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Hour One: Another Stand Your Ground travesty? Neil McCabe, Human Events' Guns & Patriots column / Plus, Joe Madison, The Joe Madison Show

Hour Two: Comcast-Time Warner merger...an affront to public interest? Tim Cavanaugh, National Review Online / PLUS, Want a middle class? Get unionized!

Hour Three: Are we going to be the Flintstones OR the Jetsons?


johnsawyer's picture
johnsawyer 7 years 49 weeks ago

The actual purposes of the current type of Stand Your Ground laws, especially those which simply require you to say you were afraid, and especially those promoted by ALEC, are about a number of things, but I don't think they're only about legalizing some white racist killings of non-whites. I think their main purpose is much broader: to try to legitimize the whole mindset that wants to be allowed to react with violence towards fears, distastes, supposed threats to property, etc., as a pushback to authority, much of our rule of law, and common decency. Because these laws are so heavily promoted by ALEC, I suspect this is an attempt to exploit the whole "sovereign individual" mentality not just to empower individuals, but to try to legitimize, by logical extension, a larger corporate "stand your ground" mentality in which corporations can claim to be under threat from regulators, people suing them for damages from shoddy products (and even mere criticism), etc. Stand Your Ground tries to foster this whole mindset from the ground up, in an attempt to gain enough voters who will support it and thus be less of a threat to corporate "free will".

jrstone's picture
jrstone 7 years 49 weeks ago


Just to address your remarks on how whites are seen by African-Americans:

I lived in the south for many years, Georgia, Alabama, No. Carolina and Tennessee, and racism is very much alive and well in those states. I will say this though; it seemed to run very deep on both sides of the tracks. And while one side, the White side was portrayed as being wrong; the African-American side was almost always being portrayed as being justified.

I also remember very vividly walking into a bar on the south side of Chattanooga one evening and being told by one of the exclusively African-American gentlemen customers that it wouldn't be good for my continued health if my "White Ass" (his words) stayed.

Racism is alive and well Thom, but to almost exclusively relegate it to the White population and not recognize it at all in the other ethnic communities is unfair and does nothing to heal the situation.

I have an idea though... Lets put "American" first in our "delegations" of race and or ethnicity in our country. Where we now say "African-American" let's change it to "American-African", or "Latin-American" to "American-Latin" or even "Native-American" to American-Native". I think if we start adopting a "cultural” based on being American first we might be able to see each other in a different light.

Just my take…

mathboy's picture
mathboy 7 years 49 weeks ago

Putting American first in syntax would actually make it second in emphasis. An African American is a type of American (who happens to be African). An American African is a type of African (who happens to be American).

It's adjective versus noun. A red ball is thought of as a ball first, and as a red object second. This is what linguists call a "head final" phrasing.

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mathboy 7 years 49 weeks ago

The "world's largest solar power plant" mentioned in today's show (which I found out about via the newsletter, since I can't listen to the show on Monday through Thursday) happens to be something I drove by on vacation in late September, the month it started operations. When I mentioned it later on Facebook (because there was an article about it in Discover magazine), it turned out that an old friend of mine had been one of the workers that built it.

It was amazing to see three shallow cones of haze peaking at the tops of the central towers. There's so much light that it has noticeable scattering compared to the ambient daylight that produces it.

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