The New Normal of Super Storms.

Eleven days after a deadly tornado hit the city of Moore, Oklahoma, five more tornadoes hit that state, killing at least 13 people, and injuring more than one hundred. Among the lives lost were three Discovery Channel storm chasers, Carl Young, and Tim and Paul Samaras. The storms hit just as roads and highways were jammed with rush hour traffic, leaving many people stuck in the path of approaching twisters. At least one of the tornadoes was classified an EF3, with winds up to 165 miles per hour.

The storms also dumped softball-sized hail and over eight inches of rain on the Oklahoma City region, causing flash floods and stranding many residents in malls, businesses, and other areas throughout the city. The neighboring state of Missouri was also hit by the massive EF3 twister, which damaged at least 170 homes.

For years now, scientists have been warning us to expect massive storms fueled by warmer weather and higher levels of moisture in the atmosphere. While environmental experts will not link any one storm directly to global warming, they agree that these super hurricanes, devastating floods, and monster tornadoes are the undeniable result of climate change.

Scientists warn that if we continue to pump more and more carbon pollution in our atmosphere, these storms will continue to grow in power and frequency. This is the new normal, and without immediate change it will it get even worse.


DrRichard 9 years 42 weeks ago

Sadly, the ability of the average person to link a major storm with long-term climate change is questionable. Not entirely wrong; saying one caused the other is a very difficult connection to make even for experts, since so many variables are at play. One needs to look at long-term trends over a century or more, and of course that's when you lose the public, not to mention politicans. My mother (1913-2012) said she saw a real change in New York City's climate, but how many people can wait that long? It will have to get a lot worse before we reach a "social tipping point" and make substantive changes in what we are doing to a climate that has also passed it's tipping point....

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tkrill 9 years 42 weeks ago

My Mother: 1913-2012 also!

delster's picture
delster 9 years 42 weeks ago

While the results of global warming is most identifiable with the midwest for the current time what terrible events may other regions experience in months to come ? I really can't imagine all the rest of us get off easy. There are bound to be events. In consideration of the economy we will suffer what might be described as unsustainable economic catastrophes for which the rich just may have to belly up to the bar and help out with a tax hike. Seems only fair and reasonable.

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DAnneMarc 9 years 42 weeks ago
Quote delster:While the results of global warming is most identifiable with the midwest for the current time what terrible events may other regions experience in months to come ? I really can't imagine all the rest of us get off easy. There are bound to be events.

delster ~ You raise a great point! Perhaps we should just wait and let the chips fall where they may. After all this bunch of petroleum fueled NeoCons will never acknowledge any problems created by their constituents until they are directly affected. It behooves us to allow the natural evolution of life to proceed according to its divine plan, no? Allow Mother Nature to dictate our actions in the future. All of our efforts combined will do nothing to influence the current paradigm. Most unfortunate, indeed; however, apparently a necessity. Let us pray the influences of Mother Earth trump the big money influences of the petroleum industry.

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stecoop01 9 years 42 weeks ago

Well, look at it this way...eventually the storms will get severe enough to kill millions of people with each storm; the global human population will decrease substantially; the amount of human caused damage to the enviroment will decrease; and eventually everything will return to normal. Mother Nature always finds a way to reduce an over-breeding species.

And we're helping Her.

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historywriter 9 years 42 weeks ago

We don't have to wait to see the consequences of global warming. It's in the headlines every day. Devastating and unusal numbers of tornadoes. Frequent floods (the flood of the century, happening every few years). Drought in other parts of the country. Forest and grass fires destroying houses. The hottest temperatures recorded, ever, over the last 10+ years.

What are you waiting for? And what are you doing? We should be treating this like a war, with all resources and planning and technology that we can think of thrown into the battle. If we recycle once a week, we think we're doing our part. Do you know how many gallons of gas are discharged into the air by a flight from California to New York? You can't try to save enough in the environment to make up the difference.

I think it's likely we are screwed.

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DAnneMarc 9 years 42 weeks ago
Quote historywriter:What are you waiting for? And what are you doing? We should be treating this like a war, with all resources and planning and technology that we can think of thrown into the battle.

historywriter ~ Who could argue with that? No!! We should be treating this as a war. The greatest war that has ever been fought. The reason that we don't is obviously greed. Let us realize that our survival is our ultimate goal and not financial profit. Let us explore the future of the human race and not the demise of such. God bless humanity!!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 42 weeks ago

historywriter ~ BTW. In the past I have been more that critical of you. I have evoked the condemnation of others, most notably, Outback, in this tirade. I would like to apologize on behave of myself and Outback. I have drastically underestimated you; and, for that reason, I want to apologize. In the future I hope that together we can help sculpt the betterment of mankind. I'm trully sorry if I offended you in any way!

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Suze O 9 years 42 weeks ago

Even if we do something, it will probably still get worse, although I don't think that inevitability should stop us from trying. The earth is warm enough now that the ice caps will melt, the sea will rise, and the acidification of the oceans will severely deplete our food supply. Add to that the supply of carbon dioxide and methane that will enter the atmosphere from the melting permafrost, and the thawing of the frozen methane crystals in the deep sea and we have another Permian extinction on the way. That's if we stop all smokestacks and petroleum exhaust fumes right now. We will have more than just extreme weather events. We will have climate refugees. Bangladesh, for instance will suffer severe floods. Those that aren't killed will be looking for safety elsewhere. Residents of the Maldives have been in negotiations with India for ideas to move when the seas cover those islands, and New Orleans is a sitting duck unless they get a whole lot of Dutch ingenuity over here to help them hold back the sea. Even the Netherlands, after all these years of winning the fight, is worried. One thing we should certainly be looking at is making ourselves safer or more prepared for climate misfortune. All my Mormon relatives have been keeping a year's worth of food in stock as a matter of tradition. Some of them have even bought waterbeds to store fresh water! Many Californians have earthquake kits and rope ladders. Here in Seattle, we have been told we should have at least 3-4 days of provisions in case something awful happens - because, most likely, we will lose bridges over various waterways around the area. Changes in climate have added to the fall of many empires, the impetus for massive migrations, and the extinction of many forms of life on this planet. We should not presume that we are somehow different.

700101erw's picture
700101erw 9 years 42 weeks ago

Actually the frequency of the most severe tornadoes – that is, F3 and above – has been declining during a supposed period of warming temperatures. See the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration article titled “Low Tornado Numbers and Low Tornado Deaths, May 2012-April 2013” at the following url: To view a long term chart of the data from 1954 through 2012, to to the following url: NOAA data is very impressive and speaks to the scientific facts – not feelings or political inclinations.

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megalomaniac 9 years 42 weeks ago

The Rich Country Club

What can be thought of as a world leadership approach for our problems not addressed at all by the Media? The G8 is an annual forum for the leaders of eight of the richest and most powerful countries in the world to discuss economic and political issues. In an article by the

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness is an interesting read, Title is “The Robber Barons”.

also a video by Amory Lovins a natural capitalist.

Two things captured attention in global warming and a new way to teach engineering is suggested but not presented. Remember my passion to understand derivatives are the key player in engineering. Something new is happening; something is taking shape in the approach to engineering training techniques different than decades ago. The reasons why the University system is opening courseware online all over, some kind of change is taking place.

Tangled Wilderness says:

“The G8 has appointed itself the central forum for global governance. The decisions made at the annual summits have come to shape key decisions in the management of global political and economic affairs. With their combined economic, military, and diplomatic power and influence, the nations of the G8 have tremendous influence over institutions of global governance and economics.”

There is the G20 too, and their take on climate change;

“Climate change is real and it’s barreling down on us. And how are these unelected leaders of the world handling it? By advocating market solutions. By claiming that we can just buy and sell the right to pollute on a global market, so that the rich retain their right to destroy everything. Sounds like something the rich would do…It’s pretty simple to understand that it’s largely giant industrialized infrastructure that got us into this mess and that it doesn’t make a ton of sense to ask those same people how they think we should get out of it. Yet the G20 asks people like free market capitalist Amory Lovin to be the advisor on climate issues, a guy whose resume includes work for Coca-Cola, Walmart, Shell, Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, and the Department of Defense.”

So, couple that with the latest C Span conference on Consumption is what many should think can be a good sense what is happening. A striking example to population expansion was talked about. The element that jumped out at me was the population growth in the world which is moving at the rate or size of a New York City every six weeks. That is something; the demand for goods and services is increasing very fast, especially energy needs are not going down but up. Food clothes place to live every six weeks a new, New York is in demand. Very interesting, wonder if they all have a Mr. Bloomberg.

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dlipman 9 years 42 weeks ago

Basically, it's already too late to prevent superstorms, or their getting worse. The tipping point has passed. The best we can do now is to end enough of the CO2 pollution to return to the "old normal" over the next 200 years or so. It took that long to get here.

N Z Sarah's picture
N Z Sarah 9 years 42 weeks ago

Yes I agree the storms are man made, and it is time for a responsible news group such as your selves to look into the geoengineering programs of the last forty years. A catastrophic experiment to control the weather that has been hijacked by the military and corporations to enhance their other projects. GMO foods patented by Monsanto to grow in high level aluminum soils, the mining of the worlds resources (melt the arctic for more fossil fuels ), monopolies and control of our insurance, control of food production by using droughts and floods, and the control of the futures market in farming are all making a few people a lot of money. Thom you are so fully into solar power, why is Dane Wigington from the award winning documentary "Why in the World are They Spraying" claiming we have an over 20% reduction in sunlight? Please ask him. Our rain water tests here in New Zealand have positive results for aluminum, barium and strontium. Get your own done from independent labs, the cost is about $50. Find out whose cloud you are under. Ours are sprayed from aircraft on a regular basis.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 42 weeks ago
Quote meglomaniac:So, couple that with the latest C Span conference on Consumption is what many should think can be a good sense what is happening. A striking example to population expansion was talked about. The element that jumped out at me was the population growth in the world which is moving at the rate or size of a New York City every six weeks.

meglomaniac ~ Excellent point! Excessive population growth is directly responsible for not only climate change but many of our major social ills. There is no reason for it to be so out of hand. We've allowed our species to become a Cancer on the face of the planet. Just like unchecked Cancer in the body out of control growth strips the body of all its natural resources and the whole organism along with the Cancer perishes; and, so it is with unchecked population growth and the planet. We should be planning to control this epidemic instead of simply feeding it for profit. Another example of the importance of Planned Parenthood and conception control technologies. Another example of our Government not doing it's job. Thanks for pointing that out my friend!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 42 weeks ago
Quote dlipman:Basically, it's already too late to prevent superstorms, or their getting worse. The tipping point has passed. The best we can do now is to end enough of the CO2 pollution to return to the "old normal" over the next 200 years or so. It took that long to get here.

dlipman ~ No, there is one other solution! Hemp! If we were to convert all of our resources to industrial Hemp as laid out on this site:

we could actually tip the carbon cycle to out produce carbon dioxide with oxygen and clean the atmosphere. That would require growing enough hemp for all our industrial needs including, fuel, paper, cloth for clothing, plastics, and synthetic materials for housing. Not only would this save trees but it would filter out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. It would take a tremendous effort; but, at the same time would create millions of new jobs. All it will require is to convince the current industrial base that this change is in all of our best interests. I don't know how that can be done; however, I do know that it will be done. That is what is stated in this prophecy from The Book of Revelations:

Quote Chapter 22 of The Book of Revelations:Revelation 22:1 ¶And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

For whatever it is worth. There is always comfort and encouragement when we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

N Z Sarah's picture
N Z Sarah 9 years 42 weeks ago

I agree HEMP is part of the solution and with Equal Gender Government we can achieve sustainable balance.For the last few thousand years our destiny has been under the control of the male .Even now in these "enlightened" times the representation is four men to one woman on a world basis. USA is around only sixteen percent females in government. Those in charge,those men, are committed to war, fossil fuels, money in their pockets and are achieving this with political control. Turn around the wicked cycle of so called growth and support Equal Gender Government, the greatest Human Rights Movement ever.That is the way to HEMP.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 42 weeks ago

N Z Sarah ~ Equal Gender Government! I like that idea! It isn't likely that women can mess up government more than men have. There is also the fact that women are the means through which human life is created. Certainly it stands to reason that they have a greater stake in protecting and nourishing human life. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. (ie Ayn Rand) However, I would still feel safer with someones mother as President and Commander and Chief than I would with any man. For that matter, in the office of any representatives as well. (I'll tried not to think about Michele Bachmann when I wrote that. It didn't work.)

nora's picture
nora 9 years 42 weeks ago

Thank you for your post. It lacks the naivte/obliviousness expressed by so many people who think those in charge would NEVER do such harm (despite sending troops home with Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium contamination, despite testing atomic bombs and covering the US population with radioactive fall out for a couple of decades, despite testing germ warfare in the US population, despite using its own soldiers as subjects in medical experiments, despite allowing corporations (via inadequate enforcement of regulations by the FDA, EPA etc.) to pollute the enviroment to a point of endangering the public health and allowing inadequately tested, harming drugs and products to be put on the market, despite watching the government's role in letting BP call the shots BEFORE and AFTER the The Gulf Deep Horizon Well spewage, despite the government allowing BP to dump an equal amount toxic waste labelled COREXIT on top of the oil spewage, despite watching the authorities send our soldiers to wars for oil without adequate body armour, without enough water, on endless tours of duty in violation of enlistment agreements....and so on.)

The real world is not like that other rosy dream world of flag, mom and apple pie sold in those old car commercials.How come advertisements, P.R. and propaganda are more powerful than facts?

nora's picture
nora 9 years 42 weeks ago

EL RENO, Oklahoma tornado of May 31 now called largest so far -- 2.6 miles wide, 296 mph on ground, and lasted for 40 minutes. "A tornado that developed southeast of the El Reno tornado actually rotated clockwise – the opposite direction of most tornadoes.

“This is going to be studied for a long time,” Smith said of the El Reno tornado. “You’ll be hearing about this in conferences for many, many years." Read more here:

Remember how obvious the disgusting weapons guys can be? -- like when they tested their latest technology on the people of GAZA over winter break a few years ago? Weapons demonstrations before our very eyes.

I get the same weird feelings seeing this tornado stuff. Like someplace someone was saying : "Hey this weather system has potential. Heat it and and keep it down. Let's see if we can turbo it to stay on the ground longer. Let's exceed the Moore duration by 20 minutes. Go for it. Let's make the most of global warming, boys." Sorry, but its not hard to see this as a probability.

N Z Sarah's picture
N Z Sarah 9 years 42 weeks ago

Yes nora ! A game, an experiment. Well documented on utube as it is not posssible to have the evidence of Global Geoengieering reasonably reviewed by any news media yet. It's been tagged as a conspiracy theory. Those few that do, give misinformation and lie about what is happening to our sky.There is more than twenty percent sunshine depletion, and the application of heavy metals such as nano particulates of aluminum, barium and strontium used to control the weather make us sick, (alzheimers, cancers and athsma) that makes rich returns for the phamacutical corporations. Huge areas unsafe for people to live in? That will be good for the land grabbers. I can see with my own eyes a beautiful clear blue day turned into a white out of haze in a few hours as the trails from the aircraft drift to cover the sky. Our rain water samples from independent labs confirm that this is happening here in New Zealand.

nora's picture
nora 9 years 41 weeks ago

Hi N Z Sarah-- I've seen some video on the weather modification over New Zealand -- aerosol experiments.

I think there are great profits being made in manipulating the weather. The extraordinary floods in the USA plains states bankrupted many and WHO came in to buy them out for pennies on the dollar? Probably the Banksters who have refused to use bail-out money to make loans to Americans at o percent interest rates! And has some of that bail-out money been invested in the weather modification? If our Congress is in on the scam -- making profits on insider trading information which they can commit without legal repercussions -- how can we expect these legislators to conduct real investigations into any corruption of this kind. If the technocrats have this scam going, how will we ever get to the bottom of the actual causes of the global warming issue?

N Z Sarah's picture
N Z Sarah 9 years 41 weeks ago

To day Avaaz has launched a new petition. Level the playing field for Solar Power in New Zealand. The Government is saying how important it is on one hand and on the other are making legislation that will STOP THE SOLAR INDUSTRY IN ITS TRACKS   Great profits and preventing us helping our selves.

Look at this Thom, the Petro Chem Industry blatantly controlling the New Zealand Government! More than 20% reduction in sunlight is hurting this industry world wide as well.

N Z Sarah's picture
N Z Sarah 9 years 41 weeks ago

Increase in Carbon Dioxide Levels "Greening" the Deserts: Study

The study is published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. PRESS RELEASE.

Another connected and controversial subject that could be good news.I think it will be very hard for people to accept that they have been hoodwinked and ripped off about global warming. It is difficult for people to change their stance for any thing other than anger. Here in this time while there are those in political control behaving with the most blatant deceit in every echelon of our lives we must remain calm and inquiring as we join the dots to get the full picture. Please look at this study Thom Hartmann.

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