Daily Topics - Tuesday October 28th, 2014

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Hour One: What has greed cost America?

Hour Two: Food fight...the 'right' to be unhealthy? - Baylen Linnekin, Keep Food Legal

Hour Three: FINALLY...some good news about fracking! J. David Hughes, Post Carbon Institute


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mathboy 7 years 5 weeks ago

So is greed to selfishness as anger is to hatred--that is to say, in each pair is the former an action, and the latter an attitude?

A certain amount of selfishness is good. Even Mother Theresa had to make sure to have food, clothing and shelter for herself, or she wouldn't have been able to help anyone else.

Excessive selfishness, or greed, on the other hand, is practically the definition of evil. Greed is a lack of egalitarianism, a habit of unfairness in one's own favor.

So we have a difference between fair selfishness and unfair selfishness. Greed is the unfair sort.

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