Daily Topics - Wednesday July 16th, 2014

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Hour One: Which is worse...government or corporate bureaucracy?

Hour Two: GOP Mayor walks 350 miles for Medicaid Expansion - Mayor Adam O'Neal, (R-Bellhaven, NC) / Save Our Hospital


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ckrob 7 years 28 weeks ago

Working with your friendly local corporate behemoth:

Don't CALL!!! Write the company so that you have a paper trail. DOCUMENT! Send a copy of what the company sends you along with your reply. Be reasonable and don't talk with anyone on the phone about your complaint/request. You don't build up a case over the phone. Email is okay if you keep a file on the total situation. Mail your response with a "proof of delivery" for critical items. Mail response gives you time to think and stay cool which the phone interchange denies you.

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