The Corporate Media Can't Ignore Us Forever.

Once again, the corporate media virtually ignored a massive protest over the weekend. On Saturday, more than 80,000 people from 32 states marched against extreme right-wing policies in North Carolina. Protestors came from all over our nation to push back against what they call the “immoral and unconstitutional policies” of Governor Pat McCrory and his Republican legislature. The “Moral March on Raleigh” grew out of the weekly “Moral Monday” protests that are now spreading to other states, and it was organized by the Historic Thousands on Jones Street group.

Over the past few years, Republican lawmakers in that state have enacted voter suppression laws, cut unemployment benefits, raised taxes on the poor, and refused to expand Medicaid, and people are speaking out against these extreme policies. This weekend, doctors, students, teachers, low-wage workers, voting rights advocates, and women's rights groups all marched together from Shaw University to the state capitol, carrying signs about everything from minimum wage to reproductive rights.

This march was a perfect snapshot of what millions of Americans are fighting in Red states, yet the so-called “mainstream media” ignored the massive protest. People all around our country are finding their voice, and standing together to fight extreme policies, but you would never know that by following the corporate news. The issues that Americans care about are being ignored, but these protests are growing, and soon even the corporate media is going to have to start paying attention.

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