We can't let Congress fast-track the TPP!

Congress hasn't done much this year, but House and Senate negotiators are close to a deal on “fast-tracking” the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP is a massive trade agreement among the US and a dozen Pacific nations that poses a major threat to our jobs, our economy, and our national sovereignty. It would allow corporations to challenge national laws if they believe the regulations pose any risk to raking in massive profits. And, congressional aides say that as early as next week, Congress could advance legislation to give up their own power to make changes to this monster deal, and a vote could take place early next year.

If that vote is approved, Congress would only get an up or down vote on the final TPP agreement, which is being pushed by multinational corporations, and opposed by unions, workers, and other groups in several nations. The biggest issue these groups have with the Trans Pacific Partnership is that it's been negotiated in secret. Trade officials and corporate lobbyists have drafted the agreement behind closed doors – away from public scrutiny. And, the sections that have been leaked consistently put corporate profits and power ahead of human rights.

Corporate lobbyists should not be given the power to negotiate any legislation in our nation, let alone huge free trade agreements that ship more jobs overseas and give corporations power over our national sovereignty. We don't need free trade, we need fair trade, and we must act fast to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership before it's too late.


Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Man, what a freak show. This creeps me out. I've already done all I can, having sent handwritten letters to the prez and our representatives in Congress, begging them to reject this fascist "trade" deal, while signing all the petitions I could get my hands on... I am so bloody sick of getting screwed by fucking politicians!! Pardon my "French", folks, but this upsets me almost more than I can handle. These so-called public servants don't care about us. They've run our country into the ditch and they're ruining our lives. You'd think we've suffered enough already, just from NAAFTA... and now THIS. Cup your ears and hold your breath... Can you hear democracy's death rattle? It's getting louder, folks. So who gets to pick our next president; Goldman Sachs? McDonald's?! Walmart?!! The Koch roaches?!!!

My hatred runs deep. Change we can believe in?! What a crock. I won't even say what I'd like to do to those fascist clowns (excuse me; politicians) for the mess they've created, and - trust me - we ain't seen nothin' yet. I can only hope karma will do the dirty work. (Martyrdom has no appeal. The older I get, the less appetite I have for drama.) Karma has come through for me in more situations than I'd care to list here, and it's kept me out of jail through the years. Guess that's all I have to say, for the moment... - Aliceinwonderland

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago

Aliceinwonderland ~ A scary freak show that creeps you out is a perfect description of what is taking place. It reminds me of those old "B" horror flicks where the teenage spring break kids car breaks down in the old small town. Everyone in the town acts really nice and friendly until the clock tower bell tolls at midnight and they all suddenly turn into flesh eating zombies who's favorite snack is stranded teenagers. Yikes!

I too have written my letters of recent. Almost every other topic I've written about I have received responses to; except, the TPP. The only letter I got concerning that was from Diane Feinstein and it was so ambiguously filled with double talk that I doubt she even knows how she is going to vote. The gist of the flavor of the rhetoric was, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." Not much else. Nothing to reassure me she wasn't going to sell out and throw us under the bus. With her track record I'm not holding my breath.

Nevertheless, the very idea that Congress would vote yes on anything that they are not fully informed about, or given time to deliberate--short of a national emergency--just boggles my mind. I can't believe they are not demanding all the facts and haven't received all the facts. To me, the logical thing for anyone to do when presented with a vote under such circumstances is to vote unequivocally, no. Traditionally in Democratic politics a bill has to be sold to the Representative and his constituency to earn a yes vote. Unfortunately, thanks to travesties of justice like the "Citizen's United" decision, it makes it possible to buy a vote instead of selling a bill. Now we can all sit back and see just how vulnerable our current batch of Representatives is to bribery. In anticipation of that revelation I might just hold my breath.

Let us hope and pray that our politicians can read and count when it comes to our letter writing campaign. Karma is a very cool mistress. She keeps us out of trouble, does our dirty work for us, and keeps us in line at the same time. Life is much easier staying on her good side. Yet she only springs into action after the fact. When the clock tower bell tolls at midnight make sure you look unappetising; and, are sufficiently coated with zombie repellant.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Those deadbeats didn't read the Patriot Act before signing that fascist piece of crap. Why should I expect any different with the TPP? The higher the stakes, the worse their incompetence. BEAM ME UP!!!!! - AIW

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago
Quote Aliceinwonderland:Those deadbeats didn't read the Patriot Act before signing that fascist piece of crap. Why should I expect any different with the TPP? The higher the stakes, the worse their incompetence. BEAM ME UP!!!!! - AIW

Aliceinwonderland ~ Not so fast. Scotty belay that order! There is a big, big difference between The Patriot Act and the TPP. The Patriot Act was fast tracked because of national security and the mass assumption by everyone--in particular the Representatives in Washington DC--that 911 was an orchestrated attack on the United States from an enemy abroad and it might happen again very soon. That "clear and present danger" simply does not exist with the TPP; and, I'd just love to see Congress try to pretend that it does. (By the way, if they pretend that it does, "BEAM ME UP, TOO!!!!")

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Point well taken, Marc. I'm just so depressed right now. And I hate Mondays.

That aside, I propose that every politician who votes in favor of the TPP be charged - indicted - for treason!! And that includes the president. - AIW

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago
Quote Aliceinwonderland:Point well taken, Marc. I'm just very depressed right now. Tired of living on a sinking boat. - AIW

Aliceinwonderland ~ I know the feeling. Look on the bright side, as long as we keep taking turns bailing and paddling were bound to get somewhere eventually--at least we'll deny the sharks a good meal. Oh oh!! Don't look now; but, I think I see a waterfall up ahead. Better put on this life preserver. Oh well, at least we don't have to worry about the sinking boat anymore! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dre....AAAAAAHHHH..........BAM! Hey look, this rock broke my fall.... Where did all these Alligators come from? Hey! Next time we take my boat.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Oh shit... Marc, you answered me after I edited! Oh well... yeah it's a sinking boat all right... (SIGH)

trueamericavet's picture
trueamericavet 9 years 8 weeks ago

What you have said is what porgressive belive. Thank you for have the guts to say it.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 9 years 8 weeks ago

We gotta get the word out! I guarantee you most of the public hasn't heard anything about it or even knows about it.

ccaffrey's picture
ccaffrey 9 years 8 weeks ago

Wikileaks leaked two additional documents last night!! These are working documents from the meeting in Salt Lake City. You can view them here: http://wikileaks.org/Second-release-of-secret-Trans.html

Don't give up yet! And I agree this is the WORST action I've seen in my lifetime, a global gamechanger on...everything. There IS pushback against the US from other countries! This is NOT a done deal. I am amazed how many people still don't know about this. So little coverage by mainstream news sources. One of the actions being taken by activists around the country is writing op-eds in their local papers; some are even planning on picketing newspapers asking why they are not covering it. First things first -- stopping Fast Track. There is a count of 150 Dems who signed on opposing it. I understand that negotiations are ongoing. There was a report from a staffer that a floor vote was not expected this week... but frankly, I don't trust Max Baucus any further than I can throw him,

The situation is being actively and constantly monitored right now. Public Citizen will probably be best source for latest reports. I think they are posting updates/actions at www.exposethetpp.org which also has great resource materials already prepared. I know there are folks working on op-ed templates for people to get to the press. Make sure you SHARE this new information leak with everyone you know! Write your Congress critter AGAIN. The Founding Fathers DID charge them with responsibility for trade agreements! They are shirking their Constitutional mandate if they support Fast Track authority. The proposed dispute resolution tribunal will be able to challenge and overturn federal, state, local laws as well as Supreme Court decisions if this goes through! NO APPEAL PROCESS> People REALLY need to understand how that gives corporations the status of nation-states! We MUST DEMAND full consideration by Congress with public hearings! Next year is an election year; start a new petition where people can pledge to oppose ANY candidate who votes to approve fast track authority.

I am as exhausted and depressed and disgusted as you. Continue on anyway. Literally the planet depends on it! I'm going to see if AVAAZ has any international petitions out there where we can stand in solidarity with the other participating nations who are standing up to the US strong-arm tactics. The new leaked materials show summarized provisions and which participants stand in opposed to what. Extend patent protection to plant and animal products? Not on my watch! New ammunition.

Rest. Pound your fist. throw things....just don't. give. up!


ptg0's picture
ptg0 9 years 8 weeks ago

It is time to flush the toilet called washington and get rid of EVERY political @sshole in washington.

I am sick of this circular firing squad that has ruined America. All of the assholes have to go.

Obama, Levin, Cantor, Ryan, they are all the same with the same motives. They are all in bed with each other and they are all guilty of this farce they call government.

More of you should be bitching about the 85 BILLION per month they are paying Wall Street as the welfare queens that they are. Its time to get rid of EVERYONE involved in this theft of taxpayer money.

These assholes bitched about the stimulus and wound up forcing it to be spent to prop up the tax base.

It didnt create any jobs. The 85 BILLION per month we are paying to wall street isnt creating any either so its time for wall street and the assholes in washington to pack it in and crawl back under the rocks they have spent their carreers under and get the fuck out of Americas life.

The TWO biggest terrorist threats to theAmerican people are wall street and washington DC.

Mark Saulys's picture
Mark Saulys 9 years 8 weeks ago

The most important vote of our time and Congress wants to give up its right to negotiate! Wanna slide it past us, of course.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago

151 Democratic and 43 Republican Congressmen have officially gone public with concerns about the TPP. There is also pressure being applied from the outside in the international community. If mega Corps seriously intend to push this through they are going to have a fight on their hands.


Sink the Trans Pacific Pirateship NOW!!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago

Incidentally, it is also worth noting that in the case that this travesty is narrowly defeated now--with a Democrat in the White House--it will almost certainly rear it's ugly head again as soon as the wheels of Citizens United allows more and more money to flow into the political arena. In the event of another CONservative being sworn in; or, taking the majority of both houses of Congress, it may be very possible and likely for them to attempt to slide this debacle through again--and succeed. Merely stopping this particular bill is only the beginning. If successful we must not become complacent. We will then have to move quickly to get BIG money out of Washington for good by repealling Citizens United with Move To Amend and passing vigorous Campaign Finance Reform. Then a Constitutional Amendment forever banning engaging in international treaties that nullify domestic sovereignty would do much to prevent another TPP type agreement from ever see the floors of Congress again.

douglas m 9 years 8 weeks ago

Between wall street and congress this country is toast,

Call it what it is,

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago
Quote douglas m:Between wall street and congress this country is toast,

Call it what it is,

douglas m ~ A wise person once said:

Doubt Kills

More Dreams

Then Failure

Ever Will

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 9 years 8 weeks ago

Congress won't pass a job creation bill or end the sequestor, but Senate and House negotiators are close to a deal on fast-tracking the TTP..... well isn't that just special! How many times can they throw we the many under the bus before we tie they the few to the railroad tracks?

With the Fascists now in firm control of our elected offcials, all that's left is their formal declaration of class warfare...... passage of the TTP.

ccaffrey's picture
ccaffrey 9 years 8 weeks ago

"The most common way people give up their power is thinking they don't have any." -- Alice Walker

douglas m 9 years 8 weeks ago

Should have finished it, your right, Im sorry.

I have signed every petition on the TPP.

I get so frustrated that it has gotten this far.

This country is so worth saving, but for something of this extreme to even to be allowed this far.

It overturns everything we stand for and its being discussed and a possible pass.

Please show me a link to post on facebook and twitter.

I would rather go down fighting and lose than have rolled over.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 8 weeks ago

He is bigger than she, but till then....
There is a difference between then and than.
He is over there with her. They're together. Their cat is here with me.
There is a difference between there, they're, and their.
Just as there is a difference between sole and soul and Seoul (South Korea).
Just sayin' ;-}

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago


DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 8 weeks ago

Aliceinwonderland ~ I think I get it. Palindromedary is apologizing for using the word sole instead of soul. He's such a perfectionist. I really admire him. I never meant to insult him--just play with him in fun. I'm very sorry Palindromedary for pointing out that mistake. It was very petty of me. None of us are perfect. I screw up two. Whoops! I mean, too. I overlook a plethora of mistakes with kend; and, have no right criticising anyone else. I meant it as a joke. It won't happen again. No hard feelings?

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

BRAVO, "ptgo"! I concur.

kwydjbo 9 years 8 weeks ago

it's time to amend the constitution and create a wall of seperation between wealth and state.


the Super PAC in the business of putting Super PACs out of business.

"they're not coming for us, we're coming for them" - Wolf PAC founder, Cenk Uyugr

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Douglas- My sentiments exactly! My one source of comfort is not being alone with such thoughts.

There are no words to adequately express my outrage and horror over Obama's support of the TPP... including Fast Track!! Loren Bliss is so right about him. I never thought I could feel such hatred towards a president I voted for - twice. If I ever cast another ballot for another Democrat, it would have to be someone like Elizabeth Warren; a passionate advocate for us, who has already shown what she's made of. Never again will I settle for less! Look at where "less" has gotten us!

I've learned my lesson, Nachos. And what a horrible price to pay. I reflect back on that silly debate between Obama and Romney a year ago, and all Obama's talk about the middle class, and how we have to support the middle class and what needs to be done for the middle class and blah-blah-blah... ugh, I could throw up! Thanks to Obama and the congressional majority, we can kiss the middle class goodbye.

Yes we can! Change we can believe in! Calcutta, USA! - Alice I.W.

Marsh In Florida's picture
Marsh In Florida 9 years 8 weeks ago

Alice, you have my sympathies. I've been going through the same stress and absolute hatred for what's going on in our government these days. I too have made phone calls and sent emails over and over again, and as for the emails, the responses are repulsive. Especially from the likes of Marco Rubio, the fascist pig in his $3,000 suits. And the Rep. I can't email (Tom Rooney) unless I'm willing to include my home phone number - which I'm not - I have to resort to calling his office and bitching at his minimum-wage staff that have to sit there and listen to me call his boss a horses ass. So don't feel like you're alone. Far from it. But I'm afraid that the air heads we have in congress at this time don't operate from the same hormones that we do.

And I still have one question that no one has ever been able to answer. Indeed, no one has ever even responded to. That question is: If corporations are people, and people who kill other people ad infinitum get arrested, are tried and undoubtedly convicted, why are Charles and David Koch not doing life sentences? These two murderers who are pushing for the TPP, have killed thousands when you consider all the polluting they do. Just one of their industries alone, GEORGIA PACIFIC, has killed off almost entire towns, yet they keep on keepin' on.

And who is the brain child that decided that only students could NOT file for bankruptcy? Banks can, big corps. can, the auto industry has filed numerous times, and even cities can, so why can't students?

It all hinges on who we elect, and this time the people have elected some real humdingers. All we can hope for is to wait it out til next election and hope folks don't fall for all their lines of crap.

kwydjbo 9 years 8 weeks ago

regardless of who you elect, the system is fixed (it's not broken, it works exactly as intended). even the "Good Guys" will be either worn-down, influenced or replaced if corporations (including multinational!!) are allowed to unduely influence politicians.

TPP needs to fail. One way to get closer to that goal is to amend the constitution. Tell the SCOTUS in plain, simple language that corporations are not people and than money is not speech.

the influence of money is the obsticle preventing social progress on almost very front.

congress doesn't have a 6% approval rating by accident. our federal legislators are forced to serve their donors, not their constituents.

sorry. i could endlessly wax poetic about this point.

best regards

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Marsh in Florida, I really appreciate your response. I guess misery really does love company. As to your question no one has answered, the answer seems obvious, at least to me. Corporations are "people" only as far as it serves them; not in ways that would make them liable, like real people are liable for misdeeds. The sad truth (and I think you know this) is that the plutocrats are above the law. The law is only to keep us peons under control. The double standard with bankrupcy law is just another example to illustrate this sad state of affairs. - AIW

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 8 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: I certainly didn't take it as an insult (that you corrected me on the soul/sole misusage). I welcome it. I see it as a way of improving myself. It's just that I am constantly seeing so many other people constantly misusing words and misspelling them all of the time... spelling checkers don't catch word misusage like "there" for "their". In fact, sometimes spelling checkers indicate that some words like "misusage" are misspelled when they really are not. Type it into Google search and you will see.

As Aliceinwonderland has said: she has a problem with acronyms. I guess I have a problem with seeing a word like "there" when it should have been "their"; or "then" when it should have been "than". They really do stand out. I hope my criticisms are taken not as any form other than a friendly suggestion. We all make mistakes occasionally but when those mistakes are constantly repeated, then it cannot be merely a case of hasty composition or slip of the fingers.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 8 weeks ago

Palin, the misspellings and grammatical errors haven't escaped my eye. I've censored myself from commenting on it, for very personal reasons. I don't want to be like my mom, the English major, who liked to nitpick on my grammar. But don't worry, this isn't meant as a criticism of you! My problem, not yours. - AIW

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 7 weeks ago

Aliceinwonderland: Yes, I understand that... because I too know that I am certainly not an English scholar. I'm sure that I make many mistakes that make people cringe as well. It seems to be fashionable, in our modern day of Facebook and Twitter, to misspell words....and to use acronyms, because it is not so easy to type with one finger on a little cell phone keypad. But I also believe that a good part of it is also because the younger generation, who largely popularized those forms of communication, may not have learned much in school. My overuse of ellipses comes from my reading a book by Louis-Ferdinand Celine called Mort à crédit (Death on Credit..otherwise known as Death on the Installment Plan). The English translation edition.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 7 weeks ago

I appreciate your perspective, PD. But it distresses me to see the English language mutilated like this. So now it's "fashionable" to be only semi-literate? Ye gods... Another concern of mine is that they're not teaching kids how to write in longhand (i.e. "cursive") anymore. Everything is being done on keyboards now, and the decision-makers assume it isn't needed. So now we've got generations who can't read or write "cursive".

What's happening to our culture? Are computers & technology robbing us of our heritage?! I don't know about you, but I find this disturbing. - AIW

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 7 weeks ago
Quote Aliceinwonderland: Another concern of mine is that they're not teaching kids how to write in longhand (i.e. "cursive") anymore. Everything is being done on keyboards now, and the decision-makers assume it isn't needed. So now we've got generations who can't read or write "cursive".

Amazing! I didn't know that. I wonder what they will do one day if, or when, computers are banned by the ruling establishment....or if electricity is so overwhelmingly expensive that no one will be able to afford it anymore.

I remember my August visit, many years ago, to Manilla where the temperatures were stifling and people could not afford using air conditioners in their homes. At that time, Ferdinand Marcos reigned supreme and owned the utility companies. Rizal Park was jam packed with people laying under trees trying to escape from the heat.

At Rizal Park, I was alarmed when this uniformed Manilla policeman approached me. What did I do wrong, I worried? He just wanted to sell me his police ball cap with the "official" Manilla police emblem and his fake gold "official" police badge. I still have them. I didn't dare ask if his weapon was for sale. Talk about "high-pressure" salesmanship!!

I still occasionally think about all those tunnels in the Philippines that the Japanese, before and during WWII, buried many billions of dollars of gold, and other treasures, that they luted from all of South East Asia. It was called Operation Golden Lily. It is also referred to as Yamashita's Gold. The US managed to find some of it and Marcos got some of it just prior to and after he became President. There is still a lot more yet to be found. None of it got back to their rightful owners. The US used some of it to fund the cold war.


I read the Sterling and Peggy Seagrave's book back in 2006 when their book Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold first came out. I've read several of his and her other excellent books on Southeast Asia as well.

I know, I go off topic a lot. Part of the iconoclast in me, I guess.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Aliceinwonderland 9 years 7 weeks ago

By the way, PD- "looted", not "luted"! A "lute" is a musical, stringed instrument. The former is a verb, the latter a noun.

Heh-heh... couldn't resist. - AIW

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 7 weeks ago

Thank you Aliceinwonderland for that correction..and, of course, I did know the difference between "lute" and "loot" but I obviously didn't catch it. I really do appreciate it. One cannot learn to be better at anything unless someone else with a keen eye tells one about it. By the way, I just shocked my sleepy self..thinking I did a horrible thing...I accidentally clicked on "Flag As Offensive" and thought there would be no way to unclick it. But, joy to the world, that box changed to "Flag As Unoffensive" which, of course, I was able to fix my mistake. Whew! Maybe they are making good changes in this Drupal software. Now if they can only fix the occasional "Reply" numbering problem.....

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