How could Democrats vote for the "Cromnibus"???

Last night, with only hours to go before the government shut down, the House of Representatives passed the so-called “Cromnibus” bill to keep government running. As usual, Republicans used the looming deadline to force through massive cuts and more deregulation. And, once again, far to many Democrats went along with the Republican hostage-taking.

The $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill passed in a 219-to-206 vote, with 57 Democrats voting to approve the budget – despite its disastrous provisions. Thanks to the new legislation, the IRS and EPA budgets have been slashed and the Pell Grant program was hit with $300 million in cuts. Pension guarantees for retired workers have been gutted, and programs like HUD and Section 8 were denied nearly a billion dollars of their requested funding.

In stark contrast, those cuts didn't prevent billions in new spending for military operations, or stop Wall Street from getting taxpayer-backed protections for the same high-risk derivatives that crashed our economy. And, as if that wasn't enough, a rider in the bill made it possible for billionaires to give ten-times more money to political parties, and for the rich to have even more power in our political system.

Despite all these facts – and the many more that are sure to be uncovered – 57 Democrats refused to stand with their Progressive colleagues and stand up to Republicans. This is what happens when lawmakers answer only to those at the top, and that's not limited to those on the Right. This legislation is a slap in the poor and the working class, and a big holiday gift to Wall Street and military contractors.

Every time Democrats give in to this type of legislation, they set themselves up for the next round of Republican demands. It's time to let them know that we've had enough. We've got two years to make it clear that we want lawmakers who will stand up to the hostage taking at all costs, so let's get busy making our voices heard.

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