Chris Christie prioritizes 2013 over 2016

Yesterday, Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg passed away, after months of ailing health. The New Jersey Senator was 89, and he was the last remaining World War II veteran in the Senate. Throughout his five terms in office, Senator Lautenberg was a champion for progressive issues. He fought for causes ranging from women's health to LGBT equality to ending the subsidies for Big Oil.

Senator Lautenberg helped to secure financial assistance for low-income HIV/AIDS patients, he wrote the Responsible Education about Life Act, which provides funding for comprehensive sex education, and he was an original cosponsor of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Now, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and state lawmakers are sorting through that state's election laws, to figure out the process for filling Senator Lautenberg's seat. On Tuesday, Governor Christie asserted that he does have the right to appoint a replacement that would hold Senator Lautenberg's seat until 2014, however the governor announced that he is calling for a special election. He commented that it is proper for the people of the State of New Jersey to choose who will represent them in the Senate.

Under New Jersey Law, Governor Christie had the option of appointing a temporary place holder to fill the seat, or call for a special election to let the voters decide. In addition, there was a debate as to whether an appointee would only be in office until this November, or would remain in the Senate until the end of Senator Lautenberg's term in 2014.

Many have noted the politically difficult position Governor Christie was put in with this vacancy. It appears that he opted to spite the GOP, and instead, curry favor with the voters who will decide whether or not he gets a second term in his reelection bid later this year.


DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 11 years 2 weeks ago

Governer Christie is in the wrong party. His work ethic and commitment to the people and the truth are constantly at odds with the Republican Agenda. It is my suspicion that Mr. Christie may run for the office of President in the future. Whether that will be as a Republican or something else remains to be seen. However, if he continues to alienate his party by doing what is right, he may have no choice but to run as another party candidate. Time will tell.

pattreid's picture
pattreid 11 years 2 weeks ago

What Mr Christie has done is make it hard for people to get to the polls.We in NJ typically work far from Home ( read: Nyc). In a blue state, that works for him. Really, 2days late to work in barely a month?

Intermittent Instigator's picture
Intermittent In... 11 years 2 weeks ago

All "Republicans" are clearly in the wrong party. I sometimes wonder what the "right" "party" might be ... "Democratic"?? generally my first choice...since my man Ralph seems to have left the arena..."Green"? that where Jill Stein's from?... "Libertarian"?...(enjoyed one-time Libertarian Convention upstart Wayne Root getting lambasted (unbeknownst to him) by Colbert?/Stewart?)....Whig??? ....Guns 'n Dope Party???....a revitalized/refocussed "Democratic" Party" ...or some Brand New Party...about to be formed by ... the magic of the interwebs and true populist democracy... with a little help from Tom, Amy, Ed, Bernie, Sherrod, Alan, Stephanie, Ralph, Randi, Norman, Alan, Bobby, Mike, Barack(?), Jeff, Eni, Nancy, Harry(?), Dick(?), Barbara, Henry, Maxine, Debbie, Tulsi, Jan, Chris (not Anne Coulter's 2012 pick Chris), and all the other real "Democrats"/"Greens"/"Libertarians"/...(or what have you)....2014's right around the corner...we'd better get together before we're gerrymandered/disenfranchised/diebolded out of any voice we still have.


historywriter's picture
historywriter 11 years 2 weeks ago

Is that ALL he's done? How did he do it? I just heard a list of all the wonderful things Frank Lautenberg did during his years as senator. Maybe you need to look farther afield than your own issue.

ScottFromOz 11 years 2 weeks ago

Wow, this is becoming a pattern with Christie. A Republican with a conscience who cares about ALL his constituents rather than just his 1%'ers. Who'd have thought there were any left in the Republican/Tea Party. As a Dem, I find this truly scary and perplexing. Just when I thought I had the Conservatives figured out, one of them throws a curveball. Still, it IS only one of far.

Intermittent Instigator's picture
Intermittent In... 11 years 2 weeks ago

how about the United Citizens party?

the Bees & Trees/Trees & Bees party?


Frankie, we hardly knew ye...

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 11 years 2 weeks ago

Funny...Republican Gov. Christie is more a Democrat then Obama...Interesting indeed!!!

Off topic...
My sister and her girlfriend are coming from Australia to visit, they will be here in the States for 5 weeks and then off to Cuba for 3 weeks. They receive 8 weeks paid vacation every year (Holiday as they call it), 6 of the 8 weeks are mandatory paid holiday (All working class Australians receive 6 weeks paid vacation), the other 2 weeks is bonus for higher position and term. Imagine that...Getting paid to go on vacation for a minimum of 6 weeks...3x's what Americans get in the "good 'ol" United States of Corporations, where even if you work a full 40 hours a week you are more than likely to still not afford the basic cost of living, never mind going on "holiday"...And dare get sick!!!

It is well past time to change our way of thinking! Keep your eye on the ball and swing for the grand stands...If We ALL organize and work together We CAN take this country back from the Corporations that hijacked it and have been underminding our wellbeing all for the sake of a dollar in their pocket...Or a billion of them.


delster's picture
delster 11 years 2 weeks ago

Governor Christie is an example of how a republican can work for justice and honesty much the way Dwight Eisehower did. I admire the way he navigates regardless of which party he is a member of. I believe that is what we were all raised to believe. Kudos to Governor Christie.

Suze O's picture
Suze O 11 years 2 weeks ago

Some of these Republican governors are surprising me. By and large I still don't trust them, but there are schisms developing in the GOP and it's about time. And, Scott from Oz, Christie is NOT the only one. Jan Brewer of Arizona, who up to now certainly earned my distaste for her, is vetoing all legislation until the Republican-run Arizona legislature expands medicare in that state. I have seen comments from rank and file Republicans that cannot tolerate the batch in Congress anymore. Others may not be crazy about "liberals" in general or Obama in particular but they say enough is enough, something's got to give and they can see which side is the most unyielding. I even read an interview with a big investor in Hong Kong who warned that the wealth gap is destructive of stable markets and unsustainable besides (in America AND worldwide), and the wealthy will be getting so unpopular that they should expect a vengeful comeuppance sometime soon. (He didn't say how long qualified as "soon", unfortunately.) Let's get busy and make it as soon as possible!

ptg0's picture
ptg0 11 years 2 weeks ago

Lautenberg was typical of those that saw tyranny first hand. Our government is now run by a bunch of self serving punks.

Obama is typical. He needed to have his butt kicked more growing up. The result is this gutless idiot that promised too much and is not capable of delivering anything.

And dont blame it all on the scum bag republiCONs because they wouldnt be able to do it without scum bag punk democRATs.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 11 years 2 weeks ago

PTGO said; "The result is this gutless idiot [Obama] that promised to much and is not capable of delivering anything."

As much as I agree with the "frustration" of that statement...I am more bent by all those who voted for Obama or Romney. Anyone today that "believes" the President runs the show is completely "out of their tree".

Sure Gov. Christie is a "stand up" guy, but he is still a politician, and "if" he ran for President in todays Corporate run Political Climate, he would have to do the Hookie Pookie and side step his own social conscience.

Now don't get me wrong, even though I am a bit synical I do understand our Democratic System...What we are suffering by is the deregulation of a Checks and Balance process resulting in Capitalism run amuck. Something that started 40+ years ago and became hyper-tense in the 80's and has gotten worse over the last 2 decades. We need to change this. One way (the best way) is to start at a Local & State level of government. Yes We need more Gov. like Christies, and more Senaters like Bernie Sanders! That is how We the People will regain a Government Of, For, and By the People. But you have to start local...That is were all these politicians start the careers.

Enjoy this day!

fatfax's picture
fatfax 11 years 2 weeks ago

Holder is a PUNK !!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 2 weeks ago

In regard to the many above posts.......Holy crap! Just as Obama's record shows he is a right of center politician in liberal clothing, Christie's record shows he is far right of center in moderate clothing. For starters he's anti labor, and anti public education, due to his right wing hatred for unions. Don't let the corp. media pull the moderate image bull, get the facts.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 2 weeks ago

Might I add Nicole and Bill to the list of fine patriots, the broadcasters element anyway.

pattreid's picture
pattreid 11 years 2 weeks ago

Give Occupy a couple of years..

pattreid's picture
pattreid 11 years 2 weeks ago

You don't know Christie. He's as far from moderate as he can be, and he's a total political animal. No to women, no to minimum wage increase, no tto jobs, fired teachers, firemen, lost education money so our r.e. taxes have skyrocketed, is turning down expanded Medicaid. This guy is not meoderate, he wants to privatize EVERYTHING and makes no bones about it. He's pro-birth, but calls it pro-life. He's a bully. He is an entertaining character, and occasionally has a moral and reasonable moment. That is, after he uses the gobinatorial plane to see his kid play soccer. No, this guy is definitely not cool. That said, he will probably win this next governor's race because there are Dems who think like what you said.

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