The New Normal of Super Storms.

Eleven days after a deadly tornado hit the city of Moore, Oklahoma, five more tornadoes hit that state, killing at least 13 people, and injuring more than one hundred. Among the lives lost were three Discovery Channel storm chasers, Carl Young, and Tim and Paul Samaras. The storms hit just as roads and highways were jammed with rush hour traffic, leaving many people stuck in the path of approaching twisters. At least one of the tornadoes was classified an EF3, with winds up to 165 miles per hour.

The storms also dumped softball-sized hail and over eight inches of rain on the Oklahoma City region, causing flash floods and stranding many residents in malls, businesses, and other areas throughout the city. The neighboring state of Missouri was also hit by the massive EF3 twister, which damaged at least 170 homes.

For years now, scientists have been warning us to expect massive storms fueled by warmer weather and higher levels of moisture in the atmosphere. While environmental experts will not link any one storm directly to global warming, they agree that these super hurricanes, devastating floods, and monster tornadoes are the undeniable result of climate change.

Scientists warn that if we continue to pump more and more carbon pollution in our atmosphere, these storms will continue to grow in power and frequency. This is the new normal, and without immediate change it will it get even worse.

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