Daily Topics - Thursday March 27th, 2014

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Hour One: Do atheists qualify for protection against religious discrimination? David Silverman, American Atheists

Hour Two: Did the banksters write a foreclosure fraud 'how to' manual? America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio

Hour Three: Federal judge slut shames female lawyer...what? Amber Barno, Conservative Commentator / PLUS, Why not put America first?


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ckrob 9 years 12 hours ago

If you have 'faith' it must be about something for which you have no supportive evidence else it would be called 'empirical knowledge.' Pretending you 'know' something you don't is not an indication of good character. An agnostic does not see enough evidence to be convinced that there is a deity but knows trying to prove a negative is a fool's errand. A priest, a rabbi and a fundamentalist walk into a bar. The bartender says, 'is this some kind of a joke?'

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