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Hour One: How Medicaid failed brain cancer victime - Ed Haislmaier, Heritage Foundation

Hour Two: Moral Mondays...where was the media? Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, NC NAACP

Hour Three: It's Darwin's birthday! Professor David Loye, Darwin in Love: The Rest of the Story


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mrbrannon68 7 years 49 weeks ago

Thom, I have had the pleasure and the good fortune to speak to you live on your 3 to 5 program twice. I am following up on what I think is essential to get our message of change information to a larger audience. I suggest you do a program on the First Amendment right to a “free press”. I have been researching this subject and have contacted the FCC and posted a section of their rules on Facebook, that I believe demonstrates they are not following their own rules on licensing of news programs.

I thought there might have been suits or other court cases challenging the FCC and Congress for violation of the Constitution, but I could not find one case. I then went to ACLU to see if they were involved in any cases and they are not. Corporations that own 90% of all Medias, and the FCC could be sued for failing to protect our airwaves and under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. ATT was broken up because of their monopoly, why not do the same to those who monopolize our Medias.

I have been researching this subject and have filed a complaint with the FCC concerning the control of the TV news media through not reporting and falsely reporting news. I know you have access to more informed people than I to explain how we got to where we are with all media and solutions to the problem.

I will gladly share what I find.

Keep up the good work!!

PS: Your book “Crash of 2016” is a must read for those who know nothing of the history of capital and labor in US History.

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