The FCC Won't Stand Up for Internet Freedom.

The Federal Communications Commission won't stand up for internet freedom. On Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that he will not appeal the recent court ruling that struck down net neutrality. Instead, the commission will attempt to regulate internet providers on a “case-by-case basis.” In addition, the Obama Administration announced Tuesday that the president cannot order the FCC to reclassify internet providers as so-called “common carriers.” Overall, it appears that the President and the FCC are siding with giant corporations, rather than the millions of Americans who demand a free and open internet.

Since net neutrality was struck down last month, there have already been numerous reports of internet traffic being slowed down by carriers, in a blatant attempt to extort more money from content providers like Netflix. To make matters worse, Comcast also announced a merger with Time Warner, which would give that carrier even more extreme power to create a pay-for-play internet. Instead of protecting our right to freely exchange ideas and information on the web, our government appears ready to allow corporate control of the internet, and the creation of an another monopoly.

Apparently, more than a million people speaking out against the recent net neutrality ruling wasn't enough to wake up government officials. We must keep this movement growing, and keep demanding that our internet freedom is protected.

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