Daily Topics - Thursday August 21st, 2014

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- Victoria Jones

Hour Three: How the UK police stop someone with a knife - America's Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio


ckrob's picture
ckrob 7 years 50 weeks ago

Certainly vets should have massive help in reintegration into civilian life. However, police service should be the last job a vet should serve in if they were trained in battle skills. The ingrained automatic reflexes are not what we would want in armed personnel on our own streets. Until we can treat PTSD very effectively, we need to think very deeply about this matter.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 7 years 50 weeks ago

Interesting call about police lying. Somehow, you're not allowed to lie to them, but they're allowed to lie to you. Now, the caller was talking about illicit lying, but there's also the condoned sort, where the police "interrogation" actually consists of them telling you what you did--a process that has been proven recently to have the ability to change people's memories, thereby getting false confessions.

The most important thing in training police is to indoctrinate them in the goal of actual justice, not just of convicting somebody, anybody.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 7 years 50 weeks ago

Very true, ckrob. Veterans should not be beat cops. But Protect, an organization that fights child abuse and especially child sexual abuse, has been hiring veterans to do investigative work, and it's making a difference--actually two differences.

ticoman's picture
ticoman 7 years 50 weeks ago

Two points: when local authorities here in California respond to a call of a bear roaming in the neighborhood, they make every effort to capture him alive and relatively unhurt. They use tranquilizer guns, nets, and other tools. But we seem to afford no such humanity to an unarmed human being. Given press reports, more than 90% of the bears are captured and rendered harmless, unharmed.

Secondly, when I went through basic military training, they took over 10 weeks to develop instincts in me to react to kill any threating enemy. When GIs return from deployment, many as long as 7 or more years of service, the government doesn't even spend 1 week de-programming those soldiers to o longer have those instincts in their sub-conscious or reactive mind. At a minimum, this is a disservice to society. Instead, we choose to put weapons in their hands and release them into society. And lately, we dress them just like soldiers in Iraq, hand them the same kind of weapons, and tell them the public is "the enemy". Why should we be surprised their first instinct is to kill?

If anybody should share in the guilt, it is us and our government officials, and our military. De=programming should be mandatory, and no soldier should be released into society until they are proven free of their inserted instinct to kill.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 7 years 50 weeks ago

John Wesley started Methodism in the 1730s, and died in 1791. Seventh-Day Adventism started in 1863. The Jehovah's witnesses started in the 1870s.

(Side note: How do I keep getting logged out in the middle of the show? It used to take at least a day for that to happen. I could stay logged in all week, as long as I kept showing up.)

Tonycohenster 7 years 50 weeks ago

Change violence to violins

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