Daily Topics - Tuesday May 27th, 2014

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Watch my TedX Talk -Lincoln Didn't Fight The Civil War to Free The Corporations. This is an idea worth spreading - so - please watch & share with 5 or 10 friends. It’s important to get money of politics and the average person back in. Also - leave a message on the YouTube and let TED know - this is one of the most important issues of the day - then go to MovetoAmend.org and help out! - Thom Hartmann

Hour One: Shooting victim's dad blasts the NRA - Neil McCabe, Guns & Patriots Newsletter / PLUS, guns don't kill people...culture does

Hour Two: What about the subversive media?

Hour Three: Race to the primary - Marianne Williamson, Marianne for Congress

Hour Four: Bubbles and Piketty Economist L. Randall Wray PhD, New Economic Perspectives

Hour Five: Newsbusters: "Reagan hater Thom Hartmann admits he benefited from Reagan tax cut..."

Hour Six: Our brand new form of cheap labor...

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