Lobbyists Are Already Cashing in on the TPP!

Our representatives have been shut out of trade negotiation. According to Economy in Crisis, Americans should be concerned about the lack of transparency around the Trans Pacific Partnership. Although some sections of the TPP have been leaked, even our members of Congress have to jump through hoops to get a peak at this massive trade deal. To make matters worse, Economy in Crisis says that the big wigs in the finance industry are “giving huge bonuses to lobbyists involved in the TPP negotiation.” You have to ask yourself, what's in it for the banksters that's worth dishing out multi-million dollar bonuses?

From the leaked chapters, it's clear that the TPP has been written to benefit corporate interests, not Americans, yet trade officials want Congress to hand over their right to change anything in the deal. So-called “free trade” has destroyed the middle class in our country, and forced too many Americans into “do-you-want-fries-with-that” jobs. This deal is too massive, and too dangerous to proceed without public debate. Tell your lawmakers and tell them to say “no” to Fast-Track, and “no-more” to so-called “free trade.”

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