North Carolina Republicans tried to pull a fast one...

North Carolina citizens are protesting Republicans that they say are out of control. Over the last two months, activists and civil leaders have been protesting extreme Right-wing policies in weekly “Moral Monday” rallies. This week, more than 2,000 people gathered at the state capitol in Raleigh, to oppose anti-abortion legislation being considered by state lawmakers.

The public outcry over that bill's extreme provisions led Republican Governor Pat McCrory to threaten a veto if the bill made it to his desk. So - the measure stalled. However, GOP state lawmakers came up with a sneaky new way to put the abortion restrictions into law. Yesterday, Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives attached anti-choice measures to a motorcycle safety bill, without notifying the public or fellow legislators.

Democratic State Representative Joe Sam Queen tweeted, “New abortion bill being heard in the committee I am on. The public didn't know. I didn't even know.” He then added, “I wish I had more time to look at this new bill before I had to ask questions about it or debate it.” Apparently, GOP legislators removed some of the most extreme anti-abortion provisions, in an effort to avoid another veto threat. However, Governor McCrory wasn't fooled by the Republican's ploy. He condemned the deceptive way the legislation was brought forward, and called the bill a “sham.”

Upon learning of the Republicans' devious tactics, North Carolina residents and activists were outraged. Melissa Reid, of Planned Parenthood, said, “It is a disgrace to North Carolina that legislators have again resorted to sneak attacks to move their anti-women's health agenda forward. This is outrageous and [it's] not how the people's business should be conducted.” After this latest Republican attempt to push extreme policies in North Carolina, it's likely that there will be an even larger crowd at the next “Moral Monday” protest.


Robindell's picture
Robindell 9 years 47 weeks ago

Hopefully, concerned citizens can turn things around in Noth Carolina, but the political atmosphere in the entire South is regressive. On another topic, thank you for mentioning the use of the antacid Pepcid AC in helping your cat, Higgins, to stop throwing up. I have a cat who I took in from the streets on being told about him when he was still a kitten. He has developed a problem with vomiting. The vet couldn't find the cause and gave me an expensive anti-vomiting prescription medication which only works for 14 hours. I researched Pepcid and it apparently is safe to try as long as you use the right form and dosage, cutting the regular strength tablet into 1/4th size. So far, my cat Gustav is doing well with it. Thank you for mentioning something that my vet did not mention and which could help with a difficult problem.

MaryJane Toker 9 years 47 weeks ago

My plan is to boycott each and every state that tries to restrict and control women from exercising their constitutional rights. We used to visit Charlotte, NC a couple of times a year, but we won't be doing that anymore. Nor Texas. Nor Wisconsin. Nor any other state that allows Repubs to hijack the legislative process in their despicable attempt to put women down, and keep them down, in the time honored position of she who gets screwed. Shameful!

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firehawk2773 9 years 47 weeks ago

Mark Thompson was at this last one on Monday he was arrested on live Sirius XM 127. Maybe there would be a way to get all the hosts from sirius xm 127 there in one day, really make a statement. It's time for action!

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kends wife 9 years 47 weeks ago

When I was younger I completely agreed with you. However the older I get (I turned 50 this year) the more I rethink this position. Out of curiosity, is there a weekly timeline that you feel is appropriate?

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Kend 9 years 47 weeks ago

I don't care what women do their bodies as long as I don't have to pay for it.

"extreme right wing policy" as Thom says, is tax payers not wanting to pay for abortions. Seriously.

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DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

Yesterdays link to Thom's blog didn't work. I got a "page not found" message. I had to go through the back door to get there; and, only one other person was there. Therefore, I'm reposting this post. It deserves to be repeated and read. Also, it fits in just perfect with the topic of southern Republican extremist politicians. Therefore, I am repeating it here. "I just couldn't help myself!" Enjoy!

Quote Palindromedary:"Synagogue of Satan"? How about "Church of Satan" or "Mosque of Satan" or "Temple of Satan"? Or how about the "Bank of Satan"?

Palindromedary ~ Good point and an excellent question! Let me first assure everyone that I am not making an anti-Semitic remark. I have nothing but respect for the Jewish people. The term "Synagogue of Satan" is from the Judeo Christian Bible's Book of Revelations and is a direct quote from Jesus Christ himself addressing the modern day nation of Israel from antiquity.

Quote The Bible, Book of Revelations:Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Palindromedary ~ You are absolutely right in asking why not "Church of Satan" or "Mosque of Satan" or "Temple of Satan" or "Bank of Satan." All of these apply. To break down "Satan" worship so that anyone can understand, let "Satan" simply refer to a philosophy of placing self-importance above anything. When such an Ayn Rand type philosophy takes on a popular religious title, or any title of righteousness, and places love of money and self indulgence above love of God and serving humanity that philosophy becomes the epitome of hypocrisy. This holier than thou entity is an impostor of a true religious philosophy and embodies the ideals of the entity traditional religious doctrine associate with the evil character, Satan. The Ayn Rand philosophy is a candy coated name given to the philosophy of Satan. To simplify this association without offending any one group of innocent good people, I suggest that we refer to this phenomenon of group philosophy loosely as "CLUB SATAN" For as President Kennedy so eloquently stated,

Satanic Secret Societies Revealed By A United States President
Quote President Kennedy:For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.
For full speech:

One may also check out the expose done by Alex Jones on the "Skull and Bones" society to see that "CLUB SATAN" is not only an accurate description of the philosophy of these people; but, a literal definition of them as well:

All members of the Bush family, many members of Congress and advisers to all recent Presidents all belong to this Satan Worshipping Secret Society and the posted video above proves that association.

As President Kennedy warned us this association is world wide. The first thing we have to do to remedy the situation is identify the problem. President Kennedy gave his life to do just that. Let us educate one another about the existence, agenda, and identity of the members of "CLUB SATAN". Just like comic book superheroes, revealing their identity destroys their power.

My friends this powerful group--"CLUB SATAN"--really exists. Whether or not their supernatural benefactor exists is up to your belief system. Nevertheless, what we have to deal with is a group mind that has power; and, enough influence and resources to maintain its power. It's only advantage is organization and invisibility. They are hopelessly outnumbered. We need to organize my friends. Organizing and educating ourselves is our only hope.

To anyone who believes, We the People will prevail. In many ways the victory has already been won. Our victory is already written in prophecy and cannot be changed. The only factor is how long it will take.

PhilipHenderson's picture
PhilipHenderson 9 years 47 weeks ago

Republicans have no shame. Republicans do not trust democracy, they will do anything, lie, cheat, steal, to get their agenda. If they could have their way they would prevent every Democrat from casting a ballot. They seem to be fueled by hatred rather than peaceful methods. I feel sad for them. We will prevail because Republican methods pretty much turn off women, minorities, and ordinary citizens. Very sad.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

Kend ~ For a businessman you are sure short sighted. Don't you realize that it is estimated that the cost of raising one child in todays society to adulthood is approximately one million dollars? Do you really think that a young pregnant women who drops out of high school to raise a baby is going to be able to foot that bill alone? She's not even going to be able to find a babysitter so she can work a minimum wage job. We the People are going to pay to raise that child and support her as well, and you know it. I remember you complaining about that too.

Seriously what would you rather pay, a $150 one time charge for an abortion so that this little child can complete her education and have a future where she contributes to society, or pay $1,000,000 charge over a 20 year period for a totally preventable innocent mistake that went uncorrected because of social shortsightedness, and never have a return on a cent of that investment? You sure are a big spender. How do you stay in business with that logic?

Don't forget, you can pay now, or you can PAY later.

historywriter's picture
historywriter 9 years 47 weeks ago

I don't want to pay for our wars or for unnecessary equipment that the military doesn't even want or for your viagra or to hand to corrupt politicians, here or overseas.

Abortion must be part of an overall health system for women. Some abortions are to save the life of a mother, or for some other reason that poses a risk to her. You can't single it out and say no woman should have one. You have no idea what she needs or what the situation is. You are a male, right? In which case you can't get pregnant.

Denying abortion does not mean the end to abortion. Women have always found ways, or attempted to find ways, to abort a pregnancy. Most of them are dangerous--DIY with coathangers or finding a dirty quack or whatever, out of desperation.Too often women are permanently maimed or they die in the process.

It doesn't save money for you or anyone else. And if you object on principle--see above; I can come up with a much longer list of things I object to. If it's money, such costs are an infinitesmal cost to taxpayers, unlike our ongoing wars, the surveillance on all of us, the CIA, the eavesdropping and capturing of all phone calls. Or the "security" at airports. Or a dozen other things that are harming our country in a way that individual and needed abortions never will.

Mike-C's picture
Mike-C 9 years 47 weeks ago

There is so much of this "government by subterfuge" going on that I'm beginning to see democracy fading into history in this country. Here in Texas, we are experiencing the same loss. We now appear to live in the land of "government of the few, by the few and for the few."

The mechanics of the practice of democracy in this modern age are obsolete. With the advent of instant communication via the Internet, elected representatives traveling to distant cities to represent their constituents is antequated and hopelessly flawed. We can now cast our votes directly in the 21st century and eliminate personal and party agendas. I'm too old to probably see such a system, but I have high hopes that you young people will find a way to make such a true and honorable democracy come true.

Mike-C's picture
Mike-C 9 years 47 weeks ago

Philip, one thing I enjoy about your postings is your ability to to use the fewest words to clearly communicate what is happening. If we had politicians like you, 500 page congressional laws and bills would be reduced to a single paragraph that no one could hide hidden agendas in. Thanks for your postings - very refreshing.

Kend's picture
Kend 9 years 47 weeks ago

Ok you make a pretty good point DAnne. I know it is right thing to do but it drives me crazy when words like, war, assault, etc are used There is no war or assault on women It is a funding thing. I thought you had freedom of religion there. It doesn't seem fair to me that people who don't believe in abortion have to fund it. Is that too much to ask.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago
Quote Kend:I thought you had freedom of religion there. It doesn't seem fair to me that people who don't believe in abortion have to fund it. Is that too much to ask.

Oh, Kend, how you make me laugh! We also have separation of church and state. What about that?

Do you know that our tax dollars pay for capital punishment? Oh yes, but that's against my religion!

Did you know that our tax dollars pay for wars? Oh yes, but that's against my religion!

Did you know that our tax dollars pay to help criminalize a plant that my Holy Bible calls the "Tree of Life"? Oh yes, but that's against my religion!

Now you say that since some of our tax dollars might be spent to help some poor innocent little girl who made a silly mistake avoid ruining her life and the life of her unborn that I should honor the religious notions of a bunch a hypocritical, self-righteous, phony religious zealots? Have you ever heard of "CLUB SATAN"; and, of course, are you a member?

Yes, my friend, we do have freedom of religion in this country. WE ALSO HAVE FREEDOM FROM RELIGION!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 9 years 47 weeks ago

It appears the Christian Taliban is popping up everywhere these days, even in swing states. It is important to note however that women still have the right to vote at least for now. I highly recommend they exercise that right, otherwise for sure in the red states the status of women will slowly become homogenous with that of Middle Eastern women oppressed by Orthodox Islam. I see no real difference between the two religious extremist groups. It's pathetic how easy the billionaires can manipulate Teabaggers and religious evangelicals into voting REPUBLICAN against eveyone elses best interest based on only mythology and economic lies.....

Suze O's picture
Suze O 9 years 47 weeks ago

I knew the Republicans who got into state power would use it to go for the jugular, but I had no idea how deep the misogyny went. Somehow, I don't think any of this is really about GOP opposition to abortion - at least not to assuage their moral convictions (I don't they have any). This is about control. Those with an authoritarian streak seem to be attracted to the Republican Party, and we know from previous behavior that they already don't want women to make equal pay, have equal careers, or have positions with more power than men have. In more superstitious times, men really feared women for their ability to bring forth life from within themselves. It was a magic men had to suppress to maintain their control of society, which is why the denigration of women is so common. THESE men are still operating from what is called the "lizard brain", and all they know how to do is use vinegar and not honey. They will never understand that abortion rates are lowest in countries that allow them, and are especially low in countries where women are on a par with men in education and income. Such women can better afford children and can give them better care (even without a spouse) than a harried single American mom working for less money than she deserves. Countries with laws against abortion and intense moral condemnation for it have the HIGHEST abortion rates. These Neanderthals will never figure out that making it harder to get abortions will lead to MORE abortions, not fewer.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 47 weeks ago

Thank you DANNEMARC...Well said

You never fail to amaze me with your ability to remain calm and focused when dealing with those who are obtuse, and short sighted, with their perspectives on society as a whole...In this particular case KEND's bigotry, ignorance, and self righteous social views on women, and abortion.

Again thank you.

Did you hear about the Texas Pro Choice advocate that was removed from a Senate Hearing for speaking against Anti- Abortion Law Makers? I don't have the link but if you google or you tube search "Brave Woman Removed from Texas Senate Hearing..." there is a 2 min clip you can watch. Or you can find it on Democracy Now 7/11/13.

One thing I'll say about our First Ammendment...You can say what every you want...Until you actual have something critical and truthful to say about our Government, its policies, and those involved.


MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 47 weeks ago

You ain't kidden 2950-10k...Just a mass of sheep, and the Koch bros are the wolves in disguise...baahhh!

Poor stupid lambs! Can I get some mutton!?!?

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 47 weeks ago

Every American's Right to choose should be protected. If a woman wants to have an abortion - for whatever reason - that should be protected. No person or Government should have the authority to say otherwise.

That being said I do agree with policy establishing humanity in regards to medical procedure.

I am also Pro-Human Euthanasia - mercy - for those who suffer from terminal illness. Again protect "Personal Choice".

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 47 weeks ago

Oh KEND you poor dumb animale!
Not only do right wingers - neocon's - not want to pay for abortions, they also don't want to pay wages that meet the standards of todays cost of living, afford school lunches, or allow for collective bargaining...Only to then turn around and complain about BIG government with its social programs to aid those that are in need.

Let them eat cake!
Or like "Raygun's" policy in the 80's..."Ketchup is a vegetable".

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 47 weeks ago

Those Right Wingers you so love and honor...Ever notice how they are always able to find a few exta billion dollars to fund unnecessary and illegal wars...And are so proud to do so. Wars that kill hundreds of thosands/millions of innocent lives, as well as many of our own. All in the name of God and Capitalism!

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 47 weeks ago

You are absolutly spot on PHILLIP...And they are working hard to see that those, minorities, women, and ordinary citizens (I assume you mean least educated and/or poor working class), are kept from voting.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 47 weeks ago

MMmmNACHOS ~ Thank you. I appreciate that! Kend, and many Americans, don't seem to understand why the founding fathers insisted on maintaining separation of church and state; and, banning any laws respecting any establishment of religion. The mere fact that anti-Abortion legislation is funded mainly by religious establishments should make any such laws immediately disqualified for any legislative deliberations. Imagine if we all could veto anything the government does that we object to on religious grounds. At first it might seem like a great idea--ie no more wars and capital punishment. However, eventually, almost every crackpot with a religious sounding group name can interject any notion they wish for any reason. Everything from the repeal of civil rights to the banning of 'killing' plants. After all, isn't all life sacred? Imagine if we banned slaughtering cows, picking lettuce, and harvesting wheat all for simply 'religious' reasons'; which, now--thanks to the wisdom of Kend and the right-wing "CLUB SATAN" "moral" majority--has become more important than the general welfare and basic needs of We the People.

The needs of the people must always take precedence over the wants of the people. Therefore, all religions must forever be banned from the affairs of state. To mingle them both is to ultimately destroy them both.

Furthermore, I can't speak for every religion; but, I can speak for every legitimate religion. Religion is defined as: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods

The definition of faith: Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof

The extent of that control is the life of the person involved in the religion. In effect, if you don't believe it is right to have an abortion then don't have one. They have no business inflicting their beliefs on anyone else. They can voluntarily share their beliefs; but, inflicting a belief system on other people defeats the rationale of a personal faith. It also undermines the very concept of a belief in an omnipotent being.

It is the responsibility of the leaders of legitimate religions to focus the attention of its members inwardly to establish a personal relationship with the controlling entity. To focus the attention of the members outwardly toward the control of society is not only a blatant attempt to undermine the US Constitution, the goals and needs of the other members of society, and the authority of every other religion in society; but, it is also a disrespectful slap in the face to the controlling supernatural entity that is the main focus of their own religion. In essence it is a gesture to that God or gods saying, 'We are going to try to force others to do what they should do in your name because you can't do it yourself.'

What kind of faith is that, you might ask? That, my friends, is the typical modus operandi of blasphemy associated with the group we know as "CLUB SATAN".

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