Daily Topics - Thursday February 13th, 2014

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Hour One: Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio and John Nichols, The Nation Magazine talk about the TPP & Alec

Hour Two: The Party's Over - Gov. Charlie Crist, The Party's Over: How the Extreme Right Hijacked the GOP and I Became a Democrat

Hour Three: Keystone to America...bend over and take it!


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mathboy 7 years 49 weeks ago

We've got a real mess going on in the Denver-Boulder area. There's a deal, negotiated secretly, to build a privatized expansion of a U.S. highway, with toll lanes, and give control of it to the constructing company for 50 years.


One way the traffic congestion that necessitated this construction could be lessened is if people lived closer to work. The highway involved has high volume because there are so many people that drive between Boulder and Denver every day. Some of that a choice and some of it isn't, but living further from work raises the average distance traveled per car, the average time that cars spend on the road, and therefore the total capacity that the roads need to be able to handle. Reducing daily drive distances would reduce car exhaust and the amount of petroleum used in the materials and labor to make and maintain roads.

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mrbrannon68 7 years 49 weeks ago

On your program "The Big Picture” yesterday, you had two pundits that simply sidestepped your questions to get their dogma on the air. The answer to one of your questions drew the response from one of your guest was: “Just repatriate it.” You said you did not understand what he meant. What he meant was what is better known as a “tax holiday”. Meaning corporations could bring their trillions of dollars into the US without paying any taxes on the funds. This was done once, but the corporations did not use the money in a manner promised, so it has not been done again.

I sent in a voicemail with a question, but I was too late. My question was, “Is it legal in any European nation to hold profits in offshore accounts to avoid taxation?” The answer to the question is that no other nation but ours. has made such behavior legal. President Reagan through executive order changed the law established in 1905 that limited the amount of profits that a corporation could hold without being taxed.




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Just change the incorporation laws to prohibit such actions by corporations.

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mrbrannon68 7 years 49 weeks ago

A comment on your subject today concerning those states that did not take the Medicaid under the ACA and how it is affecting those who have no insurance (doughnut hole), I had a discussion with my neighbor who is a young pediatric nurse who said she was against the ACA because she has patients that had no health coverage and could not get any insurance. She even used the term “doughnut hole” as a reason for not supporting ACA. I told her that they did not have coverage because our state (NC) refused to take the free funding of Medicaid, thus the doughnut hole. She refused to recognize this fact and continued by saying that the doctor she worked for had a meeting where she was told that under the ACA, nurses would have to preform services that doctors used to do.

She is totally uninformed on the subject because local and national news stations do not try and educate their audiences, but their reporting is slanted on the ACA to the point of being misleading, to out and out falsehood.

So, we are back to a program on the FCC and Justice Dept.’s failure to enforce the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the FCC’s own guidelines for licensing. We need to attack this issue that keeps the corporate message on our public airways and stops important information from ever being heard.

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frankaval 7 years 49 weeks ago

As for the protests in Ukraine. I spent a month in Kiev and saw a parade put on by the opposition. They were protesting the demotion of a Nazi war hero they worship in western Ukraine. The protesters were Neo-Nazi Types as many of the opposition are. During WW2 they fought on the Nazi side. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians as well as tens of thousands of Jews and were noted to be the most brutal of murderers of the entire war.

They are supported by the USA Fascists and the IMF who can't wait to plunder and rob Ukraine of all its' resources and make it a Colony.

It will be a disaster of incredible proportions if Ukraine joins the EU. Manufacturing plants will close, massive unemployment and debt that can never be repaid. Ukraine will be destroyed by the Capitalist war mongers.

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