NC GOP puts the "extreme" in extremism!

Ever since Pat McCrory took office as governor earlier this year - GOP lawmakers in North Carolina have turned that state into ground zero for Tea Party extremism - gutting social services- slashing taxes - and - yes - even banning Sharia law. And now, Republicans in the Tar Heel State are kicking that extremism into overdrive with the worst voter suppression law in our nation.

According to the Think Progress Blog, this new law doesn't just require voter ID, but includes a broad range of other initiatives designed to keep as many people as possible from the polls. The bill eliminates North Carolina's same-day voter registration, cuts early voting hours by a full week, and makes it easier for voter-intimidation groups like True The Vote, to challenge voters' eligibility.

Republicans know that their gerrymandering and political spending will only keep them in office for so long... so, they're resorting to disenfranchise millions of voters just to hold on to power. Thankfully, the people of North Carolina aren't taking this right-wing extremism lying down. Each week, successful “Moral Monday” protests grow larger, as more people speak out against these extreme policies.

At the rate people are getting involved, it's likely that even more voters will go to great lengths to ensure their voices are heard. Republicans may be able to enact these laws now, but the growing “Moral Monday” movement in North Carolina appears ready to strike back in the next election.

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