Wedding bells are ringing in California!

After last week's historic Prop 8 ruling, same-sex couples in California were told they would have to wait at least 25 days to get married. However, Attorney General Kamala Harris asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to speed things up, and allow people to marry sooner. And, that's exactly what they did. On Friday afternoon, the three-judge panel issued a one sentence ruling, which said: “the stay in the above matter is dissolved effective immediately.”

The news of the ten-word ruling spread rapidly, and couples flocked to City Halls around the state to exchange nuptials, including the two couples that brought the Prop 8 case. Attorney General Harris married Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier in front of a crowd of hundreds, and Paul Katami and Jeff Zarillo were wed on live television, in a ceremony led by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villarigosa. Both couples had waited over 4 years, and fought through lengthy legal battles for the right to exchange vows.

Opponents of marriage equality called the Ninth Circuit's decision an “outrageous act,” because they hadn't announced whether they would ask the Supreme Court to reconsider last week's ruling. Typically, they would have 25 days to petition the Court to reverse its decision. But, state officials celebrated the news, and refused to back down to the anti-gay-marriage crowd. Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted, “Love will rule the weekend. Congrats to all those planning to get married.” After a four-year delay, the weekend was full of love and celebration in California. Congrats to the all the happy couples!

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