We can't let Congress fast-track the TPP!

Congress hasn't done much this year, but House and Senate negotiators are close to a deal on “fast-tracking” the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP is a massive trade agreement among the US and a dozen Pacific nations that poses a major threat to our jobs, our economy, and our national sovereignty. It would allow corporations to challenge national laws if they believe the regulations pose any risk to raking in massive profits. And, congressional aides say that as early as next week, Congress could advance legislation to give up their own power to make changes to this monster deal, and a vote could take place early next year.

If that vote is approved, Congress would only get an up or down vote on the final TPP agreement, which is being pushed by multinational corporations, and opposed by unions, workers, and other groups in several nations. The biggest issue these groups have with the Trans Pacific Partnership is that it's been negotiated in secret. Trade officials and corporate lobbyists have drafted the agreement behind closed doors – away from public scrutiny. And, the sections that have been leaked consistently put corporate profits and power ahead of human rights.

Corporate lobbyists should not be given the power to negotiate any legislation in our nation, let alone huge free trade agreements that ship more jobs overseas and give corporations power over our national sovereignty. We don't need free trade, we need fair trade, and we must act fast to stop the Trans Pacific Partnership before it's too late.

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