TNGrandma 8 years 12 weeks ago


Thom mentioned some alarming eye symptoms (and a whopper headache) that is quite common, albeit unknown to the vast majority.

The culprit has a name: occular migraine (or aura migraine) where an almost pschedelic light show obliterates the central vision, initially; then the circle opens up to a arc-shaped string of geometric shapes. Over the course of the "event" (about 30-60 minutes) the arc eventually continues to move outward and then, finally, goes out of view. Many do NOT experience the headache with the event.

MSG can be a catalyst, especially those whose DNA indicates that their ancient ancestors left Africa and headed due North, rather than exploring the East first. However, a precursor for occular migraines appears to be stress and/or a narrowing vascular system in the brain. For this reason, many who experience this malady, use natural supplements to gently dialate the vascular system, i.e. coffee, gingko biloba, etc.

Hope this helps.

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