We must take back our Justice System!

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued their first ruling of the term, refusing to block a new abortion law in Texas. That law imposes strict building standards on abortion clinics, blocks abortions after 20 weeks, and requires doctors that perform the procedures to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their facilities. Women's Rights advocates say that the restrictive law will result in the closure of at least one-third of all abortion clinics in Texas, and severely limit access to the safe and legal medical procedures.

After the law was passed, abortion providers sued the state, and Judge Lee Yeakel determined that the measure was unconstitutional, but the case was appealed. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals then ordered a stay of the lower court's ruling, meaning that the law could go into effect while the case was waiting to be argued. In an attempt to block the harsh measures from going into effect, the stay was appealed the the Supreme Court, where all five conservative justices refused to put the law on hold until the outcome of that case is decided.

In both the Fifth Circuit's and Supreme Court's ruling, every single judge appointed by a Republican sided with the anti-choice law, and every judge nominated by a Democrat sided with women's rights. This is the long-term effect of winning elections. For the sake of our Justice System, and our fundamental rights, we must keep the White House, and take our courts back from Republicans.

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