The huge protest you didn't hear about this weekend.

When 50 Tea Party members show up in Washington, the national media falls all over themselves to cover the so-called rally. But, when thousands gather to protest NSA spying, there's not a peep in the corporate news. That's exactly what happened over the weekend, when thousands converged on our nation's capital to be part of a “Stop Watching Us” protest. The event was sponsored by a large coalition of organizations from every part of the political spectrum – the ACLU to the Libertarian Party.

Protesters gathered at Union Station, and marched to the reflecting pool at the Capital, carrying signs and chanting against mass surveillance. The event included ex-politicians, activists, whistle blowers, and even a punk band... yet it was virtually ignored by the mainstream media. Almost every day more news breaks about another invasive program, or another world leader who was targeted by the NSA – so, a rally like this should draw broad national coverage.

Thousands of people stood together to demonstrate that Americans are furious about their privacy rights being violated. And, the bipartisan groups shows that anger over the NSA is not limited to one political party. Throughout history, nonviolent, peaceful protest has been one of the most effective ways to push our elected leaders to listen to the will of the American people. But first, we have to push the mainstream media to start paying attention.

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