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Rodger97321 8 years 23 weeks ago

A thought on the Cell-Phone Ruling:

My first reaction was that the 5 that suddently decided to vote properly were just concerned about the porn on their devices being discovered after a traffic stop, but I think it goes deeper.

The reality of the ruling is just that it has been clarified that technically, in "most" cases, a warrant needs to be obtained and the inference is that warrants are not easy to obtain.

Unlike so many other rulings by SCOTUS dealing with "privacy" (which the Corporate Media give little coverage to) - this ruling gets big headlines and more airtime than all those erosions of our rights.

Now why would that be?

My conclusion is that the (substitute the 3-letters of your choice) have noticed a decrease in the amount of personal / potentially embarassing or incriminating information being stored by people on their electronic devices since Mr. Snowden's whistleblowing began a year ago.

This ruling, although proper in itself, is intended to lull users back into a false sense of security about how cavlier they can be with how they use their electronic devices.

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SueN 8 years 23 weeks ago

Interesting theory. Time will tell.

I suspect that a lot of people were not paying attention, and have not reduced their storage of data, but maybe the people that matter have.

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