House Republicans take aim at the hungry.

The United States House of Representatives is in the midst of a food stamp showdown. House Republicans want to slash the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by nearly $40 billion dollars, and House Democrats are fighting it with all their might. The drastic cuts are almost ten times the amount approved by the U.S. Senate in June as part of the farm bill. At that time, House Republicans stripped food assistance out of the their version of the farm bill, and approved about $200 billion in subsidies for big corporate farms.

While the drastic cuts proposed by the House would never be approved by the democratically-controlled Senate, they show just how little some lawmakers care about their fellow Americans. If these harsh cuts were ever enacted, the House plan would eliminate SNAP benefits for 3.5 million hungry Americans, and eliminate states' ability to wave work requirements during times of high unemployment. In other words, no matter how bad our economy ever got, the House plan would force millions of people to go hungry.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the cuts “a new low” for Republicans, and said that all 200 House democrats plan to vote against the proposal. If House Republicans manage to pass these drastic cuts, they will still have to negotiate a compromise with Senate Democrats. And, the upper chamber has sharply criticized the House's cuts as inhumane. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow said, “What the House Republicans are saying is this: Get a good-paying job or your family will just have to go hungry.” As this debate heats up, millions of Americans are calling Congress, and telling lawmakers to protect this vital program that so many rely on.


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

Ho hum, just one ruse after another...part of the shell game to make you think that you had better stay within the confines of the rigged game that is called "democracy" in America. One party so vile and evil, the Republican bad boys, against the super heroes...the Democrat good guys! But you don't really know what those perverts are really wearing under those capes. Ha! What a laugh! It's time to dump them all! Either that or take to the streets en masse! Watch the pea, watch the pea...oh, so sorry, you chose the wrong shell..the pea is over here under this one, see! Better luck next time, sonny! Now run along to your mommy before someone steps on you! The Republican/Democrat two party system is a scam! Time to dump them all!

timmmyyyy's picture
timmmyyyy 10 years 39 weeks ago

How can congress bail out big buisness and now take away from the most needy of us?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

I really don't think that they will take away from the most needy of's just a wag-the-dog smoke-and-mirrors ploy to distract us and to make the Democrats look like they are Democrats. And why would they do that? Because the majority of people aren't buying their bull$h!t anymore and they are getting desperate. Congress, all of congress...including Democrats...are at an all time low in popularity. Any less popular and they would all be considered enemies of the people of the United States...right along with all those Republicans.

The ruling elite needs the people to stay within the confines of the two-party system and not riot in the streets so they play their little mind games with the people by scaring the people into voting for their fake Democrats who sell false hope...or the Republicans who sell divisive unimportant horse$h!t to their ignorant zombie voters who are all so dumb they vote against their financial well being every time.

When there is hope (even if has repeatedly shown to be futilely flawed) it keeps the people from taking to the streets and getting violent. That is the one thing the ruling elite are afraid of...that the people will wise up to their head games and that the people will start to come after them. And nothing will really change until this happens. A possible exception might be if the voters wise up and vote all these bums out and put in someone from outside the two party system. But, of course, even those outsiders can be bought or controlled. But it would send a very strong message that the people are not going to continue to be fooled anymore.

If the Republicans do manage to take away food stamps and make people starve...the people will be desperate enough, perhaps, to struggle to survive in any why they can. People cornered will either cower and die a pathetic failure or they will turn and fight. "I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees"...or die cowering in the corner.

Unfortunately it will result in a lot of increased crime against everyone. Hopefully, it will be directed toward the institutions of the ruling elite which is where it will do the most good. Attacking and robbing fellow downtrodden will not even make the ruling elite care a whit. But, it wouldn't be so bad, however, if the most ostentatiously well to do, that hope to venture forth from their bunkers, and driving their obviously very expensive cars, were adversely affected by the situation they helped to create. Things could get very violent for them! They are heartless ba$tards anyway.

eatroots's picture
eatroots 10 years 39 weeks ago

Forget about a lost decade, a lost generation has occurred when it comes to household incomes: QE forever and rising rents.

The Fed surprised markets on Wednesday with their taper head fake. Was it because the economy is booming? No. Was it because household incomes were growing? Not exactly. Was it because inflation is non-existent? Not if we look at rents or medical care. In fact, going through the Fed’s statement it is largely holding back on the taper because of fear of budget negotiations in Congress. That is, we are hitting our debt ceiling yet again and the Fed wants some leverage here. Yet the larger signs all pointed to a taper if we consider that rents are rising at nearly twice the rate of the overall CPI. Also, the Census figures for 2012 were released and household income adjusting for inflation is now back to levels last seen in 1989. Lost decade? Try a lost generation. Also, recent data highlighted that the wealthiest in our country are capturing most of the income gains and given this trend and the Fed’s taper-less September, the feudalism trade is fully on.

michaelmoore052's picture
michaelmoore052 10 years 39 weeks ago

They can't do that and get away with it.

UNC Tarheels's picture
UNC Tarheels 10 years 39 weeks ago

If you want to know why the republicans are doing this in part has to do with the fact that members in both houses of Congress arenot I repeat arenot exempt from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) they will have to pay for their healthcare starting January 1st. So the crazy defundng of Obamacare won't happen even though the government gets shut down Obamacare is considered mandatory spending since the funding for the bill has aleady passed. So let themshut down the government. They will pay for it 2014 when the democrats retake the House and Nancy Pelosi is Speaker.

The last time the shutdown furloughed some 800,000 federal workers; delayed processing of visas, passports, and other government applications; suspended cleanup at 600 toxic waste sites; and closed national museums and monuments as well as 368 national park sites – a loss to some 9 million visitors and the airline and tourist industries that service them.

Even the Chamber of Commerce has sent Congress a letter asking them not to tank the economy and shutdown the government. Karl Rove wrote a letter in the Murdoch Street Journal asking Congress not to do this!

dglsdxn 10 years 39 weeks ago

This is completely 'over-the-top' for the Replicains. Incredable, espeically if they even Think they have a chance for the White-House. Its time we all gathered together to simply eject these Reblicains from political office, and see if they like their OWN families going without food. To do something like this when so many depend on this food is absolutely insane, and it's quite clear about who they're supporting, because it's NOT the American People. The next election? YOU'RE FIRED!!!

stecoop01's picture
stecoop01 10 years 39 weeks ago

Republicans hate poor people so much why don't they just make it a capital offense to be poor - anyone unable to support themselves will be arrested and sumarily executed. That would be a lot more humane than letting people starve to death; but, of course, Republicans aren't known for their humanity.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 10 years 39 weeks ago

Tax breaks that favor the very wealthiest among the top one percent will equal 750 billion this year alone. I'm willing to bet that if we made that tax break 710 billion and used the extra 40 billion in revenue for food stamps, those in this elite group wouldn't even notice, let alone change their lifestyle or go to bed hungry.

It's bad enough that Mom and Dad can't get paid a living wage working for places like the Walton family stores, and for people like Van Morrison's Richard Cory, but does this also mean that their children who have zero control over the family income have to go to bed hungry? If these numbnuts in the House want to cut food stamps then they damn well better pass a living wage law. Wow, even the Roman elite recognized the importance of bread and circus in order to maintain political power. What a bunch of freaking Teabag idiots! unrep. Tom Reed included.

ScottFromOz 10 years 39 weeks ago

It's patently obvious what the Republicans have been up to since they lost the presidency. They are doing all in their power to disenfranchise the 99% in ways they hope will be blamed on Obama. At the same time they are doing all they can to further advantage the 1% in ways they hope will continue to strengthen their ties with Big Corporate and keep those donations flowing, and hold off any negative propaganda from those donors. They are not the slightest bit interested in the nation in general nor the health of the economy. They are working for their own political and financial benefit ONLY. They want to defund and shutdown ACA because they're afraid it will actually work and benefit working people. If that happens, Obama and the Democrats will get credit for doing something good, which is absolute anathema to the Republicans' drive to regain the presidency.

I really believe that we need to start "Naming and Shaming" Republicans and Tea Partier as traitors and throwing them out of the government and putting them on trial. When elected "representatives" start signing oaths of allegiance to parties that are antagonistic to their government (Like Grover Norquist) it is time to start declaring them traitors and locking them up. Just because they got their job through the ballot box (and the Gerrymander) doesn't insulate their subsequent actions from the definition of treason.

The 2nd amendment was added to the Constitution to provide protection to the citizens from rogue government and the actions of the Republicans since Obama took office certainly seem to qualify as "rogue".

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 10 years 39 weeks ago
Quote Palindromedary:I really don't think that they will take away from the most needy of's just a wag-the-dog smoke-and-mirrors ploy to distract us and to make the Democrats look like they are Democrats.

Palindromedary ~ Right on! I think you hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head again. The party of President Ronald Wilson (666) Reagan who once had a trillion dollars for a missile program in outer space to defend against the "evil" empire now can't afford a measly forty million for food stamps to keep it's own people from starving to death. What exactly were we defending again? Who is the "evil" empire again?

Oh, it would be so much more "shocking" to hear The House Democrats come out with an initiative--that had no more chance than a snowball in hell of passing--that abolished all free trade with one bill. Would that be too much to ask in retaliation for this outrage? No, we have to beg and cower in the corner, "Please don't take our food. Think of little Timmy! We will do what you ask."

Nonsense! Obviously, our suspicions are correct. This pile of idiots just don't get it. We are on to their games and it is game over. We want our jobs back--not just a bunch of rhetoric and bull$hit! We want jobs.


Put our people back to work. Make our country a world contributor again. Restore pride in our country. Above all, drive the war profiteers out now.

Move to Amend, and Campaign Finance Reform now!!

See through the smoke screen and drive all these puppets out of office now!!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

Right on! DAnneMarc! Very well said! Yes, we want our jobs back! Except for me...I'm retired...and have had enough of the bull$h!t games they play. Now if they'd move the kinds of jobs, with the kinds of pay (relative to the economy) that we had before Reagan(666), with the kinds of benefits they had back then...then I probably would actually like to go back to work again. But then, I'm not exactly starving now...but I know others I would have to cede my opportunity to those who really need the jobs.

kentw's picture
kentw 10 years 39 weeks ago

Perhaps the poor will be forced to make Rousseau's prediction come true: When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich." If so, they should start with the cruel, pityless members of Congress who have inflicted this state upon them, and dare to call themselves religious. They are by their actions, followers of Ayn Rand, an atheist, and an ethical egoist.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

An atheist? Well then I guess she wasn't all least she had one good attribute! Much better than all those so-called Christians...or, the ones that call themselves Christians but aren't really.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

But this atheist has to get to bed...early this night.

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 39 weeks ago

This is what happens, TIMMMYYY, when Americans sheppishly stand by - while bitching and moanning via their favorite blog - and allow Corporations with their Profit before People agenda to highjack our Government.
I'm not sure how old you are, but if you have voted for a republican or democrat candidate in the past 5 elections (Starting with Regan), you have voted for a Corporate Puppet whoes only purpose is to keep the Captains of Wall St and Board Members happy.

Wanna make a difference???
Then make sure you always cast your vote for those who truely share in your concerns, rather than casting a fear vote.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 10 years 39 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Buenos noches amigo mio! Todavia tenemos muchas cosas para hablar. Pero tienes este noche para dormir bien. Gracias a dios, porque estamos en una probema muy mal. Necesitamos nuestro fuerte para luchar. Buenos noches amigo mio! Buenos suenos, tambien!

Flopot's picture
Flopot 10 years 39 weeks ago

It is all kabuki theatre. The Democrats are as much in thrall to the corporations as the Republicans. The financial crisis was caused by the banksters and yet the democrats are totally in bed with these same banksters. JPMorgan profits from the food stamp programme. On reflection, the Democrats are probably defending this income stream for JPMorgan!

hankgagnon's picture
hankgagnon 10 years 39 weeks ago

I am a staunch Democrat but the Democrats have to look in the mirror and look at the food stamp problem. The program is rampant with fraud. Everybody knows/or knows of someone recieving food stamps or an EBT card who does not need it. Every time one of these defrauders get exposed it gives the RepubliCONS more ammunition to take the food stamps away alltogether which would be devastating to many Americans who really need them. The free stuff at the tax payer expense to able bodied un-needy people has to end, or the Democrats progressive movement which I beleive works better for us all as a country will always be questioned and under fire!

MMmmNACHOS's picture
MMmmNACHOS 10 years 39 weeks ago

No doubt HANK, Government Assitance Programms, such as food stamps, does need better regulation in order to quill fraudulant applications.
However one way to decrease the total of Food Stamp recipients...RAISE THE GOD DAMN MIN. WAGE TO $15.00 per HOUR!!! There is absolutly NO REASON for any U.S. Citizen who works 40+ hours per week to have to depend on any Government Assistance.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

Sí, mi amigo. Marhaba, Kemosabe! Mi español es un poco oxidado, pero aquí va...Tenemos muchas ardillas en nuestra ensalada. Shukran!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 10 years 39 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Sorry to hear that. You might want to throw some walnuts into that salad--and don't eat it. Rest it near an open window for an hour or two. Be careful, those things can bite.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 10 years 39 weeks ago

Flopot ~ Wow! Thanks for that link to what can only be described as a mind boggling article. What an education! I had no idea they turned a charity into a racket.

For the benefit of anyone who missed it here are a couple of quick clips from Flopots reference:

The Roosevelt Institute

Quote Article: Food Stamps: JPMorgan and Banking Industry Profit From Misery:These are boom times for such services — a new report from the US Department of Agriculture reports that 43.6 million Americans are now using food stamps, nearly 14% of the population, which is a record number. Paton notes this trend himself: “Volumes have gone through the roof in the last couple of years,” he says. “This business is a very important business to JPMorgan in terms of its size and scale.” And the numbers bear him out. According to the company’s most recent quarterly filing with the SEC, the Treasury & Securities Services segment, which is the division that includes the food stamp business, was up 2% in the last three months of last quarter and brought in $5.47 billion in net revenue for most of 2010.

That means that $5.47 Billion in our tax money earmarked for hungry people are going into the hands of Bankers. But wait, there's more.

Quote Article: Food Stamps: JPMorgan and Banking Industry Profit From Misery:Paton’s quick to point out that this isn’t just about profit at JPMorgan — it’s also serving a “useful social function.” And department execs don’t have to sit around hoping for unemployment to skyrocket so they can make a buck — more than 40% of food stamp recipients have a job, as Paton notes. Even if you get a job, you still have an almost one in two chance of still not being able to buy groceries, so JPMorgan can continue to make its profits as unemployment falls (someday).

Isn't that just peachy? Almost half of food stamp recipients work; yet work such crappy paying jobs that they can't afford both a roof and food. And if we force those who don't work into the crappy job market at their disposal it is a 50/50 chance that they still won't be able to afford food. To add insult to injury this article goes on to say that JPMorgan also outsourced all the food stamp debit card support jobs to India. Why do Bankers hate American citizens and their own country so much? These parasites are profiting off of this horrible situation!

No wonder so many people don't even bother looking for work. Who can blame them? It is a crime that our government has allowed this program to be privatized. They have committed embezzlement. They are costing the taxpayer over $5 billion annually by skimming it off the top for their Banker cronies.

This is a problem that can ONLY be resolved with the repeal of free trade. If one out of two available jobs do not pay a living wage we need to vote out of office everyone who does not strongly advocate the repeal of free trade, campaign finance reform, and move to amend. These shills are literally getting away with murder.

Flopot's picture
Flopot 10 years 39 weeks ago


I had the same reaction. The vampire squids seem to have tentacles in every pie. Yes, the Milton Fraudman definition of free trade seems to be lawlessness, negative taxation and state welfare for the Corporations; capitalism, taxes and the law for the rest of us.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

That's about $126.00 per person in the food stamp program. I wonder how much it costs to print up food stamp credit cards...and then the cost of administering them? 10% of our population are on food stamps.

DrTCH's picture
DrTCH 10 years 37 weeks ago

Oops, maybe the Republicans and comatose Democrats became confused. What we WANTED was for the Military-Intelligence budget to be slashed, and for the president to push for a moratorium on all overseas know, like for ten years?!! Then, we wanted a full audit of the "Fed" and IRS, along with ALL of the military-intelligence spending--including the pesky "off-budget" items--for the last twenty years. And enough of these blowhards who are insisting on balancing the budget, when they are "speaking with forked tongue" (or are on antipsychotics and have no idea what they are talking about).

DrTCH's picture
DrTCH 10 years 37 weeks ago

Repeal of "Free Trade?" AMEN!!!!! Please note that the "name-brand" politicians (Dems and Repubs) have not deigned to speak of the very serious problems with NAFTA, etc. They seem to have a kind of "gentlemen's agreement" to avoid addressing many of the TRULY KEY America steadily goes to pot (and not in a good way!).

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