Daily Topics - Monday September 22nd, 2014

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Hour One: The climate marchers are patriots...the fossil fuel lobby are not! / PLUS, a climate march patriot speaks - Jon Forster, DC 37

Hour Two: Is a Ukraine ceasefire real? Stephen Cohen, The Nation / Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives

Hour Three: War, Whistleblowers & Independent Journalism - Phil Donahue, Body of War and Norman Solomon, Roots Action


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mathboy 7 years 18 weeks ago

The multiplication method the last caller before the 0:45 break mentioned is not how math is being taught in American schools. It's from a recent video claiming to show how multiplication is taught in China. The examples in the video only use digits as high as three and numbers that are no more than 3 digits long, presumably because the method is impractical with anything higher.


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ckrob 7 years 18 weeks ago

Thom, I usually agree with you BUT when you wanted the caller from New Mexico (I believe it was) to offer solutions to the problem, let me offer the following: the first step in problem solving is to define the nature, limits and scope of the problem. Discussion of problems is not usually a wasted effort unless it devolves to shouting pass each other or filibuster. We may question whether we can kill our way out of a war when the enemy depends simply on our spending ourselves into penury. We may question whether arming the "moderate" terrorists in Syria will succeed as we did in Afganistan with Ben Laden. Complaining, however, should be recognized as the bottom of the debate barrel.

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