Daily Topics - Monday July 7th, 2014

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Hour One: Should we be sending riot squads to a humanitarian crisis? S.C. Sherman, DailySurge / Mercy Shot

Hour Two: David Gregory is the poster child for our dysfunctional media

Hour Three: What West Virginia can learn from Sarah Palin


kayakersandcat 7 years 29 weeks ago

Thom, I was just listening to your story about the gathering of elders in which you participated, and your conversation with Frank. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS GATHERING and your experiences there. Please consider discussing it on air or posting more information here at the blog.

We have so much to learn from indigenous people about how to leave properly with the earth.

ckrob's picture
ckrob 7 years 29 weeks ago

A big echo for sandcat's comment! On other issues, I was thinking rooftop solar power would have two salutary effects. First, free fuel (sunlight) would free up $ to spend on other economic benefits and second, deleterious climate effects (global warming and health problems due to pollutants) would be reduced freeing up $ for other needs. Win-win except for the extractive industries.

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