Obama pledges to "secure" US "core interests" in the Middle East.

On Tuesday, President Obama addressed the United Nations about Syria and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. The President challenged the UN and member nations to stand together against the chemical weapon use in Syria, and approve the controversial agreement under which President Assad would hand control of the deadly weapons to the international community. But, he called the resolution the “bare minimum” of what must be done to address the violence in Syria, and the instability of the entire region. President Obama said, “If we succeed, it will send a powerful message that the use of chemical weapons has no place in the 21st century.”

On one hand, President Obama vowed to push for peace in the region, and even pledged to work on the Israeli-Palestine conflict for the remainder of his presidency. On the other, he continued to wield the American military over nations that refuse to comply. He said that the United States “will not tolerate the development or use of weapons of mass destruction” by Iran, and that our nation “is prepared to use all elements of our power, including military force, to secure our core interests in the region.” And, President Obama vowed that the U.S. “will ensure the free flow of energy from that region to the world.”

Some experts believe that President Obama's threat of force against Syria opened the door to a peaceful solution, and they support his strong stance on the Middle East. However, many Americans are tired of our nation policing the world, and they're tired of going to war over oil.


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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago
Quote hartmann:He[Obama] said that the United States “will not tolerate the development or use of weapons of mass destruction” by Iran, and that our nation “is prepared to use all elements of our power, including military force, to secure our core interests in the region.” And, President Obama vowed that the U.S. “will ensure the free flow of energy from that region to the world.”

So when will the US give up it's weapons of mass destruction? Not only do we have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over...but we also still have bunkers full of chemical weapons..some of which are leaking.

And using "military force, to secure our interests"...what if someone used armed force to secure his interests in what his neighbor, or a bank, had? That would be considered "armed" robbery! And actually killing his neighbor and family, or bank employees, would be called murder! The damn US acts like it owns the whole world...that those natural resources belong to the US!

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DAnneMarc 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ I'd like to add: When is the USA going to turn it's guns on Israel and threaten to bomb its cities, infrastructure, military installations and kill its civilians unless they hand over all there stockpiles of chemical weapons. After all, did they not also use chemical weapons on their own citizens. That's right, Palestine is not recognized or treated as a separate sovereign state and therefore Palestinians qualify as Israeli citizens. What therefore is the difference between what is alleged to have happened in Syria and what is known to have happened in Palestine? The US Government is nothing more than hypocritical thieves.

Google Images - White Phosphorus in Israel


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DAnneMarc 9 years 25 weeks ago

The true danger of what the Government is doing is losing its credibility in the eyes of the world and it's own citizens. No Government that acts in its own interest only, or even in the interest of a select few, is going to endure for very long. The Government puts itself and the entire country at risk every time it acts maliciously, irresponsibly, and inconsistently. No man is an island and no Government is omnipotent. There comes a time when every entity must rely on external and internal support to survive. The US Government is burning every bridge that it ever managed to build, is breaking every law that it ever managed to write, and is losing every patriotic follower that it ever managed to inspired. At this rate it is only a matter of time before it collapses from its own weight on it's own footprint from the sway of a strong wave, or the gust of a mighty wind.

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DAnneMarc 9 years 25 weeks ago

Thom ~ Just listening to your show and the story about George Takei. FYI That's a Vulcan mind meld not a Jedi mind meld. LOL Fellow SF geeks, unite!

I'm sure George would have just said, "Oh, my!"

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Loren Bliss 9 years 25 weeks ago

Could it be the real secret of the Obama Regime is it has discovered how to do reanimations and has thus clandestinely reanimated Josef Goebbels -- all-time master of the Big Lie and oratorical doublethink -- to be its chief speechwriter?

Or did they find somebody to channel him? Or have they cloned him, perhaps in African-American disguise?

In any case it seems the president comes ever closer to giving the real-world variant of that speech fictionally attributed to Hitler at the old League of Nations: "I vant peace...a piece of France, a piece of Poland, a piece of Russia..."

And as to whether "the use of chemical weapons has no place in the 21st Century," I guess that excludes the United States itself, where the socioeconomic realities are more like those of 19th Century slave plantations or the Ku Klux South, with the aristocracy using every means possible to suppress dissent.

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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: Thanks for that link...what gruesome photos! Yes, I agree...Israel and the US are two of the worst human right violators! Very disturbing!

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Kend 9 years 25 weeks ago

My feelings are hurt a little. Obama will go to war to make sure MiddleEast gets its oil gets to the world but he won't let the 63th pipeline cross the US / Canadian border. I am so confused. The United States gets almost half it's oil from Canada and about 15 % from the Middle East. Why are our countries over there. It's time to become North America energy independent. No more body bags, enough already.

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2950-10K 9 years 25 weeks ago

"If we succeed, it will send a powerful message that the use of OIL has no place in the 21st century." Let's not go to war for it.....in fact let's declare war on it. I'm thinking that future generations will be wishing real bad that Obama had said that instead.

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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

First, there was George Orwell's book "1984" with "Big Brother"
And for a few years now there has been Cory Doctorow's "Little Brother".

I learned of this book as a recommendation from Peiter 'Mudge' Zatko in his presentation at Defcon 21. Popularly known by fellow hackers as 'Mudge', he shocked them all by going to work within the government. He knew Julian Assange before and during the early formation of Wikileaks. He was obviously very distraught over the suicide death of Aaron Swartz and Mudge got pretty choked up during the lecture as he mentioned Aaron's name.

Quote Bunnie Huang, author of HACKING THE XBOX:
Little Brother is a scarily realistic adventure about how homeland security technology could be abused to wrongfully imprison innocent Americans. A teenage hacker turned hero pits himself against the government to fight for his basic freedoms. This book is action packed with tales of courage, technology, and demonstrations of digital disobedience as the technophile's civil protest."

I think that Cory Doctorow would love it if you bought his book but at least wants you to download his book for free without DRM..in fact, Cory Doctorow seems to hate the DRM idea and has refused to publish under a contract that requires DRM and he only publishes under the Creative Common License.


Cory Doctorow's newest sequel to "Little Brother" is "Homeland".


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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

Kend: Don't have your feelings hurt...just be thankful that the US isn't invading Canada and murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians...just for kicks! As long as there is no problem with the US getting Canadian oil...it has to go over to the Middle East to kill people.

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chuckle8 9 years 25 weeks ago

Kend -- I think the US could become energy by assuring that our no. 1 export is not fuel. The pipeline will only increase the exporting of fuel and provide nothing for North America.

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bobbler 9 years 25 weeks ago

This would of course be the same 10 years war for oil that Jimmy Carter warned America about over 30 years ago. But then the Reagan administration, after a treasonous manipulation of the hostage crisis for the purpose of election won the election, then they promptly removed the symbolic solar panels from the White House.. And reversed Jimmy Carter's attempt to take America down a green path. Since then America has been much more controlled by big money, whether Democrat or Republican. And big money is not interested in green, hence war.

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Kend 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palin. "No problem with the US getting CAN oil" are you kidding me. Even though every state has approved Keystone, every environmental sudy has been approved, there are 62 pipelines from Canada to the US already, safely shipping 2.2 million barrels of energy a day your President still says no.

This from a country that with the exception of Vietnam, has stood shoulder to shoulder with you in every conflict you have ever been in. Canadians are always the first ones there to help you with disasters like fire, floods, droughts etc. we share the largest undefended border in the world. Then you spit in our face when you prefer oil from Venasula, and announce you will go to war for Middle East countries to let the world get there oil.

Let me ask you, what have those countries ever done for you. America doesn't have enough freinds already. Be carefully you don't lose your best one.

Chuckle, your right but why don't we refine it and use it in the US.

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Mike-C 9 years 25 weeks ago

One aspect of the Syria rebellion that seems to be ignored is - why has the UN failed to respond in the two years of this bloodshed? Sure, they finally began to show an interest when chemicals were used, but why have they balked?

It appears that the world was waiting for the U S to finally DO SOMETHING because no one else would. So, when Obama steps up, all of a sudden he's a warmonger. Of course, he's going to threaten the users of chemical weapons and he explained why - because the world powers should not put up with a government gassing its own people. If anyone objects to that, I'd like to know why.

Btw, using a threat of military intervention to get a government to act differently is certainly nothing new. Perhaps if people cannot understand this, they better review world history.

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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

Kend: I was trying to be ironic and making fun against the US propensity of creating false flags in order to invade, occupy, and murder civilians...something I would sincerely hope would never happen against Canada or Mexico or even Venezuela. It shouldn't have happened against the Middle East.

I have nothing against Canada...very beautiful place and wonderful people. But I understand that most of that pipeline oil, after it is processed down in Texas or Louisiana, will be shipped out of the US, anyway. The people in the US will not benefit from Canadian Oil. Only the price manipulating oil companies will benefit.

But the people, who live by those pipelines are in very precarious positions and are sacrificing the most but receiving nothing in return. Look at the busted pipelines that have happened already polluting lakes and rivers and running down the sidewalks and streets past people's houses. This is a nightmare always waiting to happen. And you've had some pretty horrendous problems up there just North East of Edmonton...massive oil leaking into that lake.

Why would it not be better to run those pipelines to your own coasts to ship overseas instead of running those pipeline through people's back or front yards in the US? I know that you Canadians get benefits from your oil in big tax breaks. So, it is in your interests to sell us on the idea of a pipeline through the US. But people in the US are not going to receive anything but massive pollution every time those pipelines burst occasionally. And they run right over gigantic aquifers that are heavily depended upon for farmers raising crops and animals not to mention drinking water.

Kend's picture
Kend 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palin, the oil spill north of Edmonton was minor at best. I live here, it didnt even make the news here. We have been sending energy down there through pipelines for 60 years. With almost no problems At all. Keystone is not going through or over any aquifers. That has been changed.

Keystone would just replace the oil they are getting from Venezuela that is shipped there through the Gulf of Mexico. It would be much safer.

I have know idea what tax breaks you are talking about that oil companies are getting. Maybe because most of the Oil Companies up here are American owned they get some breaks down there.

Oh ya. By the way there are a lot of pipelines from Alaska running through Canada.

This has nothing to do with safety. All of he States have aproved it. This is political And that is just stupid.

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Lloyd Lutterman 9 years 25 weeks ago

Corporations aka US manufacture the WMDs

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

mike-c: The war in Syria is a proxy war against the Assad regime. The US, Saudi Arabia, Britain, and others are using proxy outside forces to battle the Assad regime. They want you to believe that it is a rebellion of the Syrian people against Assad. But most of the fighters are from outside of Syria. Since Assad is friendly with Russia and Iran and controls whether a pipe line goes through... that would adversely affect Iran. The US, and the others, have instigated and fomented instability in Syria to make it look like a civil war. But it's not...it's a proxy war by outsiders.

The CIA used to do all of this fomenting internal instability, buying elections, assassinating leaders. But now they have institutions with liberal sounding names like International Center for Non-Violent Conflict (ICNC) and Freedom House (etal) to do the internal destabilization by sending in groups of people to inspire and train the people on how to create instability.

That leads to government crack downs, which leads to violence. Then, the covert backers (like the US) send in weapons and mercenaries to escalate the conflict under the guise of helping the "freedom fighters" that they want you to believe are the people of Syria.

During the cold war...all these proxy wars were called Low Intensity Conflict (LIC). The big boys (Russia and the US) fought each other using proxies (although they actually sent our troops over to lead the destruction) instead of going all out nuclear war. They tried to wear each other down. The capitalist war mongers loved it because they all made lots of money off the deaths of millions of people.

The US won the wear down with the Soviet Union and then found themselves lacking an enemy and no excuse to continue making lots of money from killing people. They needed a new enemy that would frighten the tax payers out of their money again. So they tried the drug wars..but after we all became privy as to who the real drug lords were (banksters and congress people and Presidents), that kind of dissipated. It just didn't have enough scare tactic to make the people very afraid anymore. They needed a new boogeyman...something that would really scare them out of their liberties and freedoms...and money.

Now, it is "terrorism" by the "evil Muslims" that hijack planes that crash them into tall buildings. Or, at least, that was the false flag operation the Neocons used. (The "hijackers" were patsies and the airliners were electronically hijacked and guided to hit their targets which had been planted with demolition explosives.)

Now, the Al Qaeda terrorists are our friends and used as proxy fighters killing lots of people, including Christians (Maaloula, Syria and elsewhere in Syria). Of course, those new friends are being heavily armed with chemical weapons by the west to be used as a false flag to blame Assad in order to trigger an attack from the US. And you can bet that Al Qaeda will one day turn right around, with all those Weapons of Mass Destruction, use them against the west as they did after the Afghanistan-Russian war. They may get Assad to give up his chemical weapons but who will root out all those chemical weapons that Al Qaeda has hidden away?

If the western capitalist pig war mongers push hard enough, they may get their jollies once again by getting their old enemy back and we can all, once again, start worrying about world nuclear annihilation again. The capitalist pigs would no longer have to create a false flag...a new Pearl Harbor...as was 9/11... to frighten the people into submission. We'll all be singing the "Duck and Cover" song and having nightmares of mushroom clouds....real ones this time.

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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago
Quote kend:Palin, the oil spill north of Edmonton was minor at best. I live here, it didnt even make the news here.
Well, it was certainly in your Edmonton newspaper...I showed this to you the last time you claimed that it didn't even make the news there. It sure did! And it wasn't a minor spill! It was pretty major...killed lots of trees and polluted that lake. The leak lasted for many days...for all I know it's still leaking.
Quote kend:Keystone would just replace the oil they are getting from Venezuela that is shipped there through the Gulf of Mexico. It would be much safer.
Why would it be much safer? And why would it be better not to get oil from Venezuela...they have actually been very generous...despite how the US treats them like $h!t.

Quote kend:This has nothing to do with safety. All of he States have aproved it. This is political And that is just stupid.
It has everything to do with safety. One of those pipes has already burst open and gushed out many barrels of oil...and it's not just oil...it's tar sand oil which is much worse than just oil...highly corrosive. Tar sand oil is a lot more viscous and it requires heating it to make it less viscous and it also requires a lot more pressure in those pipes to push the oil through. That pressure and heat takes it's toll on the stresses that a pipe can take. How many more ruptures are we going to see?

The oil from Venezuela is what is called "sweet oil" and is very good quality...not so the corrosive tar sands oil that comes from Canada.

You defend that oil so strongly that I suspect that you have a lot riding on those pipelines...you must have a lot of stock, or something, in oil companies. I think you once said that you used to work for oil companies. Actually, so did I...in Saudi Arabia. But I am sure not defending Saudi Arabia or any of the oil companies that I worked for over there. But then I also don't have anything riding on any of those oil companies or Saudi Arabia. I say "oil companies" because Aramco was owned by several American oil companies and by Saudi Arabia at the time.

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Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

Lloyd Lutterman: I agree! The US and it's partners like Saudi Arabia. It doesn't take much to make chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction. Nukes are more difficult but not impossible. We need to get Israel to get rid of all their WMD...like nukes and white phosphorus (like they used against the Palestinians) and get rid of the other chemical weapons they have. And the US needs to do the same. How can it take the high ground when they also have these things?

Kend's picture
Kend 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palin no I do not have stock in oil companies. I don't buy stock to me they are all as crooked as banks. Of course there is spills. But they are contained and cleaned up.

I have to get the left wing media credit. They did a great job getting people to believe All of their lies. If pipelines are so bad why doesn't anyone protest the existing ones. Actually I can answer that. It's because they don't even know where they are.

Mike-C's picture
Mike-C 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palindromedary - even if the fighting is another proxy war, where has the UN been? Considering the fact that the US has adversaries in the UN, some country, by now, should have raised an issue for intervention in this long-going conflict. There has been enough anti-US sentiment in the UN before (with resulting bickering) to make me think the US hasn't totally silenced opposition to any international connivances that our government does. The deafening silence by the UN on Syria makes me wonder if some hidden agenda (as you put forth) is now being accepted worldwide and, if so, the UN has become a puppet of US power. Perhaps, all of those millions of US dollars given out to foreign countries for whatever purpose is now paying off?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago
Quote kend:Palin no I do not have stock in oil companies. I don't buy stock to me they are all as crooked as banks.
Well, I certainly agree with you on banks and stocks being crooked!
Quote kend:I have to get the left wing media credit. They did a great job getting people to believe All of their lies. If pipelines are so bad why doesn't anyone protest the existing ones. Actually I can answer that. It's because they don't even know where they are.
For sure the Democrat Party lies about as much as the Republicans do. I believe, however, that the left wing media (when some within the "left wing media" are not hyping the fake Democrats) is a lot more honest than all the other right wing owned media including CNN, MSNBC, PBS and all the others except FSTV, LinkTV, and Russia Today.

As for all the other oil pipelines, besides the ones that are currently being disputed: yes, there are most likely a lot of them but they don't have to carry tar sands oil like the Keystone pipelines do. They do not have to have as much pressure in those pipelines as is necessary in the Keystone tar sands oil pipelines to push the oil through. And it would be way better if we had alternative energy like solar, wind, and geothermal so that we wouldn't have to have any oil pipelines at all. I'm sure that those non tar-sands oil pipelines also occasionally leak as well which is why it would be good to get rid of them all. The US hasn't even gotten rid of all their chemical weapons stockpiles...something like 6 of those very dangerous and aging stockpiles...some of which are leaking. The government says...Oh, it is really expensive to get rid of chemical weapons. What an excuse for a war mongering empire that spends trillions on the military and fighting illegal wars. I'd bet that they still have on-going biological weapons research and manufacturing as well.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

mike-c: The UN was never supposed to be used for fighting proxy wars on behalf of a hegemonic country (eg: the U.S.) trying to illegally oust foreign heads of state. That certainly was what the US did in Iraq (and other countries as well) and that's what they are trying to do in Syria. Overthrowing countries leaders is not part of the original UN charter. Most of those within the UN that oppose the US are quite right to do so. For the UN to have gotten involved in what was obviously an attempt by the US, Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to oust the Assad regime for political reasons, or for yet another pipeline, would have been totally against what the UN stands for.

If it had really been the case of a murderous regime killing it's people just for the fun of it then the UN would be justified in taking action against that murderous regime to prevent even more murders of civilians. Yes, the Assad regime has murdered many of it's civilians (but many have also been murdered by the rebels) but it was in defense against being attacked by elements that wanted to oust it. And those elements were rallied and trained to foment internal dissent by outside forces...like the US.

Same thing happened in Iran when Mossadegh was popularly chosen as their leader but wouldn't play ball with western powers.

What would happen in the US if the people formed massive demonstrations in all cities in the US? Things would escalate as the President sent out police and military to put down the demonstrations. Violence would happen on both fronts and many people would be hurt or killed. Other countries viewing this might have the same opinion of the Obama Regime as US politicians have of the Assad Regime.

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chuckle8 9 years 25 weeks ago

Kend -- We do refine it and use it in the US. The keystone pipeline and even the Enbridge pipeline are being built only to ship fuel (the US's no. 1 export) to China.

dglsdxn 9 years 25 weeks ago

I support our President entirely on all he stated in this address. He's very smart and knows what he's doing. But, of course I'll probably get several 'Haters' to blab some vile epitaph about MY statement... who never even voted, or worse, voted for the guy who didn't even WANT to be preisdent.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

dglsdxn: I voted for Obama the first time but he trashed all hope for change when he went along so easily, and sometimes it seemed avidly, with the Republicans.

Obama proved to be far from the semi-liberal he tried, and succeeded, to make himself appear to be. He was actually far right of center and sometimes even more right wing than the right wingers. It really doesn't matter much anymore what he says...he always says a lot of nice things but then that's how slick tongue devils beguile the dummies over and over again.

You know, in the beginning of his first term, or maybe it was when he was Senator...he pretty much said that we needed more whistle blowers to blow the whistle on corruption within the government and corporations. But now he only wants to prosecute them all.

He preached that we needed a more open government. But it has only become way more secretive.

He railed against deregulation...against the wars in the Middle East...against the Gitmo and other torture gulags the US set up. What did he do? He sure hasn't dismantled the torture gulags even still. And instead of bringing all our troops home during his first term he just let it ride...eventually bringing some home and others sent elsewhere to fight. Drones took the place of troops in slaughtering innocent civilians.

Israel gets away with using White Phosphorus chemical weapons against civilians in Gaza and the Obama regime shrugs their shoulders. Oh well! So what if women and children have their flesh burned off their bodies to the bone, huh!

Obama kept appointing all those criminals (who caused deregulation in the first place)..to advisors...and a continuation of deregulation..what a sell out!

And now, Obama Care is acting like a mafia leg breaker if you don't pay protection money to the health care insurers. Universal healthcare...single payer system is what most people wanted but Obama threw that off the table right off the bat. Instead, he gave in to accepting the Republican scheme to force everyone to pay the insurance company mafiosos and the government as the enforcer. Why else did you think that a right wing Supreme Court would approve of Obama Care?

Quote MotherJones article:
...the individual mandate, the cornerstone of Obamacare, was originally a conservative idea. It was first proposed by the Heritage Foundation in 1989. And scores of Republicans—not just Mitt Romney—have backed the idea in the past couple of decades. Here are some of the GOPers who supported Obamacare before Obama: ...
And it goes on to list 25 of them all in the article.


And, under the Obama administration, US spy agencies are reading, listening, watching everything we say or do. The so-called Homeland Security that was supposed to protect us from terrorists has suffered a lot of mission creep using their authority to violate what were once laws to protect us from abuse by any one governmental entity...against abusive law enforcement tactics. Their mission creep was used for things that had nothing at all to do with terrorists. Hell, they get away with everything now...mass murder, stealing, framing people for crimes they didn't commit. In Bakersfield, CA recently, 10 policemen beat a guy to death with batons while he laid on the sidewalk. It was caught on video by bystanders who had her video confiscated and it has now been erased by the police.

I think Obama has made fools out of all those who didn't see the writing on the wall during his first term and who voted for him once again for the second term. I sure did not vote for him the second time. I voted third party which, if everyone did, we'd have a very much improved country right now. That is, unless those third party candidates do what Obama did ...sell out to the right wingers...the ruling elite. But voting in a third party candidate would shake up the good old boy two party plutocracy we have and might drive some sense in them for a change. It's either that, our last hope for change, or there will be blood in the streets...just like in Egypt, Libya, Greece, Spain, and Syria. The ruling elite have been way too greedy and have waged an economic war against the masses for a long time now and it is getting pretty unbearable for some. And it will get much worse!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Well said. I agree with it all.

dxisdsn ~ I voted twice for Barack. I am offended and repulsed by your use of the word 'haters'. That is nothing more than race baiting on the lowest common denominator and does not deserve a response.

However, I will offer this. If you really think the people on this forum attack President Obama because of the color of his skin than it is you who have racial issues. You also haven't been reading anything that has been said. Here the resentment of this Administrations is based solely on policy not race, religion, class, sex, party, or any other trivial nonsense. If this President wants to quack like a Despot, we will call him a Despot. The color of his skin does not make him immune to the consequences of his actions.

If you can refute anything Palindromedary has just said I look forward to reading it.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: Thanks! Here is an interesting read:
45 Lies in Obama's Speech at the UN by David Swanson at firedoglake.com Sept 25, 2013


DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 25 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Thanks for that link. Most disturbing how our Commander and Chief is so loose with the truth. By the way, my favorite most blatant lie was quote number 17.

Fire Dog Lake

Quote Article: Top 45 Lies in Obamas Speech At The UN:17. “It is an insult to human reason — and to the legitimacy of this institution — to suggest that anyone other than the regime carried out this attack.” Really? In the absence of evidence, skepticism isn’t reasonable for this Colin-Powelled institution, the same U.N. that was told Libya would be a rescue and watched it become a war aimed at illegally overthrowing a government? Trust us?


Amazing! The man didn't even pretend to have evidence. So soon after the Powell fiasco too. He actually had the nerve to tell the UN that if they don't take his word for it they are not a legitimate institution. So shameless and arrogant! G. W. Bush must be turning green with envy.

nora's picture
nora 9 years 25 weeks ago

Did Obama just tell the UN nations to back US imperialist goals one hundred percent without question?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: You welcome! Sounds an awful lot like "either you're with us, or you're against us" and "mushroom cloud" nonsense from the Bush administration.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 25 weeks ago

Obama has no more credibility than scam robocallers ...incidentally, I was happy with something I read today about several robocaller scammers who were fined several million dollars back in last half of 2012. And another one just got fined $25million. Several of those companies were from Florida.

I am so happy that I finally got caller ID and now I never even answer the phones when someone calls that I don't recognize the numbers. I look them up on the internet and find that they are all scammers that pester lots of people. I hope everyone gets caller ID and at least buys those little AT&T devices to hook up to their phone...or even buy phones with caller ID inside. That would eventually shut down these rackets.

It's about time they cracked down on these pests and criminals trying to steal from people.



And there are a lot of articles about how many other robocallers have been shut down by the FTC. Great news!

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