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Hour One: Trade, regulations and China's economic boom - Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum / Plus, Politics: Money Out, People In - Libby Car, Washington State Coalition to Amend the Constitution

Hour Two: America doesn't give a RAT's ASS about the poor!

Hour Three: Why is Gawker trying to out Shepard Smith? Chez Pazienza, The Daily Banter / PLUS, The American Military Junta


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LynW 7 years 38 weeks ago

This is in regard to Pat who just called in. Issues goes far beyond false paternity claims. There are countless cases of false abuse claims, custodial parents who deny visitation with little or no recourse imposed. Non-custodial parents who lose their income and are prosecuted for not keeping up child support and other issues that affect children as much as they do parents. I love it you would take a look at the father's rights movement, although I would prefer they take more of a non custodial parent's point of view since it can happen to women.

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