Once again, Republicans reject their own plan.

Only hours after President Obama proposed a new “grand bargain” for job creation, Republican leaders quickly condemned the idea. On Tuesday, the President spoke at an Amazon.com warehouse in Tennessee, where he unveiled a new plan that paired corporate tax cuts with infrastructure spending, in an effort to gain bipartisan support. However, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was quick to criticize the president's proposal, saying, “It's just a further-left version of a widely panned plan he already proposed two years ago, this time with extra goodies for tax-and-spend-liberals.”

The Republican lawmaker refused to acknowledge that President Obama's plan did exactly what GOP leaders have been calling for – lower the corporate tax rate and simplify the tax code. Instead, Senator McConnell focused in on infrastructure spending, calling it “extra goodies,” and ignoring the fact that it would put many Americans back to work. This out-of-the-gate obstruction is just more Republican economic terrorism. They will oppose anything that the President proposes, no matter how many Republican ideas are included.

Republicans in Congress would rather create another manufactured debt crisis, so that they can blame President Obama for the damage that crisis inflicts on our economy. But, more and more Americans are recognizing that the goal of the GOP's insurgency strategy is not to help our economy, or put Americans back to work – it's simply to oppose anything and everything President Obama stands for.

As the President said during a speech last week, it's time for Republicans to stop being against everything, and tell the American people what it is they actually stand for. Because as it looks now, the only thing Republicans will spend their time on, is making sure that nothing the President proposes ever actually gets done.


Carson L's picture
Carson L 9 years 45 weeks ago

But FINALLY republicans begin rejecting their own spokesmen! Go McCain, keep em barking baby!

Pointofgrille's picture
Pointofgrille 9 years 45 weeks ago

I really think the motivation for Republican opposition to anything proposed by progressives or President Obama is the VERY REAL FEAR they have that, if this administration is successful, it will be the beginning of the end of control by wealthy, powerful white males. They are right about that. Let's make it so beginning in 2014 elections. We need to stop reciting the propaganda-that nothing can be done in midterm elections-and begin registering, educating and setting up locally savvy organizations that gets progressives into office locally, statewide and nationally. If we, as progressives, cannot get this done the old, rich,white, male power structure will remain in place. We must stop accepting the explanation that many claiming to be progressive use: "I just don't vote because it makes no difference" aself fulfilling prophesy that dooms this nation while those who holler the loudest make excuses for inaction. That is an extreme problem with many who express otherwise progressive ideas. Let's learn to follow those ideas with action agitation and education. We can no longer say bothparty's are bad so stay away from politics. That is a losing plan of action. The Democrats are not wonderful, but they are the steam we must row our boat in,for this upcoming election.

dowdotica's picture
dowdotica 9 years 45 weeks ago

funny how many different radio programs and articles i've read over 5 years how i've yet to read or hear anything on how the repubicans would fix the mess they made. just a lot of bad mouthing the brother and one obstruction after the other. pretty pathetic. hu, and it was their daddies daddies that built the once mighty now petty U S of anal.Sad days comin. but dumber yet is the kool aide so many people drink mainly because they don't bother to check more then one source...while recently my views of obama have changed for the worst its still not as loathing as my contempt for the repubs. I'm still waiting for someone to kick us working class stiffs down a nice break of some sort instead of continuing to make us fund it all!! hey i just spent some of my tax $$$s on some russian helicopters at extorted prices to give them to afganistan and someone voted in a bond bill that will give 40 million $$$ to cochella valley schools to buy i pads for the kids to play (supposedly learn) with????? so much money and so many stupid people spending it all. cut the pentagon budget and make kids learn from good old school books, pencils and rulers. oh by the way? take one guess how many young people i've met in the last say 7 years that don't know how to read a ruler? the new level of stupid has arrived and now i can't even use retard because it's not politically correct! sheez!

arthurl's picture
arthurl 9 years 45 weeks ago

Personally, I think two wrongs don't make a right. My father who was a devoted PBS Newshour watcher once said me. The greatest threat to America is from within. Boy was he ever right.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 44 weeks ago

President Obama is pathetic! Why back off on every initiative? As if he hasn't learned already what response he is going to get no matter how much he waters down his plans, cuts his objectives, and sacrifices his base. If he really thinks any compromise will work with this Republican party he truly has his head up his a$$.

If I were in his shoes this is what I would do: Ask for the Moon! Why not? Kennedy did; and, he got it! Lay out a final plan that includes repealing of Free Trade and re-institution of import tariffs: repealing of corporate tax loopholes, subsidies, and off shore tax havens; reinstating of pre Reagan tax rates on the wealthy; federal prosecution for Wall Street criminals; enforcement of the Glass Steagall act; increases in spending on our social safety net, Medicaid and Medicare; push for Medicare for everyone; and demand huge defense cuts. Lay out the plan and then stick with it like Theodore Roosevelt--The Bull Moose--did. No favors, no compromises whatsoever! He should know very well that they will do everything they can to kill any initiative he comes up with anyway. So why not ask for everything we need? They can't kill that anymore than they are going to kill this. There is literally nothing to lose! At least it puts our needs on the table and allows the American people to rally around it and force Congress to take it seriously.

By publicizing the real needs of the country the President can do far more good for We the People than any puny, pathetic compromise ever will--even if it succeeds!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 9 years 44 weeks ago

It's better to tax and spend in accordance with the vast majoritys wants and needs than to go along with Turtlemans method of very low effective tax rates for the super rich, then turn around and spend far more than you collect, and in the end, blame the Democrats. If he bothered to take a break from his pathological hatred for President Obama and looked up the facts, he would see it's his Republicans that have done by far most of the spending the last 30 years.

Problem is they want to be deadbeats when it comes to taxing the rich to pay the bills their wars and military industrial complex has created. You can bet Cantor wants those big Government bucks to keep rolling into Norfolk! That Socialism works really good for Eric and his constituents.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 44 weeks ago

Pointofgrille: I am a progressive that knows when the Democrat party is no longer even remotely progressive. My contention is that if you vote for Republicans or Democrats...your vote just doesn't matter because the Democrats are just not on our side. If you vote for a third party candidate, if we all vote for third party candidates, we just might have a chance at turning things around. It's either that or mass rioting in the streets...voting for the same old rigged game will not change things...but massive violence will...unless we all try breaking the stranglehold these criminals have over us and refuse to vote for the same old ruling elite puppets.

Progressives have to stop their mindset that unless you vote for a Democrat, we'll have a Republican. The Democrats are counting on your gullibility. Once they win you over, they screw you! With that kind of scaredy cat mentality, you'll keep playing the rigged game that the ruling elite has created, and you'll keep getting either a Republican or a fake-turncoat Democrat (don't you all know by now that the Democrat party is also owned and controlled by the ruling elite?!). They are both playing us all like a fiddle. I say fiddle-faddle and lets break our chains for a change. Let's all vote Green this time! Let's send a shock wave through these entrenched criminal elite parties. Vote Green!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 44 weeks ago

By the way, has anyone noticed how Mercedes-Benz has been saturating the airwaves with C250 commercials? They don't mention Michael Hasting's crash into a tree...or why the engine and transmission was flung 200 feet down the road and ended up on the sidewalk...or why the car exploded and incinerated Michael Hastings. Sure glad I wasn't walking down that sidewalk that early morning hour.

Flopot's picture
Flopot 9 years 44 weeks ago

I think it is all Kabuki theatre. For example, how can you find money for infrastructure spending and simultaneously cut even more corporate taxes? None of this makes sense until you realise it is meaningless theatre like, say, the Israel-Palestinian peace talks.

I admire Thom Hartmann's progressive ideals but I despair at how quickly he conjures up the "Red Team vs Blue Team" mirage. Firstly, the collapse of the US economy and the US middle classes is precisely because successive US administrations (both Democrat and Republican) are moving the tax burden from the corporations to ordinary US taxpayers. Obama is continuing this trend by offering even more corporate tax breaks. I assume the so-called infrastructure spending is really another state gift to some corporation?

Secondly, Obama is steeped in corporate backing. He swims in the stuff. Just look at his connections with the known thief, John Corzine, the man who stole 1.5 billion from MFGlobal customer accounts. Consider all the "banksters" floating in Obama's cabinet. Consider his wars. His anti-whistle blower antics. His surveillance state.

Time to wake up Mr Hartmann and enough of these lame Red v Blue analyses.

Flopot's picture
Flopot 9 years 44 weeks ago

PS I would flag the article as offensive if I could

bokiluis's picture
bokiluis 9 years 44 weeks ago

I'd do almost anything to bury the evil, disingenuous republicans. I'd trust a live scorpion in a dark room before I'd trust any of these sons of bushes. Increasingly I've come to despise each and everyone of them. I am no longer buying the bull that someone believes in financial conservatism. Anyone who identifies with the Republican Party to day cannot and should not be trusted. That includes gay log cabin members, stupid women who allow republicans to pay them 77 cents on the dollar compared to men and any person of color which the party inherently resents as they desperately try to hold onto a welcome changing America to the melting pot it has always meant to become.

Flopot's picture
Flopot 9 years 44 weeks ago

No more Red v Blue distractions please. We have moved on. They are ALL corporatists.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 9 years 44 weeks ago

There it is!!!

Finally someone who pays attention and realizes whats really going on...The past 30+ years has been nothing more then a transfering of wealth to the top...Not the 1%...I said The Top; Those Captains Of Industry...The Corporate Capitalist & Robber Barron Opportunist, who wheel and deal, write and pass policy, and live by the ideology of profit by any means necessary.

Now that we have identified the "enemy"...That's the easy part...Now we have to clean house, however something tells me it's going to take more than everyone casting a vote.
Telling these psyco's to stop loving money and to relinquish their hard-on for power and control, will be like trying to take a side of beef from a seething pit-bull.
The Corporate Terrorist OWN the police, the Military, and once they unlish the devils dogs it will get bloody ugly...A 21st century American Civil War!?It's not if...but when?

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 9 years 44 weeks ago

Flopot -- I do not disagree with your's and other's descriptions of the problems with Obama and the Dems. However, based on the policies and actions of the dems while they were in power, I think the best way to bring power to the 99% is to vote democratic.My favorite examples of what the dems would do if they were in power were the bills Nancy Pelosi and the house passed but were filibustered.In 2009-10 when Obama lost his filibuster proof senate, the senate had a record number of filibusters (380 or so); during LBJ's 6 year reign as senate majority leader there was one.The bills that were filibustered would have helped our economy for both the long and short term. My favorites were the card check bill, the Disclose Act, stopping waivers for the Buy American Act of 1936 and the credits for bringing jobs back (no credits for tearing down factories to send jobs overseas.Other actions by the dems, they wanted to change depreciation of corporate jet from 3 years to 7; Eric Cantor walked out of the meeting. Actual depreciation is 30 years. Incidentally, I think accelerated depreciation is the biggest loophole around.Also, when the congress was adding Part D to medicare (the prescription drug assist; I think it was in 2004) the democrats tried to pass an amendent to help fund it by a 1% income tax on incomes over 1 million.Per Thom, for the 11 weeks that had a veto proof senate, Obama and the dems passed a bunch of help for the 99%.Within 24 hours of his inaugration in 2009, he ordered that the financial statistics of the top 400 families should be treated like everyone else's; that is, they should not be state secrets (i.e. classified).Chrysler SavedGM SavedAHCA passed (AKA Obamacare); (because of blue dogs like Max Baucus it was not a single player plan; to get Sen Baucus to sign it, Max's county got single payer.)Middle class tax cutWent from losing 750,000 per month to 30 straight months of job gains (in spite of Republican governors cutting 4.5 million jobs)Education spending increasedLaws against hate crimes strengthenedCHIPS expanded (Childrens Health Insurance Program)Forced through Child Labor Lawsconsumer protestion agency formedCredit card reformPredatory lending to soldiers restrictedTroops paid for stop loss timeTorture stoppedVA spending increasedWomen allowed to serve on subsEqual pay for womenNuclear arms reduction proposalBP cleanup fundEPA strengthenedFDA powers broadenedHealthcare for 9-11 responders funded (during Bush Term it was ignored)DADT was repealedWithin 24 hours of his inaugration in 2009, he ordered that the financial statistics of the top 400 families should be treated like everyone else's; that is, they should not be state secrets (i.e. classified). Republicans supported the Reinhart-Rogoff Study used to push austerity throughout the world; The study was a total scam supported by Pete Peterson who wants all the social security money invested on wall street. It was easy to suck in democrats and the general public because too much debt being a bad thing makes intuitive sense.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 44 weeks ago

If the Dems were in power? We have a Democrat president don't we. And he started his first term when he had the majority and the first thing he did was give away the store to the Republicans. Why? Because he wanted to show that he was willing to compromise...to get along...yeah, right! That was the lame excuse. Perhaps if the Democrats had been tough and strove to take back some of the things we lost during the Republican years, the voters might just have voted more Democrats into office. Voters showed then that they may as well let the Republicans grab the seats because they realized, then, that the ineffective Democrats didn't deserve to be re-elected...even if it meant letting a Republican in. I am not buying it that if the Democrats were in power things would be different...they are sell outs...they are just as much owned by the ruling elite as are the Republicans. The Democrats will sponsor certain bills that they know darn well will not have a chance of passing...it's all for show...they are not fooling anyone. Their actions, or rather inactions (they don't fight a mean and tough game as the Republicans do...because they are all in it together...working for the ruling elite) continuously help the wealthy class and continuously stomp on the rest of us. The Democrat politicians know that they can continue to fool most of their constituency based on the fear factor of a Republican in office. They don't really represent the majority of Americans.

As Thom pointed out in today's show...people are actually dying because of "Austerity". This is a real class war, and many people are actually dying because of it, that the rich have been waging against the rest of us for several decades now. And they have been using the Democrats to do it. The Democrats sell false hope for change...but it is a lie! They are part of the illusion! Trickle down politics doesn't work any more than a trickle down economy. It's fallacious. And that appears to be acceptable to some people..the expectation of getting a trickle down of some insignificant wins for the people, occasionally, while the rich continue to receive the lions share of everything. The real solution is not continuing to vote for the same old liars and sellouts...you have to do something radically different...whether that is taking a chance and voting for a third party candidate or getting way more active in the streets. Obama, and the Democrat party is showing it's true colors when they lock-step with the Republicans on going after whistle blowers like they have been. They show their true colors when they continuously sell out to the Republicans over everything else.

Stop drinking the blue, heavily dosed with red, cool-aid! It is poisoning us all!

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 9 years 44 weeks ago

Palin -- which store did the democrats give away during the 11 weeks they were in power?

PhilipHenderson's picture
PhilipHenderson 9 years 44 weeks ago

Nothing new with these folks. Obamacare was their idea until the President accepted it as a compromise. They are willing to create as much damage as they can hoping that some of it will stick with the Democrats rather than allowing the Democrats to get credit for doing anything good for the public. The Republican members in Congress are behaving as though they are domestic terrorists. Their newest plan is to shut down the government if they cannot have their way. You cannot negotiate with terrorists like this, you must defeat them at the ballot box. You must show them for who they are and the American public will reject them.

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