhat on the level... If I was his boss and he started talking like that I'd put him on medical leave too. As far as his "warning" is concerned, The pole shift/Nibiru/Doomsday hoax has been around longer than you or I. It will surely still be around after we are gone. Anyone suffering from a mental illness--or drug dependancy-- hearing one of those conspiracy theorys would probably have had just such a bad reaction. BTW If you really enjoy elaborate paranoid hoaxes check out Alex Collier, and then this site:


They've come here to free us from the Lizard people! That's right, increadibly powerful, child eating, mean, invisible, 4th dimension, giant Lizard People who have mislead humanity since the dawn of time. Look out! One might be standing behind you watching you read this right now! Boo! Unfortunately, they are rarely right about anything they predict or say and people still believe the BS. Not unlike the way we still have faith in our Government. Give me a break! What are they putting in the water?

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to sound like I completely discount that UFOs may exist; but, there is so much disinformation on the issue out there and so little evidence it's hard to take anything too seriously. Yet, personally,I truly doubt that we are completely alone in the Universe(s). Like I said before, there is a little bit of truth in every con.

I hope you get a kick out of the video I've provided. It speaks for itself! Look forward to your opinion. Talk to you tomorrow.Good Night! DAM

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 7 weeks ago

DAnnemarc: I agree with you, actually, about that Frantic Caller on the Art Bell show. It could have been an elaborate hoax (but then, if it was true that the network satellite link was disconnected..or failed..then that adds to the mystery)..the FCC has very strict rules about messing with communication links. And I don't think Art Bell would have risked losing his license just to pull a prank on the listeners. Although, there are a lot of really freaky things about the whole Art Bell history...his son...his wife Ramona...his new bride...??? I actually drove around Pahrump, Nevada once, many years ago, wondering where Art Bells studio was. I saw a number of towers but didn't have a whole lot of time to waste on that endeavor.

I was actually listening to that "feaked out caller" show when it happened. I kept my radio on to that station wondering what the heck just happened...and patience paid off because finally Art Bell comes back on and tries to explain what happened.

I too used to listen to Art Bell and got a kick out of people like Major Ed Dames and his freaky Remote Viewing stories. Man, talk about hysteria and paranoia! But, at least it inspired a very funny movie...Men Who Stared at Goats. And remember, our government (it was either the Army or the CIA) actually did have a program of using Remote Viewing. I don't think it really proved to be very successful and when the public found out about it the program was ridiculed out of existence. Maj Ed Dames was part of that program but he managed to eek out a living afterwards by selling people courses on how to Remote View.
Still laughing at that Goat Staring movie. ;-} LOLROFLMFAO

On one Art Bell show, Ed Dames was freaking out, in his very high pitched voice, screeching about the world was about to be fried to a crisp by an unprecedented solar flare. He said it was imminent! It wasn't the first time he had "prophesied" or "remote viewed" the end of the earth or alien invasions. And he said he was going to move to Tahiti where his predictions of when the solar flare would happen on the opposite side of the earth from where Tahiti is and would get the full force of the flare. I think he actually did move to Tahiti. But of course that was many years ago.

I remember staying up very late at night...like till about 2am or 3am to listen to some shows...and I had to be at work at 8:00am the next day. I tried to record the shows on cassettes so that I could listen to the shows during the normal daylight hours but that never worked out very well. Now, of course, there are all kinds of ways to record very long shows..even listen to them on podcasts...but some..like Art Bell and others want you to pay money for that privilege....but I have since lost interest in listening to those shows...for many years now.

I don't totally dismiss or accept many of the UFO stories...I have a whole library of books on UFOs and read them all...but never got into the paranormal. I always thought there might be something to some UFO stories but many, of course, were just not very believable. I believe that the Roswell crash has a fairly high believability level. After all, the government changed it's story a number of times.

I have camped out, over night, just down the road from what is known as mail-box road along the, what is now officially called, Extra Terrestrial Highway in Nevada. Mail box road (marked by a mail box, of course, which is a mail box for some ranch some distance off the main road.. is located about 20 miles southeast of Rachel and the other road, where I camped out, is the actual road that goes to Groom Lake is 5 miles further southeast).I saw something about 4 or 5 in the morning before it started to get light...hovering in the sky above Groom Lake. The atmosphere was very clear and I could see very clearly all of the stars.

My first thought was that maybe it was Venus or Jupiter but I knew that this was much bigger and brighter. No strange atmospheric condition or swamp gas here! ;-}

I have been interested in astronomy for many years and have even built my own reflector telescopes..actually ground down the 6" Pyrex blank into a parabolic mirror...then polished it to have the correct surface to correct for spherical aberration. I did several of different sizes for larger telescopes as well... 10" mirror and a 12" mirror.

The object hovering over Groom Lake looked like a bright gold/orange colored oval not any bigger than half the size of a pencil eraser held at arms length. It didn't move, at first, and I got my binoculars and focused in on it which, of course made it bigger. But I couldn't recognize any details. By that time it starts to move across the sky from left to right in a straight line and alternatively disappeared and reappeared as it flew behind the peaks of the Groom mountain range. Then finally disappeared.

I saw other photos posted in the Little A'Le'Inn cafe in Rachel, NV that looked just like what I saw but the flying characteristics as described on those photos indicated a different flight path...very weird...disappearing in mid air then instantaneously reappearing maybe 10 degrees or so straight up above where it had been. Then disappearing again and reappearing somewhere else. I realize that Groom Lake experimented with all kinds of strange craft, flares, etc. and I cannot say, nor to I necessarily believe, that what I saw was extraterrestrial.

The Bob Lazar and Edward Teller stories were interesting. I actually went to a seminar held at the Lil Alien cafe and camped out over night there with a lot of others. Bob Lazar gave his speech in a big tent the set up for that occasion. Someone was playing games with us because during Lazar's speech we got word that there was something funny going on up in the sky...we all went out and saw that is was just a flare...very funny!

And the Gulf Breeze sightings as told by Ed Walters was interesting as well. I actually went to Gulf Breeze after reading his stories. Funny, there is a house in the shape of a UFO there (not the same one as the one Ed Walters was living in when he saw what he wrote about in his book)...and the UFO house was no where near Ed Walter's house at the time. In fact, I doubt that the UFO house was even built at the time of Walter's sightings. Yes, I heard stories about someone finding model UFOs up in Walter's house when he sold it...don't know if that was true...maybe!

I also went to the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash and went out to the alleged site of the crash. Do I really believe any of it? Only maybe...some of it. And yes, there is a lot of disinformation in the form of really crazy conspiracy theories...some of it put out by the government to make most people believe that all of the theories...sightings...abductions...etc are crazy. The government kept changing it's story about Roswell. I certainly don't believe the government...especially after they repeatedly got caught in their lies.

Barney and Betty Hill story was one of the first stories like this..that seem to have a certain amount of credibility. Of course, there have been other stories going way back to ancient times...some even mentioned in the Bible. And still very old but not as ancient was the Aurora, Texas story of 1897..very strange!

I have never been a true believer in UFOs or aliens...and certainly never ghosts, or other paranormal stories....although they are very entertaining. But I have always reserved a space for a possibility that at least some of the UFO/alien may at least have elements of truth to them. But even very prominent scientists believe that there must be other forms of life, even intelligent life, in abundance in our Universe.

We are constantly finding other worlds that could sustain life. But many people cannot accept that the earth has been actually visited by extraterrestrials because, they argue, that it would take forever (many lifetimes) for them to travel those great distances. And that may very well be true if we are all really limited by the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). And that may be true if we are all limited by physics as we currently know it. But, I have a strong feeling that other worlds may be advantaged by not only being way more intelligent and technologically superior...but also because they may have other elements that exhibit properties that are very useful in intra- and extra galactic travels. Our science is only on the tip of some very strange concepts..dark matter..worm holes..parallel universes...that may be old hat for ET.

Shy away from potentially very dangerous groups like Raelians, Mormons, and Baptists! The lizard people take on many different disguises and will eat you alive if they could. At least they will try to get you to drink the cool-aid like Jim Jones did! ;-}

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 7 weeks ago
Quote DAnnemarc:
Look out! One might be standing behind you watching you read this right now! Boo!

That is not so far fetched! It may not be a Lizard ET but I'd bet a lot of hackers (both hobbyists and law enforcement) are very likely scouting out the contents of our hard drives as we type! And look out for those pin-hole cameras stuck in the ceiling! There's just no privacy anymore!

I happened upon a web cam once...there are ways to search and watch what some people are doing if they have insecure web cams set up and connected to the internet...where I saw this guy typing on his computer and there was this plant between the man and the camera. The camera was obviously supposed to be stealth. I suspect that the man did not know that he was being watched. Was it a wife trying to see what the man was up to? Was it a pin hole camera set up by law enforcement to investigate this guy? The Lizards are watching! Who knows?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 7 weeks ago

Proud Kafir: Salaam Alaikum, ya Proud Kafir! Al Hamdu li'allah I too am a Proud Kafir (unbeliever). I have studied the Arabic language for years and can read and write and speak and understand some Arabic..although I am still not very conversant in the language. I even lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for a couple of years. I am also a Proud Atheist and consider all religions to be sheer non-sense! But, I had to keep my trap shut about atheism..no sense in losing one's head over ones beliefs....or lack of beliefs!

You might enjoy Pat Condell, a British comedian, who has a podcast. I used to listen to his podcasts...but my time has been taken up with other things.

While I think all religions are ridiculous, I still like many Arabs..the people...not their religion....they are not all religious crazies..just as not all Christians are religious crazies...but one thing that will make anyone "crazy" is what our military has done to them by slaughtering all those innocent people.

But,I think they are worthy of pity because they have all put their minds in a prison of dogma (which is really propaganda to imprison your minds and to get you to do stuff you would otherwise find abhorrent).

Well, maybe not all...some stay away from organized religion and understand the fallacious nature of believing in some ancient book (and especially those who claim to be able to interpret those ancient books in the right way ;-}). A Book that has been modified so many times, over the ages, by church fathers with their own warped predilections...so that there is not just one book but many books all claiming to be the one true voice of God. Into the land of Babble...send lots babble. There's an awful lot of babbling gone on right now, I can tell you! ;-}

At least if you strike out on your own and adopt certain beliefs, you are not as apt to "drink the cool-aid" as those who find themselves mixed up with some Jim Jones style organized religion have done.

You might even have taken a side exit in the slaughter of innocents, in the land of Canaan, when God ostensibly ordered Moses to send his warriors down to rape and pillage the inhabitants. They didn't have nano-thermite back then and had to do it the hard way.

Moses was ordered not to have any fun or maybe he was looking for plausible deniability? Well, he was pretty old...so he might not have fared so well with raping women and children...or maybe men. And he surely wouldn't have been able to fight very well. Maybe he was really just a coward? An old man sending the young into battle to fight old men's wars...now where have I heard that one before?!!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Thanks for sharing those most interesting experiences. Basically I've drawn the same conclusions;-}

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 7 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ You are so right about the Bible. I wish I was familiar with the Koran so I could elaborate on that as well. But I'll just stick to the Bible.

The Bible is like Drone technology. In the right hands it can do wonders. Drones can be used for search and rescue missions, to fight fires, deliver emergency materials to disaster victims, to name but a few benevolent uses. In the wrong hands it becomes one of the most insidious weapons of evil ever conceived.

As someone who originally approached the book to exploit it for the good cause I could see how much potential for misuse exists in it's pages. Most so-called devout believers don't even read the damn thing themselves. Some of the most heated arguments I've had with people when I mention a teaching is that they can't believe its there. Apparently that would conflict with what they have been taught in church. I don't really get along with church goers for this reason. It's also a major reason I stay away from the place.

However, I doubt the world would be any better without religion. Though thats a matter of conjecture. Considering base human nature, I suppose people would just find some other stupid excuse to kill one another. A world without money, however, that's another story.

K. C. Rourke 11 years 7 weeks ago

Remember, that's 44% of the people who answered the poll (a self-selected set). The current population of the US is 315 million. In 2011, a Gallup poll numbered U. S. Republicans as 27% of voters. That's all Republicans, and the party contains some very diverse factions. The poll showed 40% of American voters identifying as independents.

In January 2013, the Pew Research Center measured the Republican party's favorability ratings as 33%, and Republican approval of their leadership as 25%. In February, a follow-up poll showed that 65% of independent voters viewed the Republican party as "out of touch with the American people".

I don't think we're in much danger of revolution after all...

plin 11 years 6 weeks ago

Hey Thom .. is that short for Thomas or did your parents have a speech impediment? So try this little experiment and put some action behind your words. Hand draw a disgusting vile picture of Jesus Christ. Then hand draw the most loving and caring picture of Mohammed (did I spell the correct?), the Allah guy. If you truly believe that "Radical Islam" is not a big a threat as fast food or being able to drive to work, which one will you publish on your blog?

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