Daily Topics - Thursday September 25th, 2014

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Hour One: Thom talks ISIS and climate week with America's Lawyer - Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio

Hour Two: The GOP plot to ambush the midterm elections - Kevin Jackson, The Blacksphere / PLUS, How Profit Motive is Killing Americans

Hour Three: How climate change may affect your health - Dr. Kris Murray, EcoHealth Alliance / PLUS, Brad Blog threatened by GOP operative - Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog


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mathboy 7 years 18 weeks ago

I think I've figured out why Republican voters don't turn on the people that screw them over after they get elected: http://www.thomhartmann.com/users/mathboy/blog/2014/09/electoral-masochism-explained

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Randall Smith 7 years 18 weeks ago


Listening to show today. I live in Wisconsin and have been very active politically. The ID debate as mentioned by the Calif. caller isnt about ID and procedure, its about voter supression. When I go to vote ay my precient, (Paul Ryans)they are careful to find my name,get my signature and issue me a number to go to the next step to gat a ballot. If someone else came in and said they were me, they would of commited fruad etc. No one has ever tried to cast a vote posing as someone else in my precient. Never. The republicans spent millions on voter fraud investigations and found a few-les than 20 individuals claiming to be someone else and or trying to cast multiple votes in one day. Voter fraud in Wisconsin, practally speaking or statisticly vertually non existant. Its akin to imposing a multi million dollar jay walking investigation in the mountains of Papau New Guinea. The fraud, if any ,is in the post election count not with the, or the Supereme Court in Florida, NOT individual citizen voters.




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