Planet before Profit.

After last week's massive march on climate change, activists and protesters took on Wall Street. Three thousand people held a sit-in around the infamous charging bull statue on Wall Street, and demanded an end to the “economic system based on exploiting frontline communities, workers, and natural resources.” Protesters say that the root of the climate crisis is capitalism itself, and they want the banksters to stop profiting off of our planet's destruction.

Rising temperatures, toxic water, mega droughts, and super storms are some of the environmental risks of global warming, but these protesters wanted to shine a light on the economic causes, and dangers, of climate change. The profiteers on Wall Street are heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry, and they rake in more cash every time a company destroys a community with drilling.

These oil and gas profits continue to make billionaires richer, and help keep the working poor from gaining any economic ground. In turn for all those profits, Wall Street's investments help finance the Oil Lobby's destruction of our planet, which is already having a much more devastating effect on the world's poor.

The billionaires on Wall Street think they can afford to shield themselves from the dangers of a warming planet, but storms and droughts don't pardon those with large bank balances. They might not care about how their investments destroy the planet, but we do, and the “Flood Wall Street” protest brought our fight to their doorstep.

Now we must keep the pressure up until they put our planet ahead of oil profits.


Howard Laverne Stewart's picture
Howard Laverne ... 9 years 38 weeks ago

It's the hope for change we should not have to beg for.

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bobbler 9 years 38 weeks ago

I'm surprised they didn't manufacture a reason for the cops to attack thus protest, like they did the occupy protest (me cause big money is against both). Its simple, capitalism has crested an intolerable situation of profit over biosphere (people's rap water is literally catching fire from Fracking; this the supposed clean natural gas infomercials). The big issue is severe neglect of our biospher; but to add insult, profit only for the 1-percent (unregulated capitalism; like a big board game of monopoly) is the driving motivator of the madness.

Ham stub's picture
Ham stub 9 years 38 weeks ago

This doesn't do with climate change but it is related to the economy. I work hard, gotten a raise every year for the last 4 years. Put in many hours a week and get what you'd call a good wage.

I was able to go on a weeks vacation. Save and purchase a new matress without financing it for 5 years. What is going on? I am working more and more hours thankful I am not laid off. I have less money now than I did then. Can't go on vacation. Can't save a dime because I am paying all my bills. My bosses boss just retired at 50. I don't get it.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 38 weeks ago

I think the main reason this protest wasn't crushed is because of the shear numbers of protesters. It would be unfeasible to squash over 3K people in one of the busiest streets in the country without drawing attention. Shame though. This protest needs all the attention it can get. As the global situation gets progressively worse, I have every confidence that future protests will warrant much more attention from both the media and the powers that be. In the end, the people will triumph. They always have and they always will.

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Lloyd Lutterman 9 years 38 weeks ago

K street just as criminal as Wall street and District of Columbia as of Act of 1871

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sfu1m3r 9 years 38 weeks ago

Thomm - IT's good that you give Abraham Bolden attention.

I can't imagine why CIA wants to continue holding files secret. Look, here's some declassified documents about what was happeningn with Cuba at the time of the assassination:

Of course, they completely blow the doors out of your cherry picked theory about Almeida. Maybe there really is something to hide...

I would have posted on Hff Post but I can't get the comment section to work.


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Supercharge805 9 years 38 weeks ago

God bless all of you for trying But it is to late You will never change the Billionaires, big corporate powers and bankersters minds And even if you could it is to late Just ask Thom the methane hydrate plumbs that are about to be released into the atmosphere are going to seal our fate I hate to be a fatalist But the facts are are right in front of us and nothing short of s miracle will save us

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BMetcalfe 9 years 38 weeks ago

It's only when the very wealthy begin to see their massive fortunes interrupted that those people (at least, most of them) will ever feel a twinge of worry... and that will be for themselves, not for the rest of us. They, for the most part, are greedy. Enough is never, ever enough for 98% of them. The more they can amass, the more they can leave to their hapless kids and to "charity..." Those charities rarely ever benefit the working people. They benefit the Arts, the drug purveyors, their wealthy friends' charities, and give them great kudos in their obituaries. They will eventually die from the same pollutants and GMO foods which are already affecting us, and especially those who struggle to get medical care when they need it. Meanwhile, the wealthy have access to the very best medicine can offer, and it keeps them living longer than the rest of us. I wonder how long the rest of us would live and be able to pass on, if any of us could have just a couple million dollars of their fortunes. Wondering is okay, but we might as well wonder about everyone and everything else, because we will never know what rewards they reap behind their gates.

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Queenbeethatsme 9 years 38 weeks ago

BEST LINE: "... purchase a new matress without financing it for 5 years"

It's called inflation--all wars cause hyper inflation and continuous war causes a continual state of inflation.

Queenbeethatsme's picture
Queenbeethatsme 9 years 38 weeks ago

Well.. According to Guy McPherson: "Resistance is futile" we are all on the brink and will well and truly be over the edge and into the abyss in 10-16 years anyway (no matter what) --rich or poor, Wall Street or fry cook.

"The love of money is the root of all evil" "the wages of sin is death" Yada yada.

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Kend 9 years 38 weeks ago

Oil and gas companies get richer as they keep the working poor from gaining economic ground. What the hell are you talking about. Oil companies are the only jobs left that bring the working poor out of being poor. They have the best wages and benifits. I know tons of families that had nothing and ended up very well off from the oil and gas industry Including me.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 38 weeks ago

Kend ~ "Tons of families" are not all families. When one industry holds the monopoly of decent paying jobs in a society that should send up all kinds of red flags in the mind of anyone that there is a serious problem with our economy. Perhaps it is not the direct fault of the oil industry that many working poor are stuck in poverty; however, it is clearly the fault of corporatist monopolies squeezing out small business , crushing labor unions, and artificially keeping wages down by importing goods from overseas. In that respect, I think it is fair to say, that the oil industry does provide a cheap commodity to those other monopolistic corporations that make such labor practices possible. (ie. If it wasn't physically cheaper to transport goods across the pacific ocean than it is to manufacture them domestically most of our economic woes would be over, overnight.) Therefore, as a contributing factor in the dilemma of the working poor being stuck where they are, it is fair to say that the oil industry plays a major role.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

Max Keiser, on today's program interviewed a guy (don't remember his name) that was talking about how in London..a group of capitalists took over a company...some kind of cellular phone company I believe it was...and they jacked up the value of their stock by manipulating their books. They made their bottom line look very profitable by putting most of their liabilities (their debt) onto other accounts. They all gave themselves extremely high compensation in wages and stocks which they dumped. They left the company in a great deal of debt but they had already took their money and ran. All those people, the workers, lost their jobs and the government had to bail out other white collar criminals but the workers never got bailed out. Sounds a lot like what they've done in the US...isn't that right, Mitt Romney?

They've done this in the US and other countries as well. Our governments are letting their too big to fail crooks get away with it all. No wonder our world is collapsing economically and people are suffering. But, of course, it's not just the scams that the white collar criminals are getting away with. The Military Industrial Congressional Complex is constantly creating false flags around the world to trick people into supporting their illegal wars...and they are wars whether they declare them or not.

Doesn't anyone else believe that ISIS-ISIL-IS-Khorsan-DAASH (which is the acronym for the Arabic name: الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام)
was all largely the doing of the US warmongers to begin with? If they are not creating false flags including crashing airliners into tall buildings they have resorted to cutting off heads of journalists. I often wonder if all those masked men from the very first cutting off of heads back when Nick Berg was one of the first were not CIA operatives. Who really knows who they really were behind those masks?

الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام read from right to left

الدولة --Ad-Dawlat (the Nation) - D
الاسلامية في--Al-Islamiyya (the Islam) - A
في -- fi --(in)
العراق --Iraq (the Iraq) - A or E is the closest
و -- wa (and)
الشام -- As-Sham (the SHam) - SH
Or: The Nation of (the) Islam in (the) Iraq and the general area they call (the) Sham which includes Syria...maybe Lebanon too.

DAA(E)SH sometimes spelled DAASH and sometimes DAESH

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 38 weeks ago
Quote Palindromedary:I often wonder if all those masked men from the very first cutting off of heads back when Nick Berg was one of the first were not CIA operatives. Who really knows who they really were behind those masks?

Palindromedary ~ A most interesting theory, indeed! Quite provocative! Certainly easier than training such people to do it for you. Hard to believe that such 'freedom fighters' would stage such incidents that they knew would rally the world community against them, film it, and then go out of their way to make it public. However, it would make perfect sense for the CIA to do that. Most interesting take on the story, indeed.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 9 years 38 weeks ago

Capitalism like it's first cousin feudalism, is and has always been the problem. As a result, humanity has always cowered to the few who hoard the wealth and thus the power. But I can't help but think ...what if the vast majority were to stop following these false leaders with their arbitrary power....what if? Profit would not exist in energy, education , and healthcare for starters. We are numerous, they are extremely few...just saying! True power exists in our numbers, time to wield it!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

Thank you, DAnneMarc! It's been quite a while since Nick Berg's execution but I watched the video and I seem to remember that there was something in the video that I learned was actually things that were used in the Abu Ghraib prison, at the time being run by the US military. The red or orange suits were standard prison uniforms and there was a chair or chairs, I believe, in the video that were also standard Abu Ghraib chairs. I thought then that: "how do we know these guys in the suits and masks weren't US soldiers or CIA? But now, in the recent only see a backdrop of sand dunes. Maybe they wised up realized they would be more believable in such a setting rather than standard issue Abu Ghraib uniforms and chairs. Who knows!??

I also seem to remember that Nick Berg's father was a very outspoken anti-war activist. Could the beheading of Nick Berg have been a way to get back at the father? Nick Berg was over in Iraq for the purpose of rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure...communications towers. Why would the Iraqis want to behead someone who was helping the country rather than bombing it...besides his father was also, like I said, an anti-war activist, I believe.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

15 Anomalies Surrounding
Death Of Nick Berg

And they show in this article the things that I had noticed as well as many other things that I had not noticed...which to all the more evidence that these men were probably CIA or US Military men. The video of Nick Berg's beheading is still on YouTube but I always stop the videos before the beheading. I want to be able to sleep tonight. Notice the orange Abu Ghraib standard issue orange suit that Nick Berg is wearing...the chair (also Abu Ghraib).

Some of the things that were mentioned in this article, in addition, is that the dialect of Arabic being spoken is different from the dialect of the alleged executioners..Zaraqawi (a Jordanian) but this guy did not speak with a Jordanian dialect and his Arabic accent was not very convincing to many who listened to him. Many Arabic speakers had said that he was not a native Arabic speaker. These were all very beefy guys while it is expected that they should have been much slimmer in fitting with most people of the area. The "pasty-white hands" of these executioners did not fit with Middle Easterners. The one executioner was holding an AK47 model that was a much improved "Galil" model that Israelis carry but not Iraqis. Both the Iraqi police and the US military claimed that they did not have Berg in custody but " an e-mail from Beth A. Payne, the U.S. consular officer in Iraq, was sent to the family of Nick Berg. It stated that Ms. Payne had located Nick, and he was currently in custody of the US military."

And if he had been in custody of the US Military...he would not have been released wearing an orange prison uniform. And, there is some question as to whether Nick Berg was even actually alive when his head was cut off. There was no gush of blood as one would have expected. And Berg didn't look like he struggled. The scream was analyzed to have been from a woman and not a man.

So, if the US is willing to fake beheadings, as quite possibly in the case of Nick Berg...may have already been dead before the beheading...then they probably would not hesitate in actually beheading someone as in the latest videos. They knew that they left too many clues that it was not a real Zarqawi/Arabic beheading with the Nick Berg beheading so they did real ones.

After all if they can electronically hijack passenger planes and guide them to hit tall buildings killing thousands of people in order to shock people into submission, or shoot down MH17 passenger airliner killing several hundred (not even US passengers..except half of one) in Ukraine, or murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East in addition to the casualties of our soldiers, then we are all at the mercy of ruthless thugs who have hijacked what America is supposed to be. They have obviously, already, ruthlessly connived US citizens out of their homes, bank accounts, and lively-hoods. People are dying but they don't fact..I think it is's all part of their plan to depopulate and get rid of the weak and the old and the poor before they cost too much in social programs.

They know that the majority of people in the US do not want men on the ground or even waste all of that money on missile strikes that also kill civilians so they needed to stage more false flag operations to sucker the citizens back into submission. Scare them with atrocious specters of beheadings and mass executions and the sheeple get fooled once more into supporting wasting more money and lives on war once again.

How many times are the sheeple going to fall for the tricks that our crooked, MIC criminals and politicians use to bully us into cowardly acts of misdirected hate?

And I just wonder about the "local terrorists"...have they all been set-up by CIA or FBI agents? Some people may be on the edge of losing it and if they are rabidly religious...Muslim or even Christian...especially if they snapped and suddenly changed their affiliation and belief systems...perhaps assisted by some specialize drugs...doing something as bizarre as cutting someone's head off at the serves the forces of power in this country to further freak people out and to fall into the spider's web of deceit.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

Kend: Hitler's henchmen and their families all lived very good lives too and if they had deigned to let all those Jews live they might have continued to believe that all their economic problems were because of the heavy economic baggage that the Jews carried against Germany was dragging Germany down. We have a parallel in history... a brewing in the US where the US "Fascist" ruling elite believe that the majority of it's citizens are dragging down the US economy because of the social programs. But they are conveniently overlooking military spending and the criminal shenanigans of corporatism that is destroying our lives. We're all in death camps now!! Just a matter of time when we all die of poverty and illness due to poverty...or famines caused by pollution.

And, like in the German Death Camps where they had Capos who were fellow Jews getting better food and conditions but who beat and treated their fellow Jews very badly, we have such Capos in the US right now. They think that they will survive better than anyone else because they are willing to compromise their integrity and humanity and side with the wealthy elite. They are despicable excuses for human beings...and traitors to all the rest of us!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

As Bush II used 9/11 and an initial invasion of Afghanistan to get Usama bin Laden and Al Qaeda and the Taliban, then invaded Iraq (who had nothing to do with 9/11), all based on lies....Obama is using ISIS to scare US citizens, and the world, into first invading Iraq...and then invading President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria...who had nothing to do with ISIS atrocities. After all, Assad is easier prey now that we talked him out of all those chemical weapons. See the parallels? Recognize the MO?

And the multi-headed monster that is identified with many different names...all the more to scare us with, my dear, is constantly barraging us in our main-stream CIA-controlled press, they'll do a side excursion over to Syria (like they did from Afghanistan to Saddam Husein's Iraq) to kill many more civilians... all because Saudi Arabia wants to put a pipe-line through Syria...sound familiar? The US Oil companies wanted to put a pipe-line through Afghanistan but the Taliban balked and so the Neocons whipped out plan B...9/11. The oil people are ruthless blood suckers...killing people...lots of problem for them.

But, I'm sure the hegemonic Zionists of Israel are licking their chops at the prospect of another step further into expanding their powers and control to the limits of the less potential Arabic enemy to worry about while they continue to sink their teeth into more land grabs.

Kend's picture
Kend 9 years 38 weeks ago

Palin, hitler??? Oil companies compared to Hitler???? That is a real stretch. Hitler was a socialist that promised a living wage and health care to all by taking wealth from the few and re distributing it to all. Wow sounds a little like ????

i love how so many hate capitalism. If it wasn't for capitalism you would all be speaking German right now.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

Kend: Like all ruthless manipulators, Hitler was a liar. He had no intention of implementing any kind of "socialism" you refer to. The German corporations were loving the idea of having Hitler in power. Just as National Socialism was a misnomer, just as neo-liberals have nothing to do with being "liberal", just as "freedom" and "democracy" are now really just so much Orwellian dystopian "newspeak", much of the patriotic dialect of the ruthless manipulators in the US today, and elsewhere, is pure manipulative propaganda of the wealthy over the rest of the population.

Yes, Hitler used lies and deceit, as a politician, to attain the power he wanted. And, once having achieved that power, he had to continue spouting lies that some people began to question. Hitler was very much against any kind of "socialism" in any way related to the Russian form of socialism or Communism. Some of those people, who questioned Hitlers lies and atrocities were sent to the gas chambers themselves...something that could very well happen here in the US one day as well. It is not a question of hating's a question of hating excessive capitalism...a capitalism that refuses to see the merits of a socialist system that keeps the greediest wolves from devouring the poor, and soon to be poor, which is the majority of the people. When these capitalist wolves can no longer keep the masses at bay with propaganda and lies they will turn to violence. They have already shown their readiness to turn to violence at peaceful demonstrations. The US won't be any different from all those countries that the US has admonished for using excessive force against their "unruly" crowds.

I am not against a highly regulated capitalism and a progressive tax system that will support decent social Social Security for those who have retired at 65 and Medicare for all. Capitalists can think of it as a kind of buffer between their already cushy lives and the great masses of suffering people that could, just like has happened in other countries, overthrow the oppressors in their countries...throwing the bums into prison...or Ghadafi in Libya. Mubarak of Egypt was put in a cage and urinated on. During the French Revolution, they used the Guillotine to great effect....that even today...the French politicians have that memory deeply lodged in their brains. Lest they forget, the masses can, and have, overrun the few that controlled them, even when the few had the police, the military, and the most advanced weapons in the world at the time.

Kend's picture
Kend 9 years 38 weeks ago

Palin yes that is the way hilter turned out but he started as a very left socialist. Germany was still paying restitution for the First World War and the economy was in the tank. He blamed the wealthy for all of the countries problems and convinced the masses to vote for him with promises of higher wages and wealth redistribution. He went crazy but his intensions before he did where very much what Thom wants. Before everyone goes crazy Thom Hartmann is a very nice man with great intensions and nothing like Hilter I am just saying Hitler started out as a very left socialist.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 38 weeks ago

Kend ~ Are you aware that Prescott Bush, GW Bush's grandpa, financially aided Hitler's rise to power? Does it make any sense to you that a Bush would spend good money to help promote a socialist into power? Perhaps he was drunk?

Here's another tidbit for you. Have you ever heard of Operation Paperclip? That is when the US government smuggled Nazi's from Germany after WWII and helped them avoid war criminal trials in order to set them up working for us. How can you explain that Kend? Perhaps we wanted to become more "socialist."

Here's another little tidbit for you to chew on Kend, did you know that it was really Russia that defeated the Nazi's and not the US? That's right, although the USA was there at full strength for the surrender, it was Russia that did all the real fighting and wore down the German army to where they would be vulnerable to an ally attack.

Learn your history man!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 38 weeks ago

Palindromedary ~ Thanks so much for that most provocative article. Yes, it does look like we've been played like a violin. According to that article the beheading was a fake too. Certainly, I am aware that in any kind of decapitation--or any other kind of injury involving the severing of any exposed artery when the heart is still beating--blood spurts out profusely. I have not watched this video; but, if what the article says is true, that there is no blood splatter anywhere, the executioners shirt is clean, and the head is severed cleanly and quickly with a simple knife, than the entire event is BS. Add to that the pasty white hands of the guards and the non limp and ringed finger of Zaraqawi all point to the fact that we have been snuckered again. Again, thanks so much for sharing!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

Kend: It was the wealthy Jews that Hitler was so much against...not the wealthy non-Jewish industrialists of Germany. In fact, the wealthy non-Jewish industrialists saw it as a way to get rid of competition that the wealthy Jews seemed to provide. Obviously, not all Jews in Germany were wealthy...many were very poor but they all got sucked up into the political lies that Hitler's regime propagandized Germans with. And our current politicians, especially the right-wing ones (although the pretend left-wing ones are also part of it), are using lies and manipulations in just about every facet of our lives. Lies to get us involved in illegal foreign wars and lies about just who are causing the economic problems in the world....and it is not the social is the rapacious capitalists who are driving the majority of us to destruction with their disgusting illegal wars and militarism. Their false flags and lies and creation of the very terrorists that we are cajoled into believing through the capitalist owned news media is ever as much as deceptive as in Nazi Germany was.

The US created Al Qaeda, then left all of that costly military arms and military equipment there for the taking. Coincidence? I don't think so!!! These rapacious capitalist pigs know that all they have to do is keep the rest of us afraid...very afraid...of the threat of terrorists that is all they need to do to keep us all subservient and compliant with their dictates. Leaving all that equipment and arms there for the taking, and funding Al Qaeda in Syria, was a way to stage future terrorist uprisings that the US would use as an excuse to continue drowning our social programs "in a bathtub". They continued to fund Al Qaeda (and Usama bin Laden) in other conflicts since..including supplying them with chemical weapons in their fight against Syria where they cut off many Christian's heads who wouldn't convert to their brand of Islamism. Then they morphed into ISIS. Same people, really, different names.

The US created lots of enemies when they illegally invaded Iraq and murdered so many innocent civilians. We all would have been far better off if Bush II had never done that...and left Saddam Husein in power. But the US always has a knack of perpetuating folly around the world. It makes the wealthy and powerful wealthier and even more powerful and the rest of us suffer. Carl Marx predicted that Capitalism would eventually destroy itself. A Capitalist would sell the hangman the noose to hang the Capitalist with. And it sure looks like that is what is going to happen.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 9 years 38 weeks ago

DAnneMarc: You're welcome!

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 9 years 38 weeks ago
Quote Palindromedary:Carl Marx predicted that Capitalism would eventually destroy itself. A Capitalist would sell the hangman the noose to hang the Capitalist with. And it sure looks like that is what is going to happen.

Palindromedary ~ Very well said!

Jennif 9 years 37 weeks ago


Can you read Cory Morningstar's investigations? . Her website is

I am curious about your take on her work. Is it true that Warren Buffet is profitting from the tar sands pipeline via his son? I would love your take and to hear a discussion on her work. She just appeared on KBOO and caused quite a stir. Please research and talk about this on your show. Thanks so much for all you do.

A big fan from Portland.

Jen Pultz

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