The Tea Party is turning on Republicans

Many hard-right conservative voters are threatening to sit out the 2014 midterm elections, because they say some Republican lawmakers aren't doing enough to obstruct healthcare and immigration. Even Tea Party favorites, like Senator Marco Rubio, are under attack for supporting the border security plan that Tea Partiers call “amnesty.” The changing sentiment also presents a huge threat to hard-right governors like Rick Scott of Florida, John Kasich of Ohio, and Rick Snyder of Michigan. Apparently, Tea Party members in those states think those ultra-conservative governors aren't extreme enough.

This pressure from the Tea Party could cause major problems for the GOP in future elections. Republicans can continue to move further right to appease the Tea Party, but they risk alienating independent voters, and even members of their own party. Already, two recent polls show that the majority of self-described Republicans think their party is on the wrong track, and believe that the GOP is doing too little to compromise with President Obama. Obstructing even more legislation, if that's even possible, isn't likely to improve those poll numbers.

According to Sarah Jones of Politicus USA, Republicans are now paying the price for their 2010 gamble. Backing extreme Tea Party candidates in that election did win them the House, and created a major road block for many of the president's proposals, but it allowed their party to be taken over by an uncontrollable minority. And, that minority has the power to split the Republican vote, and cost them future elections. It looks like 2014 could turn out to be a very interesting election year.


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Carson L 10 years 50 weeks ago

Always suspect the suspicious. Conservatives have been trying to move forward by walking backwards, as in moving away from progressive agendas instead of walking forward towards applicable alternatives, for so long now that they're only tripping up from bumping into each other. Lesson to be learned? Fight for a cause, not for glory. It took me almost ten years to quit smoking. It was impossible to do when all I wanted was to prove a point that I could do it. As soon as I genuinely desired to sing better, run farther, smell better, and save my lungs instead of just validate my own resolve I discovered the true path to walk forward on, instead of trying to walk backwards away from the cigarettes. It's hard for me to trust anything founded on resisting rather than founding. Unless it's some new diet plan or technique. ! ps. sorry for blowing up on your chat room yesterday, Mr. Hartmann. I clearly lost my way for a moment.

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fbacher 10 years 50 weeks ago

Just saw this in the Burnt Orange Report:

In May, Texas tea party leader Ken Emanuelson said this at a Dallas County Republican Party event: "I'm going to be real honest with you. The Republican Party doesn't want black people to vote if they are going to vote 9-to-1 for Democrats."

... Burgess made his views known by questioning other Republicans "about the wisdom of giving citizenship to '11 million undocumented Democrats.'" That comment was made in the Capitol basement in a closed-door meeting, but it made it to the public.

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DAnneMarc 10 years 50 weeks ago

2014 could be an interesting election year, indeed. Another example of a house divided against itself cannot stand. Before you count your votes prematurely, don't forget how split the democratic party is as well. Very few people in this country are at all happy with their "Representatives" or how the Government is being run. There is no consensus in the Democratic Party that will give it any advantage this election cycle over the Republicans. However, lots of people are happy about the performance of Independent candidates such as Bernie Sanders. This might be a good omen that if both parties are significantly enough split it will open the opportunity for viable third party candidates. Those are the only possible options for me anyway.

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daclhill 10 years 50 weeks ago

Some Democrats are not happy with even the Obama has not been as tough as they think he should. some are not happy with their representatives for not fighting as hard as they think but they will stick by them. Most understand that you have to give some to get what you want. I myself believe that Obama has not pushed and given into what the republicans want but I still support him. Yes at times I think he should use the Bully Pulpit to get things across to the public. Even though I am a registered Democrat I do not vote a straight ticket. I vote for Independents in my district. I have pulled completely away from voting for republicans as those that on the republican ticket here are way to conservative and extreme.

ScottFromOz 10 years 50 weeks ago

When you use fear to motivate people, you get fearful people. People retreat into absolutism as a way of coping with their fears, and absolutism is just another form of extremism. When you use concocted beliefs to generate and manage peoples' fear, they require further concoctions for their safety from cognitive dissonance. A concoction is just another word for "lies" and we all know the path that liars are forced to take; creating ever bigger and more elaborate lies to cover their tracks. This becomes a self-reinforcing cycle and the march to further extremes is assured and accelerating. Eventually, people who follow this path eventually have an epiphany or a complete meltdown. Epiphanies are good, meltdowns are usually bad especially when coupled with access to assault weapons.

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MarshallNBrown 10 years 50 weeks ago

Anything that will eliminate obstructionist, racist, un-American and troglodyte legiskators -- a,k,a, Republican'ts -- is more than welcome. It's sad, however, that it may take the last two years of the Obama administration to undo/retrofit the damage already wreaked by ignorance of the Tea Baggers in government.

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michaelmoore052 10 years 50 weeks ago

Like Building 7, "get back, that building's coming down soon!.."

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Howard Laverne ... 10 years 50 weeks ago

USA TODAY says democrat super pacs are out-raising the GOP. Which I have not heard alot of

chatter about. Separate subect: If American Intelligence had investigated the Russian tips about the Boston Bombers as well as the oil executives in Latin America, alot of crime could be stopped. This shows that oil Barons have too much government influence, and oil is over-priced.

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Gavriel 10 years 50 weeks ago

Let first start by expressing that I too had hope. I voted for President Obama twice, like there was much of an option. But let us not dilute our selves into thinking that President Obama has done all he could. To be honest I am quite disappointed in him. We wanted a President Roosevelt(a social progressive) and got a President Clinton(conservative centralist that plays the middle of the field) in a game were they moved the middle to twenty yards to the right wing neo-conservative victory goal. Yes they blocked every thing he did, but let us look at things he could have done with out any support.

1). closed Guantanamo Bay

2). brought light to NSA abuses

3). stopped drone attacks

4). re-investigated 9-11-2001

5). not gone after whistle blowers with more vigor than any other president in history, instead he could have chosen to help protect whistle blowers.

So I do not want to vilify Obama, but let us not ignore the mistake he has made as humans inevitably do.

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2950-10K 10 years 50 weeks ago

Just wait until the "taxed enough already" Frankensteins figure out that groups like their Daddy Norquist's, Americans for Tax Reform, only exist for the benefit of billionaires.

I'm willing to bet that the old Teabaggers mostly pay only local taxes, "school and county," anyway. The rich guys sure as hell aren't going to give up this regressive form of taxation, "property tax," in favor of an income based progressive system. In fact the issue of taxation which angers most of the Teabaggers I know.... is primarily their property taxes. Thus most Teabagger angst gets directed towards unionized public sector workers which in turn creates a good cover for the billionaires while they continue their quest for massive concentration of all the wealth.

Good luck to the billionaire party in deactivation of Tea-Frankenstein.....ignorance and bigotry are a bout a Palin and Bachmann ticket in 2016?

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DaveE 10 years 50 weeks ago

Yeah, OK. Let's face it, the Tea Party was quickly over-run by the Jewish Bolshevik / neocons who turned it inside out....... the Dick Armey's, Koch Bros. and other Jewish / zionist con-artists who took the legitimate Replican disgust with the Israelite boot-licking (read: neocons) and turned it into just another Marketing Division of Jewish Totalitarianism that the modern (and zionist-franchised) Tea Party has become. Zio-Bolshevism round four.

Well, guess what? The REAL TEA PARTY has seen through the Jews, their con artists and liars (sorry to be redundant) and has told the dirty s^%m to go eff itself.

The real title of this piece should be: "Zionist Tea-Party Infil-traitors Told to Eff Themselves by Real Patriotic Americans."

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wjkolar 10 years 50 weeks ago

The Democrats will move more to the right with the excuse of attracting Republicans that are being alienated by the direction the tea party is moving their party. The two party system is being manipulated just as planed by our corporate masters.

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Flopot 10 years 50 weeks ago

Just what the world needs, more Red V Blue analysis. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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MMmmNACHOS 10 years 50 weeks ago

Human mistakes are one thing my friend, yours being you cast your vote out of "fear" of Romney and his caste of Nazis taking office instead of casting your vote for an alternative party that better represented your voice. However to excuse any elected leader - especially the President of the United States - for ignoring the voice of We the People, and instead pandores to the Corporate agenda of " Profit before people by any means necessary" is inexcusable.

We the People have a duty to up hold our Independence by a means of altering or abolishing any government that becomes destructive of the Equal Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
I do acknowledge that the Corporate highjacking of our Goverment took place long before Obama and his selfintrest Adminastration. However, that being said, "Obamney" has done nothing to change the course of how our Government opperates. Infact his reign in office is no better than that of the last four presidents (Bush, Clinton, Bush, and the devil himself Ronnie Regain). And I say FUCK all these assholes and their groupies! They deserve to be tared & feathered then sent to the gallows!!! ;)

If...That's IF, We the People every again want a Government that is Of, For, and By the People then we MUST revolt (by means of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience) and abolish the Supreme Courts ruleing that Corporations are a People and Money is their voice.
Of course those Captians of Industries and their high paid "do boys" and well funded Paramilitary will resist by means of Ignoring, Ridicule, and finally Hostle and Violent Attacks, but is our job as "We the People" to organize and maintain our Rights protected under U.S. Constitutional Law.

Somewhere along the line a generation has to take a stand and REVOLT, otherwise future generations will suffer worse.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 50 weeks ago

"Real Patriotic Americans"...Oh the tangled web we weave! Still pitting an "Us vs Them" agenda.
The selfrighteous (right or left) just can't see the demise of playing such games.

Patriotism...The last refuge for the scoundrel.

Vegasman56 10 years 50 weeks ago

They should name Obama care, to Romney care then the Republicans would probably be happy with it. In 1956, the Republican platform of the Eisenhower’s reelection platform is nowhere close to days Republican platform. I am put in this link to a website that shows where the 1956 Republicans was more common man friendly in their days than today’s Republican Party which is heavier toward the strength of the Corporation instead of making the middle class stronger. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney wanted to strength the corporations of America instead of middle America. If he would’ve follow 1956 Republicans platform he would probably be president today. But he wanted to be the money exchanger in the Temple instead, so he was tossed out of the Temple by middle Americans

Here is the 1956 Republican platform read it and enjoy then pass the word around, especially to your Tea party Buddy's then ask them, why did you guys stray so far away from middle America.

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Gavriel 10 years 50 weeks ago

The funny thing is I was just getting ready to say that all people can be educated and move them not completely but enough that their goals and ambitions are in line enough with our to be compatible. I was going to say that the real enemy is ignorance and the desire to simplify things. LO Then you came along. Your statement is full of the ignorance and simplification I was talking about. Let me tell you a story.

Understanding the Side Affects to Long Term Hate

This is a difficult subject to have with people who haven't actually had to deal with hate. It isn't that any one lacks the Intelligence, but unless you have experienced it, it is very difficult to grasp.

The subtleties, most people miss. On top of that, most people are not conscious that they are not objective. To put into other terms. People tend to think, I would not do that. But it comes out in conversation as, they wouldn't do that.

One could spend a hundred years exploring this subject of the side affects of long term hate, on an individual psyche. Or the collective social behavior changes that occur in society from long term hate.

So instead of trying to explain the complexities of long term hate. I will give examples, that tell the story of hate, and hope you understand.

A seed of hate:

It was about twenty years ago. My family and I were attending services in Ahavith Beth Israel, in down town Boise Idaho. A family came in during the services and sat down, for all is welcome in the house of God. At the end of the service the family was asked to introduce them selves to the community (common practice in Jewish communities). The Husband stood up and introduce his wife and two young children. He said he was not Jewish, but his family has come into hard times and they are now homeless and hungry. Afterwards a family friend and a long time member in the Jewish community, walked over to the family and introduce himself and gave the family a blessing and then handed over his rent money.

This same man went to Israel a few years later. A couple of years had pasted and he came back to Boise for a visit. While back he stopped in at Ahavith Beth Israel. This generous and compassionate man, was one of the kindest men you could have ever met, at least he used to be. This time he was bitter and full of hatred for the Arabs. When my father asked him why the change (I was fairly young when this happened)? He responded, if you just put your wife and child into your car, and some guy walks up and throws a bomb under your car, you would start to hate them too.

The spy the KKK sent:

Many years back, a man named George Caldell, was a guest on the Phil Donahue Show. Now George and my family go way back. George was one of my Mom and Dad teachers when they converted to Judaism. They studied the Torah on a weekly basis, and I was given a great gift from God, by being part of that. Even if it was from a back ground vantage point. Well back to point, George had a interesting history. He was a former KKK member who was told/asked to infiltrate the local Jewish community and gather inelegance/info on local Jews, a target list.

What they did not account for, was George's natural inclination to investigate. So he infiltrated the Jewish community, but he also started studying Torah. Well to make a long story short, he converted. I will try to insert a comment from George himself, if I can convince him.

The lesson to learn is hate comes from ignorance. Once he started studying, he realized how much, what he thought where facts, or realities about Jews. Turned out to be bullish.

This I believe is true to all cases. Any person or group that starts hating, is giving themselves up to ignorance. Thus, any person who hates, can change. They change by investigating there own beliefs from the source. Not the source of people who agree or disagree. But the source of what you believe, and why.

Hero's can be found in the ranks of monsters committing evil acts:

The Emperor of Japan's ambassador To occupied Poland during world war two was such a hero. A man of compassion surrounded by evil acts. A man who would not turn a blind eye, even if everyone else was at the time.

Prior to Germany's invasion of Poland, rumors were leaking out about German atrocities. When the invasion occurred, the Japanese Ambassador to Poland received desperate request from local Jews that he was friends with. They were asking for asylum in Japan. At first a few request from friends. Then friends of friends, then a few became a flood as atrocities began to happen in Poland.

The ambassador sent a request to his government. A response came back denying asylum. As things got worse the request became pleading, which became begging as the Jews became more, and more desperate.

To make a long story short, the ambassador heart ached, to the point were he began defying his governments orders to stay out of it. He began signing forged travel papers for Jews to escape to Japan.

Once thirty thousand, or so, had arrived in Japan. Japan started looking up and saying, where the hell did all these people come from. Unfortunately the ambassador was recalled and his honor stripped. But they decided to allow the Jews that had already arrived, to stay.

Even after he was recalled, he was still signing forged travel papers. Even as his train was leaving, he was handing forged travel papers out the train car window. This is a true honorable hero.

Well after a while the Germans became aware of the situation and began pressuring Japan to deport the Jews back to Poland. Note, the reason that Germany new people were gone, was the fact that the American company IBM, had preceded each invasion. IBM was hired by Germany to do surveys of the population. How many Jews, christian, which kinds of Christian, woman, men, children. Before the war ended, or as it was ended, IBM was moving ahead of the army picking up their machines, equipment, and any evidence. Disgusting huh.

Well as the pressure mounted. The Japanese council had called open the new arrivals to send a small group to represent them, the council has questions.

The new Jewish immigrants sent a few community leaders and a prominent Rabbi. When they arrived the council bluntly came out and asked, why do they hate you so much? Why are they insisting that we deport all of you back to Poland?

Japan by this point had been inundated by antisemitic literature and other forms of propaganda.

After a long pause, the Rabbi stood and walked over to the map and pointed at Japan. Japan is here on this side of Asia. And we Jews are from here, the other side of Asia. They hate us because we are Asian. What do you think they mean when they say that when they are done with the Jews, they will deal with the yellow man? Who do you think they are talking about? Do you not listen to there broadcast of there claims of superiority over this planet.

A few minutes passed and the counsel asked if they would wait in a hotel in Tokyo. A few days had passed and the council called the Rabbi and the Jewish community leaders back to the council. They said that the Jews can stay for how ever long they would like. To this day, Japan has the third largest Jewish population in the world, next to USA, and Israel.

Note, this is an act of kindness and compassion, being done by a country who was, at the time committing acts of genocide themselves.This is a perfect example of the complexities of human nature as it relates to hate and times of strife. Quite reassuring if you ask me, a sign of hope.

Gavriel's picture
Gavriel 10 years 50 weeks ago

To return to subject, I find that we need to investigate their individuals issues and educate we need them to fix this. I also have a off topic statement. If we want to fix America, we need to start down the right path and start way back were we were diverted. We need to convince the Indian tribes in America to ask for statehood again. This would bring them funding they need and we would get additional Senators and House representatives that understand what needs to be done that has not been corrupted yet.

Ducinni's picture
Ducinni 10 years 50 weeks ago

I couldn't post on the site I wanted too, about cearting a Federal Mortage Lending System so more people can buy homes. FUCK the Private-Sector they have been FUCKING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO LONG!!!!!!!!! Create Government Own Oil Companies, Government Own Banks, Government Own Car Insurance, Government Own Medical Coverage, etc. and let those DICKLES BITCHES move their Private-Sector jobs overseas or to Mexico. And FUCK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO CRY COMMUNIST, LET THOSE DICKLES BITCHES FOLLOW THEIR FREE MARKET JOBS OVERSEAS OR TO MEXICO, AND LET THOSE IGNORANT FREE MARKET REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN CHILD MOLESTERS BUY INTO THE PRIVATE-SECTOR, AND LET US WHO HAVE MORE FAITH IN THE GOVERNMENT BUY GOVERNMENT GOODS,

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 50 weeks ago

Gavriel: Very interesting stories...I have read some books by Edwin called "IBM and the Holocaust" another by John Sack called "An Eye For An Eye-The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge For the Holocaust". The later is a free download from:

At the site you can also download a video of Edwin Black on his book "IBM and the Holocaust" there are two parts:
part 1:

part 2:

Basically, what I understood Edwin Black to be saying was that IBM's participation in the Holocaust didn't really have anything to do with "hate" or anything else except for "money" "profit". IBM wasn't the only American company that was making lots of money from the Nazis despite the fact that we were at war with them...or despite the fact that it was very well known by lots of people around the world (especially government and business leaders) just what the Nazis were doing to the Jews and others deemed "unacceptable".

The fact that "profit" was largely the motive should not make too many people, even today, no matter what his/her religion, status, sexual matter what...even socioeconomic status, very paranoid about what could happen right here in the US today. Would people opt to sacrifice hundreds of thousands or even millions of other people's lives for profit and power? ...even fellow Americans?

Would they start off, perhaps, by sacrificing a few thousand lives in tall buildings that collapse after airliners crash into them? Think about how things have changed since then! Who was really been behind it all? Terrorists? The only real terrorists are the ones who create false flags by creating the illusion of a few patsies wielding box cutters. The only real terrorists are the ones who have butchered millions of innocent civilians and gotten their citizens to go along with it all. Just like Hitler got his citizens to go along with the Nazi death camps, US leaders, along with their criminal accomplice lap-dog countries, have pulled off a pretty big "holocaust" using high tech weapons.

Just how long do you think it will be before the Elysium elite will turn those weapons upon the rest of us? For profit and power, of course, not because they "hate" us. Hey, business is to keep those profits up or the business falls apart.

(By the way, the movie "Elysium" will be in theaters starting this Friday).

The IBM punched card tabulating machines made the efficiency of the Holocaust a reality...what the NSA and other spy organizations have today are far more powerful and efficient. A former head of the CIA made a statement something to the effect that "even your kitchen appliances will have listening devices to spy on everyone right in their homes". Even cars of people "they" consider "pests" (like Michael Hastings) can be remotely, electronically hijacked (like the 9/11 planes were) and rammed into trees (or tall buildings) exploding into flames roasting the occupants. One day, they won't bother remotely hijacking our cars...they'll just zap you right inside your home with a Hellfire missile launched from a drone (like they did to those American citizen kids--one Awlaki's 16 year old son while attending a Barbeque).

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 50 weeks ago

Just how in the hell did Hasting's Mercedes engine/transmission get hurled 200 feet down the street? The photos of the car shows the car upright, on it's four wheels, with the front end against the did a big engine/transmission exit that vehicle without leaving an exit hole or fly out from underneath the vehicle while the car remained on it's four wheels?

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 10 years 50 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Really? Did you cut class on Physics 101? Like I said before, the explosive--whatever it was--was planted under the car near the driver seat. The explosion blew the engine out when the front part of the car was blown up slightly and the rear was blown backward slightly. The engine flew out from under the car whereas the recoil slowed the car to a stop, while forcing the front back down. It could have been C4 or nano thermite, or both. Nano thermite would explain how the engine mounts and drive shaft were sheared in two. Someone probably emptied a full spray can of it under the chassis; probably, while the FBI kept him busy hours before the "accident".

Gavriel's picture
Gavriel 10 years 50 weeks ago

To Palindromedary and all others.

I agree with much of what you said but to truly see you must first understand the mechanism of apathy and we must not forget that millions of German descendant were forced out of their home countries after ww2 and they too were innocent. We must be careful that the fascist of today do not make the Muslims the scapegoats. What happened to Jews can happen to Muslims As a man that was raised Jewish and being a student of the new message from G-d community I must do every thing I can to make that not happen. Knowledge is power. We make the world by our choices and so I ask, let G-d help us choose peace this time and not war, and let us choose to except difficulties of collective rule this time over cohesion by intimidation or manipulation. G-d Bless you all and may knowledge be with us all and may we be husbands to this planet.

Gavriel's picture
Gavriel 10 years 50 weeks ago

To Ducinni

Let me ask you a question and please refrain from coming to an answer until you do what the cheif council of the Native American Tribes did,before making decisions, which is sleep on it at least one night.

Q: What would you do? Now think, what if you lived their lives and had their influences put upon you as was put on them with all the temptations being given to them over money, power, wealth, sex. I ask you what would you do? This is not an excuse, this is a way to deal with these crony bastards that you so eloquently spoke of in your earlier post with out judging them. Put them in prison if we must I think it is called for but let us do it with out our personal JUDGEMENT. In fact let us be cold bastards and follow the letter of the law and charge some of these ass holes like Dick Chaney with treason, they are guilty, but we can do it with out judging because we are doing it out of fear not knowledge, and we don't need the judgement to do what is appropriate, in fact we might even do it better. Just a thought.

please go to

also please look at this;

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 50 weeks ago
Quote gavriel:we must not forget that millions of German descendant were forced out of their home countries after ww2 and they too were innocent. We must be careful that the fascist of today do not make the Muslims the scapegoats. What happened to Jews can happen to Muslims

Yes, I agree that there were also a lot of innocent Germans, along with others, who suffered great losses...and that book I mentioned by John Sack "An Eye for an Eye" showed how some of that happened. And I agree that "we must not make Muslims the scapegoats". What has happened to the Jews has happened to the Muslims (to some extent). One cannot just say that all Jews are acting like Nazis anymore than one can say that all Muslims want to strap on bomb vests and commit a terrorist act. In fact, I understand that there are many Jews, even living in Israel, who are very much at odds with the ruling elite of Israel on the treatment of the Palestinians.

I am an atheist and have no interest in the idea of superstitious notions like "God" but I don't think all believers are bad people either. Just as long as they don't try to proselytize me, I won't try to proselytize them. It is my impression that the Jews usually don't proselytize and mostly keep to themselves. The Christians and Muslims, especially various sects of Christianity, are very proselytizing...and quite the pain in the backside....real pests..real religious crazies.

I consider the phrase "God Bless You" a proselytizing phrase, though. Just as proselytizing as when Muslims say "inshallah" (be it the will of Allah) or any of the myriad other phrases they use in everyday communications. They wouldn't like it if I said "Satan be praised" (even though I don't believe in such a thing either).

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