We’re All Being Poisoned by Deregulated Capitalism

There’s an undeclared war going on between the rich and the poor right here in the United States and the rich think they’ve found a way to win it.

They’ve locked themselves into gated communities, lily-white suburbs, and wealthy urban neighborhoods and they’ve priced the poor out.

Happy and blissful in their one percent paradise, the richest Americans think they can ignore how their policies have decimated the poor and the working-class.

Think they can live in a “me” society, and ignore the larger “we society.”

But they’re wrong and here’s why.

It’s pretty much common knowledge in the United States that poverty and health are inseparable. All the major indicators of physical health - diabetes, heart-disease, and even access to nutritious foods – are connected to socioeconomic status.

Just take a look at any map of obesity in the United States.

The poorest states like Mississippi and Arkansas are also the most obese. You can see why when you compare those maps with one of American food deserts, which are defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as places where at least 500 people live more than one mile from a supermarket or large grocery store. Those same impoverished and overweight states are also home to the most barren regions for people who want fresh food instead of the stuff they sell at a 7-Eleven or McDonald’s.

And things aren’t getting better for the poorest Americans. Today, 32 years of Reaganomics have brought us record levels of inequality and poverty. While most developed nation in the worlds have poverty rates below 10 percent, the official poverty rate here in the United States hovers around 15 percent according to the most recent Census data, an all-time high.

This means that about 46 million people struggle to make ends meet in the richest country in the world.

To make matters worse, income inequality has gotten worse in nearly every state in our country over the past three decades since Reagan became President. As reported on by the Huffington Post,Incomes for the bottom fifth of Americans, for instance, grew about 20 percent between 1979 and 2007… [while] members of the top 1 percent saw their incomes grow by 275 percent.”

The rich getting richer and the working people and the poor getting poorer is destroying the health of the American people.

Given these facts, the one-percent thinks it has it made.

But it doesn’t.

While rich Republicans demand fewer regulations and think because they live in gated communities and send their housekeepers to shop at Whole Foods that they’re immune from industrial pollution, they’re wrong.

Earlier this month, scientists at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom explained the relationship between socioeconomic status and toxicant chemicals in American adults.

And what they found was surprising.

As expected, the bodies of Americans from poorer backgrounds were filled with chemicals that were almost non-existent in the bodies of rich Americans. Jessica Tyrell, one of the authors of the University of Exeter study, explained the findings in an article for Science World Report:

“Lower socioeconomic status was associated with higher levels of serum and urinary lead and cadmium, antimony, bisphenol A and three phthalates (substances mainly used in plastics)”

A build-up of cadium, she explained, is an especially important chemical indicator of poverty because it’s associated with cigarette-smoking and poor diet, behaviors that are more common among poorer Americans.

But as the University of Exeter study also shows, Americans higher-up on the socioeconomic ladder also have high amounts of toxic chemicals in their bodies. They’re different toxins, but toxins all the same.

According to the researchers, rich Americans have higher levels of toxins like mercury.

Mercury causes birth defects and neurological damage and comes from eating seafood.

And surprise, surprise: that mercury originates in the coal fire power plants on which wealthy conservatives want fewer regulations.

The bottom line here is that toxins hurt everyone, rich or poor. While poorer Americans may be at a higher risk of dying from cadmium - caused heart disease, rich Americans have to worry about the salmon they have for Sunday dinner.

The gig is up.

The unregulated, earth-destroying capitalism that keeps the one-percent on top is killing everyone, whether they live on the Upper East Side or in the Mississippi Delta.

The fact is that we’re all – rich and poor – being poisoned by deregulated capitalism.


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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago

I appologize to everyone. That joke was tasteless and not funny. I'm sure I will regret it in the morning. Good Night to all!

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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago

Another tasteless joke--The 10 craziest quotes from "The False Prophet" himself, Jerry Falwell. (Thats "Fall Well" folks):


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Flopot 8 years 7 weeks ago

"There are a few idealistic exceptions"

I think that is the only rational way to comment on politics in the Western democracies - assume all sides are corrupted by corporate money BUT highlight the one or two lawmakers who still act for the people.


"This is the price Thom has to pay to provide the stage and forum that intellectuals such as yourself can be attracted to have the opportunity to mingle with like minded people. A necessary evil if you will."

So he chooses the path of complicity! Just yanking your chain - I understand the pragmatic point you are making. We all make compromises. Fairenoughski.

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2950-10K 8 years 7 weeks ago

Funny how no matter what the content of Thom's blog, comments end up emphasizing how both Republicans and Democrats suck, there is no difference between blue and red. Sorrry but New York does not equal Texas and Obama does not equal Romney. Check the congressional voting record before making judgement.....this from an independent who votes Green Party when possible.

I must say though, if Obama picks Larry Summers for the Fed chair, I will join the Obama hate machine with you guys on that one.

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2950-10K 8 years 7 weeks ago

It does no harm for a right winger to say they dislike right wing policy on Thom's site because they know most of us already agree. This however does provide cover for that individual to also attack and rant continuously about the Democrats in power. I'm sure Thom's smart enough to have picked up on this....just saying!

It would be more believable if those individuals pissed and moaned about the Teabagger House now and then, but oddly that never happens!

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Flopot 8 years 7 weeks ago


The "lesser of two evils" argument doesn't cut it anymore. Obama's corporatist record speaks for itself.

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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago
Quote Flopot:So he chooses the path of complicity! Just yanking your chain - I understand the pragmatic point you are making. We all make compromises. Fairenoughski.

Flopot ~ I couldn't agree more. Sometimes it annoys the hell out of me too. Especially when his complicity takes the path of pretending to be really dumb. Oh, well! On the long list of things that annoy the hell out of me Thom is no where near the top. Besides, he makes up for it brilliantly. I can't complain... Too much!

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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago
Quote 2950-10K:It does no harm for a right winger to say they dislike right wing policy on Thom's site because they know most of us already agree. This however does provide cover for that individual to also attack and rant continuously about the Democrats in power.

2950-10K ~ "Democrats in power?" There are Democrats in power? Really? You don't say! Democrats who close Gitmo, repeal the Patriot Act, end foreign military agression, protect and defend the Constitution, ban free trade, demand Single-Payer health care, prosecute Wall Street criminals, and investigate the Bush Administration for war crimes? All I see are different shades of red and pink.

Roses are Red

Violets are Pink

If there are Democrats in power

They sure must stink

BTW Pink is just Red with a streak of Yellow in it. The New Democratic Party Color.

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Carson L 8 years 7 weeks ago

Flopot- I am directly insulted by your constant barrage on the individual representing the executive branch of OUR United States of America. He is the President. He is our President. And I'd appreciate it if you could address him with the due reverence. What are you anyways other than a scared clown with a funny hat and a fake name. If you're so keeping it real then put your brand on it. Why should anyone listen to someone who can't even tell you their name without lying about it. Tell you what Mrs. Flopot, from now on, just for you, my name is simply the capital letter 'F'. And i'll just leave it to your souless irreverent hollow cavity of a conciousness to figure out for yourself exactly what Mr. F wants to say to U.

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Flopot 8 years 7 weeks ago


I don't know if you're being satirical or not but where I come we don't show deference to authority. I single out Obama because he is a corporate shill and not some "lesser evil" alternative to Romney et al. My constant refrain is that he and the Democrats are no different from the Republicans, i.e. both servants of the corporations. I will honestly tell you what I find chilling - your post directed at me.

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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago

Oh, Mrs. Flopot ~ Uh, Yeah! Sorry about taking advantage of that one. I just couldn't help myself. Funny stuff. That was "different", indeed.

Whatever! Back to reality. I wanted to also thank you for those links to the Michael Hudson quotes and articles. I didn't get a chance to look at them till just a while ago. They were a most enlightening read. Please, keep the good tips coming.

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Flopot 8 years 7 weeks ago


You are most welcome. Michael Hudson is one of my heroes - one of the last few economists who doesn't spout forth neoliberal nonsense.

[EDIT: Yeh, Mrs Flopot is kinda funny. Could be a comedy character!]

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

Screw "due reverence"! That's for idiots who bow down to tyrants and pretentious @$$holes. If our forefathers thought like that we would still be just a King's colony. And if you expect to pay Obama any respect, just because he managed to fool so many dummies into voting for him ...again...then you would also have to pay respect to whatever Republican $h!tW!t that wheedles his way into that position the next time. Do we owe Bush or Reagan respect? Hell no! As far as I'm concerned they are traitors to the vast majority of Americans. And Bush, at least can be classified as a war-criminal traitor that deserves no respect at all. The fact is that our system is no longer respectable because the criminals have manipulated it and turned those positions into very unrespectable positions.

And if you try to argue that those of us who don't use our real names are less than those who do...I'd argue that those who do are overlooking the fact that there are a lot of crazies out there that may be reading these posts and who could come gunning for any one of us because they don't like what we say. In addition, when they use their real names, it is so much easier to find out just about everything there is to know about them...like where one went to school, their birthdate, who their relatives are, even what branch of service their relatives are in, and even the position they were recently promoted to, where they lived, their relatives who recently died, where they currently live, even what bands they played in, etc. With Google Earth, you can even measure the square footage of the house...how far it is from a body of water..etc. You can even zoom right down to street view and practically knock on the front door. Or, so I'm told....;-}

It's better to be safe than sorry....don't use your real names! Yes, there are those hackers out there who could, and probably have, hacked their way into finding out a lot of personal information about people on the internet...even though they didn't use real names. But all of the information I mentioned above can usually be gotten on most people who use their real names without even hacking to do it. It's all publicly available data and you don't even have to pay for any of it. It's just not a very good idea to make it easy for the wider majority of readers because some may be wacko and dangerous. Use fake names that look like real names if you don't use funny ones that are obviously fake.

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Danny D 8 years 7 weeks ago

Mr. Flopot. If you don't see the differences between the two parties then you are the one who is naive or complicit. I do generally vote Democrat and while there are those in the party who are complicit in the corruption or don't fight against it as hard as they should, all you have to do is look at the policies of each party to see the difference in what each is trying to sell. I'll buy Democratic policy over Republican policy any day and, in the true spirit of democracy, work to make my party better.

Danny D

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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago
Quote Danny D:I'll buy Democratic policy over Republican policy any day and, in the true spirit of democracy, work to make my party better.

Mr. Danny D ~ Really? In that case can I interest you in a Bridge I'd like to sell? I can't speak for Flopot; however, I can speak for a former devout and disillusioned Democrat. It is true that I prefer Democrats over Republicans--the same way I would prefer to be bitten by a Scorpion than a Rattlesnake. However, blue and red arguments aside there is one thing I prefer above all and that is the truth. Candidate Obama promised Single-payer government sponsored health insurance, the prompt closing of Gitmo, a full repeal of the Patriot act, an investigation of the Bush Administration for war crimes, repeal of the Bush tax cuts, dismantling of free trade, and above all, to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States. He failed miserably on all promises. A man without his word is a cockroach! Personally I would prefer an honest dirty scoundrel to a lying gifted orator anyday. At least with the scoundrel you know where you stand.

You want to make your party better? Then do what I intend to do and vote like they don't exist. Send a blatant message to the Democratic Party that they need to listen to We the People and keep their promises, or don't count on our support. The Democratic party will only improve when the cockroaches are removed. If that is your real intention supporting the party the way it is now is the worst possible thing you can do.

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: RE: #66...Most emphatically, I ditto that!

Danny D: "all you have to do is look at the policies of each party to see the difference in what each is trying to sell."
Yeah, snake oil...cures all...all one has to do is "believe" and keep "believing" eventually, they'll die fools who believed in the lies.

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

Just saw the movie Elysium...very good movie...and it is really interesting to know that in the future year of 2154 the ruling class will still be using Assembly Language to program their robots! ;-}

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DAnneMarc 8 years 7 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ "Elysium" sounds like a great movie. Pardon my technical naivete. Assembly Language is new to me. Dos, Basic, Fortran is as far as I've gone in school. In the profession we use USB jigs loaded with firmware updates. Personally, after reviewing the plot of the movie, I find the socio-political implications of the story much more compelling than the technical ones. Didn't you?

The Director himself had this to say:
Quote Wikipedia:When asked whether the film reveals how he sees Earth turning out in 140 years, director Blomkamp responded "No, no, no. This isn't science fiction. This is today. This is now."[7]


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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: I agree but it was just that I recognized the Mnemonic code he was typing in and I got a kick out of it! I have also had various older languages in school many years ago like Basic, RPG2, Cobol, Fortran during the punch card days..and have learned a number of other languages since. It seems like one barely has time to learn one language and many more pop up. But, basically, they are all similar enough that it isn't too hard to pick up on them. One would think that by the year 2154, they would have gone beyond Assembly Language. It's like when NMAP was used in the movie The Matrix Reloaded.. and a number of other movies..The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo...Judge Dredd..Bourne Ultimatum...Die Hard..and a bunch of others....some immediately recognized it on the movie screen and NMAP even keeps those facts on it's web site. But, you are right, the important thing was the socio-political implications.

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

I'm going to have to change my tune on the Pizza restaurant video of Michael Hastings' crash. I had thought that it looked like someone was actually filming the video because it was not steady. It now looks to me like someone was using a video recorder to film a monitor that was playing back the fixed surveillance video. You can actually see a chair through the window looking inside the restaurant. I played this video over and over at various speeds and what I saw was that the car swerved a bit as it went past the pizza place...probably right about just past the psychic place. The distance between where the surveillance camera was as the car first came into view on the left side to the tree where the crash happened was about 238 feet. It only took a little more than a second..no more than 1.5 seconds for the car to travel that distance so the car was going darn fast...about 80MPH. The car seemed to swerve a bit at about 100-150 feet then there was a low intensity flash that seemed like it could have been the rear lights aligning directly with the surveillance camera. Then I could see what looked like the broadside of the left front side of the car as the right side had hit the tree. Then there was a small flash in the front followed by a much larger flash from the rear...looked like two explosions...perhaps the first one cause by gasoline spillage as the engine transmission was thrown out. Then there was the large explosion that was probably due to the gas in the gas tank igniting. Problem is that this was not a Ford Pinto, it was a Mercedes that was supposed to be designed to not do this kind of thing. I'd sure like to hear what Mercedes has to say about this crash/explosion/engine-transmission flying out of the vehicle....that could be very dangerous to pedestrians or other cars if they were ever hit by a flying engine-transmission being hurled 166 feet down the road/sidewalk. Another odd thing I noticed was that the wavy awning did not seem to move as the car flew by. I would have expected the gush of air to cause them to move a bit...I didn't see them move. Perhaps if it was a truck moving at that speed rather than an aerodynamic Mercedes? hmmmm?

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: Blomkamp: "No, no, no. This isn't science fiction. This is today. This is now."

I know...I got that as I was watching the movie...it was very obviously a "now" situation. I wonder how many Republicans are going to watch it?

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DHBranski 8 years 7 weeks ago

I see things from a different perspective. During similar difficult times in our past, the poor and middle class, employed and jobless, joined forces to push back against excessive corporate power, to the benefit of all. Not this time. This time, the poor and middle class were deeply divided, skillfully pitted against each other. It was the middle class that decided that the poor, the jobless, are undeserving of fundamental human rights (food, shelter). What the middle class did to the poor, the rich are now doing to the middle class.

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

Here is a very good write up of the latest surveillance video taken at Mozza Pizza of the crash of Michael Hastings:


"Michael Krikorian, a writer and the boyfriend of Mozza's owner Nancy Silverton, turned the video over to LAPD not long after the crash but he only released the video publicly on his own website yesterday."

"Krikorian said he briefly considered selling the video to TMZ for a cash payout but decided that he would feel sleazy making money off of Hastings' death."


After reading the short piece, I am starting to believe that there was no foul play here....just a speeding driver who lost control shortly after he hit that rise at the intersection and became airborne. The writer of this piece said he drove through that intersection at 45 MPH and even he became airborne a bit. Hastings was going about twice that speed 80-90MPH. Another consideration is that there was a narrowing of the street due to the raised central divider. Hastings went from an open street with no central divider from the north of the intersection to a street with a raised central divider south of the intersection which could have created confusion leading to an inability of Hastings in controlling his car.

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

DHBranski: I don't disagree. That sounds about right. Most people will try to avoid controversy if they have a relatively secure life. "I've got mine...so screw everyone who doesn't have theirs...but damn those who have more than me!" That's why we are supposed to have laws to regulate extremes. Only, those laws have been either changed to benefit the extremely wealthy classes or they are not enforced because the system is broken...corrupted.

The only way to fight the monied power's corrupt government is to forget about just playing their rigged game of voting for either Democrat or Republicans at the polls. We just might have a slight chance of changing things if we kick those corrupt politicians out and shock the good old boy two party system into realizing we won't be playing their corrupt game anymore.

We either have to take a chance of changing the corrupt Democrat/Republican smoke-and-mirrors, bait-and-switch regime by overwhelmingly electing third party candidates or we will be left with one of two choices: violent revolution, or slavery resulting in watching our loved ones die under the boot heels of those criminal elite who are crushing us.

Elysium is here and now! And we need to crush them before they, over time, slowly-but-surely, massacre all the rest of us. Many of the Jews in Nazi slave camps died of starvation, over-worked, and lack of medical care..untreated diseases. Only a handful of Jews rebelled too little, too late to matter much. Most Jews obediently got on those box cars.

Many Americans, today, obediently march off to the polls every four years and choose one of two parties to rule the roost. They obediently believe all that garbage propaganda they've been fed... that your vote is going to matter. It sure won't matter if you keep doing the same old stupid thing every time. If you keep voting for a Republican or a Democrat you are doing the same old stupid thing and things will never change.

You think it is just the President or a Congress Person that is in total control? It is the parties behind them and the wealthy elite power structure behind that. Break those shackles and you will see real change we can believe in.

Try voting for someone different this time...not hard to do...you don't have to take to the streets or do anything very risky...just vote differently this next time. Unless we all vote differently this next time and shake up the corrupt system, about our only future alternatives will require a great deal more risky things if we want to change the system. But by that time we may all be too weak to rebel!

Let's try to avoid a future violent revolution and try voting for someone different. Shake up the system! Send a strong message that we are just not going to be fooled anymore! Refuse to get on those box cars!

The mobs can overwhelm the few Gestapo pigs with machine guns and German Shepherds. But the Nazis knew how to psyche the masses into submission and so do the wealthy elite in the US....in the world, actually. The Nazi propaganda made people think they were merely being relocated to work camps to support the war effort. They fed the Jews false hope that they would survive if they only acceded to the Nazi's commands.

Mass death is coming to the US...it will be in the form of people in poverty who lost their homes to greedy banksters, to people who lost their wives and children, and even their own lives, to starvation and a lack of medical care (Obamacare will not help because it is a sham..an original Republican/HealthScare Insurance scam to force people to give up what little they have left in return for an overburdened medical system run by profit driven death panels). There will still be insurance controlled doctors who will avoid expensive tests and procedures that will determine who will live and who will die on the basis of socio-economic factors. IE: if you are poor..you won't get the tests to detect cancers, or other diseases, in early stages, and no treatment...and you'll die!

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

And here is even a better story..an analysis..about the latest Hastings crash video.

Michael Krikorian: "Shortly before 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 18, I was walking with my girlfriend, Nancy Silverton, to get my car, which I had left the night before at her restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza, at Highland and Melrose avenues. Walking west on Melrose, we noticed crime scene tape as we arrived at Highland. Just to the south, a wrecked and charred car was being pulled away from a palm tree in the median."

There was also a guy who lived just above the Pizza Restaurant who said he heard a "whoosh" of the car when it went by. Why, in the video, doesn't the wavy part of the awning show any movement when, or after, the car flew by?

The real question remains...why was Hastings going so fast? The vehicle still could have been rigged to go that fast and brakes disabled. Once Hasting hit that bump at the intersection...and was on a narrower street...he lost control.

But, as this article points out...“I’ve never seen an explosion like that,” said Terry Hopkins, 46, a former U.S. Navy military policeman who served in Afghanistan, told me. “I’ve seen military vehicles explode, but never quite like that. Look, here’s a reporter who brought down a general. He’s sending out emails saying he’s being watched. It’s four in the morning and his car explodes? Come on, you have to be naïve not to at least consider it wasn’t an accident.”

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Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

Think about this the next time you are driving your late model vehicle down the street:

This is a very good story posted yesterday, 8/9/13, called:

On the Strange Death of Michael Hastings: Was the Reporter Car-Hacked or Bombed?


In its coverage of Hastings' death, the Canada Free Press noted:

"It appears that Mr. Hastings made multiple contacts with sources directly associated with the illegal NSA domestic spying program, and either recently acquired materials and/or information about the extent of, the targets of, and the recipients of the information of domestic spying program.

"It is speculated that the latter information was of particular concern to as yet unidentified individuals holding positions of authority within the US Department of Defense and their subcontractors, as well as certain parties within the Executive branch of the United States government.

"Investigation and research suggests that Mr. Hastings might have obtained, or arranged to obtain, information pertaining to the role of a particular high-ranking officer within the US military overseeing the domestic aspects of the NSA project."
"A Scholarly Demonstration of the Car-hacking Scenario

"A sophisticated "car-hacking" plot is one of the odder theories gaining traction in Internet chat rooms. The theory posits that Hastings' Mercedes may have been "hacked" -- its braking, acceleration and steering taken over by "outside forces" -- and driven to destruction.

"Car-hacking" is not science fiction: it is established fact. Electronic controls have been infiltrating modern automobiles since the 1970s. Today, a luxury automobile may have 100 MB of binary code onboard, feeding anywhere from 50-70 Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

"In addition to internal ECUs that monitor engine and driving performance, there now are ECUs that communicate with the world beyond the dashboard. These wi-fi enabled "telemetric" systems not only broadcast information to outside receivers, they also respond to instructions beamed in from neighborhood and satellite communication systems. Think OnStar; think Bluetooth.

"In 2010, researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California at San Diego published a shocking piece of research describing how they had managed to override the safety features on two off-the-lot 2009 automobiles. The report, "Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile," documented an astonishing outcome:

"We have demonstrated the ability to systematically control a wide array of components including engine, brakes, heating and cooling, lights, instrument panel, radio, locks, and so on. Combining these, we have been able to mount attacks that represent potentially significant threats to personal safety.

"For example, we are able to forcibly and completely disengage the brakes while driving, making it difficult for the driver to stop. Conversely, we are able to forcibly activate the brakes, lurching the driver forward and causing the car to stop suddenly."
".. some cars have five or more digital radio interfaces that accept outside commands, "some over only a short range and others over an indefinite distance."
"The potential for deadly interventions is profound. The researchers reported: "We were able to release the brakes and actually prevent our driver from braking: no amount of pressure on the brake pedal was able to activate the brakes. . . . . With another [computer control] packet, we were able to instantaneously lock the brakes unevenly."
my comment:
>>So what would happen if the speed was controlled to go very fast and then another signal made the brakes lock up unevenly? Swerve and crash into trees?<<
"There were just too many troubling inconsistencies. There were no skid marks. Local residents reported hearing one or more loud explosions.

"The vehicle was engulfed in an extremely fierce torch-like inferno that some critics claimed was unlike a gasoline-fed fire -- and more like the kind of blaze associated with burning thermite or plastic explosives.

"The bomb scenario would certainly explain how the car's engine came to be blasted out of the vehicle and wound up down the road, 100 feet from the flaming wreckage.

"Furthermore, the damage to the car was inconsistent with a simple crash. There was a debris field that covered a good part of the block. Instead of splaying out around the palm tree, metal and plastic parts from the Mercedes were scattered down the roadway -- a great distance past the point where the auto struck the tree.

"The car's front left wheel somehow wound up nearly 100 feet away from the wrecked car -- on a sidewalk on the other side of the street. The car's engine and transmission had been hurled into the sky and wound up 200 feet down the roadway.

"And, inexplicably, the vehicle's hood (which should have born the brunt of the head-on impact) could be seen resting near the far side of the palm, intact and uncrumpled. It appeared as though the hood had separated from the Mercedes before the impact and landed, relatively unscathed, alongside the tree.

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chuckle8 8 years 7 weeks ago

DHB -- full thrust powell doctrine. The media is telling the middle class what to think. The media owned by the 1% (AKA 0.01%).

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chuckle8 8 years 7 weeks ago

DAnneMarc -- It seems that the message you want to send to the democratic party is that you can't stand this constitutionally limited, democratically represented republic form of of government. You seem to want the democratic party to be like the repug party. That is, when we elect a president we want him to be a dictator. I will agree that Obama was very naive when he promised the things he promised. He thought if the opposition saw a policy that would help the country and, furthermore, was a policy they proposed, they would accept it.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 8 years 7 weeks ago

Is it really a "democracy" when both parties are owned and controlled by the ruling elite? I don't think so! So, if "Obama was 'very naive' when he promised the things he promised" does that mean that the many people who voted for him was 'very naive' to believe that we could have someone to represent us for a change instead of the ruling elite? And if the people are so naive, as was Obama, then the so-called "democratic process" is a sham and the only way we can expect change is for violent revolution. To expect the same naive voters to continue voting for people who won't really represent us is sheer folly! Sheer stupidity! They'll keep voting for the same naive idiots who fooled us into voting for them before and nothing will ever change for our betterment. The Democrat Party is like crack whores who will sell themselves for another high.

The problem is that the Democrat Party IS like the Republican Party...they both work for and represent the wealthy...not the people. I'd be happy as pig-in-shit if the Democrat Party became very dictatorial against the Republicans and the ruling elite...after all that's just what the Republicans and ruling elite have been doing to us. The Dems are pussies and sellouts.

Richard Stark's picture
Richard Stark 8 years 6 weeks ago

Please understand that the source problem is that the capitalist/imperialist system has so socialized the productive forces that capitalism has become archaic and exceedingly harmful to all living things. The solution is a revolution to replace the dictatorship of the 1% over the 99% with a dictatorship of the 99% over the 1%. Thus exploitation of labor will be ended, and socialism effected. PLEASE visit REVCOM.US and BOBAVAKIAN.NET for a thorough discussion of revolution and its aims. The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America very carefully lays out just what kind of society socialism can be, how it will be constructed and what its aims will be. Here is a short excerpt of Daunte Reed's re-write of the Preamble.

The New Socialist Republic in North America has been established! This is an earth-shaking accomplishment, and an inspiration to the people of the world, brought to life by the momentous revolutionary struggle of millions upon millions of people from all quarters, led by their vanguard, the Revolutionary Communist Party.
The science of communism, and the further development of this science through the new synthesis brought forward by Bob Avakian, has defined the character of this vanguard party throughout the whole process of this revolutionary struggle. And it will continue to do so, unleashing and arming the overwhelming majority of people in this Republic to make our greatest possible contributions, in thought and deed, in heart and soul, to the success of this revolution, to the emancipation of all of humanity and to the care of our home, planet Earth.
The New Socialist Republic in North America stands as an undeniable testament that the most powerful oppressor, exploiter, life-destroyer, and planet despoiler on Earth has been defeated!
Through twists and turns, advances and setbacks, victories and defeats, unparalleled heroism, determination and sacrifice, the masses of people have overthrown capitalism and imperialism here. We can now say, with all conviction and certainty:
THAT the stranglehold on society by an obscenely wealthy class of soulless parasites who have appropriated (as their own private property) all the vast and powerful means to life—modern day slave masters exploiting modern day slaves (wage slavery), and oppressing and hindering the vast majority of people—has been broken! The basis has been established to advance in the second great wave of proletarian revolution to uproot all the class structures that have so far been ingrained and characteristic of human society for thousands of years...

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Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

Richard Stark: Thanks for that information...I have gone to Bob Avakian's web site...very interesting!

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 8 years 6 weeks ago

I think "card check" would have led to the 99% dictating terms to the 1%. It passed the house and needed only one more vote in the senate to avoid the filibuster. We don't need a revolution we need to overload the congress with democrats with as few blue dogs as we can attain. It seems like a simpler solution than revolution.

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Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

And we all thought Obama wasn't a blue dog democrat didn't we? Even after he proved he was during his first election, people still voted for him in the second. Yes, it would be simpler and much better than a revolution but achieving that goal is just not going to happen because the game is rigged. When people realize that we really don't have a fair and honest democracy and that hoping people will vote out all the blue dogs, but still failing to do so, then they will realize that their only real hope is for revolution. Dying and destitute people backed into a corner will either cower and die or stand and fight. At least, if everyone was talking revolution, and that it could be a reality, it might put some pressure on the ruling elite to lighten up. But they know they can put yet another fake, another Obama, in the White House to pander even more false hope. Obama did have a period in the beginning of his first term where he could have made some very big differences...but he didn't follow through with his main selling points...the main reasons why we all voted for him. He let the war crimes of the previous administration go unrecognized, he let the Gitmo Gulag stay open, and he continued the war in the Middle East, he reneged on his invitation for whistle blowers to come forward and prosecuted them instead... to name just a few major things. Obama won't be the last "plant" that the ruling elite will slip in. It takes a lot of finances to run for President in this corrupt system and the two main parties will continue to be funded by the wealthy ruling elite. We will not see a change through the rigged ballot box system. Find me a Democrat that honestly says that Manning and Assange and Snowden and all the other whistle blowers are heroes who should be getting medals instead of prosecution and I'd say they were worthy of being voted for. As far as I'm concerned, many of those damn Democrats are gutless, cowardly war criminals right along side Obama and Bush. I sure won't vote for them again!

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Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

Bob Avakian is really interesting to listen to! Often, very funny! I wonder if he is going to run for president. Now that would shake up the system...wouldn't it...if we all voted him as our next president?

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 8 years 6 weeks ago

Palin -- The things that Obama did with a filibuster proof senate did not seem like a blue dog to me. Such things as

1 Chrysler Saved

2 GM Saved

3 AHCA passed (AKA Obamacare); (because of blue dogs like Max Baucus it was not a single player plan; to get Sen Baucus to sign it, Max's county got single payer.)

4 Middle class tax cut

5 Went from losing 750,000 per month to 30 straight months of job gains (in spite of Republican governors cutting 4.5 million jobs)

6 Education spending increased

7 Laws against hate crimes strengthened

8 CHIPS expanded (Childrens Health Insurance Program)

9 Forced through Child Labor Laws

10 consumer protection agency formed

11 Credit card reform

12 Predatory lending to soldiers restricted

13 Troops paid for stop loss time

14 Torture stopped

15 VA spending increased

16 Women allowed to serve on subs

17 Equal pay for women

18 Nuclear arms reduction proposal

19 BP cleanup fund

20 EPA strengthened

21 FDA powers broadened

22 Healthcare for 9-11 responders funded (during Bush Term it was ignored)

23 DADT was repealed

24 Within 24 hours of his inaugration in 2009, he ordered that the financial statistics of the top 400 families should be treated like everyone else's; that is, they should not be a classified government document.

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Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

Chuckle8: And you forgot to mention that Obama helped make the $700billion bank bailout a reality....and that Obama petted his dog. Was it really in the interest of progressives to bail out Chrysler and GM? Was it really in the interest of the nation to bail out the banks? You consider those things to be progressive/Democrat good deeds? Somehow, I just can't fathom the big bosses in GM, Chrysler, and the banks as being worthy of being bailed out. They get huge bonuses and salaries even though they are the main reasons behind the failures...they use parts largely all made in China or elsewhere instead of in the US like they used to be...all to maximize their profits..then they skim off the top...and then squeeze the workers out of their jobs.

Obama is part of the problem....the corrupt Democrat Party is part of the problem...it's not just the Republicans...they're indisputably the biggest @$$holes...but the solution is not to elect the cowardly Democrats...because they make promises they don't intend to keep. They are sell outs. They have no balls to stand up to the ruling elite. We need someone who can stand up to them whether that is through a third party or through a massive rebellion in the streets of America.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 8 years 6 weeks ago

Palin -- the bank bailout was duing Bush's reign (Obama's naivety supported it; even the bank CEO's do not know what is happening) and Obama fired the CEO of GM.

I do not think Obama petted his dog during that 11 week period.

I think you are going to need on those laborers who were saved by the bailout of GM and Chrysler to support either a third party or massive rebellion. Also, you need to counter the Powell doctrine.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

chuckle8: what?! Obama didn't pet his dog in 11 months? What kind of President wouldn't pet his dog for 11 months? We'd better notify PETA!

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 8 years 6 weeks ago

Palin 11 weeks not 11 months.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

Oh, darn, too late...I've already notified PETA...they told me that they would be picketing the White House totally nude while petting their furry bunnies...again!

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 8 years 6 weeks ago

Too bad I live so far away from the WH. Could they protest in CA as well?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 8 years 6 weeks ago

Don't worry, it'll all be on You Tube! Better than TV! Although You Tube will only go just so far. Actually, I saw something on You Tube...took place in CA. Something about a hearing where this girl rips off her clothes in front of the hearing members and they had to escort her away. I don't think she was PETA though.

Carson L's picture
Carson L 8 years 6 weeks ago

Listen Flopot. I'm not a wise man yet I am no fool. If you can't see that OUR President Obama represents America and that it is America, ie. each and every American that are corporatist and evil and slaves to the dollar not him the person. I can't try and teach someone the value and meaning of respect but I can assure you that President Obama would LOVE to do A LOT of things differently IF HE THE MAN ACTUALY HAD A CHOICE> Don't you dare give me your arrogant and naive presumtions of what YOU would DO in HIS PLACE. Just like what they say in sports, Flopot, (whatever the capitol f that even means), That's why YOU are the FAN and HE is the COACH! Grow up! complain about Americans, not the one man who's successfully done everything in his power to try and put himself in the best position to do everything he possibly can, or is at least allowed to do given the cricumstances, towards what he believes is best. You hacking at our president is simply arrogant and irreverent towards the entire nation of which I am very proud of. Please respect our proud yet imperfect practice of democracy, maybe if you could see past your own prejudice then you'd actually manage to appreciate the real 'lucky sperm club', it's also called Born in America club, or the Thank Christ Im not born over there like as in 90% of the rest of the planet Earth.

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DHBranski 8 years 3 weeks ago

No, things are more extreme than that. Since the 1980s, and especially since Clinton, the middle class has been pitted against the poor. Aside from the sheer ugliness of our anti-poor agenda, we've watched the middle class embrace policies against the poor that actually work to help phase out the middle class. I think the general public has been so persistently subjected to anti-poor propaganda that they can no longer regard them as being legitimate human beings at all. Today's "progressives" wave the banner for the bourgeoisie, the middle class, while ignoring the fact that our policies against the poor directly violate international human rights standards. Indeed, we really don't consider the poor to be qualified for human rights protections at all, and at the least, this is a moral tragedy. Beyond that, it is a clear statement even by the left, that our hyper-capitalist system works so well that there "is no excuse" (as it states in Clinton's welfare "reform" policies) for being jobless. Of course, pitting the poor and middle class against each other serves powerfully to protect the interests of the very rich.

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