Why should we believe the NSA now?

For the third time in two weeks, we learned about yet another NSA spying program. First we heard about the agency tapping the phones of world leaders. Then we learned about them collecting data on Europeans. And now, we find out that the NSA has broken into the main communication links of Yahoo and Google. New documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowed show that the National Security Agency has infiltrated communication hubs, and positioned themselves to collect data on millions of users – including Americans. And, this isn't just the metadata that we've previously learned about – this is content.

The top-secret documents show that so-called “field collectors” are scooping up information including who sent and received an email, and any content it contained – including text, audio, and video. The NSA released a statement about this revelation, saying that the agency is only “focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence targets.” However, it's hard to accept them at their word after learning about this program.

They said our data wasn't be collected – and we found out is was. They said they weren't collecting content – and we found out that they are. Everything that they have told us has been a lie, so why should anyone believe them now when they say that they're only spying on potential terrorists?

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